Narcissism and the Demonic, is there a Connection?


Matt S December 10th 2016 Part 15.

I may be going out on a limb with this article but I believe the limb is a short one. I have suspected for a while that narcissism may have demonic roots. I would say that in my opinion, the narcissistic personality is a representation or clone of the luciferian personality.

(See my articles The Lucifer Complex and The Antidote to look at this comparison)

What tends to be hidden and not entirely clear is what sits behind narcissism. Some of those who work in the fields of psychological medicine would have you believe that it is ones upbringing that is solely responsible for how we are mentally and psychologically formed. That we go on to act out various behaviors in some way as we become adults. Others would say that these behaviors are genetic, inherited, a flaw in our physical makeup that results in mental aberrations. Sadly I don’t hear many people talking about the spiritual aspect of narcissism. There are many ideas/theories of what may contribute to the creation and formation of this destructive human condition; however my opinion is that it may be a result of all of these factors.

The picture above shows a veiled impression of something evil, something tormented sitting behind a veneer, a facade. This is what I see when I look more closely at what may lie behind narcissism. Whilst I am not lifting every rock to see if a demon resides beneath, I am also mindful that we cannot just dismiss the attributes of narcissism as merely behavioral or genetic aberrations.

I have read several accounts of people who describe incidents of occult or demonic occurrences around those with clearly defined narcissistic personality disorder; however it is not well or widely documented. People have a tendency in my experience to underreport any occult/demonic type events, due to not wanting to be labeled unstable or a little crazy. I can report from my own experience that there were occult occurrences in my own home as a child.

I remember having sleep paralysis (although I did not recognize this until recently) I would wake during the night with paralyzing fear, unable to move in my bed. I was not of school age at this time so I would have been 4 years old or less. What I do remember was the intense presence of evil that came from the dark corner of the room, the feeling of dread and overwhelming terror. I don’t know how I understood this as I had not ever knowingly been exposed to any stories of evil. My father relayed stories to me later when I was older, (perhaps in my early teens). He described being in a discussion with friends on the topic of evil spirits, when there was a loud crash on the side of the house next to them. They could see outside as there were large clear windows (as is our style in NZ). There was nothing to be seen that could have caused that noise. He relayed to me of a time before I was born when he sensed something evil in the bedroom area where my older siblings were sleeping. He told me he experienced a feeling of dread and an ice cold temperature change in the room, it was summer. He said that he felt paralyzed until he received the thought to pray for a hedge of protection, a ring of fire around the house.

My father reported other things also, (but he was from my remembering of him, a dabbler in occult practices). I can’t say exactly what brought these demonic entities in but I do remember statues of Buddha in the house and my mother had some odd interests also, there were odd statues and objects around the house. I remember having to remonstrate at one time with both my mother and father over giving occult objects to my young daughter. My mother also bought me a ceramic image of the sun god in my adult years that promptly found its way to the rubbish bin. My daughter also recalls being left by my mother (her grandmother) to watch a horror movie at a very young age (under 4 years) and being terrified of what she witnessed in this movie.

I have to consider that some of my relatives were involved in new age philosophies and new age occult practices and were anti Christian by definition. Other narcissists I had involvement with in my wider family were deeply atheistic in belief and almost rabidly anti Christian, however interestingly enough would pretend to be godly people at times, harking back to their childhood connections with church and Sunday school when it suited. In other words holding to a form of godliness but denying its real power. This was usually dragged out when they wanted to present a good front to a member of the clergy, or a visiting priest.

Other extended family had direct contact with occult practices such as palm reading and tarot reading. I believe that this resulted in demonic manifestations in other close family members, night appearances of demonic faces that resulted in terror for the victim. I had this occur to me once as a teenager also. I was drawn to consider dabbling in the occult and was attempting things such as astral travel having no idea how much danger I was putting myself in. Fortunately God interceded at a time in my life when I would have considered more active engagement in these activities. I had a sibling who was and possibly still is deeply involved in occult activity. I by default had to look after some of his possessions (no pun intended) and had some profoundly disturbing demonic encounters. That is a story in and of itself that I may relate at some stage as a separate article.

So you can see from my own story there was an element of occult and demonic intrusions in my family, but there is something else of interest that I have been able to discern, and that is a clear generational pattern of narcissism in my family. I have been able to either witness this or “diagnose” this from accounts of other family members. I have personally witnessed 4 generations of narcissism and a 5th generation ancestor has been described in terms that I would equate with being narcissistic. This leads me to wonder if there may be biblical curses associated narcissism, I am not absolutely certain of this at the moment, but I am really wondering about this possibility. But here’s a thing! Narcissists enjoy others worshipping them, they seem to need to be gratified by this, and they will elevate themselves to lofty heights, often in an undeserved way with others. They worship and elevate themselves in their own eyes. They also need others to praise and venerate them in order to make them feel special and idolized. Hmmm…. Who was it that said “if you bow down and worship me I will give you the world” [paraphrased]

Could self worship and attracting false worship be considered idolatry?


