A 16 Year Old Boy’s Vision Of The Great Tribulation


Prophetic Vision – Savagery, Chaos, Cannibalism, and More; Revelations of a Woeful American Future

And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs [200 miles]”.Revelation 14:20, KJV


From time to time, we receive many emails filled with dynamic dreams and visions containing incredible information from many of our listeners.  Semi-recently, one of our own staff writers, Jose Polanco, contacted me very early one morning with great urgency and alarm.

His nephew had received, in my opinion, one of the most powerful waking visions I have ever heard regarding what is coming upon our nation.  It is not like anything I have ever audibly heard.  It is raw and filled with emotion as he describes what he is seeing. I do not want to give too much away, but I hugely urge you to stop whatever you are doing and listen to this.  Be prepared, for this is a rare recording and given to a young man who did not even know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

The audio might be difficult at times to hear, so Brook Ardoin edited a readable version to go along with it.

First thing this morning, December 2, 2016, the Lord said, “It is now time to release David’s vision.”  We wasted no time in doing so, and now we are releasing it to you per command of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Perhaps David can say, “I am not a prophet, nor am I the son of a prophet; but I am a herdsman and a grower of the sycamore figs.  But the Lord took me from following the flock, and the Lord said to me, “Go prophesy to my people Israel” – Amos 7:13-14, KJV

Joanie S.


What you are about to read is one of the most extraordinary experiences that I, Jose Polanco, have ever encountered in my Christian life; not a dream, not a Sci-Fi movie, not even a story out of a book. This was a real, raw, live experience of my sixteen-year-old nephew having visions in real time, while he sat right before my eyes.

It all began as we were getting ready to move to Tennessee. It was back in May 2016. We had been making final preparations for our journey for weeks, and we were exhausted and overwhelmed as days seemed to be shorter and shorter, and moving day was getting closer and closer.

Only days before the move, around May 20, my wife and I were completely exhausted. We decided to go to bed early that night. It did not take us long before we both were sound asleep. Granted, I would have never imagined that God had something awaiting us that would change our view of things permanently. Suddenly, at 11p.m., I heard the distant sound of someone knocking very desperately on the front door.

To my surprise, it was my sister accompanied by my nephew. He was in a state of SHOCK and clearly crying as tears streamed down his face. She explained that he was having visions in real time and she did not know what to do with him. I took him to the bedroom, cast everyone out, and locked the door for privacy. At that moment, I still did not have a clue how deep his experience was. I only knew he was having visions before arriving at my home.

Within my family, visions are a very normal occurrence. However, I wanted to make certain he was all right because it was his first experience in this area. What I did not realize in that moment was that I was in for the ride of a lifetime. I quickly learned that he was still seeing events take place once we settled in that bedroom. His eyes were wide open and he was definitively in a state of ecstasies, as the Apostle Paul would have called it. The depths of his visions were deeply extraordinary, as he was looking upon things that I understand will happen during the Tribulation period as prophesied in the book of Revelation.

This is the story of that encounter (transcribed directly from the audio conversation between Jose and David):


Jose: Listen. Were you sleeping? Were you awake?

David: Yes [In a whisper].

Jose: Ok, so you were watching TV.

David: I was just staring at the clock.

Jose: You were just staring at the clock. Ok, and what happened?

David: As soon as it went to twelve. [12 a.m.]

Jose: Say that again.

David: [while crying] As soon as it went to twelve, I started seeing a lot of like, horrible things. People what they did to each other to survive. I saw a lot of fire, a lot of blood. A lot, not dried blood, but a lot of crimson blood.

Jose: Ok, and you were wide-awake?

David: Yes. It all hit me all of a sudden. People are crazy. Average people just… What you would think would be someone average would just come and they would be crazy. They would like, start committing cannibalism. They would like offer… they would make human offerings too. I am still seeing it. I still see it. [David begins wailing as he cries].

Jose: It is ok Papi. You are good. How long you saw that for?

David: I am still seeing it. I am still seeing it [as he cries].

Jose: Ok, you are good. [David sobs]. You know… you know Papa… you want to know what is going on? Huh?

David: What?

Jose: You know what we been talking about; what I have been talking about with your Mama for a very long time?

David: War. It is greater than a war…It’s…

Jose: I know Papi, listen to me baby.

David: There is going to be something worse after the war. There is not going to be anyone that is going to win. People will claim victory, but it is not going to be victory. It is not going to be for fighting for good or bad. It is just going to be killing. Just to kill. People are just going to start killing to kill. Not even to survive. They are just going to kill for the satisfaction of killing. Like a sport.

