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MattS Jan 2018 Part 13 (heresy and false teachings)

As I have studied “Dominionism”, my eyes have been opened to many different ideas, lots of “connect the dots” so to speak. I am starting to form the opinion that “Dominionism” is not a new idea at all. I am beginning to realise that this false teaching is actually an “old lie”.

What is “Dominionism”?

There is quite a lot of information to convey here, so I will try to keep it to the point as much as I can. As always, refer to the research links for more detailed information.

Dominionism can be referred to as “Christian Dominionism” or “Reconstructionism” although “Reconstructionism” would seem to be something related but a little different, so let’s just focus on Dominionism for now.

This is as good a simple definition that I can find for Dominionism. (source link)

The theory or doctrine that Christians have a divine mandate to assume positions of power and influence over all aspects of society and government”.

Dominionism is the idea that Christians have the God-given right to take power and control on the earth. So, where has this idea come from? Those that preach Dominionism say that God gave man dominion over the earth and everything in it back in the book of Genesis. If you read this passage, God did say this, and man was given this dominion. Can’t argue with that!! So when did he lose this dominion? At the fall? As far as I can tell from scripture man “never” lost dominion over the fish and the fowl and the cattle and every creeping thing. Genesis 3 says that things just got a whole lot harder as a result of the fall. Women would have greatly increased pain in Childbirth and be ruled over by men…. (God said it, not me). God said to Adam that the ground would be cursed and that it would need to be worked to provide food, and that there would be a bunch of thorns and thistles just to add to the difficulty of already having a wife, who might just be a bit resentful at being ruled over (my opinion of course, I really don’t know what Eve thought about this). What a mess! However good godly men and women know how to resolve these issues, don’t they!! Don’t they??

I believe we still have the dominion that God gave us over the earth! We never lost it!

So what are the “Dominionists” saying? They say that we should be taking control or reasserting our control of the Earth, which includes Government, Society, Religion, Family, and Business. My thoughts on this are that there that these things have been added to God’s original list. Hmmm…..this is quite a problem as it is not our place to tell God what to do!! The Dominionists will say that God meant that we should have “dominion” over the world which includes all the above areas. However, satan has also been given rule over the earth. So, who is really in charge? Well God is, but he has given man a particular dominion or “rule”, and satan also.

John 16:11, John 14:30 and John 12:31 all indicate that satan is the ruler of this world. 1 John 5:19 says that satan has power (control) over the whole world. If the world is controlled by satan, then it is clearly in opposition to God’s purpose. Satan also has a time limit as per John 12:31, and the book of Revelation, his rule of earth will come to an end.

What is the difference here? Some things can get really lost in translation, and satan will take any advantage to create misunderstanding if it suits him.

In Genesis, God gave man control over the plants and the birds and beasts etc……….. So how do Dominionists arrive at the idea that this means Government, Media, Politics, Religion, Education, Family and Business? It is my opinion, but I’m struggling to understand how Dominionists figure their plans of control as God’s plans. I can’t find any scripture that will support this without creating additional meaning or adding to scripture.

For we Christian folk, what did God intend for us through the revelation of the New Testament? Lots of references to caring for each other as Christians, looking after widows and orphans, looking after the poor, preaching the Gospel of salvation through Jesus, but not “taking on the WORLD by stealth or force” (so to speak). We are required to be subject to authority/government, as we are in the world but not of the world. This is about being good peaceable neighbours, about obeying the laws of the land and not being in rebellion. However I believe it is another matter when these laws run contrary to God’s laws, but that is for another time. Yep, and I know I keep going on about this, but we are called to be “Alert and Watchful” because of the false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing that will arise.

So, what is the “Agenda” of the “Dominionists”?

Dominionists believe that we are empowered by God to bring His Kingdom to Earth. They believe that they are responsible for ushering in God’s Kingdom……… let that sink in.

There are some major troubles with this type of thinking. What I almost never hear from those of the Dominionist persuasion, is what the Bible says about the end of this age. It’s like a whole bunch of prophetic scripture just gets dumped out the window. Like the rapture, or the birth pangs of Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13, or the whole book of Revelation (I’ll spare you the hyperlink on that one). What happens to Jesus coming back to rule and reign and set up His new Kingdom?

What happens to it being “like the days of Noah?” What happens to all the grief and misery that is coming upon the Earth? It’s almost like Dominionists think we can avoid all that!

