Prophetic Dream Soon A Reality? – Uncontrollable Muslims In America


                                                                 By Joanie Stahl

                         Last night I had this dream. It was on April 3rd, 2016.

I dreamed Jon (my husband), and I were in our car headed east. It was sundown. We came to a freeway bridge over pass and as we did, we noticed Muslim immigrants were gathered together in large groups under the freeway bridges.. Chain link fences fenced them and held them in. It was an odd place to be. But it looked like that was the only place to keep them, as it was an obvious temporary location. As we drove by, we slowed down to look at them. As we went by, they were like caged wild, violent animals. They were fighting with each other and attacking one another. I noticed they were dressed in classic middle eastern clothing. There were men, women and children. It looked like they were obviously there as I said, because that was the only place to put them.

As we went past, we arrived at the destination we were headed to, and that was a friends house.

We were there for awhile enjoying their company. We decided to all go out to eat. We all got into the car and went into town. We took that same highway. 

And as we drove, we came to that same encampment of Muslim immigrants. But this time as we approached this encampment, we were aware of this people that we had seen just a short while before. We all felt a bit afraid as we approached knowing that these people were acting very angry and violent. As we approached, this time the chain link fence stretched across the entire highway completely blocking us and all traffic from proceeding forward. As we pulled up, there were military personnel with automatic rifles all standing in a line in front of the chain link fence guarding it. The appearance of the military personnel was fierce, and the overwhelming knowing that we were the ones being treated like the enemy As if they were protecting them rather than us.

As soon as we approached, as well as everyone else on the highway, it felt like Nazi Germany. We came to slow stop and looked past the armed guards and now this time there were hundreds and hundreds of more Muslim immigrants behind the chain link fence. It was night. But we could see scores of them in a violent, rioting upheaval. I looked at them looking at us.And they turned their violent attention towards us. I could feel the fear of not only us in our car, but in all the cars along with us that came to a stop.

The guards had to keep them within those chain link limitations due to their extreme violence. They had a severe hatred towards us and I knew by looking at them, that if let loose, they would immediately kill us. No doubt. The appearance was like that of rabid, vicious, wild animals. Like lions that pace around in their cages roaring. 

Somehow we turned our car around to get out. We arrived at a different restaurant then the one we had intended on going to and got out of the car. It was a different city and I knew it was not safe there. It was dirty, old and run down. Now at this time, I was no longer with my husband and friends, but with that man I am always with in all my dreams and visions. I got out of the car and shut the door. He turned around and warned me to hide anything valuable out of sight in the car. Though I can never see his face, I knew he had a very concerned seriousness about him. By this I knew that what was happening, he knew more about it than me and understood the seriousness. 

We went in for a short time and did not stay to eat. But I noticed that there were many other people there, not to eat. It seemed that they were there gathered together to hide out. At least that is the sense I got. For some reason, a thought came over me that I had forgotten something at the friend’s house that we were visiting and decided to leave the restaurant on my own to go back. So I got into the car and took off planning to make it quick. 

Now for the third time I was on that same Highway. I came to that same place where the chain link fence stretched across the highway. But now this time, it stretched past the highway over the banks on the other side. Now at this third phase, I saw that there were hundreds more than ever before and the chain link fence could not contain them. There were mostly all Muslim men now and they had broken through the chain link fence and were pouring through with violence and screaming. They were flowing into the cities that had rejected them to incite a revenge bent on hell. Also, the military personnel were gone. These people were uncontainable and unstoppable. 

And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were on a rampage and march to kill everyone and take over the towns and cities.

I tried to turn the car around but I couldn’t. They were running toward the car to block it and surround it. As I saw them running towards the car,  I knew I had to get out and run for my life. And I got out of the car and began to run as fast as I could.  And they began to run after me. I arrived to a business location and stopped running. Then they surrounded me. The feeling was like being hunted.  I could not run anymore. Even in the place I stopped running, I knew there was no place, no where that offered any kind of safety. They grabbed me and there was nothing but murder in their eyes. They told me to my face that they were going to kill me. They looked like wild animals bent on my destruction.

As they were trying to drag me off to kill me, somehow, I begged them to let me go, as I made up some reason that they fell for, thinking that I would return to them to allow them to kill me. They barely let me go. So I ran and kept on running. I ran all the way back to the man who was waiting for me at the restaurant. And then I woke up.


This dream was clear and evident and spoke very clearly to me. I saw the coming Muslim invasion of America. Though I saw it near our home and area that we live in. I understood that this had more to do with every town and city that the Muslim immigrants are slated to go by our government everywhere in our nation. The coming upon them suddenly as we drove in a care free manner, was clear as well, in that though there are many here already, there will be more coming in phases in designated locations. 

The strange area that we saw them in was to emphasis that where they will be brought to, will be a kind of nowhere place. The people of the towns and cities will not accept them. There will be an outcry regarding them being placed within the peaceful sectors of our counties.

Their violent uprising will be because of the fact that they will hate where they are placed, and the knowledge that they will acquire why they are there is why they will revolt. Meaning, the American people will strongly oppose them being integrated into their communities.

The second phase revealed that more Muslim immigrants had been brought here, and will have no real place to go. They will be forced to stay in the nowhere areas which will cause increasing frustration and rage against the American people. The knowledge of their being here will spread abroad quickly and the people of the towns and cities selected to receive the immigrants will not take it quietly because they are afraid of them regarding their safety and total lack of trust.

In my dream I saw the chain link fence now stretched out across the highway. There were hundreds more placed with the rest of those from the first phase. Their violence and rage will only increase due to where they are placed and contained. And knowing they are not wanted by any of the people in the towns they were sent to live in will be their revenge factor.

The military personnel will be sent to contain them due to the fact that they will become hard to handle due to the unrest and increase of frustration as well as the swelling numbers. The interesting aspect of the the military personnel having assault rifles and treating us like the enemy will be due to the fact that the people of the towns and cities will also rise up against the Muslim refugees. This is why we were looked at as a threat the military would have to control.

Our going to another alternate town to a restaurant to eat in an old, dirty, unsafe city showed me that the safety has already begun to disappear. The people that were there and not eating, I noticed was more that they were hiding out there in an unassuming building. And the man that told me to hide any valuables was because the immigrants had already taken over the city to a larger degree.

The man that was with me, having a serious concern that was penetrating was stronger to me than had he said anything to me. Though I never see his face, I saw that he was very serious about what was happening. It is hard to explain. But that is the difficulty in explaining spiritual things in the natural. So I will leave it right there

In the third phase when I drove back to the area on the same highway, and seeing this time that the chain link fence now not only stretched over the highway, but up and over the highway bank.

I saw now hundreds and hundreds of more Muslim immigrants than before. There was total unrest and rioting. I saw mostly men at this point. They were screaming and running everywhere. I saw at the end of the fence on the bank of the highway, that the fence was broken through and hundreds of wild, violent men bent on destruction and revenge, were pouring through. At this point there was no longer anymore military personnel. They were gone completely.

Their orders will at first only be temporary to eradicate civilian uprising. Civilian Control. When more Muslim immigrants come, it will be in phases. They will come in large numbers all at once through the phases, and will meet with heavy resistance from local government officials and citizens. They immigrants will swell to great proportions and the areas they will be kept in will not be able to contain them. Everyone will fear them.

When I got out of the car and ran to a nearby business and could not run any more was more than that I was tired. I knew there was no where to go where they weren’t. The men surrounding me and threatening to kill me is the spirit that controls them. A spirit of murder and violence will promulgate through out the land by them.

It is coming. It will not be containable. And this was shown me to reveal to me what is coming. What will come.