The Oversoul – A Deceptive Occult Doctrine

             The Oversoul – A Deceptive Occult Doctrine

                                                By Tony K August 2019

It’s important that people recognize false teachings and false doctrines when they are found in Christian circles. One of the deceptions is the idea of a collective soul, or oversoul. We need to see that this is not a Christian concept, but rather it is a New Age belief that was embraced by Theosophists. Here is the origin of the term over-soul as per a description found on wikipedia:

The Over-Soul” is an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, first published in 1841. With the human soulas its overriding subject, several general themes are treated: (1) the existence and nature of the human soul; (2) the relationship between the soul and the personal ego; (3) the relationship of one human soul to another; and (4) the relationship of the human soul to God. Influence of Eastern religions, including Vedantism, is plainly evident, but the essay also develops ideas long present in the Western tradition, e.g., in the works of Plato,Plutarch, andNeoplatonistslike Plotinusand Proclus– all of whose writings Emerson read extensively throughout his career – and Emanuel Swedenborg.


The idea of the oversoul was taken up by Madame H.P. Blavatsky, and later by Alice A. Bailey. It has become a large part of the beliefs of the Theosophical Society, the Lucis Trust, and other New Age and occult groups. It is in fact, an integral part of the luciferian doctrine. Here below I have compiled a number of quotes on the over-soul or oversoul.


This soul, we are told, is a fragment of the Oversoul, a spark of the one Flame, imprisoned in the body. It is that life aspect which gives to man — as to all forms in manifestation — life, or being and consciousness.

The relation of the soul to the Oversoul is that of the part towards the Whole, and it is this relation and its consequent recognitions, which develop into that sense of oneness with all beings and with the supreme Reality to which the mystics have always testified.

Alice A. Bailey From Intellect to Intuition page 19


I would like to point out to the readers here that the concept of the flame of life being given to Adam in the Garden of Eden is common to luciferian groups. It should be noted also, that all of Alice Bailey’s books are published today by the Lucis Trust, which was originally founded by Alice Bailey herself under the name of The Lucifer Publishing Company. The name was then later changed to Lucis Trust and Lucis Publishing. Here are some more quotes taken directly from the books of Alice Bailey.


The relationship to other souls within the enveloping life of the Oversoul. Only through an understanding of this relation do we arrive at a practical knowledge that all souls are one Soul.

Alice A. Bailey Esoteric Philosophy a Treatise on the Seven Rays Vol 2 page 122


So there we have the concept of a collective soul being clearly espoused by a luciferian, who claimed to have had all her information channelled to her by a so-called Ascended Master named Djwal Khul. Here are some more quotes from Alice Bailey on the oversoul.


The relationship to other souls within the enveloping life of theOversoul. Only through an understanding of this relation do we arrive at a practical knowledge that all souls are one Soul.

Alice A. Bailey Esoteric Philosophy a Treatise on the Seven Rays Vol 2 page 122


Understanding,—a law which will eventually emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul,in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the Life which pours through, permeates, animates and integrates the entire solar system. This Life functions therefore in and through all the planetary schemes, with their kingdoms of forms, and with all that can be included (throughout our solar universe) under the phrase “form life”. That phrase itself contains three great and basic ideas: the ideas of life, of matter and of evolution.

Twenty-Four Books of Esoteric Philosophy a Treatise on the Seven Rays vol 1page 191


The idea of patterns and the idea of conditioning hold definite occult implications. The workers in this department of esoteric work deal primarily with the world of patterns which underlie all the activities of the Oversoul and the individual souls. Forget not that this term “individual souls” is but a limiting phrase, used by the separative mind to indicate the aspects of one reality.

Esoteric Philosophy a Treatise on the Seven Rays vol 2 page 29


We are, in reality, concerned with those basic trends and those innate tendencies in the divine expression which will ultimately bring about the manifestation of the Oversoul upon our planet.

Esoteric Philosophy a Treatise on the Seven Rays vol 2 p 112


These words indicate the urge to devaluate the unreal and the undesirable, to discipline the lower nature till those choices are readily and easily made which lead to the discarding of that which imprisons or impedes the soul. The major concepts are the definitely and carefully chosen way or procedure which will free the soul from the world of forms and identify it, first of all, with itself (thus freeing it from the world illusion), and then with the world of souls, which is the consciousness of the Oversoul.

Esoteric Philosophy a Treatise on the Seven Rays vol 2page 80

There are more quotes from Alice Bailey I could give, but lets move on and look at Madame H.P. Blavatsky and her belief and espousing of the concept of the oversoul.


Overview of Blavatsky’s teachings

The three fundamental propositions expounded in The Secret Doctrineare –[1]

  1. that there is an omnipresent, eternal, boundless, and immutable reality of which spirit and matter are complementary aspects;
  2. that there is a universal law of periodicity or evolution through cyclic change; and
  3. that all souls are identical with the universal oversoul which is itself an aspect of the unknown reality.


