Prophetic Dreams -The Fall Of America and Europe

Fall of Troy-s

                                        Written By Joanie Stahl  (March 9th 2016)

There has been of late many new recent revelations in the form of dreams and visions as we are eclipsing the end of the Church Age as we know it. As we see the political and eschatological landscape converging into new dimensions of the setting up of the Antichrist’s Kingdom, the collapse of global economies, the rise of Islam, Christian genocide being at an all time high, the reeling of the earth in natural catastrophes and more. 

These new visions and dreams give us an edge and insight. But I have noticed a lack of the remembrance of dreams and visions that many people have had many years ago; that the new dreams and visions the Lord is imparting to people have been built upon go unheeded.

The reason being is that the present generation is always after some new thing, the latest breaking news from above. But God has given specific insights from many that must be revisited.

As I thought upon these things, the Lord brought back to my remembrance some specific things He had showed me many hears ago that have indeed come to pass. Though the time has been long.

I believe the reason He reveals future events from many years ago is to prepare us for what will come, and show us at the same time that He has it all under control. And that it has a different action. It shows it was already written in the annals of heaven to be performed through His perfect timing in history.

Furthermore He mentions in Amos 3:7, “Surely the Lord will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” I am also certain as well, that He keeps many of His plans and secrets to Himself for His own reasons. He has to. And I would like to mention that “the law and the prophets were until John, since that time the Kingdom of God is preached, and every man presses into it.” Luke 16:16. However, we are told in 1 Thessalonians 5:20, “Despise not prophesyings.” Meaning, God is still speaking to us about things already established by the Prophets of old, but not pertaining to things that would alter their prophecies that are already eternally set. But we can receive insights of these things pertaining to personal circumstances and necessary things the Holy Spirit needs to reveal. And at times as I mentioned, to give us warnings of things today as well as things coming on the horizon as we see the “Day of Christ approaching.”

But when He chooses to reveal something to us, He is making us a living part of His plan for our generation and for His involvement within us in His operation. I have had many visions throughout the years, but I am going to highlight some rather important ones I find to be quite provocative.

In 2010 I had this dream regarding our nation.

I dreamed that I was in a huge, beautiful park. It was an old historical park. Full of many big, old rich, mature trees.I knew it was a park in the north east of our nation. It was a Federal park. It was not an ordinary park. But a special park commemorating our nation. It had an air of aristocracy, grandeur and national pride. I saw in the near distance great and tall statues of men on horses. I went over to get a better look at them. As I approached I saw that these big statues were enormous, about 25 feet tall.

On each horse there was a rider. I noticed the first one was President Washington. I walked over and saw the next one was John Adams, after him the following presidents and so on. But not all the presidents in our history were there. Just the first seven.They were grand in appearance and beautiful. There was a national pride and glory to them regarding our rich history. I breathed in the air of God’s spiritual blessing within as I gazed up at these statues.

After I had taken it all in, I decided to return back to the path I was walking on before. When I got back to the path, I felt that I needed to look back one more time to get one last look before I left. And when I did, I saw that they were all toppled over and and broken into pieces. I couldn’t believe it. I was horrified. What had just happened?

I turned back from the path I was on to go back right away to investigate. And as I went, the beautiful stately park had turned into a graveyard. As I approached the turned over, broken statues of our first presidents, the graves increased among them They became more populous as I got nearer. When I got there, as far as I could see, the whole park had turned into a graveyard.

I stood in the same place that I was before. I looked at the first statue, then the next and all the way down the row, and all of them were demolished. As if someone or something threw them over with fury and wrath. The destruction of them was that bad. They were beyond repair and only rubble. I stood there and felt a feeling of being deeply troubled and scared. But not for myself in a personal way, but for our nation. I immediately felt that I had to get out of there right away. So I ran back to the path I was on before, but this time, I left the park completely as fast as I could.

Then I awoke.

I know that his dream was significant. The interpretation is easy. 

The beginning of our nation was grand, rich and victorious. Blessed by God. But in a moment, the fact that all of the statues were turned over and broken down, and the appearance of it as being overthrown with fury and rage, showed me that our beginning that was grand and glorious is now broken, worse than broken. The fact that it turned into a graveyard is obvious. The founding fathers and freedoms and all the work they did to establish us are dead. And the increase of the graves as I got closer to the broken, demolished statues revealed that the death of our nation is increasing with speed.

The sense of wanting to get out of there as fast as I could tells me that we have no leaders anymore. We are on our own basically as individuals. There are no victories left. No power. The power is broken and our nation has been, and is turning into a graveyard nation.

Also, one other thing I want to say,. Back around 2009 I had a dream that was also significant.

I dreamed that I saw myself in a boat. A small row boat with several people in it, say about 8 or so. Two men stood at opposite ends rowing it. It was night. As we were in the boat we all looked at a land that was entirely engulfed in flames that were nothing short of a total engulfing of the land in a raging inferno that leaped high into the skies. I remember seeing buildings that were distinct.