Here’s my speculation on what I see of the “Dominionist Agenda”.

As I have researched the “Dominionist Agenda”, I have been able to build up a general overall picture of what Dominionists are wanting to achieve. I will say that many of those that adhere to Dominionist theology, do this out of wanting good things to happen. Who would not want the world to be fixed of its current troubles? It’s an absolute mess out there and set to get worse. I believe that “most” Dominionists want stuff to be right, but they are under horrible deception and waltzing to the beat of an age old luciferian drum.

My opinion is that Dominionists are mostly rescuers who want to set the world to right, but they have failed to consult God or His Word on this matter. They have opened themselves up to a sneaky psychotic fallen angel’s agenda through their lack of knowledge, or they are simply following “mans” agenda.

The Dominionists are wanting to build God’s Kingdom on Earth through the 7-M (7 Mountains Mandate), through Joel’s army (I will get to Joel’s army another time). Don’t take it from me!! Hear it from Mr “New Apostolic Reformation” C Peter Wagner himself. “The Benefits of Dominionism” (around 1.5 mins), “NAR Apostle C Peter Wagner teaching its key doctrine of Dominionism” (around 15 mins). Both videos are important to watch if you want to understand where Dominionists are coming from.

The CFR (The Council on Foreign Relations). There is an interesting connection here and I will just slot this in as a “connecting the dots” exercise. The CFR is a “Global Think-tank”, this quote is taken from the CFR Website

CFR is committed to serving as a resource for interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States”.

The CFR has a Global Agenda, and looks to particularly and covertly assert itself through US Foreign Policy. It boasts such members as David Rockefeller, George Soros, Bill Clinton, George Bush Snr and Heidi Cruz (former member) wife of US Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Ted’s dad (Raphael Cruz) is a pastor and heavily into NAR theology and Dominionism (see this video) and Ted discussing his wife Heidi and CFR (in this video). Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church is also a member of CFR. I wanted to include Rick in the “name it” list of NAR folk in my last article, but he sits somewhere in between NAR and the Emergent Church (will be the subject of another article). Rick certainly has “Big Ideas” and wants to “mobilize” a billion Christians and is ecumenical and interfaith to the hilt.

So, Raphael Cruz endorsing Dominionism – Ted Cruz high profile US politician – Heidi Cruz wife of high profile US politician, (Heidi also works for Goldman-Sachs), and the CFR is a “Global” Think-tank.

Rick Warren – Mega Church pastor – Ecumenical – Interfaith – Big Global Plans – NAR/Emergent Church Theology – Member of the CFR.

“Are we joining some dots here on those connected to Dominionism and Secular Global Think-tank Organisations?”

Back to the Dominionist Agenda!!

My thoughts are that “Dominionism” whilst sounding good and having mostly well intentioned people championing it, is supporting Nimrods plan to build the tower of Babel all over again. So how is that, you might ask?

The Bible does not go into great detail on Nimrod or the tower of Babel, but what it does say tells all. Nimrod was the referred to in Genesis 10 as the grandson of Ham, this would have made Noah his great grandfather. Genesis 10:8-14 packs in a huge amount of information on Nimrod and his lineage in a VERY short space. It, in essence says, that Nimrod “began to be a mighty one” (or gibborim in the Hebrew), it is speculated that he may have been influenced by fallen angels or actually became nephilim. Genesis 6:4 tells us there were nephilim (giants) on the earth in those days “AND ALSO AFTERWARD”. This needs to be taken in the context of the chapter of Genesis which was dealing with the “Great Flood”. So the nephilim or giants were on the earth after the flood, and there is little detail as to how this occurred but we know this was true because of the accounts of the Spies sent into the Promised Land and the account of King Og of Bashan.

Going back to Genesis 10 we also read that Nimrod was a “mighty hunter BEFORE” the Lord, this may also be translated that Nimrod was a “mighty hunter AGAINST” the Lord. I am inclined to believe that it was “against” the Lord because of how things progressed. So Nimrod then went on to establish a major empire with the first mention “BABEL” or BABYLON”, (yup, Nimrod built Babel or Babylon). Nimrod also went on to build other cities in the land of Shinar and elsewhere. Nimrod was an “Empire Builder”, here is where we speculate about what he hunted. Yes, it could have been animals, but it is more likely that he hunted after men, men’s souls, or gathered men unto himself. In the context of his “Empire Building” he needed human resources to do his bidding.