Jose: But, see…God is allowing you to see the future, Papi. Because He wants you to understand that He is real; that everything that we been saying for a very long time is real. God is real. He is a God of love, but He is also a God of judgement. And what He does is, He warns. When you look at the watch, right, you saw twelve o’clock you said. Then after that is when everything turns bad, right?

David: Yes [Confirming what Jose just spoke].

Jose: See, what it is, is that in God’s timing… Ok, have you ever read where He says that He will come life a thief in the middle of the night? Like a thief at midnight? That means when God’s timeclock goes to twelve, He will get His Bride.

David: [Crying out] Ohhhh… Ohhhh.

Jose: But listen to me baby…

David: [Crying out] It is all true!

Jose: It is all true, yes!

David: I have always doubted. I have always doubted my whole life… AHHHHH!

Jose: Baby, but listen to me…listen to me baby. Even if you doubt it, we all doubt at one point. But, listen to me. God is REAL, regardless of who believes in Him or not. The only thing that we need to do is to be close to Him. Just ask for Him to forgive our sins. Because when that timeclock reaches twelve o’clock Papi, there is nothing that you, nor I, or anybody could do. That is long gone history. Do you understand? He is not allowing you to see this because He wants you to be afraid. He wants you to be drawn near to Him.

David: I am not afraid.

Jose: I know.

David: I am crying for them. I am crying for them…for the horror. If it is the last thing I have, I am ready to do whatever I need to do. But, the things I am seeing… the things I still am seeing… It is all horrible. I do not understand why …how a man, a woman, kids, could do such horrors. How could what was simple living…it is so…it is such little time to turn into such horrors. It is not… [Moans].

Jose: But, see, do you know how…the problem that we all have is that at one point we allowed God out of this nation, and once He has completely… Like, people have pushed Him out of the way. Like, whoa, we do not want You here. We want to be right for everything. You know, not giving the fair chance of honoring God in our ways. So, He has not choice just to leave man doing whatever it is that they are doing. He is allowing you so you can see what is coming ahead so you can be a witness to other people. So you can get right with God. So you can actually, you know, do right for yourself, for your family, for others. The Bible says that our thoughts are not His thoughts, and our ways are not His ways. That is what people do not understand. People do not get this. This is not… this is spiritual warfare.

David: Beware of the Catholics.

Jose: Huh?

David: Beware of the Catholics.

Jose: Beware of the Catholics? Why?

David: The first word will come from them.

Jose: Oh, wow! What do you mean by that, Papi?

David: The first word of war will come from them. They will claim its peace, but it is just corruption.

Jose: I know. You are fine. Oh my gosh Papi.

David: Ahh! It is all corruption.

Jose: It is ok. I know. Do you remember how we are getting ready to leave Florida? Do you see why we are making backpacks? Emergency backpacks? How we are getting things done so we can leave?

David: We are going to need a lot more than just food.

Jose: I know, Papi. But we can only do what WE can do, remember. So, we are packing up food. We are gathering the things we need, because, see… remember, the only that matters here is for you to be right with God. Because once you are in the safe zone with God, then He will take us. Do you understand? He is showing you what you are seeing because He does not want to leave us behind. That is all there is to it. This is not about us. This is about us helping other people to get saved and understand the meaning of what the true God, and the true love of God is. Because He so loved the world that one day He sent His begotten Son for us to be saved. Yet, we pretend to know everything. We pretend that we got things figured out, but man does not have a clue of anything.

David: Ohhh no… they do not have a clue at all. We are going to make an advancement that is not going to be good either – with the nukes. It is going to be a run for power of nukes. They are going to see who has the biggest and baddest weapon. They are going to be running a race for the nukes. [Distressed].

Jose: You ok? It is gonna hit you hard, I know. Remember, you probably had doubts before but now you do not. Now you know God is real. God is a spiritual God. We live here [world], but inside here [ourselves], there is a spiritual being that He created. That spiritual being is called our soul, and that soul is dying to go to God…to hear…to yield yourself to God. But see, because we live in a body that is completely carnal, the carnal-minded nature that we once wore drew us to the things of the flesh and the world. But, God does not want us to live like that. He wants you to understand that He can come to us, like the way He is doing to you right now. What He is doing is He is coming to you. He is showing things to your spirit because you are a spiritual being. You are not a human being [trying to convey we are not of this world – that we are a spirit that only lives in this human body, and have a soul (mind, will, & emotions)]. See, you are not a human being trying to live a spiritual experience. You are a spirit and a soul that is living in a body. Do you understand? That is why, in a way, the Bible says that we are “aliens” in this world.

