“What the Mainstream Media is not telling you about the Fort McMurray Wildfires”

Fort McMurray Wildfires-s “Is there another story that sits behind wildfires that rage in Fort McMurray and other parts of Canada?”

                                             May 9th 2016 – Matt S

I received this email response from friends who live in Alberta Canada after I sent a query about what was happening with the Wildfires in the Fort McMurray area. here is an (edited to protect identity) email I got from them and their views on this matter. The email in a sense blew me away as I realised that there was much more going on behind this than we are led to believe by the mainstream media.

Here is the edited version of the email received on May 7th 2016

Hi Matt,

There are approximately 10 different sites that are situated out of Fort McMurray. So when people say someone works in Ft Mac, we automatically know they are not right in the town, but at one of the many sites up there Most of the sites flew workers home the day after the evacuation so that evacuees who couldn’t escape to Edmonton or Calgary (south), could stay in the camps on the sites (which is north) The day after the evacuation, already there were families and pets staying in the camps and in other open structures on site.  There literally is only one road in and out of Fort Mac. Highway 63. You either drive south or North. South gets you to other towns eventually and North takes you up to all the oil sites.  The sites are not towns, so there are no stores etc. Just work sites with camps for the workers to stay in when there. Luckily most sites have airports of their own and don’t use the one in Fort Mac.

Basically, forest fires in Northern Alberta are not uncommon. 5 years ago fires reached 10 feet outside one of the camps. Luckily, the fire was able to be contained. This year has been really dry and hot already (sometimes there is still snow on the ground at this time of year). This fire has been burning for weeks already but because of severe winds and it being so dry, the fire grew huge and went fast. 80’000 people evacuated and not one death. 1600 structures, mostly homes destroyed. All of Alberta knows people living there as many oil workers become friends with those from Ft Mac working at the sites or have been renting rooms from them in town. People from all over Canada fly in to work there, especially from the East coast. We know people who live in Fort Mac, they are safe but we don’t know yet if their homes are safe. As of now, everyone is out of the city, those that could flee to Edmonton or Calgary (south )have, but those who had to flee north are still in the camps on various sites or are being flown out from site because most of the sites have their own airports.

Our provinces Premier especially, and our Prime Minister were extremely slow in calling this a national emergency and Premier Notley a month before this cut the provinces firefighting budget by 80%. Weeks ago there were requests for more help and extra equipment and they were denied. Our premier is on the climate change bandwagon big time and absolutely hates the oil sands, even though the sands has been funding all of Canada for years and years. She and the Prime Minister have been targeting it making them to be one of the bad guys of Canada and reasons for climate change over here and we have been hit with carbon taxes and farmers now having to have permits in order for workers, including family members to work on their farms. Because of them, 100’000 people in Alberta have lost jobs and I personally know families on the verge of bankruptcy. She is seriously destroying Alberta and the Prime Minister hates the oil sands and is cancelling contracts and projects Canada wide and getting our oil from Saudi Arabia instead of from its own country and won’t promote the pipelines east or west so we can sell our land locked oil. This has cost a ton of jobs which is now trickling down to businesses as non essential items are crossed off the lists of families with no jobs. So technically, the job loss and financial devastation is more than 100’000. Also, the Prime Minister re-did the unemployment budget to extend it by a few month, but limited it to certain areas, which excluded some of the hardest areas hit by job loss in Alberta. He smugly said while in Alberta to the question of why, “you should be glad you weren’t hit harder”. Grrrr.   And the list goes on and more insane things are happening because of those two. I would send links to news articles, but you can Google and YouTube them. Do not listen to mainstream media as its all spun for cameras. One good resource about the real politics going on in Canada right now, including the fire, is Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media. So search him out and Google and YouTube Fort McMurray fires too. Many people in Canada are also actually tweeting and using social media as a tool to say things like “I hope Fort McMurray burns to the ground. It’s their fault for climate change” or “Its Karma that Fort McMurray is burning”. A disaster is being targeted politically throughout Canada under the scam of Climate Change. Matt, I absolutely know you know what I’m talking about as far as Climate Change.  Sorry for rambling but I have lots to say about this politically and critically, but little time at the moment to document it properly. 

Prayer requests would be first for the 80’000 evacuees. Especially those who had no friends or families to flee too. Please pray for peace and for the long process of insurance claims and recovery. Second would be the attitudes of our government about this disaster and actually huge fires are burning on the same latitude as Fort Mac just a province beside us in BC at another oil project that are having people evacuated too. Evacuations started yesterday. (That’s curious)  Next is the attitudes of climate change idiots. (you know, the oil sands here is actually one of the cleanest and technologically advanced places in the world and many countries use these technologies for their plants. They also have one of the strictest regulations for operating “clean” and safely in the world too. What those two and others like Leonardo DiCaprio and Neil Diamond are saying about us up here is false. Absolutely false). We have one of the smallest carbon footprints compared to most of the other oil producing nations.

