How Did Northern California Become Like this?

                                        By Joanie Stahl January 2018

Disclaimer:  We  want to make it perfectly clear before this article is read that the mention of different races is in no way based on racism.  As Christians, we love all people of “every tribe, nation, people and tongue.” 


I wanted to sit down and share our harrowing trip to Northern California by request of Tony.  Last night I was messaging with him, telling him everything about what we went through and what we saw.  It might be rather long, but here goes.

About 5 days ago, Jon and I found a house we could afford to purchase.  It was in the area of Lake County California.  The town is called Clear Lake Oaks.  The price seemed good, and affordable, the pictures of it were very nice.  Our realtor who spoke with the other realtor handling the property out there told her that the neighborhood was nice and that we would be very happy there.

Well things happened very quickly. Within an hour the owner accepted our offer and agreed to pay our closing costs, inspection, and other costs that we would have had to come up with.  So essentially, we were going to move in without coming up with a dime.  That was of course attractive to us.  Our realtor told us the following day that Jon and I were going to have to find some way to get up there to do a walk through inspection before the 21 day window of rescinding the purchase was over.  

The location is 13 hours away.  We could not fly because it would have been a thousand dollars for a turn around trip plus rental car, food and lodging.  The following afternoon Jon told me to pack a bag and we were driving up.  I did not want to do it.  I called our realtor to let her know that Jon was insistent on driving up there.  She was not too happy about the suddenness about it because she said we did not give her, or the other realtor, or owner any forewarning.  Jon did not care.  He said, “It’s too bad, if we see no one, I do not care.  I want to SEE the area and house NOW.”

Off we went on a grueling miserable drive, arriving at 1 am.  It was pitch black when we got there so there was no way we saw anything, and knew we had to wait until sun up.  That is when the horror began.

As soon as it was light I looked out side and felt like throwing up.  We hurried and got dressed because in the course of time, our realtor had worked out an appointment for Jon and I to meet Michael the realtor of the property at 9 am.  We got in the car to go grab some breakfast and as we drove slowly, wanting to see the town, our faces turned sheet white.  

NOTE:  From this point on I want to establish with everyone that it may sound like I might be exaggerating when describing things. But let me assure you, that I do not think that even if I did exaggerate, even still, it could not even so much as truly spell it out how devastating everything was.  I am going to tell it out to the best of human vocabulary.

As we drove along slowly, literally every single house was filthy, trash strewn everywhere, and piled up in what looked like decades of garbage piled upon piles.  Front yards full of trash, broken down, rotting things, multiple disgusting broken down cars on cinder blocks,  parked everywhere with thick dirt all over everything.  Most every house had at least one window boarded up.  Which screams CRIME. Curtains in windows with filthy stains and tears.  Every house exterior had totally rotting wood, and literal dirt embedded in the stucco, termite infested, mold.  All the houses looked like they were sinking down into the ground and rotting.

Also on at least one out of every five houses had at least one broken, unfixed window that was just left that way.  Street after street, house after house in the entire town was worse than I can even begin to tell you.  I literally became obsessed thinking that there had to at least some part of the town that was better.  However, the reality was there was no where better, it was all the same horrible, rampant, deep poverty.

All businesses were shuttered except a few, and all buildings, commercial and residential looked like condemned structures, and were in absolute, disgusting disrepair.    

We went to breakfast finally and I asked the server, an older woman in her early 60’s how she liked living there.  She said she loved it and that the community was wonderful.  Jon and I also knew that the entire county ran only on electricity and no gas.  So I asked her how much electricity was.  She told us that it was a minimum of 100 bucks a month, but that was only for a couple of months out of the year.  Other than that, it was about 400 dollars per month.  On top of that she said that water was metered.  That was a minimum of 100 dollars a month.  

So HOW, we both asked each other, do these people that are living in total squalor afford that? We know the answer.  Welfare.  I would guarantee that the highest percentage are on government support.  Yet the server kept saying that it was a wonderful place to live.

Jon and I were speechless.  We just saw the entire town and every square inch of it was a scene of an apocalyptic hell hole.  And still there is no way to even express the filthy depravity .  The absolute despicable, degrading poverty conditions, and it was rampant and widespread.  I supposed they live like that because in large, they have become hopeless, and the vast majority of the people are always high on marijuana, and alcohol.  

We left the restaurant and as we were on our way to our appointment with Michael, we then saw the homeless population coming out of the woodwork.  People that were insane, walking aimlessly with hollow eyes.  Some were crazy running around, while others were so filthy, so dirty, deeply dirty, and looked as though they were the walking dead in rags, and the weather was very cold.

Finally, we met up with Michael and we all drove together in his car up to the house we purchased.  As we turned into the neighborhood, both Jon and I were scared for good reason.  It looked like a total meth hell neighborhood.  We went through very narrow winding roads to get up to the top.  Every house was so filthy I literally was in complete shock.  

