Prophetic Dream – A Faceoff of Three Presidents; Is Civil War on the Horizon?

By Joanie S. and Brook A. (October 2017)


This dream was given on October 2, 2017. It is now time to release it. I struggled with the interpretation, feeling what I wrote was not enough and there must be more to what I had received. I held it and prayed upon it. Yet, still nothing more. Then one evening, I received an email from Brook. She had sent me a more in depth interpretation she got as she read the dream. I immediately replied and knew that the Lord had passed the task of the greater portion of interpretation onto her. This was the very first time that the Lord told me to step back completely from an interpretation of any dream He has given to me. However, He clearly informed me that I was not to be the interpreter, but I am to hand it off to Brook; therefore, I will obey as instructed, as will she.


In my dream, I came to a body of water.  I knew it was not a pool; neither was it the ocean.  It was a stagnate body of water – a murky and dark type of uninviting water. It was nothing I would ever enter on my own, but rather avoid.  I was aware that I was brought to and guided into this water.  I also knew that the man that is always in my dreams brought me there.  When I stepped in, the water was chest high.

Immediately I saw President Trump standing in it and looking off to something in front of him.  I moved over to stand next to him in order to look in that same direction.  Standing a short distance directly in front of him was Barack Obama.  He was staring back at him but with a look of a dark, evil mockery.  Suddenly, George W. Bush appeared standing at Obama’s left side.

They both had that same look of dark, evil mockery.  I knew by looking at all three of them that they were not just staring back at one another. It was much more than that.  I saw that Obama and G.W. Bush were a team.  They stood in a position of agreement against Trump.  This is because they were on one side, while Trump stood alone on the other side.  

 It was literally like two opposing sides facing off before a war.

I looked and wondered why they were standing in water, and why it was chest high.  These were deep waters to stand in.  Yet, they did not act as though they were standing in water, or even that they were aware of it.  They all wore suits as usual, and it seemed as if the water had no effect on their clothing.


Interpretation by Brook A.

In the beginning of the dream, the heavenly representative brought Joanie to the body of water. It was not a pool or the ocean, but some type of body of water. It was murky, dirty, and uninviting. Joanie would have never ventured out into this water on her own. This is why the representative was needed. He guided her into it until she stood chest deep, just as the three men stood. This tells me that we, the citizens of the USA, are also a part of this. Not because we choose to be, but because our present “Deep State” and all the malfeasance of our political system affects each one of us.

The water was stagnate. No one would intentionally want to go into this water. The reason why President Trump appeared first is because he is the first thing that the Lord wanted Joanie to see.  He just stood there with her beside him, not noticing her as she studied his demeanor.  He had no real expression on his face.  We all know that look because he has this expression often. This represents him in this present time – not the past, nor the future. The Lord was showing her in “real” time as this is for the present. He stood in chest deep waters. 

Suddenly, Barak Obama, appearing prior to Bush, was standing directly in front of Trump only a short distance away. This clearly shows that Barak Obama is still in the picture and has a set agenda against Trump and his administration – not the people themselves but all that he and his administration stand for as a whole. She did not see Obama standing at a distance. His location being close in front of Trump shows that the implementation of Obama’s agenda in near and likely to have already begun. Also, he has been working on this the second that Trump was pronounced the winner of the Presidential seat, and his plan of attack is now nearer than ever… at least the full brunt of his plan he has been patiently moving in on to implement.

The look of dark, evil mockery upon Obama’s face shows that he is clearly up to something against the Trump administration.  Obama’s appearance being first, prior to G.W. Bush, indicates that he is the front-runner of this agenda against Trump. He is the head, the “ring leader” per say. The sly, evil look on Obama’s face also shows that he is letting Trump know that he is the leading force against him – he wants Trump to be well aware of this. He takes pleasure in it.

Obama standing directly in front of Trump, along with his evil, sly, expression, shows he is unafraid to take on Trump head to head. He is willing to do whatever it takes. His location also signifies an obstacle standing in Trump’s way… in his direct path.

Obama will not sit back and easily allow Trump to undo, or change what he put in place during his administration. He worked too hard in the destruction of America to allow who he sees as a joke for a President to destroy any of his legacy. Obama’s countenance in his evil glare shows that he has total self-confidence in himself, and he feels he is, or will win in his attempts against Trump. Trump’s countenance also shows he knows this as well, but Obama’s glare and plan does not intimidate him, as he never breaks eye contact or changes his unemotional expression.

