POWERFUL DREAM ABOUT HAWAII!

                               By Joanie Stahl (Dream from April 21st2018)


During the beginning of the last week of April I had a terrifying dream about Hawaii.  I normally never think about Hawaii actually so when I had this dream it was surprising to me.   Whenever I do think about that state its typically only about how beautiful it is, but that is all, and it is hardly ever.  At the end of my dream I will describe what happened after I woke up, and what it means as something ongoing.  


In my dream I saw myself with three other people getting out of a car that had broken down.  I did not recognize who the people were, but I knew they were my friends.  After we all got out, I noticed that we were in Hawaii.  Even in my dream, I wondered about whyI was there, and howI got there.  

I stood there with the people looking around, and wondering how we were going to get help.  We were in a beautiful neighborhood.  Everything was pristine, and full of rich brilliant, vibrant tropical colors.  Thick, lush palm trees, big lawns, tropical gardens were everywhere.  It was a gorgeous upscale neighborhood.  I felt that we needed to seek help as soon as possible.

I had the feeling that the local people did not like that any outsiders drove through their neighborhoods, let alone having them break down there.  There was a sense of the day ending and there was not a lot of time left to find help.  

No one knew what to do so we just stood there.  Just then I looked across the street from where we were parked, and I saw a local man getting out of his car and walking into his house.  Knowing that the locals there are not happy with non-residents, I thought, “I see no one else and the day is ending, and we need to get out of here.  I have no other choice but to approach the man as politely as I can and possibly ask for help, we are desperate.”

I informed the people that were with me what I was going to do.  I took off walking towards the local man as fast as I could without alarming him.  The people that I was with all disbanded, I suppose, to also go looking for help.

I was walking, almost running across the big lawn, and the man stopped.  He looked a bit unhappy about me approaching him.  As I reached the pathway that he was standing on, I profusely and immediately apologizing to him, telling him I did not want to disturb him, but needed help.

I was nearly out of breath trying to explain to him that we were broken down, and had no way to get help and it was getting late.  He reluctantly invited me into his home to use his phone.  As we went in I saw that his home was a classic, Hawaiin home, full of beautiful native decorations.

I tried to impress to him that I would not take up any of his time, and thanked him for allowing me into his home.  He seemed to warm up a bit, as I realized that he could tell that I was not a threat, or some weirdo.  He was a very kind man actually.  Instead of giving me his phone to use, he began to have a conversation with me.

He started discussing things regarding the Island in detail.  I do not understand why I do not remember what he was talking to me about with direct intensity.   Especially being a main-lander.  All I know, is that it was important to him to express himself to me.

I started feeling a bit nervous as he spoke to me in length because as he did, I kept looking out of the front window, and could see the sunset was fast approaching.  When he finished talking to me, I thought that that is when he would give me his phone to call for help. 

 Instead, his phone rang and he told me he had to take it because it was a business call.  He offered me to go in and see his little daughters while he spoke.

I thought it was strange because he did not know me, but he had increasingly became friendlier as we spoke.  As he started talking on the phone, I left the room and went into a little adjoining room down a hall, and saw two little girls playing.  

I went in and introduced myself and I played with them for a couple of minutes.  I was growing in nervousness, and felt uncomfortable because of the limited time I had.  I heard him hang up from talking so I left the little girls in a hurried way.

I went out to ask the man if I could now use his phone, but before I got a word out of my mouth, his wife came into the house.  She looked at me the same way the man did at first, so that prompted me to put her at rest by letting her know why I was in her home.

She was a bit reticent but was okay after a couple of minutes.  The man then told his wife he had to leave, and at the same time she went outside in the back.  The strange thing is that now instead of being in a rush, my attention was now towards the wife.  I stood there not knowing what to do next.

I made a decision.  Instead of leaving the house I wanted to follow the woman.  

Then the next scene changed dramatically.  

What was in the beginning, full of tropical rich beauty, had turned into an dark, apocalyptic scene.  I walked out onto a lanai (that is an Hawaiin word for patio), and saw the woman sitting on a chair looking out over the banister in despair and shock.  At first I looked around and everything was thrashed and filthy on the lanai.

I could not figure it out because it was attached to the beautiful home which was bright, clean and pristine.  This lanai was a large deck with an overhang made out of wood.  Everything looked like the most warped, old and weathered wood.  Everything looked dark and filthy.  The woman had a look on her face that showed that she was traumatized.  Totally catatonic.

I looked out over the banister to see what she was staring at.  I looked downward because this lanai was elevated high above a street below.  Across the street were many other large buildings, like condos.  The scene that I saw was terrifying.

Every square inch was in devastation and destruction.  Everything was broken down, and there were marauding criminals running everywhere up and down the street.  I looked at the condo’s across the way and all the balcony’s were filled up with what looked like wild, wicked, animal-like people.  The condo’s were all run down and thrashed.

There was nothing green or beautiful, only black, gray and dark gray landscape.  No more color existed, and it looked like there was a great darkness that had taken over the island that was full of crime, hell and decay.

I am having a hard time trying to describe it, but it was as if there was no more law, only wild people and everyone of them were very dangerous.  There was no more safety and total anarchy.

