075-Benjamin Baruch – On the Threshold of World War iii – Economic Implosion & Reset

Episode 075. Benjamin Baruch joins Tony in this interview and discuss how a wide range of Biblical Prophetic events are unfolding before us. We stand on the threshold of the World War III- a war that could kill more than a billion people. With this will come a certain collapse of the global financial system and a reset. Benjamin explains how not only has this been the plan of the Elite globalists for a long time, but it also fits perfectly with many prophecies found in the scriptures. He explains how he believes  that America IS found in the Bible more than any country other than Israel. He also tells us what he believes will happen to the USA in World War III, as well as what will happen in Israel and other nations based on his interpretation of bible prophecy. Did the cold war ever really end? Where does climate change fit in with the global picture? What are the Beasts spoken of in Daniel Chapter 7? Will  Donald Trump really be a “King Cyrus” as many Christians are claiming, or is that just a vain hope and fantasy of those looking for an escape from God’s judgement? This interview covers these and other topics related to the times we are living in. You may want to have a pen and notepad handy as there is lots that can be learned from this episode of the A Minute to Midnite Show.

075-Benjamin Baruch – On the Threshold of World War iii – Economic Implosion & Reset

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074- Pastor Terry Bates- Do Your Prayers Really Make A Difference?-Yes!

Episode 074 sees Tony joined by Pastor Terry Bates. The subject is prayer. Does it really work? Will it really change anything? How should you pray? Pastor Bates gives some great examples of answered prayers in his own experience, and excellent insight in the answering of those questions.

I am sure the listeners will find lots of encouragement in this interview. I certainly found it encouraging, and I sensed the Holy Spirit at work throughout the time we were talking. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.” (Tony K).

074- Pastor Terry Bates- Do Your Prayers Really Make A Difference?-Yes!

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073- Prepare for Convergence of-War-Economic Collapse & Space Weather Events

Episode 073 Of A Minute To Midnite. Important Warning!- It is time to seriously prepare NOW for the imminent likelihood of a convergence of war…even nuclear war, global economic collapse, and some type of space weather event. The all “Kiwi” contingent of Chris C., Matt S. & Tony K. discuss the apocalyptic events that appear to be very close to occurrence RIGHT NOW. A number of concerning facts are brought out here to show what we may be facing in the very near future, as we watch the apparent unfolding of Biblical End Time signs happening before our eyes. The very real threats of a nuclear war are examined here, along with the inevitable global financial collapse. Also Obama’s latest Executive Order- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events…what is that all about? The approach of Niburu? A solar or nuclear EMP? Or could it be preparation for space and weather warfare?  These and other important topics are covered in this episode, along with helpful ideas on how to prepare for these events.

073- Prepare for Convergence of-War-Economic Collapse & Space Weather Events

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*New* – A Minute To Midnite Facebook Group

Behold I come

Thanks to the efforts of Brook, A Minute To Midnite has a new Facebook Group page. If you are a member of Facebook and like to keep up with what we are doing, and also if you have any relevant and suitable things you’d like to post, then we’d love you to join the group.

A Minute To Midnite Facebook Group

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What Does The Bible Say About Narcissism?

What Does It Say About A Last Days Epidemic Of This Toxic Human Plague?


                                   Matt S October 21st Part 11.

Except From The Article

Narcissism has become acceptable in every aspect of life and I know I go on about this, but the rise of this disorder has greatly concerned me. As commented on in previous articles it pervades our media in every way from the narcissists who use TV, film, and video to spread their selfish gospel, to the personalities that rule our politics and global economics. If you connect the dots of the luciferian elites (Rothschild’s etc) and their luciferian master (yep that’s lucifer) and look at how they own and run world banking, major businesses and companies, the MSM (main stream media), fund education, fund certain special interest protest groups and look at how they project themselves (George Soros) please read even just the title of the George Soros hyperlink, it will tell you all you need to know. As per my last article I believe that these people have taken on the personality traits of lucifer and for some reason this personality disorder is spreading at an alarming rate in the general population. It is being actively encouraged by educators, self help programs and New Age gurus.


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075-Audio Only Version-Benjamin Baruch

075-Benjamin Baruch – On the Threshold of World War iii – Economic Implosion & Reset

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074-Audio Only Version-Terry Bates

074- Pastor Terry Bates- Do Your Prayers Really Make A Difference?-Yes!

