Three Prophetic Dreams – Satan to Unleash the Powers of Hell like Never Before

                                                               By Joanie Stahl

Additional Interpretation by Brook Ardoin (December 2017)

Dream 1– December 5, 2017

My dream began with my husband (Jon) and I walking together in what looked like a large, wide-open space.  It had a park-like appearance, as it was outdoors, as well as many trees and pathways everywhere.  It was daytime and crowded with people.  It was difficult to maneuver along the pathways due to the volume of people.

I wondered about where we were and how there were so many people.  As we walked along, I kept looking at all the people.  Everyone was walking in different directions, laughing, talking, and totally carefree.  

I want to make a note here about something.  In dreams, the Holy Spirit will overly emphasize things on purpose in order for it to stick out, causing me to pay more close attention to it.  In this case, it was the people.  It was as if all were at an amusement park, though this was not the case.  Every person went about as though nothing mattered, loudly laughing and talking.  There was a feeling of an extreme carelessness about them.  The more I walked and looked at them, the more it began to disturb me.  I felt as if I were the only one there who was not in some form of their joy.  I did not like it. There was a recklessness to them.

As we walked, I turned to see that Jon had vanished.  I did not see him walk away, and for some reason I was not too bothered by that.  Yet, I thought that I should look for him in order to locate him.  I walked and weaved through the vast and dense crowds of people, scanning everywhere in an attempt to find him.

I then took a pathway that caused me to spot Jon. I could see him sitting at what looked like a very long banqueting table.  He did not notice me at first because I was slightly behind him and off to his side.  He sat on the very end of the table.  Somehow, I knew that he was expecting me.

Suddenly, it was nighttime.

As stated, the table was very long.  It was so long that I could not see where it ended as I followed the length of it with my eyes. In fact, it seemed endless as it stretched into the dark.  I saw that every single spot at the table was occupied.  They all sat tightly next to one another to give each other room. I noticed that the women were completely dressed up in very flashy, wild, festive clothing.  There was loud raucous laughter and talking, commonly seen at a great celebration.  

I saw wine glasses up and down the table, and knew that everyone that sat there were partying like there was not a care in the world.  I then said to Jon, “There is nowhere to sit at the table”.  Just then, a man spoke to me saying, “Hey here’s a chair!” I then saw that there was only that one empty chair for that one spot left at the table. Granted, I did not want to sit next to that particular man.  When I looked again at the chair, there suddenly was a second empty chair. However, this one sat away from the table. I chose it and scooted it up next to Jon, causing me to be seated directly in front of the table’s corner.

I sat there next to him, noticing that he did not have a wine glass. He just sat there on the end next to me as we quietly looked on.  The unseated crowds were like roving wild people. They were extremely loud as they walked around the table, while the party at the table continued to roar. 

I glanced behind me and saw a nice home.  Crowds of people went in and out of the house.  I arose to go check it out.  Once again, I weaved and pushed my way past the people to reach the front door. I entered and it was very nice inside. I thought that it must be a model home that everyone wanted to check out.

Instead, every room was filled with people partying and shouting… pure revelry.  I wandered through the rooms. Each one was dirty and neglected and it smelled.  I just wanted out.  

I left the house and made my way back to the banqueting table.  When I arrived, Jon was gone again.  I saw that the party had ended and all the seats were empty, except for one or two persons still lingering.

I stood there looking at the table. It was littered with empty wine glasses.  Much like you would expect at the end of a wild party.

There was a clear glass bucket on the table, with what looked to have been filled with red wine.  I walked over and picked up the bucket.  There was only a tiny bit in there, like when all has been poured out and whatever liquid that is left returns to the bottom. There were only drops, not enough to fill a glass. 

