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These are Turbulent Times – But there is Hope!

Holly and Tony bring a message of hope here. A presentation set amidst beautiful coastal scenery. In a turbulent world, take time out to be encouraged!


350- Joanie Stahl & Tony K – News Update & Important Warning of Grand Delusion Coming!

Episode 350 of the A Minute to Midnite Show. News update by Tony K, followed by a warning of what is coming by Joanie Stahl.


349- Troy Anderson and Col. David Giammona – Training Resource for Dark Days Ahead

Episode 349 of the A Minute to Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson.

Disclaimer: Views held by guests are not necessarily those held by or endorsed by A Minute To Midnite


It’s Important You Know What’s Going On! – Tony & Holly

It’s important you know what is happening. With an Announcement.


348- The Gender Agenda. Crazy Criminalizing of Parents and Confusing of Children -Bob McCoskrie

Episode 348 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Bob McCoskrie. A parent who promotes biological sex will be criminalised, but an activist who indoctrinates young children with the concept of ‘gender fluidity’ and ‘third gender’ will be celebrated. 


347- James Musker – Covid, Reset, Transhumanism and the Diabolical Plans of the Elite!

Episode 347 of the A Minute to Midnite Show. Tony is joined by James Musker. We are living in perilous and unprecedented times. But by and large most people have little clue as to the deeply sinister agenda that is being put into place.Listen to James to find out what it is!


Climate Change and Covid – Warped Agenda to Reset the World!

There is a warped agenda to reset and reshape the World. It’s roots are shocking!


The Plan is Right on “Q” – Great Awakening and Great Reset Deceptions!

Age old lies in New Age Packaging? Great Uphevels What is really going on?  What is the Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis, and where is the World Headed?


346- John Haller – The New US Administration. Crazy and Dark Days Ahead?

Episode 346 of the A Minute to Midnite Show. Tony is joined by John Haller. The discussion centres around the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. Topics include: False prophecies of a Trump second term. Riots in Portland and Seattle. “Q”anon craziness. Demonising and censoring of conservatives and Christians by the media. Biden’s new executive orders, and more.


345- Riots and Radicals. Freedom of Speech is Under Severe Attack!

Episode 345 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. In the wake of the Capital riots, censorship has been on the increase. Find out why this is a serious threat to freedom.


344- Lynette Zang – DC Craziness, Reset into a Dystopian Digital Economy & More!

Episode 344 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Lynette Zang. Riots in DC, vax  and currency reset, precious metals and more are discussed.


343- Keith Malcomson – Great Reset, Transhumanism and the Planned Dystopian Future

Episode 343 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Keith Malcomson. What is occurring in today’s world has been long planned. People should be alarmed by it, but most are still asleep to what the plan is.


Vaxxed and Controlled – An Elitist’s Dream!


Things to ponder as we view the global vaxxing agenda at the end of 2020 and into 2021.


342- Vax a Nation, CV Common Pass, Tracking & Global Reset – John Haller


Episode 342 of the A Minute To Midnite show. Tony is joined by John Haller. A global vax programme is underway, and with it the introduction of health and travel passes. A Great Reset, US Government hacks and more……


341- Bill Randles – Living in Perilous Times. Antichrists Past and Future

Episode 341 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Bill Randles. We are living in perilous times, and the Bible has much to say about these end days. Bill explains the correlation between past Antichrist figures and the final “Man of Lawlessness” who will be a world ruler.


340- Keith Malcomson – Great Reset and the Beast of Revelation

Episode 340 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Keith Malcomson, and they discuss the Great Reset and how the pandemic is being used by the elites to move the world towards their world government utopia.


Warp Speed to Vax A Nation

Rapid developments as the  barrel at warp speed towards inoculation of the masses.


339- A Vaxx Pass to Fly? Kiss Freedom Goodbye! Global Dictatorship for 2021 and Beyond?

Episode 339 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. It will soon be necessary to have a vaxx pass in order to fly. This and much more!


The Great Reset is not a Conspiracy Theory – it’s a Recipe for Tyranny!

The Great Reset has been called just a Conspiracy theory” by some. But the billionaire elite class and major institutions have been pushing this agenda openly.


338- Crazy Globalist Agendas. How should we Respond? – Joanie Stahl, Holly M, Tony K

Episode 338 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Joanie Stahl joins Tony and Holly to discuss how we as Christians should view and respond to the unsettling direction that world events are taking. Draconian agendas are unfolding globally, and they aren’t going to stop. What should we do?


337- Political Mayhem and an Alarming Future? – Jeremy, Holly, Tony

Episode 337 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. The elections are over……or are they? 


Davos, Gates and the Great Covid Deception. Shocking Agenda that You Need to Know About-Edited RE-UP

This video has been re-upped after being edited, and updated with new additional content. The original video published on September 3rd was taken down by YT. 

Important information as to what the true agenda is behind the crazy events we have seen in 2020. Everyone should know the truth!


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