I turned my attention back to the woman, and she looked totally depressed and heavy.  There was another woman with her that was the same as her, yet trying to comfort her.  They both looked at me, then slowly rose up and went into a part of the patio that was a little adjoining room.  

I followed them inside and it was a dark, filthy, ugly shack without lighting.  I mean it was just depressing, dark and beyond repair.

The two women sat at an old table in silence.  I approached the table and sat down.  I said to the women, “I can pray for you.” The instant I said that, one of those wicked people, a young looking local man, appeared out of nowhere, and was standing between the two women who were still seated.  

He was a very dark individual, dark hair and evil eyes, and his clothing was something gang like.  He stood there across the table with staring at me with the blackest, piercing eyes.  He was furious that I was there, and about to pray.  

I knew right away it was a demon impersonating a young man, and it was enraged that I was going to pray.   Then all of a sudden I could feel that demon sucking all the air out of my lungs.  

I was gasping for air, and had to work with all my might to force nearly breathless words out of my mouth in a broken way.  

“Jesus….in….your name…..give……air….back…into…my…..lungs…now!”

All at once air began to fill my lungs, and I immediately wasted no time in praying, but I had to force, and fight for every word I spoke in Jesus name for these women and the land.  That demon stood to vehemently oppose me with all it’s might.  It was so angry that I was there interfering, but powerless to stop me.

As soon as I finished my prayer I awoke.

End of Dream

I woke up and looked at my clock and it was 1:47 am.  My heart was pounding and I could feel the powers of darkness in my bedroom, as well as the power of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I began to say to the enemy, “In the almighty name of Jesus Christ  get out!  You have no authority over me and you must go!”  

The enemy did not leave right away.  I have had this experience before many times.  When this happens, it means that this was an assignment of hell sent against me.  In the spiritual world, they saw and knew what had just happened in my dream somehow, and they were there to oppress me.

That particular evil spirit that opposed me in my dream, was now present in my room to try to scare me.  I know having been in the war arena for four decades, that this was no plain wrap rebuke, and then back to bed.  Especially due to the fact that the Holy Spirit was also present. along with the powers of darkness at the same time.

I rose up right away, ran out to the kitchen to grab my cup of coffee, and went back into my room. I needed to wake up more, and allow my thoughts, and what I had just seen, and experienced to process before I began to address it in prayer.  

However, the Holy Spirit wasted no time at all.  He was not interested in my drinking more coffee and waiting for me to wake up.  

That presence of the enemy, and the presence of the Holy Spirit were there for a reason.  I then felt a thrust of power enter into my being like lightning, and a force so explosive filled my mouth.  I started to pray in a few words of my own, but that was all the Holy Spirit would allow, because He completely took over.

Every word that then came out of my mouth was strictly, and onlythe word of God.  Now let me try to explain something.  

Many of you will understand, while you who are younger in the faith might not.  But this prayer the Holy Spirit was praying through me was exceedingly high functioning and full of razor sharpness.  I knew I became His instrument of war and have many times experienced this action.

Though He took over, He did not take anything of me away.  My entire body, soul and spirit came into full conformity with Him, like a well-oiled machine, and I was fully involved.  The power was so great my heart was beating hard in my chest.  My mouth became His mouth, and there was not one single word that belonged to me. or was from me.  I was only the vessel poured forth.

All the words were spoken in thundering proclamation.

What came out of my mouth first was this.  “You Hawaiin Islands, those of you who have been sitting in darkness, and the shadows of death will see a great light!”  

Because He was praying it within me, I cannot remember what more that He said because it did not come from my mind or self.  I just went with Him in it.  It got so powerful I got out of bed, and held up my finger to the heavens, and proclaimed everything the Holy Spirit had me say over the Islands.  

I was also aware that the whole time,  the powers of darkness held their ground in my room, as well as the Holy Spirit, as His sword went forth from my mouth.  This heavy pounding went on until the enemy finally departed, and the atmosphere in my room cleared out, and became lightened.

I knew that what the Holy Spirit had prayed as proclamation was accomplished. That whatever had happened was ratified.  I then felt His presence slowly depart like the dove.

I stood there not really knowing still what to think had just happened, or why?  What was happening, or going to happen?  I never give Hawaii a thought, so why would the Lord appoint this for me?  

All I knew then was that whatever the Holy Spirit said was to the powers of hell that are rampaging, or will rampage the Hawaiin Islands in the future.

The same week there were torrential rains on the Island of Kauai.  In one hour a record breaking 4 feet of rain fell from the sky and caused horrific disaster.  Half of the island suffered catastrophic damage, even death.


Now the Kilauea volcano is erupting, and there have been over 250 earthquakes, one being a 6.9.  The end is far from over.  I fully believe that what happened that night was that the Lord wanted me to pray in His Spirit, in ways only He can do.  I still do not fully understand it all.

However, I understand enough that that was one of His ways to show the enemy openly that He has total control over all hell the enemy can level against the Hawaiin Islands.  And to let the people know that He is with them, as well as the understanding that His people, have power with God against any harm.  

“Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof.”  Isaian 42:10.  KJV.