By the way Nimrods name means “to rebel” in Hebrew

If Nimrod built Babel/Babylon, we know that God was very concerned and displeased with this. In Genesis 11:1-9 we see that the men of Babel/Babylon were going to build a tower to reach into heaven and make a name for themselves. Whatever was happening here was of great concern to God, so much so that he stopped the whole thing by confusing all their language and dispersing all the people. By the way, Babel/Babylon means “confuse” in Hebrew. Nimrod and his empire was in rebellion against God.

We also know that some of the decendents of Ham (son of Noah) of which Nimrod was an early part of that lineage, turned out to be some bad dudes. Genesis 10:6-20 as it specifically mentions the Philistines and the Canaanites who were later extremely troublesome for Israel in many different ways.

The reason I have brought Nimrod in on a discussion on Dominionism is that he was NOT working for God. He was building a human empire, he built Babel or Babylon and he was a mighty man or gibborim also mentioned in Genesis 6:4. He was also part of the lineage of the nephilim/rephaim post flood, if not one himself. He was working against God, and his name means rebel. He was promoting a system to rule the world, and God spotted it and foiled it. Nimrod, in my opinion was a pawn of satan, satan was again working on implementing a world system of domination through Nimrod. We know that Babylon was the product of Nimrod and that it once again, became the center of Bible narrative with the book of Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon at that time, was a wealthy and mighty center of every kind of thing that was of man and of the occult. It was the epitome of a worldly system. There was nothing of God in it until the Hebrews were taken captive and sent there as punishment by God for their sin and rebellion.

At the time Daniel was in Babylon he got his revelation of prophecy through the ages from his time, up until the end times. Many aspects of the book of Daniel dovetail in with the book of Revelation. The connection here is that Nimrod spawned Babylon which was to become then center of a great worldly empire known for its occult systems and pagan religious beliefs. Even though Babylon fell into rack and ruin, its occult ideas and beliefs spread throughout the pagan world and still do to this day. Babylon becomes again a name mentioned in the book of Revelation in connection with an end of the age satanic world system.

Satan has always had a plan for world domination and has attempted at every point to effect this through the likes of Nimrod. He wants to build an empire that he can control and will do it in any way he can. His time is very short now but he has had the benefit of thousands of years of planning to work.

God has never called on Christians to take the world by force, that is His Son’s job. Jesus will do this to defeat satan and the Antichrist system and its followers. Have the Dominionists not read this part of the scripture? Or are the driven by a different spirit that has them completely deceived? God has never asked us to become entangled in the affairs of the world, just the opposite. God has never asked us as Christians to form armies to fight evil, or called us to unite all under an ecumenical banner of many ways to Jesus or God, just the opposite really, and only can we be united through His Son Jesus. God has given us prophecy in his Word to show us the way of what is to come, and it is really the only eschatological prophecy that can be held up as truly accurate and unwavering. If God says it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen that way, whether we choose to ignore that or not. God has never called us to do things mans way, just the opposite really, we are to place our reliance on Him as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit alone.

I’m wondering if Dominionism should be called Dominationism (I just made that up, Steve Quayle would be proud). I believe that satan has by the most subtle means lured well meaning people (mostly anyway) into the trap of believing that we have to do God’s work for Him. Sadly, I believe this will ultimately only serve the luciferian agenda of a New World Order under the control of the Antichrist. Just like Nimrod the Dominionists have fallen for the lie that “we will do it ourselves” and “we shall be as gods”, satan is standing right behind and cheering this effort on.

I have said this many times and I will say it again and again!! Please read or continue to read your Bible, it is God’s Word to us and it contains everything we need to know about how to get through to be united with Him, just as He planned. It is more vital than ever in this day of deception that we stick with God’s Word.

There is so much more I could have put in this article and wanted to, but my aim was to introduce to you the basic background on “Dominionism”. That it might challenge you to look at this area a little more, and of course give you some food for thought.

My next article is going to look at the “7-M” or “7 Mountains Mandate” which gets more specifically into the nuts and bolts of Dominionism and how it is being played out by the Church.

Until then God bless you, be alert and watchful and please read your Bible as much as you can, it is God’s precious Word to us.

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