Bowl of Evil Being Poured Out Over the Earth

                               By Joanie Stahl ( March 2023)

Before I share my dream it is important for me to preface it with a little information. I have a practice of getting up at about 1:30 am every morning for devotions. I go straight to the dining room and open the curtain to the sliding glass door. It is dark at that time but I always like to open it. I make a coffee and then go to my spot where I pray and then read the word. I had this dream on March 1, 2023 right before I woke up at 1:32 am. 

So here is the dream:

In my dream I saw myself waking up as I normally do to get up to go do my devotions. I got out of bed and walked out into the kitchen area and opened the curtain, and went to sit on the couch. I did not have a coffee, but that does not matter really. Only that I went to sit down to pray. When I turned to sit down I saw the curtain was closed. Immediately, I knew it was the enemy because I felt his evil presence simultaneously.

I walked back over and jerked the curtain open, and went to sit down. When I turned back around it was closed again. I was angry because I knew it was the enemy. I went and took the curtain and tied a big tight knot in it, thinking that if that evil spirit tried to close it again, it would not work. I walked away and turned back around quickly to see that it was again pulled shut, even with the knot in it. I went back and took the curtain and twisted it around the curtain rod and tied another knot around it to secure it. The power of the enemy in the room continued to greatly increase.

Just then as I barely took a step away I turned around again and saw the knot being untied right before my eyes. I did not see that evil spirit but the way it was being unknotted it clearly looked like invisible hands were working at a fever pitch to get it unknotted as fast as it could. I became angry and walked over to it. I pointed at it and rebuked it harshly in the name of Jesus Christ. As I stood there I looked out of the window and up into the sky. I could not believe my eyes. 

It was night, very dark outside. Recently we have been having storms, so I saw the whole sky filled up with thick black storm clouds. I could not believe what I was seeing. I said withing myself, “That is Satan.” I saw Satan in the midst of the thick dark clouds as if they were shrouded about him. He was so immense that there was no way to really measure how massive he was. 

He was so huge that he filled up the whole sky. Lightning was flashing out of him lighting up within the shroud of thick clouds around him. The light of the lightening was the only way I was able to see him. He was so huge. I can see every detail of him. His personage was so evil that no language can describe. 

I could clearly see him from the waist up. He held a black kind of pot in front of him that looked like a cauldron, or bowl of some kind. He tipped it over forward, not upside down but over as if he was pouring something out of it. As soon as he tipped it over, out came a flood of what looked like billions of lights that shooting out in every direction like a great flood. From what I could see, each of those lights were what looked like individual evil spirits, they went out with great unimaginable speed in every direction. North, South, East and West. 

I knew they were a flood of his beings, like an invasion force being loosed, going out all over the land and the whole world. Like a release of some kind of evil spirits meant only for this time. And I could feel those spirits had been saved up by him for this time which is why they went out with great force and speed. That is what I strongly knew as I watched them pouring out. They just kept pouring and pouring out. 

End of Dream

I woke up and the presence of the enemy filled my bedroom. It was very powerful and awful. I even felt afraid. Many times the enemy has attacked me in my life, but I was not afraid. There have been times I was afraid but very few times. However, this time I felt afraid. I gathered myself together and told myself, “I am not going to fear the enemy in my own house.” I got out of bed and went out into my living room and his presence was very heavy there. I opened my curtain and stood in the middle of my living room and dealt against the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ.  The evil presence did not leave right away, even after more rebuking and commanding him to get out. Finally after about an hour it slowly went away.

I realized that in my dream that evil spirit did not want me to see outside. It was working hard to keep me from seeing what God wanted me to see. But I know what I saw and whom I saw. I cannot even begin to tell you what Satan really looked like, but he was nothing like anyone might imagine. I understood that what God allowed me to see was to educate me as to what the enemy was doing. What I saw is the devil has had a special force of evil spirits he has been waiting a long time to release upon this earth. I could feel it powerfully in my dream that this was as if Satan was unleashing hell upon the earth by this horde. 

Incidentally, after I prayed I opened my Bible to the last place I left off the morning before. Deuteronomy chapter 20, the war chapter. Which gives instructions and protocols to war. First the priest comes out and blesses and encourages everyone. Then the officers come in and give all those whose hearts are not invested in the war, permission to go home. No guilt. Only those that will fight with their whole hearts. Then he gathers them up to prepare them for battle.

The final chapter of my devotions happened to be Revelation chapter 12, “And there was war in heaven….” Revelation 12:7. I believe Jesus Christ our Commander is moving in His own body and preparing us to be part of His great hand of power displayed. I fully believe we are about to see the most evil things this world has ever known. Jesus told us in Matthew 24:21, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” I also believe God showed this dream to me to give me gravity in this final epic fight that can only be victorious through Jesus Christ. 

We will fight in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan will fight with us, and the Lamb will fight with him “and overcome him.”