Please keep asking questions, anything at all and I’ll try and find some specific info on what’s happening here. Instead of this just being what it is and moving forward appropriately, it’s actually a huge political event that will have fall outs in the months to come as the shock of the actual event dies off. Lots of people are livid right now. But lots of people, genuine Canadians true to their nature, have gone above and beyond to help out without the help or prodding of the government, which isn’t a lot even right now. So many amazing stories of generosity and compassion.  Babies were born up in the camps, a few surgeries including an appendix being taken out of a child at a medi-center .

It’s pretty emotional (and thank God no deaths) and the road is going to be a long one, especially because of our government. Everything from insurance claims to rebuilding and the smug religious attitude over climate change and their hatred for the oil sands.

[End Email]

Canada has a new Prime Minister of the left leaning liberal persuasion, Justin Trudeau. The Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley is also of the left leaning liberal persuasion.

The email from my friends speaks very clearly for itself. Where ever you see Liberal so called progressive local and national government (Canada, America, Australia, the UK, Europe and my own country of New Zealand), you see an increasingly blatant push for so called “Green” Agenda 21/30 policy and ideology. This of course is packaged in the guise of halting climate change and saving the environment, and serves to justify these actions carried out by aforementioned individuals. However there seems to be a more sinister agenda that sits behind the impact that this is having on the Canadians affected by this policy.

Many many people in this area are losing their jobs, incomes, livelihoods as a result of green climate change policy implemented by local and national government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just tells them to “suck it up, it could have been worse”. Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley cuts the fire fighting budget by 80 percent in a year that has had a dry winter and now a warm spring. Premier Notley also lied about having all resources available to fight these fires (she did not). If you don’t want a big carbon footprint wouldn’t you want to keep forest fires to a minimum? I wonder if Ms Notley has considered that? Trudeau has been buying cheap oil off the Saudis and in one of the YouTube reference links one may be left wondering if he may be a Muslim like his American counterpart.

Climate change seems to be promoted as the cause of this catastrophic out of control fire however I would encourage you if you have time to view the research links attached as you will see a very different picture emerging. From my perspective, one of deliberate political manipulation, that may have contributed to the severity of the catastrophic wildfire at Fort Murray.

The area around Fort McMurray is very prone to wildfires anyway but these conditions almost guarantee it will happen. There is a green policy that one does not cut down trees that are close to housing because that is “bad” for the environment. It does not matter that it will prevent massive property loss or even loss of life (thank you Lord there has not been any loss of life).

It seems that Mr Trudeau and Ms Notley have no care for the people of Alberta and indeed Canada. 100,000 jobs lost in Alberta alone due to green Agenda 21/30 policy. They took their sweet time in declaring the wildfires a national emergency. They are more concerned about pandering to the UN and their New World Order cronies. It would seem that Albertans and Canadians in general are now falling into the category of being “useless eaters” that need to be eliminated from the face of the earth. This indeed is a very sinister agenda that I believe is the untold story behind the Fort McMurray wildfires.

We know that the bible tells us that in Matthew 24:12 that many people’s love will grow cold in the last days. It would seem that this is true for these two politicians at least, but not so for the Canadian people themselves who have shown that they are still warm hearted and generous in caring for their neighbours, and long may it last. I would ask that you pray for these people in Fort Murray and the surrounding areas, (some who have lost everything) that God will restore everything back to these folk, that they have lost at the hands political incompetence and sheer stupidity.

I have included an extensive list of references for this article for good reason, (many provided by my friends in Canada). They will paint a picture for you even if you only read the headline, (although many are worth more scrutiny). There are some excellent You Tube clips also, most a few minutes long that will add to this picture.






















http://www.therebel.media/shocking_here_s_why_canada_s_largest_water_bomber_wasn_t_available_to_fight_wildfire_in_fort_mac This one is just plain sick……..

http://globalnews.ca/news/2689492/trudeau-turns-down-russian-u-s-mexican-offers-to-help-battle-fort-mcmurray-wildfire/?sf25936596=1 The headline says it all

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yxerf2IZg4 (Great You Tube on possible hidden agendas)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7TLnmoOP1g A clueless Trudeau indeed.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UogaqkCddnU This tells you who and what Justin Trudeau really is.


Birds of a feather…………………………………….


TPP Globalist agenda

http://canadafreepress.com/article/six-issues-that-are-agenda-21 Great article on how Agenda 21/30 is in everything