David: Our society is what teaches us limitations.

Jose: I know. Because remember society has rejected God.

David: [Inaudible mumble]

Jose: Listen to me Papa, the first thing that I would suggest for you to do is to come to Jesus. Ask for Jesus to forgive your sins, because that is the first thing you do. Once you do that, God is going to heal anything that He should. He is going to create in you somebody completely different, wide awake to the spiritual world. Somebody that can actually control, you know, your mind. All of your carnal mind will eventually go away because you can defeat your body. You can defeat whatever the Devil tries to put in your mind so you can be close to God. He can show you anything that He wants you to see, and it is always for the best. Tonight, God might show you the future like He did, in order for you to save your family. That is a really great thing, Papi. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing to be ashamed of. God is just showing you the future so you can understand what we been talking about is something real. That is all there is to it. He wants you to be drawn near to Him. We are not perfect. I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. That is why He died for us, so we can reach to Him, and He will see us like, “This is MY son. This is MY daughter”. We believe in Him in the middle of darkness… in the middle of anything, because He is a true and a real God. He is the God of Israel. You ok, Papa? You still seeing anything?

David: [Nods his head yes].

Jose: What do you see?

David: More death.

Jose: More death.

David: They are going after the churches. Not just the churches. They are going after the people that believe in God. They will slaughter them… slowly and painfully. They are going to prolong their deaths to the fullest extent. There is a man watching and smiling while it all happens, and there is another man right next to him that is shorter. They are both shadows. They are both shadows. They are watching it all happen.

Jose: Is there anybody you recognize from this earth that you can name?

David: [Nods head no].

Jose: Ok. I would have never thought that you would have had this amazing thing happen. I know it is tough, but it is really amazing. You want to know something, Papi?

David: Huh?

Jose: Many, many years ago, I was sleeping and I left my body. I remember that day I felt like I was in a dream, and I started going down. Suddenly, I was in a room, which was like, barely… It was like, dark, but I could not see the people; people that I knew were in that room. The people in that room were actually good people. In the beginning, I could not understand what was going on. I just thought that it was a dream. Then, I started going down and from a distance, I could see this ball of fire that was really, really, small. When I say small, I mean it was really just like watching a lightbulb. This thing started getting big as I sped up going down. I was just going down. I was just going down, bro.

David: Did it look like… did it look like a sideways eight [∞] when you reached the center?

Jose: What I saw that I can remember, it was just like a lightbulb that started getting bigger and bigger. There was one point where I actually started listening to people in hell.

David: They were screaming.

Jose: They were screaming.

David: In agony and pain. They are screaming in agony and pain.

Jose: Exactly.

David: They are being tortured.

Jose: Because they rejected God… because they rejected Jesus. But, I am telling you my story. There was a point I was actually seeing everything that was going on and I could no longer take it and I started screaming, “Please get me out of here! Please get me out of here”! I could smell everything. I could see people…you know, it was the most horrific experience that I ever had. Immediately, I felt at one point as if I was thrown back in my body, and immediately I woke up and started shaking and screaming. I knew I was actually watching hell from a distance. See, God did not allow that to happen so I could just be scared of Him. He wants to draw us near to Him. He is showing us that whatever is in the Bible is true, and that is all there is to it. I am really happy. I know you are scared, but I am really happy you had this experience because it is going to help your family to be saved and get close to God – especially you. God loves you and He loves all of us. He says we are not to be afraid of what is coming. It is for us to prepare.

David: To prepare.

Jose: We do not know exactly how farther into everything we might be before the rapture takes place, so we have no choice. The Bible says that no man knows the day or the hour. Not even the angels of God know the day or the hour of that day. We can only prepare with the little bit that we have, knowing that time draws near; that everything that He said once was going to happen, it is going to happen. See, judgement is not for the children of God. He made a way for us to be saved. He only wants us to believe, and it does not matter in the end because He is allowing His children… He is opening a door, a gateway for us to be safe. Whether we may see a war, maybe; whether we may see many sorrows, yes we are. The Bible called this the beginning of birth pangs. We are in the last days, whether we like it or not. Basically, the only thing that we can do is just let go and let God guide us. That is why sometimes I get irritated or frustrated when I do not see any reaction from people around me that I care and love. Because it does not matter, He is real. You know what I am saying?