The fundamental identity of all Souls with the Universal Over-Soul… and the obligatory pilgrimage for every Soul—a spark of the former—through the Cycle of Incarnation (or ‘Necessity’) in accordance with Cyclic and Karmic law, during the whole term.” The individual souls are seen as units of consciousness (Monads) that are intrinsic parts of a universal oversoul, just as different sparks are parts of a fire. These Monads undergo a process of evolution where consciousness unfolds and matter develops. This evolution is not random, but informed by intelligence and with a purpose. Evolution follows distinct paths in accord with certain immutable laws, aspects of which are perceivable on the physical level. One such law is the law of periodicity and cyclicity; another is the law of karma or cause and effect.[

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy, pp. 274–275..Blavatsky


The three fundamental propositions in her book, The Secret Doctrine, represent a nineteenth century restatement of ancient ideas, coupled with a spiritual view of evolution. They propose:

  • An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless and Immutable Principle on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude
  • The Eternity of the Universe in toto as a boundless plane, periodically the playground of numberless Universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing
  • The fundamental identity of all Souls with the Universal Over-Soul


Dialogue with “Hidden Hand”, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

You have indeed ‘met’ with us (Lucifer) before, on many occasions. We have worked together on various Council and Confederation assignments. Use the gift of your ‘Dreamtime’ communications (which are important communications from your OverSoul, and many other Sources whereby information is “downloaded”) to ‘plug in’ to your inner data-bank. Begin recording everything you recall upon awaking, and do not give up on the process, even though it is hard at first. You will begin to slowly make sense of the information which is being “downloaded” into your subconscious mind.


Folks it should be abundantly clear that the concept of an oversoul is a New Age occult idea. I could have added many more quotes to affirm this, but I won’t. So when I see a “Christian” using this term, I have warning bells ring immediately. Having previously interviewed people like Carolyn Hamlett, a former Illuminist who had been assigned to infiltrate Christian churches with occult theology before she became a Christian, I know that there are luciferians who do infiltrate Christian circles. Perhaps there are also simply misguided Christians who also promote this concept, but who are not actually luciferians themselves? I don’t know. But I do know that it is not consistent with sound doctrine to add the concept of the oversoul into Christian theology.

The concept of the oversoul is intrinsically linked to the concept of reincarnation. The two beliefs are inseparable. Those who believe in an oversoul, also hold to some form of belief in reincarnation. Personally I do not enjoy pointing out people who promote unsound doctrine. I don’t enjoy feeling like I am attacking someone personally. If I can separate pointing out a false doctrine, from personally attacking someone who espouses a false doctrine, then that’s what I attempt to do. But I do believe it’s important for people to see what beliefs a popular person with a public profile has, when they are influencing many other people with false beliefs through their public persona. So I find myself in a position here that I do not enjoy, but know I must do. So here is one such example that needs to be pointed out. Please read the highlighted sections carefully, and compare them with the quotes of the Theosophists.

The examples in the images above, come from screenshots of a “How to Get Saved” page. Please read the highlighted sections, see how closely they resemble the quotes I shared from Alice Bailey and H.P. Blavatsky, and then decide whether you believe it to be an invitation to a Christian salvation, or the promotion of a different gospel, one that aligns more with New Age theosophy than with Christianity. The ideas of “Christ consciousness” and that of channeling information from “Ascended Masters” is an integral part of Bailey’s teachings. I must admit that I also wondered why Jan would include an Egyptian Hieroglyphic background into a page on Christian salvation. But that is what she has done. Not sure why she has done that, unless it’s to emphasize the mystic nature of the page.

Folks, you can make up your own minds as to whether or not you believe that the concept of the oversoul and reincarnation has any place in Christian doctrine. I do not believe that it does. Jan however does believe that they do. I have permission from Jan to make public an email discussion we had. Here is her last response (at this point) to my having sent her the quotes from Alice Bailey and Blavatsky etc. I have also included a pdf file below for anyone who may wish to read the entire email discourse between us. I will comment on this one point in her response here.



Since when does the Holy Spirit “possess” anyone? Demons possess people – not the Holy Spirit! ( that’s my response!)

Here is Jan’s last response to me in an email:


Bickering over terminology.  To say that we are all in Christ… that means we are literally all within the covering (“oversoul”) of Christ.

 Petty, petty, petty to say human aren’t even allowed to use common English words… as if most of the vocabulary is off limits because these occultists used all kinds of words…

 Ummm, all books are made of words.  The occultists wrote tons of books.  Sooooo… Can I never use any words ever written in their books?  Or are you saying I just can’t use the words that you and Joanie have deemed shall never be used again by humans?

 Petty, petty… that you bicker over terminology, knit-picking and missing the whole point.



 Why would that offend you?  Petty and ridiculous.  Just looking for ways to cause division and strife when there is no reason at all. 

 BTW… I’m not afraid to use words to describe concepts.  You guys won’t be able to twist me around into that useless legalism. 

 Even the Bible doesn’t say that we can never use words if an occultists ever used them in human history.  Where do you guys get this stuff? 

 It never says anything like that in the Bible.  You are writing your own religion… a religion you can use to attack your own brethren. 


 But I will not be subjugated to your rules and lists of “forbidden English words” that you fear and created for your new man-made religion.  I obey the Holy Bible.  I advise you to return to your First Love also, and stop with all the petty religious junk.


God bless you and yours!



Here is my last word on this. I am not here to try and make an enemy of Jan. I am not here to personally attack Jan. I am only concerned about exposing false doctrines. No one would be happier than I, if Jan would see that the doctrine of the oversoul is not Biblically sound, and nor is reincarnation.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Ephesians 5:11 King James Version (KJV)


The pdf file below for anyone who may wish to read the entire email discourse between us

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