Global Government And The Man Of Lawlessness


                   By Tony K (with Michael Stenger article inserted) July 2016

It seems that everywhere you look it is becoming harder to escape the fact that we are heading into difficult times on a global scale.. The New World Order, One World Government, One World religion agenda is advancing in leaps and bounds. Some people believe that the BREXIT vote signals that the Elite are losing control and are in a panic. But I seriously doubt that the outcome of that vote was a surprise to the highest echelons of the Elite Illuminists. In fact it may actually turn out to be a master stroke on their behalf, to further the march towards global government. For example, if the puppet masters in the global banking cartel decide that it is now time to pull the pin on the current financial system by causing a global financial crash, they could blame the common people who voted for Britain to leave the European Union for this crash. If the economic collapse is severe enough to cause global mayhem, then this may be the chance for them to do a clean sweep of the current financial system, and to begin enacting and enforcing measures designed to lead towards a totalitarian system of World Government. This may bring with it a new monetary system. We shall have to wait and see how quickly this happens, or if they use some other mechanism to achieve their end goal; that is a despotic governmental figurehead that appears to control all the world’s political spheres .

We can expect to see a further move to marginalize Christianity and persecute true followers of Christ in the days ahead; while the followers of Lucifer in their various guises march us towards their despotic goals. All around the world this is happening already, and is gaining momentum. Those that have been thinking that Russia may be a bastion of hope for Christianity had better think again now too. A law there was passed last week effectively making it illegal for Christians to evangelize in Russia! Shades of the old Soviet Union there it would seem. But is that any real surprise, as we see the global march towards a Communistic, Socialistic Super State, with a small super capitalist elite at the head of it? The day where official “State-Run” churches are the only ones allowed in Russia seems not at all far off. Could America and the West go the same route as well?

The law, which will come into force on July 20, will prohibit evangelism anywhere outside a church or religious site – including private homes and online – and those in breach of it will be fined. Only named members of religious organisations will be able to share their faith, and even informal witnessing between individuals is forbidden.

Many Christians have a sense that we are living in the last hours of the last days. I see a growing number of people trying to pinpoint who the antichrist might be. I have observed all manner of different people and systems being put forward as the potential antichrist or first beast spoken of in The Bible. I wrote an article a little while ago detailing some of my thoughts on the antichrist. I don’t want to repeat those thoughts here, so it may be timely to go back and read that article. The link to it is here:

In the final part of that article I laid out my thoughts on how when the antichrist is finally revealed, many of the Illuminists who have helped him gain power may well be sacrificed. Lucifer has no loyalty. Recently Michael Stenger emailed me an article in which he outlines a similar idea, but he expands on that concept further. I find it interesting to note that Michael resides in Basel Switzerland, which is at the very heart of the Bank Of International Settlements territory. The Elites at the B.I.S are at the core of the New World Order monetary control systems. I want to share that article from Michael Stenger here:

Brave New Satanic World Order?

The greatest obstacle to discovering the shape of the earth, the continents,and the oceans was not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge.” Daniel J. Boorstin (American historian)

I think God lets the New World Order happen – as part of the judgment of the End Times that are enrolling for everybody who is willing to see. I have thought a lot about how the Antichrist will achieve his enormous popularity. And here is my surprising answer: He will fully expose the NWO as nobody has done it ever before! That will make him the absolute hero of the day. Because the really almost funny thing about all this occult Illuminati and all their buddies serving Satan in their Lodges, the “Bohemian Grove”, with the “Scull & Bones” rituals an so on is this: They are thinking they will get the absolute power as a reward for their cruel crimes. No, they will be sacrificed first! Because this Antichrist will accept no other powers beside himself.

Too far fetched as an idea? Think about it another way by for example reflecting on what happened in Germany: Ernst Röhm was the second man in Hitler’s Third Reich. He was chief of the “SA” counting millions of members. This “SA” (“Sturm Abteilung”) literally fought the Nazis into power on the streets of Germany. And you know what happened? After Hitler had achieved his absolute power he killed bis “best friend” Röhm and all the other “SA” big buddies based on the lie that Röhm wanted to install a overthrow of Hitler. But Röhm was caught in bed by surprise, sleeping with his homosexual mate…

Or think of other modern monsters like Lenin or Stalin. They also killed everybody of influence around in order to achieve absolute power! Just imagine brutal mass killers like Hitler and Stalin, after having fought against each other in endless massacres, waking up in the same hell – just to find out that they have been “engaged by the same company”… But that’s exactly how the Devil always operates and that is why the power elite is “as good as dead already”, although they have no clue yet. It will be just the old “divide and conquer”-game, last edition.

And if you don’t want to accept this “NWO-Devil-Connection”, just file through the writings of sinister “wise men”, better to be named “fools”, like Manly P. Hall or Albert Pike and many other “heroes” of the Illuminati: There they have openly admitted that their true god is “Lucifer”. And of course, like Jesus once said, you can tell the character of a tree by its fruits. Therefore it should be all to plain to see by what they are doing to the world right now: Those following “Lucifer” are “evil pure”. But what those “little-big followers of the real beast” don’t know: They have been good at building hundreds of FEMA-Camps, but they are building them for themselves in the first place! The Antichrist will lock them in there, as soon as the whole scum has been revealed by him. Because he will, by human means, be the “most brilliant mind” to have ever occurred on the face of the earth. And therefore the power elite’s heads will be chopped off first in those FEMA-Camps. But sadly enough: by thinking that “the problem is solved” people will not get the idea, that something far worse is going to start.

Think again: The growing general awareness regarding the New World Order is like a “Djinn that can never again be put back into the bottle”. The knowledge of the NWO is too widespread all over the world already. If the “Devil’s Messiah” will not address and deal with those forces – could you for example expect that any Muslim would accept him? In the Muslim world the knowledge about the New World Order is far more present than in our western countries after decades of brainwashing through our mainstream media!

That is why I strongly believe, that the coming exposure of the New World Order-Occultists- Luciferians-Satanists or whatever will be just another “problem – reaction – solution” scheme the Devil always uses. After having created his sinister NWO movement he will offer the solution by getting rid of them.

And the world will a totally different one, the biggest problem seemingly “solved”and “done with” at last! Only thereafter he will eventually claim to be Messiah, the Mahdi, Maytrea and what else – you name it – and for the average Christian “sheeple” he will pretend to be Christ having come back. Because for the most part they are currently buying the comfortable “pre-tribulation rapture” theology, although Christ has warned us that only the Father knows the hour of his return. That is why there is a big chance that even his true followers might be deceived.

You may not take Christianity for real, dear reader. But just think for a moment: all those prophecies of the Revelation about a worldwide Government right down to the “number of the beast” needed to buy or sell (microchip!) – how would you explain this accuracy, written 2000 years before anyone could think about such things? But on the other hand: I am not advocating Christian fatalism here! Because if people would really listen and turn back to God, then – and only then – there is a real chance for the judgment to be stopped. This has been the chain of argument of the Old Testament prophets over and over again. But sadly enough, people would not listen those days – and I am afraid they will not listen today.

Michael Stenger