David: Yup.

Jose: He does not want us to die in the middle of anything. He wants us to be safe. Are you ok? Are you feeling better? Did the vision stop? Do you want to pray?

David: Not now.

Jose: Not now?

David: Not now.

Jose: Ok.

David: The volcanoes; a lot of them are going to erupt. The ring of fire as I see a deformed circle goes from Japan to like California…the whole area. All of that is going to erupt, and then from there is going to be new land formation, but it is not land; it is lava that has been molten. There is going to be so much of it. So much lava is going to be pouring out.

Jose: You have seen a lot, Papi.

David: People are going to die a lot and they are going to be sacrificing humans and animals to it, and it is not going to make it better. It is going to drive people insane, and then they will just accept it and start going crazy like I was looking earlier. It will stop eventually. It is just going to get worse from there. People are going to keep getting crazier and start going for the sane. From there they will kill them and make tribes. They are all savages, ruled by no rule. There are no rules. They are going to be tearing up animals alive and eating them from there, I am seeing it – goats, sheep, cats, dogs, cows. They are not going to hurt them; they are going to straight up see them as food. If it is alive and moving, it is food. It will not matter what it is. Cannibalism will be common; it will not be something weird for them. If they need to resort to it, they will just go; they will just go and do it. Ahhh… [Heavy sigh]. America is not going to have it good. America is going to be mainly made up of savages. Asia is…like, that whole area, they are going to be hell worshippers of some sort. They are going to be worshipping something but it is not God.

Jose: You mean in Asia?

David: The whole area – Chinese, Asian, Japanese… they are going to be worshipping to their own gods. They are not going to be like, hieroglyphic; they are going to be real. They will look real, as if they are right there. They are not going to have… their skin is different colors. It is going to look like they are statues, only come to life. Some of them are small, some of them are human-size, and some of them are giants. That is all… that is all.

Jose: Do you see anything for America that you can remember?

David: Savagery and chaos. It is just savagery and chaos. There is not going to be any worshipping here. It is all going to be based on materialism. What we can have, what we can hold, and how we can survive. Over there they are going to mainly rely on their gods. That is all… that is all I saw.

Jose: Papi, you have seen more than I have seen in all my life, so you can probably feel pretty…

David: But I should never have seen this.

Jose: Hey, hey, listen to me. He only means good for you. You know what, now your doubts, if you had any…

David: Oh God! Trust me…AHHHHH [This verifies his doubts are GONE now]

Jose: Ok, ok, see what I mean. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

David: I do not know.

Jose: It is a really good thing, Papi. He does not want you to have any doubts. He wants you to believe that He is the true God of Israel. He wants for us to understand that HE is God above all things, and He loves us like nobody does. He is not going to allow for you, or any of us, to be in harm’s way. That is why we are trying to do the best thing that we can. The first thing that I want to do is just get us out of Florida. We know that the time is short here.

David: What happens is it is all going to happen at once, like, event after event from what I saw. It is not going to happen one thing first. It is all going to happen and it is going to get worse and worse.

Jose: When you get time, or when you want, we should pray and just talk to God and say, “You know what, forgive my sins; forgive any doubts, forgive anything that I have done in life that has put me in a position where maybe I am not really the person…” You know, we all commit sin. That is just life, but what He wants is just for us to say, is for God to forgive us. He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Once we recognize that, and once we say, “Jesus, Yeshua Ha Mashiach [Jesus the Messiah], which is the name for Him in Hebrew; once we acknowledge that, then He will forgive our sins, and we can be a new person – new people in God. That is why anything that happened to you today probably that you saw, He just wanted you to feel sure, and to rest assure that through Him all things can be done. Look how you even came here today with the same shirt color I have on!

David: [chuckles].

Jose: That is pretty amazing, man!

David: I am hungry.

Jose: You are hungry, yea? That is very normal.

David: I am really hungry.

Jose: Yea. You want me to make you a sandwich, or what would you like?

David: I want Taco Bell. I was not hungry when I was having this, but now I am really hungry.

Jose: I know, because now you are exhausted. See, every time that God shows us things, you are going to see that we go through like a warfare. It is like something spiritual that we go through. If you ever see in the Bible, every time that somebody got healed, every time that somebody came back to life, most of the time one of the first thing they say is that they are hungry. “Man, you just got healed! Are you hungry”? Are you kidding me! It is normal because it is something that is a spiritual thing. We are going to get you whatever you want, Papi, but the MAIN thing for you is to get right with God. If you feel you are, then you are ok.