I lifted it to my nose to smell it, but it was odorless.  I thought about all the people that were drinking this wine and wondered about it.  I thought that I would try a taste, just to see what it tasted like. I wanted to know why they were so happy to drink it.  I lifted it to my mouth. As soon as I did, the rim of the glass bucket strangely grew a larger piece to block my mouth from even getting one single drop.  No matter how much I tried, the more the rim grew up to my nose and totally blocked my mouth from receiving any.  I gave up and set it back down.

I then thought that I should go look for Jon again.  I wove through the crowds, up and through a winding tree-lined path and came to a clearing.  

I stood at the entrance of an athletic, sports field, filled with families and their sons who had just finished playing a game.  There were children everywhere.  Just then and from my left, I heard a powerful blast of wind come down from above and whip by me.  It was no normal, natural wind. I was aware of that as soon as it rushed by me in great force.  It did not touch me. Rather, it went right in front of me and rushed outward.

Instantly I heard a voice say to me, That wind is covering all the people, and now there will be a psychic and an occult explosion in the land”.

As soon as I heard that voice, standing next to me was a mother holding her triplets in her arms.  Their faces went from being precious baby faces, to contorted, demonic, and monstrous.  At that sight, terror came over me and I was so afraid I said to myself, “You have got to get out of here, and you need to get out of here fast!”  

I immediately took off running away, back down the same path I came from. As I did, I noticed that there were no more people anywhere.  I was walking, then running, then walking, and running.  The pathway now seemed to stretch on longer than previously.  

I sensed something behind me.  I stopped to look over my shoulder, and this is what I saw.  Rather, this is WHOM I saw.

I saw something in size that could only be compared to that of an enormous giant.  I immediately knew it was a spirit, yet this was not just any spirit.  I knew that this one was deliberately sent for me.  Though he stood what seemed like a football field’s distance away, I could see him clearly.

He was massive in height and width.  The best way I can describe him is that his physical appearance was like that of the Hulk.  He had the form of a man. He had all the features of a man, but he was a giant.  He had no clothing on above his waist, and I could see from a long distance his giant, grotesque muscles.  He wore what seemed like some type of black covering on his legs.  He was barefoot, which gave him a look of being wild.  I could see his face. He had black eyes that were piercing and I could feel the powers of darkness mightily. He had a mass of thick, wild hair that only aided his beast-like image.

In his hand, he held a long, heavy, thick chain. As he looked at me, he took the hand that held the chain and whipped it with violent, brutal force to show me that he was going to kill me.  I was filled with terror, knowing that there was nowhere to go.  I had no way of escaping. I looked around and there were only wide-open areas.  He began dashing straight towards me at a swift, supernatural speed.  

I knew that though he was quite a distance, he would be upon me in the blink of an eye.  Just then, a tree appeared before me.  It was a young, having a small trunk and limbs. It was pale and sickly looking with hardly any leaves. Gripped with terror and nowhere to go, I thought I would climb the tree, or at least try.  I wondered how I would manage since I am older now and have not climbed one since a child.  I also wondered if it would even be able to support me. Because it was a young tree, all the limbs were low. Somehow, I overcame these thoughts and began climbing.  The instant I went up, the wicked spirit was standing at the base of the tree.

With all his fury and malevolent power, he lifted up that heavy chain and as hard as he could, tried to whip me with it. Each time the chain barely missed me.  I kept trying to reposition in the sapling tree to try to preserve myself, until I realized it was useless.

Suddenly, a peace came over me.  I decided not to try to fight it anymore.  I climbed down from the tree and stood right in front of that spirit being.  I looked right up to his face.  He was so tall that the back of my head was resting on my neck.  I looked straight up into his eyes that were a deep, piercing black, and ice cold. He peered right back down at me, his chin on his chest.  He looked to be well over 8 feet tall.

He had an expression upon his face of somewhat a confusion, and did not know what to make of what was happening.  He seemed stunned because he clearly did not expect what took place. He reached his hand towards my left shoulder to try to remove my clothing and I wondered what he was doing.  My chest (not breast) was then exposed, and he began to reach for my body. I knew he was going to rip my heart out and tear me to shreds.

