Word from the Lord – You Are A Jewel within My Crown

By Joanie Stahl (October 2017)

“You will no longer live in fox holes, going from one fox hole to another.  The ground you till will no longer produce thorns and briers. Your ground will be a fruitful ground.  Your wells will overflow. Your darkness is now past. Your true light will now shine forth.  

You are Eucalyptus trees to Me.  Your rich fragrant oils are a pleasure to Me and to all who come to know you.  You are much sought after.  Your years of looking to a fruitless end are ending.  Your life is well thought out and looked after by Me.  

Your time is come to know Me. The riches of My jewels that make up My crown are of you.  Toil and despair I am rolling up, folding them up from of you.  Your demonstration of love to Me has been received well.  Time and chance are no longer your course.  For now I will direct every inch you walk on.  Your darkness is going out of you.

Your limited view of Me will depart out of you.  You will no longer fear heavy toil.  Look up to Me and believe Me.  I am your friend.  Do not any longer live in fear, but in My freedom.

I am going to uproot you out of the place you are living now. Do not be afraid.  I am going to take you out of that place you are living now and transplant you into very fruitful soil. Where I will plant you, many will come seeking for you.  

Your move will be, and is, of Me.  Your deliverance is of Me.  You are like a root in dry ground, unable to get any nourishment.  I need you to get out of that soil you are in and into rich soil.  

You have much fruit yet to bear.  You are well spoken in learning.  Your years of suffering are ended. Your spoil is and will be of Me.

“Do not be afraid for I am with thee. Do not fear, for I am thy God.  I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee; I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.”