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    Tony, do you have this T-shirt?


    (sorry Aussies :S)


    Hey everybody,

    the world´s biggest sporting event began today in Russia: FIFA Football World Cup 2018. A Football World Cup takes place every four years and is said to reach an audience of about 3.5 billion viewers (yes, billion with a ‘b’), which makes it more popular than the Olympic Games. Literally every country is more or less actively following/ watching the event, with the odd exception of America. So even if you´re like ‘Huh?’ because it´s no American sportsball you should at least be aware of the global impact.

    I just watched today´s opening match Russia vs. Saudi Arabia. Russia´s president Putin attented the game as well as Saudi Arabia´s crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. Not an impressive game but it´s nice that Russia won 5-0.

    Any incidents or attacks in context with the games or the multiple enormous public viewing-areas would receive the greatest worldwide attention imaginable (in Berlin for example there can be more than a million people present in the central public viewing area when the important matches are broadcasted – sitting ducks anyone?)

    32 teams start in a group stage (8×4) and then the best 16 teams move on to a knock-out round until the world champion emerges. The grand final is July 15th. The opening ceremony featured a flaming bird and NO, it´s not a phoenix but the traditional Firebird of slavic folklore (Russian: Жар-пти́ца, Zhar-ptitsa) who either grants its captor a wish or dooms him, depending on the pure heart of the captor or lack thereof.

    Personal note:
    While Germany is the current world champion there´s a huge political scandal blowing up right now.

    Two players of our team who are ethnic Turks had a meet-and-greet-evening with Turkish president Erdogan, took some handshake and smileyface-photos and even handed over a signed football shirt to Erdogan with the inscription “For my dear president”.

    The German fans are outraged and call them mercenaries who obviously don´t really identify with our nation (also no case of dual-citizenship). However, Mama Merkel herself got involved and bascially ordered the trainer to keep those two guys in the team while calling on the fans to support this multicultural dream team, effectivly putting more oil into the fire. So we now have the unique situation that for the first time in history at least some Germans would very much like to see the Mannschaft fail in the tournament just out of spite for Merkel and her politics (although it would be not that bad to win again). I myself officially endorse Iceland for world champion. It´s their first time at the World Cup and they don´t even have professional sports as we know it but they sure have the element of surprise. Oh, I´d also be fine with Australia. So all you Australians in the forum, cheer for your team and feel free to kick us out of the tournament if you get the opportunity.

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