Just as his fingers were about to touch my skin, I said in a very soft voice, “Jesus”.

As soon as I said that name, it was as if his whole body took a mighty, supernatural blow.  His face looked like he was stunned, and in great shock and horror!  His body looked like it physically took a hit that caused him to be thrown back from a great blow. 

He tried to maintain his position in front of me.  Again, I said, “

He took another heavy blow to his being.  His body immediately became weak as jelly and began to shake. The hand that held the massive chain hung down weakened at his side.  I then started saying, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” With every mention of the name of the Lord, it was destroying and tormenting him.  He turned to get away and I then began to pursue him. With every step I made, I slammed my foot down with force as I said, “Jesus … Jesus … Jesus” even louder than before.

That wicked spirit was now running as fast as he could, and I chased him as he ran. He kept looking over his shoulder in stark raving terror and horror! He looked like someone running away from a fierce starving lion. I was now saying the name of Jesus louder and with an authority that I knew was not mine but of the Lord.  

I felt the powers of hell come up upon and all around me to try to countermand. 

I could feel their powers trying to shut my mouth and keep my body from moving forward, but I determined within myself to force my body and my feet to keep stomping harder, saying with even greater intensity, “JESUS … JESUS!”  I used all the will of my spirit to engage with the Holy Spirit.  

As the powers of hell continued to fight, the words “HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, JESUS, JESUS” came out of my mouth. I saw that the word hallelujah was as tormenting to him as an additional torment that drove this spirit insane with terror.

He ran until I could see him no more.  Then I woke up and immediately heard these words spoken in my heart,

For every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess that I am God!”

This dream was at about 3:15 am.

End of Dream



The same evening, it was dark and I went to bed.  I lay in bed and began to fall asleep.  As soon as I felt myself falling asleep, I saw myself in heaven.  I stood at a short distance before a door entry.  It was enormous in height.  It was so majestic and tall in structure that I marveled at the size of it.

I saw that the door in the entry was open from within.  I could not believe my eyes.  I saw the most brilliant, powerful, blasting white light coming out of the open door and entry.  It shone so bright, I knew that I could not approach it; it was a powerful light that is indescribable.  It radiated past the door into the darkness outside.  The entryway was connected to walls on either side of it.  

The appearance of the walls, entry, and door looked like stone.  Yet, this stone shone with a white light all on its own.  Even as I moved around a bit to see these walls, the light just shifted and moved.  It flashed in every direction.  There were literally rays of this white light shooting out into the outside of these walls and all was darkness outside of it.  I know I saw the glory of God!

I noticed the thickness of the walls because the door was open.  Let me try to explain.

If I could draw a mental picture for you, my body looked to be about half an inch tall in comparison to this high entry.  Seriously, that is how high it was!  I could see that the walls had to be 20 feet thick, by my rough human estimates, or perhaps thicker than that.  I could not believe my eyes as I stood and beheld His glory and the fear of the Lord simultaneously. I stood and wondered about this door opened in heaven, staring at it and pondering its meaning.

It was so beyond my ability to describe the glory.

Then I woke up.  


Dream 2 – December 12, 2017

In my dream, I was on the beach and two other people were with me.  I saw myself standing while the two others were sitting in beach chairs.  It was strange because it was not daytime, but night. It was very dark out.  It was so dark that when I looked down at where these people were sitting, I could not even see their faces at all, only their figures in dark silhouette.  They sat there silently.

I wondered why we were on the beach at night.  I also knew that is was a very late hour in the night.  Because of it being so late, me just standing there while the other two just sat, I felt very concerned that we would be there a long time. I cannot explain how I knew this, but I felt it.  I really knew that we would be there all night.  From the very beginning through the end of the dream, I kept feeling a very bad, troubling feeling about this darkness.  It did not feel like a normal, late night darkness.  I was increasingly disturbed as the dream went on.  