David: I am not. [Right with the Lord/saved].

Jose: Then we need to pray.

David: I” need to pray.

Jose: Hey, I am here for you Papi, ok? I know that you need to pray, but I am here with you so that I can be a witness of your salvation, and I can show you how to pray. After that, God will be with you every single time. He just wants you to acknowledge Him. God has come to you like I have never seen anybody. What you have man is just so amazing that I, believe it or not, I am in shock. You have seen a lot in one night. I have seen people that have seen things, and I have seen things, but you dropped the bomb, man!

David: Ugghhh. [Sighs in exhaustion].

Jose: You want to pray now? Give me your hand. Dear God…You are going to repeat with me ok? Can you do that, Papi? [Jose begins to pray as David repeats].

David: Father, I come to You in the name that is above every name. In the name of Jesus Christ, I come to you asking tonight for forgiveness; forgive my sins. [David begins weeping again the second he asks the Father to forgive his sins]. Forgive me for everything I have ever done against You and against anyone I have ever harmed [something beautiful happens as David completely takes over in praying for his salvation while Jose is silent]…forgive…forgive me. Forgive all those that have committed sins against You, and against humanity, and against those they know – for they do not know what they are doing. [Jose quietly prays in background]. And I do not know what I am doing, [David continues weeping hard as he prays], but I am here telling You to forgive me…to help me forgive; do not forget I forgive. Help me to (inaudible) better with You. Help the people see what is true and what is not true.

Jose: Oh, Jesus. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Father, we pray that his name is in the Book of Life in this hour. We pray that You cleanse him with Your Blood. Hallelujah! [Sing’s a little of the chorus of Amazing Grace, then prays in his heavenly language]. Welcome home, Papi!


Even listening to this again is just as powerful and penetrating as it was the very first moment we heard it.  What you have just heard was riveting and challenging to all of us, and in a sense, we became profoundly silent in a deep holy way when we each listened to it individually.

I know I could not even speak after I heard this. Neither could anyone else.  I felt the power and the presence that only accompanies the Word of the Lord given by the Holy Spirit.  It was a time to just stop and listen.  I thought, “Why would the Lord speak to an unsaved sixteen year old boy in this way like one of the prophets of old?  Then I realized… it was a sign.  It is because no one is listening, and if so, it is very few.  

Therefore, God got a hold of a young man no one would have expected, and all of us at AMTM got to sit in on his vision. Now the time has come to share it with all of you… with the entire world. This is something that the majority of people never get the privilege to do, because this usually happens in total privacy.

We hope that what you just heard will not be something that you will ever forget; we doubt that you do. This is how we realize how near we are to His coming and live like it.

Joanie Stahl on behalf of AMTM


**Disclaimer from AMTM

It is important to state our position regarding the portion of David’s prophecy about the Catholics.  When we receive a prophecy, dream, vision, or word from certain individuals, it is not our place to edit out anything.  We do not dare. We respect the message in its delivery.  In addition, we do not just accept every single prophecy that we get.  We sit on them for long periods and we each weigh them out in prayer.  When we all come to mutual agreement that a prophecy we have received is from the Lord by sound witness of the Holy Spirit, we then carefully release it and handle it with great care.

However, we felt that we needed to do some clarification.  David said, “Beware of the Catholics. The first word of war will come from them and they will claim it is peace.  But it is just corruption”. We knew that this might be taken the wrong way.  Possibly, as an attack on Catholic people. This could not be further from the truth.

What we believe is that the Lord was perhaps revealing that some top Vatican officials might be integral players in the end regarding the Antichrist; even at some point being his advisors.  We do not believe this word was directed at every single Catholic in the world, but to what sounds like a corrupt religious head who will be involved in the war(s) leading up to the final epic battle of Armageddon.

Our aim at A Minute to Midnite is to keep our listeners intelligently informed and up to date regarding the unfolding events spoken of in the Bible. It is not to target different faith groups.  That said, neither do we make apologies for David’s prophecy.  We only offer it to you and pray that you will listen to it, and in turn take it before the Lord to seek out what He may reveal to you.  

We love, value, and deeply appreciate all of you who make A Minute to Midnite one of your finest sources for truth. God Bless.

A Minute To Midnite

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