Government Takeover And Chinese Communism – Prophetic Dream


                                  Written By Joanie Stahl (May 2016)

I had this dream on May 12,2016. When I awoke from it, I felt afraid and wondered about the elements of the dream. The sequence of events in my opinion play themselves out. In the dream I wrote out below that you will read, I would like to make a disclaimer.

In my dream there is involved Chinese people. But after prayer and thought that went along with it. I knew that it was not an isolation of them. In fact, God loves the Chinese people as He loves all people of every nation.  The initiative of Jesus Christ is to gather out of the earth everyone “who calls upon His name.” A future insight into heaven reveals this truth.

“After these things I looked, and behold, a great number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb….” Revelation 7:9.

And “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on His name has eternal life.” John 3:16

So this dream is clear in the regard that God is not indicting a people group. In fact at this point in history there are millions of Chinese Christians in China and all over the world. They are potent in faith and power in the Holy Spirit and have had to be. 

The indication of their being used in this dream does not single them out, but to point out to what has been happening to our nation for quite some time. You see China is the fastest growing national investor in America, targeting real estate en masse, the hospitality sectors, and technology services. Just recently one of America’s oldest stock exchanges has been sold to China as well as the biggest American companies are now owned by the Chinese.

Our nation is in dire sovereign debt. Just to mention a few purchases of note. So to help solve the debt crisis, President Obama has sold the Grand Canyon to China. And they agreed to buy this historic landmark in in 2012.  Obama asked for 100 billion for it, and wound up selling it for 20 billion. 

They even plan to rename the park, “Mao Canyon” a name that Obama has already approved. And also to build skyscrapers near the park for the visitor’s viewing pleasure. China is looking at other properties in the U.S. They have already purchased Yellow Stone National Park and Yosemite. They have their eye on the Statue of Liberty, and nearly half of Montana. Reports are that what China really wants more than all else is California.

In fact money flooding out of China into global real estate is astonishing and causing dramatic changes. China is buying and investing as well prolifically in other areas such as Australia and New Zealand.

So the point I am making here is not the people. But the Chinese government and ours. I could have written much, much more about how we have basically thrown in the national towel.  As it now stands, China owns at least 1.27 trillion dollars worth of U.S. treasury securities, or government bonds.

And now the dollar is headed for a very certain crash of tantamount proportions. And that sooner than later.

I believe that we are embarking very shortly upon a new government. There is a mention of a white cat with an enormous all seeing eye. Which tells me that that is the all seeing eye symbol of the Illuminati. The eye of the son of Satan. The Antichrist. 

 So read the dream and let it speak to you in the throne room of our God. 


In my dream I saw me and my husband out to eat like any other normal time. We were enjoying ourselves with other people. But we were done eating and it was time to go. So happily we left to go home to enjoy the rest of our evening.

So we got home and started relaxing. Then there was a knock at the door. My husband rose up to answer the door. It was a Chinese woman. She had a cold appearance. She handed him a letter then left. My husband read the letter to me. It said that we had to get out of our house. That we had only hours to do it. We immediately felt afraid and panic arose within us.

We didn’t know what it meant. We were scared. What does this mean! Where do we go! For how long! And we only had hours to make it happen. We both knew that this was serious. Though we did not know what exactly was happening, we knew deep down that something very bad was happening and we had no power over it or to resist it.

So immediately in a state of fear and panic, we both began trying to think of what to take with us. We had no idea where we were supposed to go, so this caused enormous stress over what to bring, not knowing for how long we would be away, and/or if we would ever be allowed back home.

We also both knew by looking at the letter that it was no ordinary letter. It was an official letter backed by the law and not doing what we were told would have serious consequences. And we understood that we were not the only ones that received this letter. But that everyone else in the neighborhood had received it too.

Time was marching on as we were running back and forth throughout our home trying to take things that were important. But the time that was given to us was so short there was not enough time to think. Just then as I was going through my drawers to decide what to pack, the front door opened and a group of Chinese women wearing white tops and dark pants, (obvious uniforms), just marched right in. They were hard, cold and unfeeling. I could feel their hatred for us. 

