The Power Will Be the First Thing To Go

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                                           Written By Joanie Stahl

I had this dream back in 2010.

In my dream I saw myself in my home. It was a normal day. I don’t know why but I knew something had just happened. Something big. I said a friend that was visiting me that I knew that something had just happened. And it caused an alarm within me.

So I went over to my phone to, it was a land line. I thought I would call my a  good friend of mine who lived near me to ask her if she knew anything. But the phone was dead. I felt a sense of emergency. So I hung up the phone and asked my friend to drive me over to her house that was a couple of blocks away. When we got there, I told my friend to wait for me while I went in to see her and ask her if she knew anything.

When I went into her house, she was in a fury, packing things into bags. I asked her what had happened and if she knew anything. She said to me, “We are packing to get out of here as fast as we can. You need to do the same. You are welcome to take anything we leave behind. As soon as my husband gets home we are taking off.” I stood there and watched her packing things in an emergency situation.

She disappeared into other rooms of her house and left me standing there.

I thought to myself, that I did not want anything from her home. I just wanted to know what was happening. So I left her home to go back to the car where my friend was waiting for me.

When I got near the car, I stopped in the middle of the street. I stopped dead in my tracks.

I looked up at the sky. I can’t explain it better that this. Remember, it is not always easy to describe spiritual things in the natural. But this is what I saw.

I saw what looked like a thick spiritual blanket over us. But as I looked at it, though it was invisible, yet it was not invisible. I was made to see something real, but spiritual, something I could only be made to see in my spirit, by the Holy Spirit. I understood as I looked at it that it was not only over the area that we were in, but I knew that it stretched out over the entire United States. Then I heard a voice from above/ This is what the voice said to me.

“The power will be the first thing to go.”

Then I walked down the street while looking out and stopped again. I heard the voice speak to me once more. And this is what the voice said to me.

“There are a brutal people in the land and more are coming. And when they do come, they will brutalize the people. They will horribly brutalize the people.”

Then I woke up.

When I had this dream. It was sixteen years ago. I had no idea what these things meant. Even as time marched on, I never forgot the things I saw and heard. I did not understand what this ‘spiritual blanket’ was. I did not understand who these ‘brutal people’ were that were ‘already here.” I did not understand what it meant that ‘more were coming.’ Nor did I understand what it meant that ‘when they do come they will brutalize the people horribly.’

But from this time in human history I can see it far more clearly than ever before. The spiritual blanket that covered the entire United States is the powers of darkness that are over this nation. That spiritual blanket brought a deep feeling of indescribable doom. A doom that was coming. Like it was the first stage.

The second thing was that I was told that “the power would be the first thing to go.” Now we are facing some factors. One of them is an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse). Which can come in two ways. Either from a super solar flare or weapon launched over our nation created for the purpose of wiping out our entire energy grid. Either one would knock out our power from coast to coast.

This would render us wide open to extreme national security danger.

The mention of “a brutal people being in the land” I did not understand. But now I understand. The Islamic invasion. The rise of radical Islam by an immigrant invasion upon our soil funded and carried out by our own government. 

And this rise of radical Islam is bent on indescribable horror as we are watching not only our own nation being invaded and taken over, but all over the world. And we can all agree that we have never seen a people more brutal than these at this time.

All these years I have wondered what the Lord was showing me and saying to me. And yet we are seeing these things come upon us in increasing means and measures.

These signs are unfolding expeditiously. It is like the Lord is now removing the scaffolding of human ingenuity and invention. And the very things that mankind has prided themselves on is the advancement of technologies and sciences. The departure from God through the ages has little by little created a god-man complex. The rise of this complex has created a destructive liberalism that has thrown open the doors to an enemy that is looking for the demise of our God-given rights and freedoms. And for the first time, as American citizens, we are powerless. And at this time, we do not have a government that will defend us. The government is in a sense, a power that was the first thing to go. So to speak.

This generation of wealth, knowledge, science and technology and all kinds of human advancement, is only a repeat of the days of Nimrod’s Tower of Babel and his antichrist system of government, and god-man complex.Our own sophisticated methods and technologies are about to be shown that it is nothing more than a house of cards left out in the open awaiting a coming violent storm. And “the pride of man will be brought to the ground.”

I am not afraid for this time. Neither should you be. God has made it abundantly clear that He has ‘appointed times and seasons.” And He will keep these appointments as He said.

