064-Joanie Stahl & Brook Ardoin – Trespassing Spirits – Exposing The Intruder

Episode 064 of A Minute To Midnite is an in-house discussion between Tony, Joanie & Brook. Exposing some of the subtle lies with deep Babylonian occult roots that  are tripping up Christians and keeping some in bondage.

Do you keep seeing repetitive groupings of numbers such as 222, 333, or 444? You may see them on a clock, a license plate, a road sign, or just about anywhere at any given time. At first, you may not notice it manifesting repeatedly. Then when you do notice, it may seem coincidental. As time passes, you then begin thinking there must be more to it. This must mean something.

Find out some startling truths in this powerful expose!

064-Joanie Stahl & Brook Ardoin- Trespassing Spirits – Exposing The Intruder


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063- Doug Perry Part II – Red Dragon Vs The True Church – Powerful Message!

Episode 063 of A Minute To Midnite sees a continuation of the interview with Doug Perry. This message should really challenge us all to examine our theology and beliefs around the church, end time events  and what it means to be a Christian. It covers some great practical solutions for helping the divided Body of Christ prepare for the tough times that lay ahead. Much of the “church” is under a delusion, because it has done things “man’s way” rather than “God’s way”. In John 13:35 Jesus said “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Yet we don’t really see this being manifested by and large at this time, and in this age of denominational division. This may soon be about to change. Find out why in this interview.

063- Doug Perry Part II – Red Dragon Vs The True Church – Powerful Message!

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062- Doug Perry Part1-Equipping People For End Time Survival

Episode 062 has Tony joined by Doug Perry of FOTM. Doug discloses the amazing life altering “open vision” that he had a few years ago that dramatically changed his life. FOTM and it’s associated ministries feed, house & clothe multiple people each year. They have a farm & ministry that teaches survival skills & self-sufficiency as well as taking in homeless people & presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are like a co-op where a bunch of one-person or one-family ministries have agreed to walk shoulder to shoulder so as to help get the word out, & live like the believers of the early church did. Doug believes that perilous times lie ahead  & teaching people NOW the skills they will need to survive is critical. These preparations include both spiritual and physical aspects. This is a very thought-provoking episode that should challenge every listener to re-evaluate their own lives and views on Christian living.

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*New* – A Minute To Midnite Facebook Group

Behold I come

Thanks to the efforts of Brook, A Minute To Midnite has a new Facebook Group page. If you are a member of Facebook and like to keep up with what we are doing, and also if you have any relevant and suitable things you’d like to post, then we’d love you to join the group.

A Minute To Midnite Facebook Group

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Audio Version Of Episode 064

064-Joanie Stahl & Brook Ardoin- Trespassing Spirits – Exposing The Intruder

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Considering Deliberate Evil.

Considering Deliberate Evil

                                            Matt S. August 20th 2016 – Part 3

Excerpt From Article:

However you may be on the receiving end of some deliberately bad behaviour from others (discussed in Part 2 of this series), and you need to be aware that with some types of people this behaviour is not going go away, and may well become worse.

So what kind of person is it that we are dealing with here? If I use terms like selfish, self absorbed, angry, jealous, manipulative, deceitful, rude, arrogant, conceited, scheming, exploitative, violent and emotionally empty, that may describe all of us at some stage in our lives. It’s when we get many of these things grouped together in the same person at the same time that we then need to take a long hard stare at this person. Typically this type of person may be described by a mental health professional as a narcissist or a psychopath (and some variations around those labels).


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Racing For The Prize – Tony Koretz

New World Order – economic collapse, natural disasters & a regime of  totalitarian global government to rise from the ashes. Is this a reality that is almost upon us?A catchy rock song by Tony Koretz  ( AMTM host) set to stunning video that shows how this could occur. ( Music video)

Tony Koretz -Racing For The Prize

If you wish to download this video here is the link to do so:

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Audio Version Of Episode 063

063- Doug Perry Part II – Red Dragon Vs The True Church – Powerful Message!

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Prayer and Warfare: Unleashing God’s Mighty Power


                          Written By Tony K and Joanie Stahl (August 2016)

Excerpt From The Article:

Gloria said, “Joanie, you are not going to believe it!  Three hours after you left, Joe was sitting up in bed.  His wife came in and she said he was just sitting there as if there was nothing wrong and asking for something to eat.  He kept saying he was really hungry!”

Two weeks later, I received another call from Gloria saying, “Joanie, you are not going to believe it! Three days after you prayed for Joe he kept getting better and better. They had no choice but to move him down to the second floor!  Then on the third week they sent him home because there was no sign of cancer in his pancreas.”


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Audio Version Of Episode 062

062- Doug Perry Part 1-Equipping People For End Time Survival

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Do You Own Shares?… BEWARE

By Chris C. (August 2016)
How do you protect yourself in a stock market crash?

Currently, if you own shares in the US stock market, it would be through a third party or broker. These shares are aptly named “Streetname”. You appear to own the shares and receive dividends in your name, but the shares are truly owned by a third party – e.g. Melon Bank of New York. This third party is tied to an entity that will not survive such calamity. Your holdings, managed by them as custodian, will sink with the entity; they are in their custody, and as with anything that involves insolvency, unsecured creditors receive zero.


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