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Word from the Lord: It is Time to Weigh Your Sword & Stand for What Little Land You Have Left


By Joanie Stahl (October 2016)

Conclusion by Brook Ardoin

Word from the Lord – September 23, 2016

On the night of September 23, 2016, I was sound asleep.  I suddenly awoke and immediately knew it was the Lord waking me.  I can honestly say that it was not like other times where He has woken me up.  This time it was like someone shaking me to wake up due to an emergency.

The very moment my eyes opened, and before any of my own thoughts came into my mind, I heard the Lord say to me in a very firm and strong voice, 

“Begin to stand against the witchcraft Hillary Clinton is operating by.  Stand and break the powers of magic and witchcraft.  Stand against it. Cast it down.  Rebuke those powers that she is employing and that are using her to take over your land!”

As many of you already know, I have already released this message on our website. Everyone is welcome to read the entire thing in order to hear the rest of the message and outcome.

This was the first part of what the Lord said to me that morning. Little did I know that more was going to be revealed as well as shown to me.


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Audio Version Of Episode 073

073- Prepare for Convergence of-War-Economic Collapse & Space Weather Events

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Global Elite and a Population Enslaved


By Tony K (October 2016)

Excerpt From The Article

As we see an increasing drive towards global government and a New World Order, I am reminded of the old saying about boiling a frog in a pot. Over a long period of time, the freedoms in the Western world have been eroded. However, most people do not see it because it has been a slow process. We have a global elite “contingent” who are hell bent on enslaving the general populace while they themselves remain untouchable.

A collapse of the financial system will likely lead to war or war will lead to the implosion of the financial system. We may soon enough see, which one is the chicken and which is the egg.

On a more personal level, do not wait for this to occur. Do what you must do NOW to prepare. This should include both physical and spiritual preparation.


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Pray Against Hillary’s Witchcraft


By Joanie Stahl (Originally posted in the A Minute To Midnite Facebook group on September 24th 2016)

Greetings Saints of God,
I normally do not send out email blasts, especially before sunrise. But this is of huge importance.
In the middle of the night I woke up and immediately I heard the strong voice of the Lord tell me this:
“Begin to stand against the witchcraft Hillary Clinton is operating by. Stand and break the powers of magic and witchcraft. She is operating by powerful witchcraft. Stand against it. Cast it down.
Rebuke those powers that she is employing and that are using her to take over your land.”
I can most certainly tell you, my heart was pumping hard and racing. I immediately began to do exactly as the Lord directed me and power and authority were instant.
Here is what I prayed.
Lord Jesus Christ, I come in the name of the Lord and I rebuke the powers of witchcraft by which that wicked Hillary is operating by and invoking. I stand this day against these powers in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ! Father I ask you to expose her wickedness in the sight of the whole world under the noon day sun. I ask that you strip her and make her bare and naked in the sight of the world. and uncover her secret parts. Holy Father in the name above all names, I cast down, I throw down, and I stamp out these powers in your name!
I ask that you block her and strip from every and all use of these powers of hell. Lord as you withstood Jezebel do the same. I ask that you block her from the seat of presidency and I declare that NOTHING, NOTHING she will try to do will work. Confuse the battle and overthrow her tables and set her on a slippery path and do not let her ascend to the seat of presidency in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”
I can tell you as I prayed immediately it was the Holy Spirit teaching me how to pray. There was a razors edge to every word that came out of my mouth. Try it. You yourselves will see and know that this word is true. And for whatever is left of this government is what we are to pray regarding.
Let me make myself clear. I do not advocate that Trump is a godly man or the answer to an already decaying nation. I am only telling you exactly what the Lord showed me and what I know to be true. There is little time left now stand up and fight!
Incidentally, I called my good friend Skip who I know to be one of the most trusted and potent of prayer warriors and defenders of the “faith once delivered unto the saints” Definitely a general in the armies of God. We began to pray and power, great power came in with authority and we executed this word from the very throne of the Lord.
He told me before we began to pray, after I had told him what the Lord told me that he had investigated this already and found out that in very deed Hillary Clinton is a practicing witch.
He sent me several links which I will share with you.
Let me ask all of you a question. Think about it. Do you want this woman who is demon possessed and filled with all the powers of hell to control this nation, or what is left of it?
Take it to prayer and pass this on as you are led by the Lord. But if and when you do, be careful whom you send it to. Only those that know how to fight. These are real spirits that will fight back. We do not want anyone who is not yet skilled to come into this fight.
Here are the links:

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