“Harvest Time is Here”

Harvest Time is Here AMTM-03

The Time for Preparation has Ended”

                                                    Matt S. May 17th 2016

Joanie received another email from Sean Harper the other day and Sean relayed a word that the Lord had given him. It was at the same time that Tony and I spoke in a program (program No 42) about a sense of an upcoming crisis. Many things that Tony and I spoke of were also things that the Lord spoke to Sean. I do not believe this is coincidence as do also the members of the “Aminutetomidnite” team. A very clear message from both Sean’s word from the Lord, and from the preparedness program, was to put your faith and trust in God first. There is judgement coming and we must seek the Lord as never before in order to stand against the coming dark times ahead.

Here is the word Sean received from the Lord.

“For the time of preparation has ended. The harvest time is here. Who will be the reapers and the sowers of the field? My people must soften their hearts if they truly desire to seek Me. You must throw away your worldly desires. Turn your desires to the Father and you will receive. Judgement will be upon your lands in hours to come. Will my people run and hide from the perplexity of fear, or will they turn to Me? Just as David fought Goliath, you too will have to depend on faith to overcome the battles before you. The time of birth pangs is here. Will you labor with me in the fields? Do you know the significance of My Feasts? Pentecost draws near. My spirit, O Holy Spirit, will pour out upon the flesh that softens their heart. Judgement must come in order for My spirit to be poured, but always seek My Love, Grace and Mercy. Only Faith will give you strength. In the darkest hour, the Light of the world will shine the greatest. Let no one deceive you. Turn to the Light of the world to seek truth and guidance in these times. I will deliver what you seek. Do you not look to the Son for the peace you pray for? Then why do you focus on the judgements and not the Son? Know where you stand in My presence. Only then will you know how great your faith is. My people do not be afraid, but rejoice in the Lord your savior. For the time has come.”

Harvest Time is Here AMTM-02

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