143- Former Iranian Muslim Now Preaches Jesus Christ ! – Ramin Parsa’s Powerful Story-Wow!

This is the powerful testimony of Ramin Parsa,  Ramin is a former muslim who came to Christ while living in Iran. He now lives in America, and he shares here of the supernatural way God transformed a devout muslim into a follower of Jesus Christ. Also in the last part of this show Ramin prays a series of powerful prayers for those listening. This is a very encouraging show, and the prayers will break many people’s bondage’s and set them free. You don’t want to miss hearing this. It could be life changing for you! Please share this video.

143- Former Iranian Muslim Now Preaches Jesus Christ ! – Ramin Parsa’s Powerful Story-Wow!

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142- Global Religion, One World Order, Even Christians Are Being Deceived! – Mike from onpointpreparedness

Episode 142 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony K is joined by Mike from onpreparedness.net. The highly interesting and important discussion that ensues goes into many avenues of the deceptions that are coming upon the world, the church and on America.

Mike begins by stating “ Looking at the politics and the media, I just kept on seeing falsehood after falsehood. No matter what you looked at, whether it was the politics and the government, or the food you eat, or the medicines you’re given. I just kept on seeing that everything was false. But seeing all these falsehoods, I said ‘There has to be truth’.” This led Mike on a journey which has given him tremendous insight into what is happening today: in the political spectre, occult symbolism in the media, the move towards a global religion, steps towards one world government, deception in the church, and the need for disaster preparedness as well. All these topics are touched on in this interview, along with examining the claims of many evangelicals that Donald Trump is ”God’s anointed”. Much can be learned from Mike’s insight that is shared in this discussion.

142- Global Religion, One World Order, Even Christians Are Being Deceived! – Mike from onpointpreparedness 

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141- Kevin Shrum – Proof the Mandela Effect Is Not Changing The Bible!

Episode 141 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Kevin Shrum joins Tony. Many people are proclaiming that something called the Mandela Effect is changing every King James Bible on the planet. This has caused numerous people to believe that the accuracy of the Bible can’t be trusted. Believers in this phenomenon claim that Bibles, commentaries, concordances, and even audio recordings have all been changed. In some cases they say it is not only King James Bibles, but other versions as well that this mysterious Mandela Effect has altered. One of their main arguments comes from Isaiah 11:6 where they claim it used to say lion and lamb whereas it now says wolf and lamb lie down together. In this show, the claims of Mandela Effect advocates are examined and proved to be full of holes.

141- Kevin Shrum – Proof the Mandela Effect Is Not Changing The Bible!

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The Judgement Sentence Passed Upon the Entire Earth – A Message from the Holy Spirit of God

By Joanie Stahl (September 2017)

It is September 20, 2017, and I feel so compelled to write this article from my heart and not my head today.  It is rather a build up from things I have been hearing from many of the saints of God. The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is here, aiding my hand in all I write.  

Lately, I have been feeling an overwhelming, very deep grief moving within me.  I noticed it about a couple of months ago.  It goes a lot deeper than anything I recognize of myself.  I know it.  It has gotten my attention because for what seems, as for no apparent reason at all, I feel so sad and so full of sorrow to the point of tears.  I find myself crying from the center of my being.

I know this is a deeper grief that is other than my own, especially when I see the things that are happening in the earth. There is a great loss of life that keeps happening all over the world.  The chaos, the unimaginable evils I have never, ever experienced of late, as well as the large groups of people that are dying en masse by plagues, natural disasters, genocides and mass murdering. 


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Be Vigilant -Prepare but don’t Fear!

                                        By Chris C September 2017

The rapture will not happen on the 23rd but we should always be prepared. The scripture plainly says no one knows the day or the hour and there’s lots meant to happen prior which are signs of His coming.

What we are witnessing are events mentioned in Matthew 23 and 24, There will be wars and rumors of wars. North Korea and conflict with USA. This I believe is a rumor and a total smokescreen (distraction) to what’s really going on with the financial instability of the world. Out of this more money will be provided through money printing in order to protect nations from conflict but really will be utilised to kick the financial can down the road a little further to the inevitable collapse. There will be famines. This is evolving with the weather issues (including hurricanes) which are being promoted as Global Warming or climate change. This is a big fat lie to distract even those in the church from the likes of scriptures in Matt 24. There will be pestilence. This could come out of disasters like earthquakes and storms which will leave behind diseases but also engineered plagues may well be released to depopulate  There will be earthquakes in diverse places. NZ has experienced its’ fair share recently and in diverse places like Kaikoura. The earthquakes we have witnessed worldwide are of higher magnitude with more frequency. 