One of the women approached me and said, “Hurry up! Get your things and get out!” I answered, “Please give me a few more minutes, I have to figure out what to bring!” But she was angry and said, “Just take what you have and leave now!”  The same thing was happening to my husband downstairs.

So we had one little bag each and were forced out of our home. Then as soon as we walked out of our home, we were forced into an area much like a detention area set up in our neighborhood. And we entered into it. We had no choice. As we got in there, we saw all of our neighbors. It was filled up. Everyone was just like us. We were confused, scared, and there was much noise. Everyone was so upset. There was women screaming and crying, and men yelling.  I knew it was the not knowing what was happening that was terrifying everyone. 

As we stood there waiting. I heard a voice tell me to get my cell phone out. I turned it on. And in a bizarre strange way, my cell phone became a camera that allowed me to see exactly what was going on in our home. As if there was a camera in our home transmitting it to my cell phone.

I watched as these women went through my drawers of my most personal belongings and taking everything out and throwing it into piles. These women were stripping our house down. Everything dear to us was taken and thrown away. Pictures on the walls, furniture, everything that is part of our American culture and lives.

We watched in horror as we knew that our home was not the only one. This was happening to everyone else’s homes.  We were all being held in this detention facility until this process was accomplished in everybody’s homes. I could see the look on the women’s faces in my cell phone camera as they went through everything. They had a look of disdain and hatred for all that we cherish and love. They just took it and threw in in big huge garbage heaps. And the feeling was real. We had no power over anything. We could do nothing. We had no rights.

Finally, I am not sure how long we were there. Days I think. Then they allowed all of us to go back to our homes. When we walked into our home it was barren. Stripped. It did not even feel like our home anymore. But this is what I knew, what we both knew completely.

That not only us, but everyone no longer owned their homes any longer. They were now owned by China. We were only allowed to exist in them. We understood by what had just happened that they controlled even our freedom to hang pictures on the walls, and enjoy our common American past times. No. We understood completely that we were basically only given permission to live there under their strict terms. No one owned anything anymore. We knew that there was no need to ask questions. And that those women who were assigned to our homes as agents did not need to knock at our doors. Because they had been given legal right to come in and inspect us and our homes. 

So as we walked through our home, though we could live there, it was a deep feeling of being homeless. And that we would never have back what we enjoyed before. We walked out in the patio and sat down at the table they actually left behind surprisingly. And I looked over at our pretty large flower bed. There was nothing there. Stripped as well. Only dirt. But I noticed that there was rows of small green plants like a vegetable garden patch. But the color of the plants were a pale, ugly green. And I knew, as well as my husband, that after our home was stripped of everything happy, and valuable, they stripped the natural beauty of our outdoors.

And I understood when I looked at those plants. What had further happened was that there was a food scarcity, and that our food supply was controlled. And that the plants they planted were left to us to grow for our own food. But I saw that it was the worst nutritionless food. I looked over through the sliding glass door and saw a whitish dirty cat and it had an enormous third eye. It was watching us from inside the house. I stared at it. And said to my husband, “Look at that cat!” And I stared at it more and thought, “Look at that third eye!” And I knew it was placed there to watch us. And I knew, we both knew that we were now under a new government.

Then I awoke.


At this point and where we are heading. I believe that the Lord showed me these things to the intent that we would stand up and pray for ourselves, our families, homes and lives. God gives dreams and visions not for entertainment but for warning. Love warns. And there is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out all fear. And we are born of God, born in His love. And he means to protect us. He wants us to pray to Him. Answer is for prayer and prayer is for answers. And though things will go as planned according to prophecy and cause and effect, God never changes. He made promises to save us to the uttermost and to defend us. 

As I was getting ready to send this off, we received an email from one of our listeners. Sean Harper. We have received emails from him before. He faithfully shares his dreams and visions with us. We appreciate it because they somehow always line right up with the things the Lord is showing us.

Sean had this dream two nights after I had mine. It was a total line up with the dream I had. Different in some features, yet the same. So here it is. Read it below.

Sean Harper’s Dream on April 13, 2016

 Hello Joanie, I had another dream that was significant last night. I’d like for you to hear it.

As some background, yesterday I truly devoted everything I am and all my possessions to the Lord in order to bring glory to the Kingdom and His name. In doing so, I made a vow not to get married and to only seek the Lord’s love. This is where it gets interesting.