All the buildings though engulfed in flames were clearly visible as to their architecture. They were all ancient Greek buildings. Historical buildings of ancient temples and other structures. I looked and saw that every inch of that land was on fire. Not one inch was not on fire. The fire was so great it is nearly impossible to describe. The fire reached all the very edges of the land until there was ocean. Everything was on fire.

We all watched as the men rowed away as the fire roared and devoured the land. We arrived at the shore. And there were other men waiting for us. And as we disembarked, I noticed that we were no longer wearing our regular clothes, but as we began to step out of the boat our clothes turned into long white robes. The men helped us out one by one and we followed them into the land we had arrived at. Then I woke up.

The Lord showed me clearly way back then that that nation was indeed Greece. That that would be the first nation to go in a string of corruption and destruction. That it was determined. That it would be the first of the nations to start the downfall of the Euro Zone. Now look. Is it not the truth that that is where it has begun? They were the first to lose national pride. The Greek nation bankrupted and to pay off their debts they sold all the ancient monuments of their rich history to the IMF,(the International Monetary fund), ran by the Euro Banking System. They sold out all their islands. And their land was the first to be invaded by catastrophic proportions of the Syrian/Islamic exodus which has turned their nation upside down. Never will Greek rise again from all of this.

The last part of the dream where we were disembarking from the little boat and our garments changing into long white robes clearly revealed to me that we are nearing heaven land and the time is short and we will barely escape. See Luke 21:36. And the fact that it was in the dead of night meant that we are at the darkest hour of human history. “For the day is far spent and the night is at hand”. Romans 13:12.

Also, when the Euro was first established in 1992, Right around that time, I had this vision.

In my dream I saw myself walking along. I came upon a house with a huge front yard. Very large. And I noticed people were milling around as if a social gathering was happening. I don’t know why, but I felt that I wanted to go over there to get a look at what was happening. So as I did, I saw people going in and out of the house and talking. Like you would see perhaps at a BBQ. No one even payed attention to the fact that I was there. No one said hello, No one was aware that I was even there. I was aware of the fact that they were oblivious to my presence. I waited out of politeness to see if anyone would greet me. But not one person even looked in my very near direction.

So I saw a picnic bench and sat down on one side it. The picnic bench seemed to be far away from where all the people were. I thought, that I would just sit there and at least welcome anybody that would come. I thought this because there was no one who care to do so. 

Just then I saw a man with several little children following him. As he approached, I saw who it was. It was the Lord Jesus Christ. He sat down across from me at the picnic bench. The little children stood around him, while others sat down around him. He looked serious. I noticed he had a serious look on his face.

He spoke to me and said, Joan, the stock market is going to crash. It is going to go belly up. I thought to myself, Why is he telling me this? How does he know I look into these things? He spoke further and said, “The Euro will fail. It will utterly fail. Are you ready?” I thought for a moment about what that meant. I turned around and had a bag with me. It was like a little overnight bag. I handed it to him. He took it from my hand and began to look through it, and he put his hand in it to pull things out to look at each item that I had. He threw it all back in and handed it back to me and said, “You are not ready.” And he stood up and the little ones did too. He walked away with them and then I woke up.

Now fast forward and see. Europe is done.It is in ruination. And each nation one by one caught on fire. And that fire I fully believe was a view of the spiritual fire. In Isaiah 66:16 it reads, “For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all flesh.” When he said, “the Euro will fail, it will utterly fail,” I now see that he means two things. The Euro Zone has failed. It is never going to resurrect. It is burning. And foreign enemies bent on murder have irrevocably invaded the lands and millions more are expected to invade within two years. The invasion is wreaking havoc on their economy and will break it completely. The Euro currency will not hold its value for long as well as we see a global currency crash and reset drawing near. And a new currency will arise out of the SDR basket (Special Drawing Rights). Meaning a special selection of approved currencies such as the Yuan and the Ruble as well as others. The dollar I might add is not one of them. And these currencies are the only ones that will be used at this time for reserve status. The dollar is being regarded as dangerous and all the G8 and BRIC nations are terrified to trade by it. We are currently the largest debtor nation in current world history. The coming new currency will be an amalgamation of all the SDR currencies into one. This is what China is pressing for as well as other nations who are the big hitters in world trade economies.

When Jesus told me I was not ready. Was true. No I was not ready. How could I be? The time was very early in history and I could not understand at that time long ago what all of these things meant. But in his faithfulness, he chose to show these things to me very early on in order to give me an advance leg-up so to speak, and to also cause me to be confident in the dreams and visions of the present day. As well as the one’s to come. And to trust the certainty of them.

Remember the words Jesus spoke to his disciples, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.” John 16:12..

And, in John 13:7,  “What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterwards you will understand.” 

It is in these long old ways he trains us and teaches us to have patience in waiting. And in waiting we watch as we are commanded. Matthew 24:42.