Warning! Set Your Houses in Order & Prepare for Increased Chaos

Der Untergang der Titanic

By Tony K (July 2016)

As most readers here at A Minute To Midnite have observed, and anyone with their eyes half open should see, chaotic times are increasingly falling on the world. The USA is no exception. Christians are being killed in the Middle East, Africa, and other places for their faith. Terrorists are wreaking havoc in many locations around the globe. The global financial system teeters on the brink of collapse. Racial divides appear to be exaggerated, and threats of war (potentially even WWIII), loom considerably. By and large, the majority of ministers within American churches and the West in general, are still preaching “positive thinking” messages to their congregations. As dark storm clouds gather on all fronts, these ministers are doing nothing to warn or prepare their sheep for the difficult times that seem to be approaching quickly.


To a large degree, the congregations of most churches have never been told that they may face persecution, famine, hardship, war, and all manner of other difficulties in the days and years ahead. Such messages are not popular, nor do they fit the “new age positive message mode” of preaching. Since voicing these uncomfortable truths may have severely detrimental effects on the income of institutionalized churches, the pulpits are imposingly silent. However, refusing to address the harsh reality that the “cushy” life that most Westerners have lived in may be about to end, will not stop the inevitable from happening. No amount of prosperity teaching or positive attitude is going to stop the chaos that is approaching. The question is not “if” it is coming, but how well prepared for it will you be “when” it comes to your town.


It is refreshing to find that there are at least a few Pastors who are encouraging their congregations to prepare for what lies ahead. This means both physical and spiritual preparations. I find it to be a great thing when a minister of the uncompromised Gospel is discovered – one who is not afraid to speak the truth or warn people of the approaching calamities. It is even more appealing to me if these same ministers of the Gospel are also outspoken on the immorality of the lavish lifestyles and money-hungry antics of the many charlatan preachers of today. These charlatan’s can be found in many churches who preach watered-down Gospel messages, while fleecing their flocks to fuel their own greed. I suspect the day draws near where the increased revealing and separating of those who are His true sheep from the goats in the pews, along with exposing the wolves masquerading as shepherds in the pulpits will occur. It may take crisis and carnage to do it, but judgement will begin in the church. We will not only see a great harvest of souls come into the kingdom, but also a great falling away of those who chose “religion” for the wrong reasons, both occurring at the same time.

To quote a prophetic word given by Pastor Benjamin Faircloth whom I recently interviewed on the A MinuteTo Midnite Show:

Your time has come America. Judgment is here. Where will you flee? Whom will you call when your nation falls? I am and I will always be the only firm and lasting foundation for which any nation must stand upon! Church, where are you?

The First Church of the Titanic is too worried about rearranging chairs on the deck, while the ship takes in water and is heading for the bottom of the sea floor! But, don’t you worry; everything is fine! This is your best life now, and the sound you are hearing is not twisting metal, it’s just the choir preparing to sing Oh Happy Day!” (Quote From Pastor Benjamin Faircloth).

You can find that interview at the following link:


As I am writing this, it is ever-present in my mind that in very recent days we have seen terrorist attacks of stabbings and shootings in France, Germany, America, and Japan, just to name a few countries. I believe some of these are “False Flag” psyop operations, and we will see more of them in the days ahead. In many cases, the victims of these events are real, but the true instigators are the Globalist New World Order Luciferians who are using this chaos to bring their Ordo Ab Chao (order out of chaos). This is their strategy, and they will use whatever means necessary to forward their agenda of moving us towards a One World Government. I believe that the turmoil in the global financial markets is also being used to set the World up for a global financial collapse on a scale that has never been seen in history. The end goal of this is to propel us towards a global currency and a cashless society. The increase in occult activity is now brazenly out in the open. There are also attempts to join all religions together in united rallies for some cause or other. These events are designed to move us towards a One World global religion. The system of The Beast is being implemented at an ever-increasing pace.

Regardless of whether you believe in a pre, mid, or post-tribulation rapture, I believe it is time for born again Christians to prepare for the increasing lawlessness, persecution, hardship, and death that is at our doorstep. Prepare spiritually and physically while you still have the chance. Seek God on what that means for you on a personal level. Do not procrastinate…just do it!

Thanks to Brook A. for proof reading, editing and improving this (Tony K)

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