Exodus 20:2-5

2 I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

After I read these verses (part of the commandments that God gave to Moses) I started to see them in a new light in relation to narcissism.

So what stands out here?

This is serious stuff! God is very clear that He is our God; He will not have anything get in the way of His relationship with us. We are to worship him, we have been created by God and we are to give him his due as our Creator. God is jealous for us to seek Him and Him alone. When we worship ourselves or expect it from others we take on aspects of lucifer’s iniquity when he said he would be like the Most High God, when he asked the Lord Jesus to worship. Isaiah 14:12-14

God was really clear in this portion of scripture that do not make graven images/idols. As an aside, it was really interesting recently when I was researching “Chimeras” and found biblical references to demonic idols in the images of half human half goats (satyrs) that were worshiped by the Canaanites (but that is another discussion for another time). Satan has a bunch of minions that are happy to take worship away from God, and satan is also happy if you worship yourself in the meantime (although when he takes control of the world for a very brief time in the near future, he may not be so happy if you don’t worship him or his image)

The last half of verse 5 is what got my attention, the bit about visiting the iniquity of the fathers until the third and fourth generation for those that hate God!! What!! Sounds like a generational curse to me. This is what I have seen within my own family and my extended family. There is Freemasonry in my family background and to put it simply, Freemasonry at its roots is the worship of lucifer. I would call that idolatry of the serious kind, although I don’t think God is making distinctions, as it is all sin.

I recently had contact and made acquaintance with a Christian lady Angel E (see acknowledgements below). Angel has come out of the occult and ministers in the area of deliverance and healing. I asked what her thoughts might be on narcissism and in her experience if there may be some connection with demonic entities. I had previously discussed with her some of my own experiences. She compiled a list of (in her words) “Possible spiritual issues including thoughts, feelings, imaginations, actions, or spirits effecting the body soul and spirituality of the person.” that could be associated with narcissism. Here is the list as follows (adapted to fit on the webpage);

Strongman spirits in RED and the lesser spirits in BLUE or additional notes in BLUE.

Narcissistic personality disorder: Possible spiritual issues including thoughts, feelings, imaginations, actions, or spirits effecting the body soul and spirituality of the person;

Generational ungodly order in the home, (Generational worship of the female or the female as the leader in the home, culture of beliefs), 

Generational passivity especially in the male.

Generational unloving spirits due to a lack of nurturing; lack of love of others and GOD and any spirits who gain access of not being nurturing correctly 

Generational Fear; fear of abandonment, And any fear you the person took on, fear of rejection fear of self, fear of dying

 Generational victimization & trauma through actual traumatic incidents, or real and or perceived rejection, 

Generational rejection of GOD self and others or by others, 

Generational Bitterness at GOD, Self or others, wrath, anger, hate, indignant, resentment wrath, violence, murder, self-murder, etc.

Generational broken heart and spirit 

Generational Occultism, control, intimidation, domination, Generational idolatry, self-idolatry, stubbornness/ pride, stiff necked, entitlement, arrogant, haughty, Luciferian-ism, 

Generational rebellion/ witchcraft; including any practice, ritual, service, ceremony, dedication, consecration, philosophy, or religious belief that counterfeits the truth of the Word of GOD the Bible, superstition, spirits of folk lore, worship of gods or goddesses, elemental spirits, nature spirits, guardian spirits, mythology, fertility worship, divination , deception, seduction, charming, manipulation, false father god, , false holy spirit, false Christ / false Jesus, Generational insanity, and fracturing of one’s personality in creation, vanity, obsessions, grandiosity, egotism, preoccupation with success; power, brilliance, beauty, or one’s self, exaggeration 

Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes the pride of life, fantasy lust 

Generational sexual gratification or perversion, masturbation, homosexuality, bisexuality, fetishism etc. generational whoredoms, vanity, a sense of un-reality, attention getting spirits, 

Generational unloving “self-spirits”-Self-love, self-admiration, Self-destruction, self-importance, self-indulgence, suicidal ideation, self-bitterness, selfishness, self-centredness,  

Generational Envy and Jealous; coveting, craving, comparison, cruelty, greedy, no empathy or dispassionate does not care for others only self etc.

I am going to ask you the reader to do something for me (completely voluntary of course) let me know what you think of this list. If you have personal experience of narcissism, are there any of these areas that you recognize in those people. My gmail contact is listed below. By the way, thank you to all those who have sent me emails, I really appreciate your comments, questions and stories.

Have a good week folks, I pray that you will be a blessing and blessed in whatever you are doing, and God bless you all.

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