I started looking around at our exact location and for any form of light. I could not see any light anywhere, which also troubled me.  I looked behind me and saw very tall hotels and other buildings that were standing jam-packed side by side.  Still, there were no lights on, inside, or outside – no streetlights … nothing.  I turned my gaze upwards, and the moon and stars were absent as well.  There was only a very dark sky that lent itself to even more darkness.  In fact, it felt like that because there was no celestial light and it added to a kind of darkness that covered the earth in a grim, cold feeling.

I wondered about the two in beach chairs with me, as they acted as though nothing mattered, as if they were just lifeless.  There was no concern.  They did not speak or have any reaction that it was so dark and late.  They sat on those chairs as if it were just a normal day, visiting at the beach – just as if it would have been filled with sunlight.  This only added to my already growing, intensifying concern, and disturbance in my spirit.  They were like zombies.

Because I was standing, I continued to look around at the landscape; I looked down the beach as far as I was able to see.  I saw in the great distance there were people everywhere, scattered about or in groups, laying in sleeping bags and coverings … hundreds of people having nowhere to go.

It began to get cold so I folded my arms and thought how I needed to look for a restroom.  I looked around and there was no building, only complete emptiness.  From what I could see, it was an ugly, wasteland, desert-looking beach that offered no comfort.  Everything looked dead and black.

I thought that I would walk a bit to look for a restroom, thinking that if I needed, I could go somewhere and it would not matter because it was so dark. By walking away from the people I was with, there would be no way that they could see me. They would not even know if I were to leave.

However, I walked only a few feet then came to my senses and realized that I needed to go back.  As soon as I returned, I did not know what to do so I just stood there.  

Then, as if some unseen force flipped a switch, another darkness engulfed the darkness already present.  It was tangible. I could see that darkness come over the night darkness and overtake it.  It was a gross darkness – a thick, morose, heavy darkness.  The whole land was covered with this malevolent darkness.  It happened so fast, that it took me by a swift, shocking surprise.

Looking around, now I could see nothing. I knew that this blackest of darkness was over all the land, not only where we were.  I want to also note that I saw that darkness come down from above and overtake the already dark night.  It was a blacker darkness than any dark I can describe.



The dream started out at the beach with a couple of people acting as though nothing was out of the ordinary.  This represents the world in its present condition.  The fact that the hour of the day was very late at night means that we are now at the latest hour of the final church age.  The beach indicates what everyone relates to a beach – relaxation, vacation, time off, and carefree fun.  The buildings, hotels, as well as the streets were darkened.  There was no more light at all in the land.  Only pitch blackness everywhere.  

The heavens had no light source … No stars or moon, only blackness.  What this meant to me was that this darkness above was God withdrawing His light from the earth. His light removed has now given way for the powers of darkness to have even more overwhelming control and influence.  Essentially, it was “their hour and power”.

The multitudes of people in the distance, spread out everywhere represent the economic catastrophe that will devastate people, causing them to have nowhere to go.  A homeless explosion will occur.

My walking around trying to find a restroom but only seeing a barren, wasteland desert, with things that looked dead and blackened revealed to me also the changes that are coming in the earth that will effect sustainable plant life …  Famine.

The gross, thick, black darkness that instantly overtook even the present darkness is the next phase of Satan’s powers of darkness that will come down upon this whole land.  Those that know the Lord and are tightly connected with Him will see it exactly as I saw it.  They will know it without a doubt. The darkness that WILL come down upon this land they will not deny they know such a great darkness – a malevolent, over- reaching power of hell.

They will all know it the instant it happens … worldwide.

The Lord is showing me that there are many that have left Him, their hearts having becoming cold and hard.  That they are turning away from Him in multitudes. In addition, many have continued with Him all these years and have been faithful. They know Him well. They have stuck to Him through everything, but are fewer in number now more than ever.  

