And they will go after the Youth

And they will go after the Youth.

MattS AMTM June 2019 (opinion piece).

Very recently I went to watch a movie called “Where Hands Touch“. To give you a brief idea about the movie without giving too much away (for those that wish to see it), it is set in Germany in the latter stages of the 2nd world war. It involves a teenage girl of French-African and German parentage. The movie portrays the attitude of the Nazi’s toward this young girl because of her parentage and skin colour. The movie also incorporates the persecution, imprisonment and elimination of the Jews as part of the story.

Some parts of the movie showed Hitler youth parades, and the lives of some the characters involved in the Hitler youth movement. The Nazi persecution of Jews and those that did not fit into the Hitler’s ideals of his “pure Germanic” race, were a very prominent theme, alongside Hitler’s attempts to brainwash the youth of Germany.

It was at this point that I had a strong sense of two things that are happening now, (or seem to be in the process of rapidly increasing).

The first thing that came to me was the correlation between the Nazi persecution of Jews and other groups, and the increasing persecution of Jews and Christians today. The persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany started gradually with subtle propaganda spreading false stories about how the Jews had all the money, owned the banks and the businesses, how they had murdered Jesus, how they maintained a separate culture and did not integrate into German society, that they were not true Germans etc. Kristallnacht (or the night of broken glass) occurred in November 1938, this one event singled out Jews after the alleged assassination of a German diplomatic official by a 17 year old Jewish youth. Fairly quickly the lies became bigger and bigger and were repeated often, so that the people of Germany began to believe them. The Jews were then singled out for a deeper persecution, losing their businesses, homes and possessions, and ended up in concentration camps that marked them for extermination.

The Christians in the Middle East, Africa and Asia can certainly attest to this level of persecution, and this is largely ignored by the Worlds Main Stream Media. Unfortunately what happened in Nazi Germany has eerie reminiscence to what is now happening in the Western World, with the Obama administrations support for Islam and undermining of Christianity. The global support for Islam has only increased in recent years with any Islamic terrorism being downplayed by the media. The UK and European governments have also undermined Christianity, with their efforts to accommodate the North African and Middle Eastern Muslim migrants, which have flooded through from Turkey.

The recent demonization of Israel Folau in Australia, and the Christchurch Mosque massacre in New Zealand, being called a form of Christian Terrorism is falsely fuelling the idea that Christians, are in some way responsible for causing the worlds woes. Israel Folau was expressing his beliefs straight from scripture. These beliefs (straight from New Testament Scripture) have not changed in some 2000 years. Calling what the Christchurch massacre gunman did, Christian “Terrorism”, was both false and misleading, as the gunman was not a Christian. But, that is where the false ideas start.

The second thing that occurred to me was the programming/brainwashing of youth to carry forward an ideology. This reminded me of hearing US Christians decrying “Common Core” as a liberal indoctrination education program. This idea was personal to me, having my two children attend their last 5 years of state schooling in New Zealand. I was on a regular deprogramming exercise with them which was not always successful. They were liberally educated on sex, gay sex, different genders, and the global warming catastrophe with Al Gore as the hero etc. The programming of our kids is ramping up, with kids expressing their concern if anyone dares to question the idea that there are only two sexes.

The programming of our youth has reached such a level that even the mainstream media laments the young men that are not forming relationships with girls, and instead are choosing to stay at home with parents and sit in front of a computer or gaming screen.

Sadly I see correlations between the Hitler youth and the youth of this current generation.

The Hitler youth were a big part of Hitler’s plan to “brainwash” the young Germans and carry his ideology forward, they could also spy on their parents and neighbours and report any “crime” or potential misdeed against the Nazi regime. The youth of today have been brainwashed through their respective learning institutions (Government & Private) with liberal and politically correct thinking. They have been programmed to become activists, social justice warriors, antifascists, anti Israel, pro Palestinian, climate change warriors, COEXISTence for all religions and tolerance for everything (except Bible believing Christianity). Also the Pro abortion, pro liberal and pro progressive agendas are pushed (maybe progressive should be regressive). All this adds up to anti Christian and anti Bible.

Alice A Bailey, The Mother of the New Age wrote much about how the youth should be indoctrinated in New Age, ecumenical and universal ideas. This plan is now being enacted upon the current generation of youth and was started with the previous generation. Bailey was determined that youth would be educated in a way that set them up for a New World Order and universalist thinking.

I came across this article entitled “13 Steps To Destroy Americas Youth“, that spoke about 13 of Alice A Baileys teachings that are directed at youth, for the coming New Age/New World Order. This article was written in 2007 and focuses on American youth, however, I would suggest that youth the world over are affected by these ideas now. The article takes quotes from two of Bailey’s writings; Education in the New Age and The Reappearance of Christ. These are the13 points condensed;

  • The children will live in, and serve a One World system;
  • Patriotism and ideas of national sovereignty will be abolished;
  • Eastern religions/mysticism will be merged with Christianity to reflect universalism;
  • Youth will rebel against parents and authority to bring in the New World Order
  • Youth (and all of humanity) will accept that those who refuse the New World Order will be killed;
  • Children belong to the New World Order; the old family order must be done away with;
  • Youth will be taught to believe in reincarnation, rather than Biblical resurrection and judgement;
  • The idea of sin must be discarded and replaced with a more permissive and worldly attitude;
  • Children are to be taught that all religions/beliefs are the same, that more than one God is okay;
  • Youth will recognize that Jesus does not come to save or convert anyone, as they are not lost;
  • Christian and Old Testament doctrines of heaven, hell and judgement must be discarded;
  • A New Age universal religion will abound without Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the Christian Church is replaced;
  • Jesus rejected as the only way to God with all religions being unified under one banner.

We are not far away from achieving all of these points, and you may recognise most of these statements as having been fulfilled already. The hearts and minds of a majority of our youth have been stolen already. Things seem to be accelerating, and the time for those dying for their faith in the Western world may not be far away.