“Signs and Wonders Part 2”

“Signs and Wonders Part 2”

“False Signs and Wonders”

Matt S August 22nd 2017 Part 7(2) (False teachings/heresy series)

I was going to write about something else this week, and I asked God to show me what he wanted me to write about, it wasn’t coming as readily as it normally does. I thought I had my new topic and then I got an email from Kay asking about “gold dust and feathers”, and I realised that I had missed an important part of the “false signs and wonders” topic. So, thank you Kay for your question, it was very timely.

This won’t be a long article and I hope to show something of the types of “interesting” phenomena that seems to be occurring in “Signs and Wonderland”.

The important bit I missed was to provide accounts of these “so called” signs and wonders that are popping up around the globe. Kay asked the question about “gold dust and feathers”. Are they trickery or are they demonic manifestations? I replied to her that I thought that maybe they are both. We know both satan and man have the ability to deceive. Jeremiah 17:9 says “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”, 2 Corinthians 11:14 says that satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Exodus 7 and Exodus 8 show that Pharaohs magicians were able to reproduce some of the miracles that God was doing through Moses.

So it should be no surprise to us that either man or the demonic are attempting to show great signs and wonders in the supernatural. Humans are either influenced by demonic entities or they crave the power and profits that come with relieving naive folk of their hard earned cash!!

There is a Church group in Redding California that specialises in gold dust, feathers, jewels and glory clouds (great, short You Tube review of this matter). There is a great deal written about this on the internet and there are articles that are very well written that get into a good deal more detail than my own. Here is one article that I recommend and it is in the research section also, “Well Written Article”.

The first question that you and I should be asking is how do these things line up with scripture?

Well I can find nothing to say we should be seeing regular (or non regular) showers of gold dust, feathers, jewels or glory clouds. Please email me if you think I am wrong on this.

I have researched the analysis of samples of this “gold dust”; it appears to be gold glitter of a plastic nature that can be purchased from a stationary shop. So, it begs that question that if this “gold dust” is fake plastic man made material, why is God in the business of sending “fake gold dust” showering down upon people? Why would the creator of gold and the universe be doing this? Well the short answer in that in my opinion, He would not!!

This is a very short You Tube of the “Glory Cloud“; the commentary from the main speaker gives me great concern. That he would know this is a deception and still speaks as though it is a genuine thing is very very worrisome. Either that or the demons perpetrating this hoax are stealing their “gold dust glitter” from the local stationery store!!

I will say this, if the “gold dust” is fake, (and it would certainly seem to be), and it is being showered on people in Christian services, then there are men who are perpetrating a great deception in the name of God!! This is drawing people in who believe this is a miracle of God, and it is a man made lie. You need to ask yourself what type of Christian person would knowingly deceive others and why would they be deceiving them? By the way, the feathers are ordinary bird feathers, the jewels are fake also, and who knows what the glory cloud is (supposedly clouds of gold dust), but it’s certainly not God’s cloud that he used with the Israelites.

My opinion is that we are seeing the beginning of Matthew 24:24 where false prophets and false messiahs will show great signs and wonders. It is likely that there is far worse to come yet than “gold dust and feathers”. But there is already a captive audience growing by the day.

We have heard for many years (actually centuries) of so called miracles occurring. Weeping stone virgin Marys, Hindu idols crying milk and apparitions appearing etc. Many of these may just be due to hysteria, they may hoaxes, or they may well be demonic manifestations.

Speaking of signs and wonders, LA Marzulli has investigated the Fatima apparition of 1917; he has produced a documentary on this, which is due to be released soon. He believes there is much more to this particular event than we have been told. I am looking forward to what he has discovered about this alleged supernatural event. The documentary will be released on DVD in September 2017, and will be well worth the money spent if it’s anything like his other documentaries.

I have another two big issues with false signs and wonders. Firstly, these gatherings that generate false signs and wonders have become a “distraction” and a “side show”. I believe that they (the promoters of the gold feathers and fairy tales) attract people who are genuinely seeking something. However, because many of these seekers don’t quite know what it is they are looking for, because they don’t know to read their bibles, (many of these folk have been conditioned not to think critically), they fall for the false signs and wonders as a genuine manifestation of God. Meanwhile, these seekers (often young folk) give of their lives, their time and their bank accounts, believing that they are serving God. They end up believing that God is serving up a regular fix for them, keeping them hooked with the next emotional high, with the next divine manifestation to “tickle the itching ears”. Somehow the Gospel seems to get side stepped.

Secondly, I believe there is a more sinister agenda that sits behind “signs and wonders”. It is my opinion that there is a satanic/demonic conditioning occurring with a focus on signs and wonders. We know that (as mentioned in Matthew 24:24) there are/will be more false prophets/false messiahs. However we have in 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9 satan’s man the Antichrist, and he will be coming with power, signs and false wonders. It is my contention that this focus on “signs and wonders” is taking peoples focus away from God, away from Jesus and the message of the Gospel, away from a relationship with God and the message of His Word.

In conclusion, I have barely scratched the surface of this area of “false signs and wonders”. There is just so much more and I will deal with several other areas of this in later articles.

So how can we avoid falling for this nonsense of “gold dust, feathers, jewels and glory clouds? Yes it is nonsense, even if it will become very sinister nonsense at some point soon.

We must avoid falling for it by becoming acquainted with the truth, God’s word, by reading the Bible regularly. We must ask God for discernment, we must become used to questioning things and not just accepting them on face value. Why? Because we are now in an age of deception that will become far worse, and supernaturally charged with evil. Much worse than any other time in human history.

Walk well with God this week, be watchful and keep reading your Bible. May God bless you in all that you do, and thank you for reading my article.

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