G.W. Bush then appears last and to the left side of Obama. These two men standing together side by side shows a solidarity. The two men are in agreement in the opposition against Trump. There is power in two’s. Of course, it is more than just Obama and Bush, but they represent all whom follow behind that would agree.

Bush displayed the same evil, mocking look upon his face. Again, this representing they are unified and on the same team. Bush may not be calling the shots like Obama, but he has Bush’s total support off on the sidelines.

It is significant that Bush appeared at the left side of Obama. In Latin, the word for “left handed” means “sinister”. The Lord also separated the sheep on the right and the goats on the left in Matthew 25: 31-46. The left hand always stands for the evil side in the spiritual.  

When I read about the description of the water, the very first thing that came to mind was the word “contamination”. This contamination signifies the great corruption within the system. The system was contamination long before Trump stepped in, as seen by two previous Presidents also deep in the water. Make no mistake about it, Trump stands with the players in the same filthy waters. He is not off on dry, CLEAN land here. He is also part of this same corrupt system, and there is plenty of who he is and what he has/is doing that only enhances the filth.

Notice how they are all standing in it, seemingly unaware of the condition of the water. They are all fully aware of the contamination, yet the corruption is too far gone to clean up now. Trump stands chest deep in it, wearing his everyday suit, just as the other two, as if they are not even in this wet, dirty, “swamp”. Trump buts heads with the system, but the contamination remains because it has been years in the making. One man will never clean it up on his own… they would never allow it.

His term thus far has been a bigger bark than bite. He pushes far enough to frustrate and annoy them, but he still remains in that same water, not stepping out of it. This shows the compromise on his part and he is not as innocent as he comes across to the public. He also appears already chest deep in this water. He did not step into it as Joanie did, nor was he guided into it as she was. This shows he began his term already in deep corruption.

Outside influences did not cause him to “change” and step into it, or lead him into the depths of it. He did this all of his own vices. This reminds me of the Greek gods painted in his Penthouse home in Trump Towers in New York, along with other mythology symbolism in his home. The outside architecture of Trump Towers is also flooded with Greek and occult symbolism. Do not be fooled by Trump. There is much more to this man than meets the eye as a contributor to the New World Order system.

There is another side of this as well, as far as the mockery of Obama and Bush. They mock any of his efforts because they have been there. They mock as to laugh and say, “What do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are? You are only exhausting yourself in this fight. You will never win. Look around, you stand in these same waters along with us, and yet, your fighting the very system your also very much part of. You are already CHEST DEEP and DIRTY. You may fool some, but you are not fooling us.”

They are aware that Trump is just as much a puppet in the hands of the “puppet masters”, just as they were… just as Obama still is. They are all under the same “Big Top” circus. Trump is fully aware if he attempts to cut the strings of that control, he will likely end up six feet under. The only difference with them is that they accepted their roles as puppets long before they won office and played their parts in not bucking their handlers, but rather worked to appease them.

We have both Democrat and Republican parties represented in these waters. This is because unlike popular belief, these two parties are one in the same. Each side has a different title, but they are merely two sides of the same coin. The amount of that coin does not change any way you flip it, just because there is a different print on either side. This is represented in the support of Bush [R] standing right beside Obama [D], in their standoff against Trump [R].

Overall, it is a bit of a catch 22 here. We can see that Trump seems to care more about America then the former President, and we know there is some positive changes he has worked hard to implement. This also shows he stands alone in this war. He has great opposition to any good he attempts or wants to do. Yet, he is also very much still part of the corrupt system, and just as much standing chest deep in those same dirty waters as the former two leaders of the “free” world.

Conclusion by Joanie S.

I believe, without a doubt, that the stagnate, murky, dark, uninviting water stands for the “Deep State”.  There is a war in progress against Trump, and the top power players are in view. Trump stands alone.  He clearly knows who they are because he was looking right at them.

The mocking evil looks on the faces of Obama and Bush were full of demonic pride because they are reflecting the very powers they are full of and operating by.  This is a faceoff of powers.  The government is totally divided, and yet there is a unity there as they are all a part of the same playing field. This dream is a huge warning about a war… a civil war about to happen.  You see the players…