The woman that owned the house met us at the door.  The property looked okay, but the neighbors house looked like some burned out, old hippie drug shack rotting into the ground.  We went inside and the whole house inside was filthy, and all the finish work was unfinished. It looked completely different from the photos.  It looked as if children built it.   I am not going to go into much more about it.  I want to say that the woman who was the owner looked to be about in her early 60’s.  She asked me if I like gardening.  I answered in the affirmative.

She told me that she “grows.” I said, “Oh, you mean marijuana?’  She said, “Yeah, Yeah, I grow about 6 plants a year.  But if you like, you can grow up to 30 plants.  The cops most likely won’t bother you, they are too busy busting the larger growers.”  I asked her more questions playing coy because I wanted to hear everything.  IF I had told her I was a Christian I would not have gotten any info out of her.

She went on to tell me that the neighbors have plants, and that EVERYONE in Lake County grows so it’s “no big deal.”  She asked me if I wanted any to take with me and that I could have as much as I liked.  I looked down and saw a huge clear plastic tote full of mason jars pof marijuana.  She told me she grows the best etc.

We then walked outside and I asked her about the neighbors if they were nice.  She said, “Oh yes, they are nice.  They are Chinese.  They do not speak one word of english.  Oh and they have plants too.”  

Basically we left and the realtor asked me about the pot thing.  I told him, “I do not smoke pot, I purposely played coy because I wanted her to tell me everything about this town.”  He said, “Yeah well, ever since the cartel took over here years ago, the cops are too busy with them, she’s right.”

We of course rescinded our offer.  Jon and I left to drive around the entire lake to see if there was anything, anywhere where this catastrophic poverty was not rampant.  And there was nowhere.  We were in total shock.  What has happened?  What happened to all the people, that his is not just in one neighborhood here and there, but an entire county!  We drove around the entire lake through every single town, and each one was just as bad as the other, it not worse.   I literally started sobbing in the car from being overwhelmed at the fact that this entire county was under a powerful satanic curse and stronghold.  I wept because I could not believe my eyes.  

Before we left the area, we thought we would drive up to another house we had put an offer on.  We had no intention of buying it now, but we just wanted to see it for the sake of just seeing it.

NOTE:  About four days before this trip after we had put offers on the other house and this one, I prayed to God.  I said, “Lord, we are so far away and it is impossible for us to be there to see it.  You will have to be my eyes.  Please show me what I need to know about these houses.”  Then I had a dream the same night.


In my dream I saw myself walk through the front door of the 2nd house we put an offer on.  As I stepped over the threshold about three steps, I saw that the house was all dark inside.  Yet, though it was dark, I could still see things.  So the instant I walked in, my hand still on the door knob, I saw a dark image, a figure of a demon who had the shape of a man, rush out from the back, thick dark recesses of the house, to confront me.

I could feel its emotion.  It had a shock and surprise that I was there at first, and then when it rushed up to confront me, I knew it was angry, and that it wanted me to know it was HIS house. He wanted me to get out.  I then woke up.


So back to the story.  We drove up to that same house I dreamed about, and knew that no one was living in it, and was told by the realtor that we could get out and walk the premises to check it out.  Of course we could not go in.  Jon parked the car in the driveway and as soon as we put both feet on the ground, a big dog appeared out of nowhere.  I remembered my dream as we got out of the car.   Both Jon and I stood together looking down at the dog.  It was wolf like in appearance.  We looked into it’s eyes, and I can absolutely tell you, that dog had an evil spirit, and we both knew it (the demon), was staring us down through the eyes of that dog.

As we began to walk around the property, I went one way, and Jon the other.  As I walked a bit, it came right up behind me, shoving me from behind, trying to force me to get out of the there.  

I kept walking to show I was not afraid.  Then I stopped and  looked down at it, and it looked back at me, and that thing, the demon was looking back at me through that dog. I turned to walk back to the car because I had had enough, and it came back again to shove me again.  I got into the car.  Jon got into the car and I told him what had just happened to me, and he said, that after I got into the car, the dog ran over to him and did the exact same thing to him.  As soon as we both got into the car, it bolted. 

I can clearly tell you that that demon inside that dog was some sort of scout.  And I know it had to do directly with that territorial demon that confronted me in my dream.

As we drove out of town, about 40 minutes into it, all of a sudden I felt as though something had lifted and came off of me.  That we had passed through some kind of a vortex, a territory of enormous power, so thick with evil.  Like we went through some gate of hell.  As soon as I felt it, I instantly told Jon.  He said, “What!  Just one second before you just told me that, I felt that same lightness, and freedom, as though we had just passed through some kind of portal.”

