A Minute to Midnite Forum Rules

Vision of A Minute to Midnite

Please refer to the “About” tab at top of the home page on the AMTM website ( we will use AMTM as an abbreviation for A Minute To Midnite in these rules).

Mission of Forum

The AMTM Forum site exists for the following reasons:

  1. To implement a friendly space for like-minded, Born Again Christians to share and exchange Biblical, theological, and social issues in a manner consistent with the attributes of the Spirit of God.
  2. To serve as a safe, confidential environment in order to share prayer requests, needs, or personal questions or information relevant to your walk with the Lord.
  3. To promote & encourage mutual spiritual growth & for the edification of one another within the Body of Christ.
  4. To promote Biblical learning, scripture for knowledge and to aid in studying to show thyself approved through the Word of God.
  5. To come together as friends & to be a place of fellowship, edification, spiritual growth, & prayer for one another.
  6. Above all, to join in one accord to glorify our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Forum Rules

Content of Posts

Rule 1.1 – The forum will be strictly monitored by Administration (the AMTM Team), & any Moderators or Helpers chosen by AMTM. AMTM reserves the right at any given time to remove, close, edit, or move any comment or thread for any reason without explanation. We also reserve the right to remove or suspend any member/account at our discretion without explanation.

Rule 1.2 – ALL postings, comments, or messages, solely express the views & opinions of the author/member & not the views or opinions of AMTM.

Rule 1.3 – The use of ALL Capital letters in a post is prohibited, unless due to vision problems. All such posts will be removed and the author/member given a warning. Continual violations will result in suspension or removal of account. Some words within the thread are allowed to be capitalized if expressing excitement or a word is stressed to reference its importance, just refrain from the entire post being ALL in Capps. “Shouty” Capps displaying aggression or anger are prohibited.

Rule 1.4a – The use of Avatars must comply with the following:

  1. Avatars must not be offensive

  2. Avatars must be suitable for persons age 13+

  3. AMTM Forum Staff may remove avatars if they are not suitable

1.4b – All photos must be appropriate for a Christian site. Photos with offensive writing on T-shirts, or extremely low tops exposing women inappropriately will not be allowed & will be removed immediately.

Rule 1.5a – USERNAMES – Usernames must comply with the following:

  1. Usernames must not be offensive

  2. Usernames must not contain content which other members could find distressing

  3. Usernames must be suitable for persons age 13+

  4. AMTM Forum Staff may remove member account temporarily if the Username is not deemed suitable or is suggestive/offensive & not worthy of Christian values; the Username must also be changed upon request if asked by AMTM Staff.

Rule 1.5b – Upon registration, it would be best & benefit everyone if you use the same name as your Facebook name, or something with your name in it. Usernames that do not allow members to know who your name are impersonal & we are trying to make this Forum a success. Try to avoid silly names. If it becomes impersonal, it may not become all we are striving for it to be. Many Christian Forums only allow real names. Your Public Name Display has to have your real name or at least part of your real name. Any member who does not use a real name in their Public Name Display will be asked to do so.

Common Courtesy/Respect

Rule 2.1 – Common courtesy, respect, & civil dialogue is mandatory & expected at all times from all participants. These concepts are generally understood & too broad to fully define here. In short, if you are not sure you should say something, then DON’T!

Rule 2.2a & bWe welcome a wide range of opinions. If someone disagrees with you: (a) Do not immediately assume or jump to conclusions that they are not truly saved just because they disagree or say something obtuse. (b) Do not attack the person. You may voice your disagreements & why, but personal attacks are unacceptable & will result in suspension or elimination from forum. Smart people can say obtuse things.

Rule 2.3 – Members starting threads on certain topics, expect that the thread will stay essentially on topic. Any member, other than the one starting the thread, who takes a specific thread completely off topic & derails the content of the thread will be given a friendly staff notice. A second derailment or continuation of the off topic direction will result in a warning and the thread will be eliminated. Any continued efforts thereof by the member to hijack a thread off topic will result in member suspension or removal from the forum by AMTM.

Rule 2.4 – Use of profanity in any form is strictly PROHIBITED. Because a member has to THINK & TYPE before submitting a comment/post using profanity, this action is certainly intentional & will not be tolerated. The consequence is immediate termination without warning or suspension. Once terminated, you will be given a chance to return to the forum only by sending a short apology by emailing it to AMTM. If the incident occurs a second time once you have returned, permanent removal will be enforced.