I get the strong feeling lately from the Lord as I see everything going into insanity and decay. of the natural world with fish, and bird die-offs, Earth quakes building up with increasing magnitude, The catastrophic death of miles of coral beds that will never come back. Impending climatic weather anomolies and changes we have never seen before. The murders of children in their mother’s wombs in the tens of millions every year, and Christian genocides. The plant and animal kingdoms as well are taking on death spirals from diseases that no science lab can cure And the signs in the heavens, “the sun, moon and stars,” acting bizarre ways..

Never before have so many thousands of people from infants to the aged, are receiving visions of all these things. People of this generation think that God has never before been more silent in these times that they think we need to hear Him the most. I can attest to this that God is now speaking like never before to His creation. Many people who are not Christians are receiving these dreams too. 

He is doing this to knock pride away from those of us who think we are a cut above so to speak. Though we are Born Again and have received salvation through repentance of our sins.He is God. He is making Himself known in the Family of the Living God, as well as defying the Devil in His own camp. Though these ‘brutal people” are “horribly brutalizing the people of the world, God is giving tens of thousands of them dreams and visions of Himself as the True and Living God.

And they are racing to Him in historical record numbers. On an interesting note. We have never seen more Christian martyred these days, than all the Christians that have been martyred in the ages past combined. But God is now countermanding that with a flood of Born Again people from areas of the world that no missionary has ever or can ever step foot in.

So this is clear cut evidence of the greatest powerful move of God on His own behalf. He is doing the work that only He can do. And we are humbled by it. The unadvantage is that we are looking at the hell unleashing on this world, while we are missing out on the greatest harvest Jesus Christ is doing in the worst strongholds of Satan. Revealing to us in this way that His hand of mercy is stretching out all the way from Heaven by His command “to save to the uttermost.” He is acting now on His own in this beautiful, awesome way.

I can go on. But I won’t. You get the picture. But we are told about all of these things in the Bible. So we should not be shocked or afraid. But these dreams and visions are meant for us to know the “day and hour” we are living in. That is why it is said in Acts 2:17,” And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” Joel mentions this first in the Old Testament in chapter 2:28.

And do not forget that whenever God mentions something twice, it is His divine number of witness. And He means to bring it to pass. I think it is all pretty clear. that we are in the “last days” mentioned in these verses. That God is pouring out His Spirit at an all time high upon ‘all flesh.” That all over the world, ‘sons and daughters” of all nations are dreaming and seeing visions from God all resulting in the same things. And even the fact that God mentions ‘old men” also means to include the aged women as well. The very old men and women who think they are past the use of God, will see as vividly as the sons and daughters as well with striking clarity and power.

So that the youth will not rise up over and above those old saints of the Most High God in pride. God is speaking. He is moving in the earth and we absolutely know it. These are deliberate signs of His near coming. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of seeing and hearing all the things that all the peoples of every “tribe, nation, language and tongue” are seeing and hearing right now?

God said something to me this morning as I was preparing myself to write down this vision. 

He said to me, “Because of all the events of the end of the age being at an all time high, many are seeking and looking for answers.” But they are looking in the wrong places because they do not know Me. This is an advantage that the enemy is taking over them. I have all of you who are alive today, who are Mine, right where you are for this time. I did not bring you this far to fear what they fear. But I have brought you this far to reveal My Son through you, that He is the way out. That is why you are alive. You are alive for Me. For My purpose of bringing in the last and great final catch before I come back.”

And I knew in my heart and in my spirit that God has one initiative right now. And that is the last and greatest final harvest He has planned for the end. As Christian humanity, we have in our generations, “fished all night.” But now the Lord is telling us to now “cast our nets on the right side and we shall find.” Our nets are guaranteed by the Lord not to break. 

I have a great witness in my spirit that this is true. Remember what the Lord said, “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I if it already be kindled.” Luke 12:49.

And if He said that this earth was already kindled, and it has been over two thousand years ago that He said that, then consider what two thousand years of kindling means today?

He is doing what I think is the greatest work of all time. And this means He is doing the last and final harvest that will eclipse the years of ongoing salvation in the earth since the set up of the Church Age. And it will be an enormous catch. He has shown me. This is why we are alive at this time. As Ushers of Heaven. We have an enormous privilege right now of all the people in Christ since the beginning because we are now rapidly approaching the end of the Church Age.

And God is love. And He loves what, and who He has created. Be careful not to get so caught up in dreams and visions, running to and fro to hear the latest thing. But seek to your God who is above. Seek Him with all your hearts opened wide. Throw the doors open in heaven by your good and hearty prayers. The doors of heaven are well oiled and swing both ways.

“Look unto Me and be ye saved. For why should you die O house of Israel!”