When we got to Santa Rosa, which took nearly 2 hours, we saw that every square inch of it was reserved only for the ultra, affluent rich.  All homes were exceedingly lavish, beautiful and oppulent.  But I also noticed that there was a catastrophic chasm of demography.  There was no places there for the middle class.  ONLY the very rich.  Even apartments were exceedingly expensive.  So in that whole area from where we came from to Santa Rosa, it went from grinding poverty, crime, meth, cartel, homeless infestation, to ultra rich billionaire/millionaire living.

Jon and I asked each other. “What has happened?”

We finally arrived in San Francisco,  Now, mind you I have traveled our state numerous times zig zagging through it all.  I know our state well, and being a native for over  55 years, born and raised, I have memories that stem back all the way to my childhood in the 60’s.  I have pristine memories of all these areas.  Memories of clean, crime free, beautiful towns etc.  So I know the difference first hand. 

San Francisco

When we drove into San Francisco, it was not long before we both started noticing in all the cars around us in traffic, were Chinese.  Everywhere we looked, pedestrians, at bus stops, in every area whether commerce or residential, all were Chinese people.  Now let me say, that San Francisco is famous for a section of it called, “China Town.”  I remember going there in my youth and all the Chinese people were poor, humble hard workers.  Owners of dry cleaners, restaurants, and many little mom and pop shops.  They always stayed in their own area, and kept to themselves.

But now what we were seeing was that the mass majority of the populace was now wealthy Chinese.  Driving the most luxurious cars, wearing the most expensive clothes.  As we were using our navigator to find a restaurant that we can grab a bite to eat, we came to an intersection and realized that we were at the University of San Francisco.  We were stopped at the red light/cross walk, where more than two dozen college students crossed….ALL were Chinese children, and mixed in with them, older Chinese men and women.

Finally, we found a well known restaurant that we were looking for, and when we went in, everyone that worked there was predominantly Chinese, and the rest Mexican.

I realized that in all of San Francisco, the Chinese were now the dominant race, with Mexicans coming in at second, and the while people I saw were rather few, and I could tell they were all wealthy liberals.  The irony of it at the end as we walked to the car, watched as nothing but Chinese men, women and children were everywhere, and Jon said to me, “How is it that they all get to live here, but we have no where to go?”

Just like my earlier dream from September 2017.

Prophetic Dream – U.S. Land Invasion by the Chinese; Citizens Forced Out Home and State

In closing, I want to say this in a strong word.  

What I witnessed, no words can adequately convey.  I want to establish that I am well aware first hand of territories ruled over by Satanic principalities, from homes, neighborhoods, counties, states, and nations.  I know when I am in a particular stronghold/fortress.

I can tell you with pin point accuracy that Northern California is under the most powerful of occult/Satanic strongholds I have experienced in this state ever.  The whole area is controlled and ruled by Satanic thrones and authorities.  This morning I woke up, and having a better night’s sleep, and sharper mind and having absorbed everything we went through, I said to myself with crystal clarity, that stronghold IS Satanism steeped on the most potent, powerful witchcraft.  

And what is more, let me tell you, this state is given over completely to these powers.  This state has been totally dedicated to Satan.  He has gained total control over it and the seats of his powers are in the government. 

I saw for myself, first hand that this state is going into total depravity and destruction.  It is over for this state.  What I saw was beyond shocking.  I know what it WAS.  And what it is NOW is the land of witchcraft.  Do not forget that the first Satanic Church was started there.  An organization founded by Karla LaVey on October 31, 1999, and dedicated to LaVeyan Satanism as codified by Anton LaVey in the Satanic Bible.

One last thing.  Most people at this time rail over California.  I understand why, and not just because of this trip we took.  But because I live here and have seen the decay and corruption over my life time.

Also, when we went through a part of L.A. to catch another freeway, there was nothing but homeless camps far and wide.  The same with Santa Ana, the river bed corridor lined up on both sides as far as the eyes can see with  thousands of homeless encampments.  And wandering soulless, destroyed people, displaced people.

I do not want to forget to include that there was five earthquakes in the area we were at,  One being 6.0.  We did not feel it, but they happened nearby.

But let me tell you all that my heart is broken. I have lived here all my life and have always loved my beautiful state.  It has been my home all my life, so seeing what I have loved and adored become a rotten cesspool of filthiness so greatly widespread, devastated, and really traumatized me.  Liberalism, is in my opinion a political form of Satanism.  His way of ultimate control through human ruling agency par excellence.  

Thank you for taking the time to read through this very long email.  I just wanted you all to hear it first hand.  

Edit Update: (Additional note from Tony K)

Since posting this article we have been reminded by a reader that Bohemian Grove is very close to Santa Rosa. In fact, it is only 23 miles from Santa Rosa. This also adds to the spiritual darkness that Joanie saw that engulfs the area!

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Watch a short HD video here narrated by Joanie Stahl  describing what is happening in Northern California

How Did Northern California Become Like This? – Unbelievable!