Rule 2.5 – Personal attacks & name-calling is strictly forbidden. Insults, rude sarcasm, & profound disrespect all apply. Examples are not necessary as we have all done things long enough in running our Facebook group & it is undeniably easy to spot when someone speaks in a manner of anything less than with Godly integrity & character. The result will be a warning, suspension, or elimination, depending on the severity of the comment or the reaction once the Staff notifies you of the infraction.

Unacceptable Posts

Rule 3.0 – Disruptions to the friendly environment by anyone will not be tolerated. When discussing any topic, bear in mind the words of Paul in Romans 14:

Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things. For one believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats only vegetables. Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.

So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. 13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way.”

22Do you have faith? Have it to yourself before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves.


Keep in mind we are not speaking of the righteous judgement to do in love as commanded by the Lord when someone in the Body is in sin; however, if you see your brother to be in sin, you are NOT to take it to him within the public forum, but rather handle it PRIVATELY.

RULE 3.1 – Members may not post any messages that are obscene, sexually-oriented, hateful, vulgar, demeaning, threatening, or insulting to any person within the group [as stated previously], but also other person’s or group’s outside the forum; Members may not post the same message/post repeatedly in every thread; or posts that violate any laws. Such posts will be deleted & the member warned or banned at Staff discretion.

Rule 3.2 – Members may not post inflammatory remarks for the purpose of provoking another, evoking reaction, or starting fights with others. Any member promoting a spirit of divisiveness, strife, or discord in the community will not be tolerated. Such posts will be deleted & the member warned or banned at Staff discretion. IF YOU ARE RESPONDED TO IN AN ANGRY OR BITTER MANNER, DO NOT RESPOND IN-KIND. IGNORE IT & ALERT STAFF OF THE SITUATION & it will be dealt with properly. Anyone who assumes an Administrative position who is not Admin, & insists on responding to only add to the drama without alerting AMTM Admin/Staff/Moderators will be also be given warning or farther actions taken if this is repeated.


We have seen the above issue happen continuously within the Facebook group with no regard when Administration has asked to ignore & report to us. However, this is NOT Facebook but our own forum, & these rules will be strictly adhered to by Staff… ALL disunity, division, & strife ENDS HERE!

Rule 3.2a – Certain topics have always sparked heated arguments & debate & will be monitored by Forum Staff. Threads that start any heated debates will be immediately deleted & warnings &/or restrictions issued at the discretion of Forum Staff. The list of topics that cannot be discussed on AMTM Forum are listed below:

  1. Rapture Timing in any way that disparages the beliefs of others on this topic. This Forum is not the place for pre-tribulation rapture Believers to try & convince mid or post-tribulation Believers that their view is wrong. It is the same that mid-tribulation or post-tribulation Believers not try to convince pre-tribulation Believers their view is wrong.

  2. Disparaging debates on the Sabbath. Those that hold a belief that a Saturday Sabbath should be kept must not belittle those members who observe Sunday as their day of worship. The reverse also applies. Sunday worshippers must not belittle those that hold a belief in Sabbath keeping.

  3. When it comes to politics, this topic can quickly lead to inflammatory comments & opinions being expressed. We are aware that political figures will play a large role in End Time prophecy fulfillment, but if any member becomes argumentative on this topic, posts or threads will be removed.

**Members are warned not to push their personal beliefs on these topics at any time in a way that is inflammatory. Doing so will result in warning or suspension. A second violation will result in termination.


AMTM Forum administration has the right at any time to add to this list of unaccepted topics.


Rule 3.2b – Forum has a wide variety of members from around the world. With that comes many different Christian belief systems (Examples- speaking in tongues, communion, once saved always saved, etc.). AMTM Forum is STRICLTLY a BIBLE BASED CHRISTIAN BELIEF Forum. If at any time a member attempts to cause debate over Bible doctrine, or anyone attempts to come in with a self-righteous spirit deeming superiority over another in a hostile or rude manner, the post/thread will be immediately removed & warning given.

Rule 3.2c – Any discussion about any individual, teacher, preacher, pastor, minister, evangelist, media personality, organization, etc., will be closely monitored. Any claims that a named person or organization teaches or supports false doctrine MUST be backed up with documentation. Unsubstantiated claims, rumors, or hearsay will not be allowed. Any such posts or threats will be removed and a reminder, warning, or ban issued as necessary.

