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The A Minute To Midnite ministry, website and Youtube channel is funded entirely by donations. We do not want to clutter our site with click bait and advertising.  It is through the help of donations from our readers and listeners, that we are able to continue to bring you The A Minute To Midnite Show and the articles that we write and post etc. We are very grateful for every donation that we receive. We see these as a real blessing. In truth, we would love to be able to expand what we are doing with this ministry. The reality is that it can only happen if we have enough money coming in to do that.

A Minute To Midnite  reaches an audience in many countries. This means that potentially there are many different countries, and currencies from which people may want to donate.

The easiest method for us to accept payments from different countries, and to transfer money between our team members when necessary, is currently via Donorbox and USD.

At this point in time  (as of late May 2023) Paypal will now no longer accept automated donations to A Minute to Midnite because we are not a government registered charity. Gifts via Payapl can be sent to,  and USD is the preferred currency, but these must be done manually and cannot be automated.

While we are not in this for money, the reality is that we do need money to live and pay bills etc, and due to the fact that we put large numbers of hours into this ministry, we are grateful for any support that our readers and listeners can give to us. Losing Paypal as an automated giving option has dramatically affected the incoming donations.

We now prefer that people use Donorbox with it’s secure Credit card payments method to donate to A Minute to Midnite. Repeat Payments can be automated easily through Donorbox if you wish to do this as well. Alternatively, for those who are in New Zealand or in the USA, we can send you account details to send  money directly into a bank account if you wish to give that way. If you wish to use Paypal still, you can send a payment through the “Send Money” option to

Thank you for your understanding.

God Bless

The A Minute To Midnite Team

If you wish to set up recurring donations then please use the following form that is powered by DonorBox. This form will enable you or to set up a recurring donation using a credit card. The following fields in blue powered by Donorbox provide for the use of a Credit/Debit card directly, bypassing Paypal entirely. It also allows for one-time only, or recurring donations to be made safely and securely.NOTE: USD is the default donation currency

If you wish to send a donation via mail, money order, Check ( cheque) or direct credit to a New Zealand or United States bank account, then please feel free to send us a message via the contact form below, and we will arrange to send you details to enable you to do that.

Or CONTACT US using the form below