The fact that I was standing while the others were sitting means they represent the Body of Christ. They are unwilling to move with Him … many disobedient and preoccupied with self. Others in the Body are flat out complacent in their walk.  They have sat down, unconcerned. It was very evident in that there was no talking, no movement, no show of life, or anything that they were in any kind of danger or strange place.  It is not normal to sit at the beach in latest, darkest hour of night and remain seated and emotionless when the darkest, hellish, blackness engulfed the already darkest night.

In the morning, I sat in prayer and a heavy feeling came over me. This was coupled with a deep grief and a strong witness that we are about to go into the deepest, darkest period of humanity this world has ever seen or experienced.  We are about to see the powers and hosts of hell transform this land and world into carnal wastelands.  This will happen very quickly and suddenly.  We are being warned to prepare ourselves because when it happens, it will be very difficult to do the things we are easily given to do now. That is the space in seeking the Lord Jesus Christ and locking in.

Take the time to look to God and cleave to Him with everything you have. Look to Jesus Christ even now.  Do not overlook the power of prayer.  Satan fears it.  Read your Bibles and consider His word as your foremost treasure over and above anything you have.  He will keep you in this darkest hour.  Remember, time is currency with the Lord.  You purchase every minute of your days with your choices.  Choose time with Him as you go about your days, night, and private time.  USE YOUR TIME WISELY.

In closing, I have one last thing to say.  As I prayed, I had my Bible opened upon my lap.  I looked down and read this word:

“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.  That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness, and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness.  A day of the trumpet and alarm against fenced cities, and against the high towers.” ~ Zephaniah 1:14-16, KJV.

Dream 3December 13, 2017

In my dream, I saw myself walking upstairs to my apartment. It was a sunny,

nice day. I had the feeling that it was a good day and all was well. I walked through the screen door and I saw a man standing over by our dining room table. I was not afraid at all. In fact, as soon as I saw him, I knew he was some sort of representative from heaven. He was not the same heavenly representative that visits me in nearly all my dreams. He was a different one. Being that we have a very small home, I was very near to him but was withheld from seeing his face. His appearance was mighty, like a mighty commander.

In his right he held some sort of scepter. He was not holding it up, just holding it in a downward position. He watched me as I looked at it and wondered why he was holding it. It was nothing to look at … Nothing special, just a plain scepter. The staff of it was a silverish gray with a black knob at the end. There was some type of insignia on it. I tried to figure out what it was. All I can say it looked like some sort of animal, such as a horse rearing up.

He then began to speak to me. His tone and face were serious. It was clear that he was about to say something very serious. Again, I want to impress that I was withheld from seeing his face, but somehow was allowed to see that he was very serious and there only on business.

He began to explain to me that what was coming and what Satan has planned. His plan is to hit the people of this nation with bizarre, strange, and radical diseases. Diseases no one has ever seen before. As he was describing the kind of diseases coming, he held out that scepter in front of him. He began telling me that these diseases were going to start by that work of that scepter. When he said that, he held it out to me as he was trying to show me that it was an evil scepter and that of the enemy. It was like he wanted me to recognize it and to get a good look at it, making it clear “who’s” scepter it is.

He continued telling me the things I just mentioned above, repeating it over and over to me. I believe this was in an effort to truly see that I was receiving his information. I do not remember every single word. What stayed with me was only about what the enemy has planned next – his slamming the people of this nation with incredible diseases. Diseases so strange that no one has ever seen before. He told me that cancers would plague people more than anything else would. He spoke more about all the people of this nation being afflicted by cancer. As he spoke to me, I wondered if this had something to do with radiation, but I did not voice my concerns for some reason. I guess I did not want to because as he described to me in detail about it, like a flash I saw multitudes of people in our land with balding heads, hair falling out and heavy suffering.  I believe that he wanted me to equate environmental radiation with the cancers to come. As he spoke, in a great flash I saw great multitudes of people stricken with it from east to west. I saw the heavy suffering with no cure.