Rule 3.2d – If any member notices another member spreading false doctrine, do not attempt to attack the individual publically. You may POLITELY express your concern using ONLY THE WORD OF GOD, & IMMEDIATELY report such claims to Staff with valid proof of your claims. Staff will then handle the situation as necessary.

Rule 3.2e – Due to liability concerns, AMTM Forum does not under any circumstances allow the posting of professional, clinical, or psychological advice or “help” for members. Anyone who offers professional, clinical, or psychological advice may face warning or banning from the Forum, & all posts will be removed. Even persons who are licensed professionals such as Doctors, Psychologists, or Therapists, MAY NOT offer professional advice in the AMTM Forum. The Staff of AMTM Forum recommends that members who need professional answers to meet with a licensed professional or Christian Counselor on your own time, outside of the Forum.

Rule 3.3 – The soliciting of products, books, DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, etc., for the purpose of selling is off limits. If you want to recommend any of the following such materials to a fellow member in writing, or within a thread discussion, then this is acceptable. Soliciting your own work to sell is also strictly forbidden within the Forum & such posts will be removed.

False Registration

Rule 4 – Registration with false information is grounds for immediate & permanent banning. Multiple registrations by the same Member using different usernames is not allowed and will be banned.

Rule 4.1 – Any member under the age of 16 years of age must supply contact information for a parent or guardian when requested in order for the AMTM Administration to properly verify that permission has been granted to participate in the AMTM Forum. Falsifying birthdates is grounds for immediate termination & permanent banning.


Rule 5 – All members are required to immediately comply with any Administration/Staff/Moderator requests. Failure to do so may lead to termination.

Rule 5.1 – If you believe that an Administrator/Staff/Moderator directive is incorrect, you are not to discuss it in the open forum. Send a private message or email to the Staff Member you have concerns with or a different Staff Member for discussion/resolution. Threads or posts in the open Forum discussing AMTM Admin/Staff/Moderators who have given warnings or disciplinary actions will not be permitted. In addition, it will not be permitted to discuss other members who have been disciplined in the open Forum. Any criticizing of AMTM Forum rules or Staff will not be tolerated. Such threads or posts will be deleted & warnings and/or restrictions will be issued at the discretion of AMTM Forum Staff.

Personal Information/Details

Rule 6 – It is recommended that you do not give your personal details such as email address, postal address, phone #, or home address to anyone in the open Forum. This personal information should be shared with Administration/Staff or a Moderator authorized to ask for this as directed by Administration. If you should share any of your personal information in the open Forum, AMTM Forum including Administration/Staff/Moderators are not responsible for what happens with it. If any members become good friends & want to share personal information, please do so by private means. This is only for safety measures. AMTM Admin/Staff will NEVER ask you to share your personal information on the open Forum. If anyone claims to be AMTM Admin/Staff, & asks for this information in the open Forum, please do NOT give out & immediately alert the AMTM Forum Staff Member who is asking for this information.

Rule 6.1 – General Members may not ask other Members for their personal information through the open Forum. This should be done privately between the 2 members by other means. If anyone harasses or annoys you to hand out your information, please notify AMTM Staff promptly. Also, if any member begins to harass you by private PM or by other private means, please notify AMTM Staff.

Links to other Websites

Rule 7 – There will be many times that Members share links to other sites within their comment, or posts that will go to other sites outside of the Forum. When you click on any given link or post that takes you outside the Forum, or AMTM website, you are entering another Website for which AMTM has no responsibility or liability. It will be IMPOSSIBLE for AMTM Forum Staff to monitor every off-site link posted in the Forum. Therefore, AMTM takes no responsibility for any content you read, hear, or see in off-site Websites. All members do so at your own risk. Granted, if any off-site Website contains material that is obscene, vulgar, or has any content unsuitable for the link to remain in the AMTM Forum, please notify Staff immediately & the link may possibly be removed after review.

Rule 7.1 – Please do not post off-site links for selling products [Please see Rule 3.3]. The only exception may be if it is an off-site link that sells a product by a former or future guest of AMTM show in which we have helped to promote said product. Granted, permission must be asked to an AMTM Forum Staff Member FIRST. Anyone posting off-site links that sale products of AMTM show guests without permission will be subject to removal of the post & a warning.