Preparing For Economic Collapse


#1 Food Shortages Can Happen

You cannot be sure that supermarkets or corner stores will remain open or have their shelves stocked. How much food do you have stored? How long will it last? Do you have a garden or any food growing? Think about vegetables, herbs and fruit. Some fruit is easy to grow-for example: Citrus such as lemons for making drinks, or fejoas.

#2 Medicine may becomes Scarce During An Economic Collapse

Do you have a basic medical kit on hand? Does it have sticking plasters, bandages, Pain killers etc. Also any needed prescription medicine etc should be kept in 3-4 month supply.

#3 When An Economy Collapses, So Might The Power Grid!

If the power grid goes down for a long period or is down intermittently how will you cook, light your home or stay warm? What plans do you haver in place to cover this?

#4 During An Economic Collapse You Cannot Even Take Water For Granted

Do you have a store of water, and if so how much? If water becomes scare ( ie if power grid down) do you have a means of purifying water? See our videos on D-I-Y water filters.

#5 During An Economic Crisis Your Credit Cards And Debit Cards May Stop Working

If it happens that you cannot get money from ATM machines, and bank accounts are frozen, do you have plans in place to cover this? Eg: Cash on hand, gold or silver etc

#6 Crime, Rioting And Looting Become Commonplace During An Economic Collapse

If this occurs, how will protect yourself, your family, your assets?

#7 During A Financial Collapse Many People Will Start Bartering

Do you have anything that you could use as bartering items? Think about what people may want or need during a time of crisis, and figure out what you could kept stashed away as potential bartering items and goods.

#8 Your Currency May Rapidly Lose Value During An Economic Crisis

If this happens, then gold and silver will be the true money that is left standing. This is why we believe you should have at least some of your assets stored in the form of precious metals!

#9 You Cannot Be Sure Of Continuous Employment Or Ongoing Business

If you lose your job, or if business becomes slow, do you have any alternative ways of making money, or doing business?

#10 The Government Will Not Save You

If the SHTF it will affect Governments and their ability to give “handouts” and help you – so be prepared to have to survive without their assistance!


Additional Thoughts: Try to minimize and payoff your debts. Don’t waste money on unnecessary luxuries. Think of gold and silver as “Real Money” that will survive if other currencies fail. It could be a good idea to try and get ahead on your house Rent or mortgage payments.