He finished talking and stood there quietly. I was still standing there too. I then looked down at my coffee table and saw a big ledger book opened with a pen laying upon a page. He pointed to it. That is the reason I looked down and took notice. I sat down on my couch right in front of it, and I knew that he wanted me to sign my name in the book. He stood there waiting for me to sign it. I took the pen and subscribed my name in it.

I understood what he was doing, what he wanted, and that I was not alone. What I mean is that he had me sign my name as a soldier, as part of an army. Signing my name made it official. I was agreeing to fight in an upcoming battle. I knew that I was only one of many he would be visiting to gain consent this same way.

I had a peace after I signed because I am a fighter and it is time to stand. God is gathering his fighters, individually and personally.

After I signed the book, I laid the pen back down on the page and looked up at him. He was really a very powerful figure, majestic and strong in an otherworldly kind of way. I had the fear of the Lord in his presence because he was not any earthly man.

I then awoke.


Additional Interpretation

The three dreams are all interconnected. We see the great spiritual attack that Satan will unleash against us, as well as the physical attack within the dreams. The Lord shows us many things in three’s, meaning completion, and this is no exception.

As Joanie and I discussed this dream, she continued to stress how strange it was that all the people within the dream acted as if they were going on about their business as if it was filled with daylight while at the beach. A few things occurred to me to add on to her interpretation.

First, the obvious – everyone will be going about their typical, everyday lives when these greater powers of darkness overtake the land. As she said, it will come suddenly and without warning. We have all heard this message multiple times over the years, and here it is again … People oblivious to the time at hand and the evil overtaking the world.

Those on the beach represented two groups of people – the BODY of Christ and the lost. Therefore, no one will be immune to what is coming. It is coming for the saved and the lost alike. When it arrives, the result of its affect it will have upon every individual life will be determined by our walk and position in Him.

For the percentage of the laxed, unwilling, and disobedient church, they WILL realize what has hit and they will GRIEVE with regret for not taking advantage of the time when they had it.

For the percentage who are deceived, the sudden explosion of wickedness and tribulations will be as unexpected as to those that are unsaved. They will experience great wonder and disbelief as the world is turned upside down. It will overtake them in as much sudden surprise as those who do not know Christ. MANY Christians will question the Lord and His Word, thinking that Christ has abandoned them or wondering how He can bring such suffering.

However, though the Lord allows it, it is not God’s war against man but its Satan’s war against man in those great times of sorrow and tribulation. It is not God’s wrath in this period of exceeding evil and darkness. That comes later against wicked mankind – those who have denied Him. Those in the future to suffer wrath will also be those who have claimed to know Him, but have only known Him by name alone, not because they have truly denied self and served Him by living IN Him. Nevertheless, we will all experience great tribulations while here on earth as Satan brings on this Great War to mankind, for it is written these things must come in order to fulfill scripture. Those in Him will be prepared and walk victorious and protected.

Secondly, Joanie spoke of the two beach chair dwellers as symbolic of the Body and either their unwillingness (disobedience) to be in Him, or their complacency. Yet, I see something else that is telling about the Body in here that can be summed up in one powerful word … DECEPTION.

The two sitting on the beach also represent those in the Body who are and will be deceived. Their attitudes lined up with those of the lost in the dream. They were as oblivious to the darkness as the lost. Both represented groups in the dream acted as if it were a beautiful day filled with sunshine. They have no concept of the time of day and lateness of the hour, or they ignore it and go about their worldly affairs. Their actions on the beach show they have a disconnect from what is occurring in the spiritual and the war against man manifesting in the natural. There are and will be many more in the Body who will be as deceived as the lost.

Going back to dream one, He showed her the power of this deception through the innocent babies. What better way to symbolize deception but by the innocent face of a baby. Recall they first looked to be normal. Their faces were that of a child. Yet, they morphed into the faces of pure evil. This only proves how cunning deception is. It seems innocent, looks innocent, and sounds right on point. Much deception is mixed with bits of truth and this is one of the number one reasons why the church falls for it. However, one cannot mix a lie with truth.