When it comes to earthquakes and weather, there is possibly a human element involved in many of these disasters through the likes of HAARP and cloud seeding with chemicals. Look up the hurricane that was due to hit NY on 9/!! which suddenly dissipated and the outcome was controlled demolition of the Twin Towers. This I believe was used to disguise or distract people from what was about to occur and the imminent hurricane was forgotten thereafter. When God said in His Word in the OT (1 Kings) as He approached the mountain where Elijah stood, that there was a great wind and then an earthquake but God was in neither. I believe these scriptures reveal that it’s possible to have outside influence to create such events.

This is a mini synopsis of what I believe is happening, be also alert to a re-set in the economies of the world. There will be a day when a type of forgiveness of debt will occur and currencies will be revalued against the balance sheet of the nation they are priced in. e.g. A countries assets over liabilities, the more assets the better valuation. This will most likely come about because of the sinking value of the petrodollar. A replacement to the dollar will likely have a gold component to it, bringing back some accountability to the financial system but mostly it will be virtual (digital) based containing a basket of currencies and possibly crypto.  This re-set will more than likely evolve after a meltdown in the global economy to bring calm. In the meantime we need to be vigilant, watch what’s happening to the US dollar, look at a 12 month chart. Place yourself in the right position of any imminent crisis. Make sure you have the right insurance in place and don’t trust anything that’s not in your hands.

We need to prepare, not fear!!

Bless you all,


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143- Ramin Parsa- Audio only Version

143- Former Iranian Muslim Now Preaches Jesus Christ ! – Ramin Parsa’s Powerful Story-Wow!

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The Queen of Heaven – A Deceptive Doctrine

                                             By Tony K Sept 2017

Presently, we are witnessing an obvious increase in the embracement of ancient paganism into society. Largely, these were pagan religious beliefs that had many of their roots in ancient Babylon. One of the ways this manifests itself is in goddess worship. I chose the title in an attempt to bring attention to the fact that this goddess worship, under whatever guise it takes, is a deceptive counterfeit of true and sound doctrine. It certainly should have no place within Christianity. Let us trace the origins of this deception.


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Are the Banksters Planning a War between the US and North Korea?

What is really behind the conflict between North Korea and the US? We examine the sinister possibility that this is a conflict deliberately manufactured to create chaos. This chaos may be designed to give the banking cartels more power, and as a result take us one step closer to world government and a global currency. Are we on the verge of a “planned” stock market and currency collapse? ( A 12 minute video)

Are the Banksters Planning a War between the US and North Korea?

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Matt S September 12th 2017 Part 10 (False teachings/heresy series)

You may wonder where I get some of the interesting topics, I often wonder myself, but knowing God, I should wonder little. As I read and research, I come across all kinds of interesting things, but some just stick out and this is one of them! I am fast coming to the conclusion that God has led me down this path for a good reason, the number of times just recently that I have had heard Christians referencing false teaching and non Christian ideas as being Christian has been simply astonishing. I wonder what I am missing at times, but have to trust and ask that the Holy Spirit will give me discernment to see other falsehoods. I would ask that you would consider doing this also on a regular basis for yourself.

SOZO, what is Sozo? And why would this be included under deceptions, heresies and false teachings?


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Misleading the Masses: Revelation 12 Sign Exposed – September 23, 2017

By Brook Ardoin

I first began this topic by approaching it from a position of objectivity. The result came across as if I was neutral on the subject. After hearing something spoken by Joel Richardson of The Underground[1], I realized it was written in a the very way in which he reminded us we should not do, and in which I see many of God’s teachers doing in the prophetic realm.

Though I am no prophecy teacher, I believe that anyone who the Lord has given a platform in order to reach people with such as AMTM should hold to certain standards when presenting a message. In no way do I want to sound like I am double-minded. The book of James warns of this in chapter 1.

In Joel’s video entitled, “The False Sign of September 23, 2017” (ep 65), which I have linked under sources at the end, he states,

As teachers we are responsible…It is so critical we are not jumping on the End Time bandwagon. A teacher is going to incur a more harsh judgement because they are responsible for their hearers. Whether we are commanded to be Bereans or not, people are not always Bereans.

People trust teachers in this sort of thing. So it is critical that we are not, once again, jumping on the End Time bandwagon and saying, “This is a sign! This is a sign”! When in fact, there is no sign”.

His research took him all the way back to the 1800’s through recent times, and a number of ministers or leaders in the Body have put out literature or videos, all based on some specific sign(s) pointing to when and why the rapture was to occur at a specific date or time. There were even movements started because of this. All their theories failed terribly, leading to many disappointed or discouraged Christians. We see how this kind of thing can even cause some to fall away from Christianity altogether. It is very important to be wiser than this and learn from all these past mistakes.



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142- MIke@Onpreparedness -Audio Only Version

142- Global Religion, One World Order, Even Christians Are Being Deceived! – Mike from onpointpreparedness 

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