New World Order Global Dictatorship – A Final Warning!



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There are some resources that are invaluable when researching or learning about the history of the New World Order and The Illuminati. Author and Researcher David Allen Rivera has kindly allowed us to host pdf files for free download of two of his very well written resource books.

Final Warning- A History Of The New World Order may well be the most comprehensive documentation on this subject ever written.  You can download  a free pdf copy of the book here:

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Final Warning has become the most widely circulated book on the New World Order ever written, and it is considered by some to be the definitive reference work on one-world government.


The Second work of David A. Rivera we have here for free download as a pdf file is the following book:

Being A Tribulation Christian Holding Onto Your Faith in the Last Days (2013)

With the reelection of a President who is intent on pushing us closer and closer to Socialism in this country, and the New World Order increasing its stranglehold; it’s crunch time for Christians. Obama has said that this is no longer a Christian nation, scholars who call themselves Christians are gutting our Bible, and many churches are adopting New Age concepts like contemplative prayer in an attempt to get some kind of spirit moving in their services. This is no longer ‘business as usual.’ Trying to keep it on the road is not going to keep it on the road. The time for casual Christianity is over. There is not going to be a pre-Tribulation Rapture. So, if you think you’re going to be taken out of here– think again. The Bible talks about the “falling away,” which refers to Christians who will lose their Faith in the Last Days. Even the “very elect” have been, and are going to be deceived; so what makes you think you’ll fare any better? Now is the time to take stock of yourself and get your spiritual house in order. If you expect to endure through the Tribulation, you better be standing on a firm foundation. This book will challenge you in many ways to return to your first love, and reconnect with the God that wants you to endure. This is a controversial, no-holds-barred call-to-arms. Are you ready to fight?

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Listen To The A Minute To Midnite Interview with David A. Rivera.

Episode 52 of A MinuteTo Midnite sees Tony joined by author and researcher David Allen Rivera. David wrote what is probably the most comprehensive book on the history of The New World Order ever published. Here he shares from his vast research on the subject what has been used to shape our world and American Society for over 200 years, who is behind it and what their end goal is. He points out how rapidly bible prophecy is being fulfilled today. David is also a King James Bible advocate, and he explains why he doesn’t trust the modern translations of the scriptures. He explains how casting doubt on the King James bible is a part of preparing the world for the great delusion and falling away spoken of in the scriptures.

052- David A. Rivera- New World Order Global Dictatorship – Final Warning!


David Allen Rivera’s new Book: The Roots Of The King James Bible is available at Amazon