The old saying, “seeing is believing” is not the case here. We will see many things manifest to attempt to deceive when that greater darkness swallows the world. This is why we must commit to Him. We will need to walk in discernment led by the Holy Spirit more than ever before. Things will NOT be as they seem or look. We cannot view things with the natural eye. Rather, everything must be viewed upon through spiritual lenses.

The reason why the people on the beach acted the way they did is because they did not NOTICE the darkness. To them it was a typical bright and sunny day at the beach. Yet, in the spiritual, the enemy has full reign, engulfing the land (and world) in darkness. This darkness if filled with evil, sin, and demonic entities doing their part to carry out their orders against the saint and the sinner.

Lastly, as I sat here typing, these words came to mind …This PRESENT darkness. The reason why the dream began in darkness and a greater darkness swallowed the present darkness is because it is ALREADY HERE. It has long since arrived. Just look at the condition of the world and the church. Still, what is coming will be unlike anything we have known or seen thus far. If we assume it is impossible that evil and sin cannot get any worse than what we are witnessing now, we are highly mistaken. A greater, more powerful darkness that swallows up this present darkness will make the condition of the world and church we know now to look like child’s play in hindsight.

Joanie represents the Saints of God truly IN Him. Those with spiritual vision to see beyond the deceptions plaguing the church and preparing themselves in prayer and the Word so that it will not overtake them in the near future. Remember, even the elect are deceived if that were possible. This tells us how great the deception is.

She represents the obedient and willing, diligent and committed to the work it takes to press in and walk by faith each and every day. She represents those who understand the lateness of the hour and recognize the forces of darkness upon the land this PRESENT day. They will be READY for the sudden coming destruction. Rampant famine and disease cause massive destruction. They are not fooled as to who’s hand is causing it, and will stand firm against these dark forces by the authority given them in Jesus name.

In summary, the darkness in the dream is 3-fold. First, it represents the oblivious state of man, going about his day as if nothing is here or nothing is coming. So many are unprepared and do not understand the destruction ahead, including the church. It will take many by surprise when it hits with all its force.

Second, it represents all who are immune to the time of day, the lateness of the hour, and the forces of darkness engulfing them. They are not putting aside the natural to see with spiritual eyes. This signifies the deception of both the unsaved and the church. NOT that all in the Body are deceived or will be deceived, but there WILL be a great percentage of the church who will suffer deceptions snare. It is already happening en masse within the church.

Third, the dream lets us know a great darkness has long been here. Granted, an even greater force of darkness is soon to come. We get a taste of what kind of powers will not only sweep the earth, but charge after us as Believers in the first dream. If we are not IN Him and READY, we will never be able to stand against the “Hulk” demonic spirits and forces that Satan is about to unleash upon the church and the world.

The scepter in dream three represents the war Satan is about to unleash upon man both spiritually and physically. Are you part of His army? Does He consider you a soldier? One whom He will use to fight in this Great War? Will He summon you to sign your name in the book of His vast army? I urge everyone who has been living mediocre lives that NOW is the time to get serious. NOW is the time to set aside the cares of this world and get right with Him. Time is running out and one day it will be too late.

Though the Lord gave no time reference as to “when” the greater darkness will come, it is important that we live as if it will arrive today. We are about to enter a new year – one in which I personally believe the power of darkness will rise up unlike in past years. We must be prepared and take the warnings He gives seriously.

We will be recording an in-house show based around these three dreams. I hope you will join us as we review them in detail and discuss the interpretations. As always, take everything to the Lord in prayer. He will certainly bear witness to all that is of Him, and all He wants to warn His children is to come. Let us be wiser than ever as the enemy seeks to devour and destroy that which is His.


*Update* Here is a video where we discuss these three dreams and their interpretations.