In the dream it started out very vivid and clear. I was with the first love of my life and we were laughing. The dream went through this sequence of me seeing who my wife was to be on Earth and what it meant for me to only seek to be the Lord’s bride. At the end of the sequence of being with the girl, I realized that a new love had been brought into her life. The whole time I felt a sense of closure to know that the Lord was taking care of her. Then the scene shifted entirely. I was brought to this holding area where I was surrounded by chain link fence. There were these Asian military guards that could speak English guarding about 20 or 30 of us sitting in a semi circle. There was one prominent guard who was In charge of making sure we kept quiet. I kept on wanting to turn around to look behind me so I could see through the chain link fence because there was something hidden as if it were a secret base with the sound of a waterfall coming from behind us. I couldn’t see a waterfall or base but I knew by the power of the Holy Spirit that it was there. What’s weird is that I could feel emotion in the dream like never before but I wasn’t scared, I was filled with the peace as if Jesus had answered a prayer. No one else even bothered to turn because they were struck with fear being in the camp. When I turned to look through the fence, the guard told me to turn around in a very commanding tone like he’d shoot me if I looked one more time towards the chain link fence. After that there were two men I focused on to my right who started talking like they were annoyed. This made the guard truly angry and he stood up and aimed his rifle at them. I then said, “I’m not scared of you because my faith is protecting me.” As soon as I said that, I was shot but I didn’t die and I saw everyone get killed around me. Directly after I was able to sit back up. To my surprise there was no wound on me. At that moment I knew that the Lord saved only me because of how strong my faith was. Immediately after, I was raised up to an aerial view of the camp. The soldiers were running as if they were trying to hide from this black mist that looked like something out of a Harry Potter film. The black mist was going so fast and rushing so violently that I didn’t know what it was. As I was looking I saw the black mist overtake the camp. All the soldiers were swept up and killed. Then a white light was shining and it completely eliminated the black mist. Then I awoke from the dream.

From my own interpretation the Lord was showing me that through my testimony of saying I believed in Jesus and I wasn’t afraid, I was saved when all others were killed. The black mist seemed to represent a literal darkness or blindness that’s over the masses that they can’t see coming or don’t realize until it’s too late. The waterfall sound and secret base behind me, that I couldn’t see but knew was there, was the Holy Spirit rushing fourth. The waterfall represented how safe we are when guided by hearing the sound of the Holy Spirit because we will be at peace. The hidden base represented being safe within Jesus, as our Rock or foundation. When the mist came, it was like the guards were so scared, you would’ve thought they had seen Satan himself. In many ways the black mist had many meanings referring to deception, physical presence and evil being swept over the land. However the end of the dream where the white light appeared and eliminated the mist proved that even through all the darkness that we see, we must look to the Light to be saved. It had the same ring to it as the word of the Lord from the previous day.  

If you have any other interpretations I’d love to hear it, but in a lot of ways I feel like I already know what the Lord was showing me because I have been practicing asking the Lord for help in understanding the dream. I want to say thank you for that Joanie because you helped me grow with Jesus by teaching me how to ask for help when understanding symbolism in dreams from the Lord.

This dream seemed significant to share with others and the Lord wanted me to share it as a way to further back the word He gave me. You told me not to hold back the dreams so this is me being straight forward with it. 

Thanks again for all the help!

It is amazing how the Lord moves in the earth among us. One thing of note. I have experienced that when the Lord gives a dream, vision or word, He is giving the same thing to others all over the world. He does this for cohesive measures and to keep us all in unison. He is able to command all of us better hearing the same things. 

Sean thanked me, but we thank Sean for being obedient to the Lord in tenderheartedness that causes him to be receptive to the things of the Lord that He wants to reveal. And in closing, let me encourage all of you to keep your hearts open to the Lord in loving worship and much prayer. For “He (the Holy Spirit) will show you things to come. Keep your skies clear!

“Now unto Him who is able  to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.

To God our Savior, Who alone is wise. Be glory and majesty, dominion and power both now and forever. Amen!” Jude 24-25.

Peace be to you, and to all who love Jesus Christ in Sincerity.