Prophetic Dream – The Sign of the Final End

Prophetic Dream – The Sign of the Final End

By Joanie S.

Conclusion by Brook A. (September 2017)


On September 17, 2017, I was visited in a dream by the same heavenly representative that normally is present in the majority of the prophetic dreams given me by the Lord.

Once I woke, I immediately knew this was an urgent message/warning not only for myself, but also for the entire Body of Christ. This is one of the most outstanding warnings given to me about the End Times we are living in. It is a serious matter that we must take to the Lord in prayer, that He may give us the discernment to have the understanding of this sign when it arrives, lest we risk missing it or the deception that comes by missing it.


In my dream, I saw myself walking outside.  The heavenly representative was walking with me.  Immediately, a man came rushing up behind me, frantically crying out to me, “Wait! Wait!”  I turned around and his demeanor was that of great alarm.  His expression was of intense fear.  He said to me, “Listen to me! This is the sign I need to show you that when you see it, you will know that we are at the final end!”  For some reason, I became distracted, turned away from him, and continued walking.

Again, I heard the man quickly walking up from behind me, frantically crying out again, “Please, Please stop! I have the sign I need to show you, that when you see it, you will know that we are at the final end!”  Yet again, I was distracted for some reason, turned away, and continued walking.

Finally, the third time, the man came up behind me shouting, “Stop! Please stop! Listen to me!” He then lunged from behind me, grabbed me by my shoulder, and swung me around.  He was powerfully serious, frustrated with me, and had a type of angry look upon his face because I was not taking him seriously. I also noticed there was a tremendous grief within his warning, as if the Lord was pronouncing a “Woe”.

He said with a strong, stern, and loud voice, “Listen to me! This is important and you MUST know it!  Watch me!  When you see this sign made, then you will know that we are at the final end!”

It is important to stress what I saw in the man’s countenance was a righteous anger, not an anger deemed “sinful”. This righteous anger was on account of my continued distraction, and treating his warning with disdain, as I continued on my own way the two previous times. I gave him no choice but to physically grab me in order that I pay close attention that this was unlike any other sign I have seen previously.

I stood there realizing that he was trying to warn me in all desperation, and that the warning was critical and urgent.  He stood there, and with his index finger, he pointed to both of his shoulders and then downward.

He said, “Did you see that? You need to recognize the sign!”  I said to him. “That looks like sign of the cross!  After I said that, the man was silent, but remained looking terrified. 

I want to add that I was not the only one he was warning like a Watchman crying out at the top of his voice. At the beginning of the dream, I saw him shouting out these same words to others all around me, as loud as he could. He grabbed them in the same manner as he grabbed me because they were also not listening to him. None took him seriously, remaining distracted as they continued to walk onward.  

The End


I think knowing that the Lord would never try to teach us as Born Again Christians to do the Catholic “sign of the cross”, was a powerful warning given in triplet – the number of divinity.  I did not receive it as the man trying to teach me to do the sign of the cross, but to watch out for it.  

I believe this is indicative of a vital, strong warning to keep our eyes on what the Vatican is doing.  Whatever it is, it is going to be what marks the sign of the final end. The fact that no one was listening to the man, as well as myself, was evident that God has got to show us something we would never pay too much attention to… to the extent that when it will happen, we will not only overlook it, but also be unaware of that moment marking a critical moment of the final end.

The way the man was shouting, running to people, grabbing them all with such frustrated, grieved, fearful emotion in righteous anger, reveals that when this sign happens, it will be the mark of something very bad…something that will mark a change in life as we know it.

Now, we know that a million people make the sign of the cross every day all over the world.  Yet, as I mentioned earlier, it was not about teaching me how to do that sign. It will be the sign that you and I need to pray and ask the Lord about daily – that He will open our eyes to it at the precise moment that He is warning us about.  I spoke to Sean about this, and he also had some great insight, which made total sense.  

If you have any other insights, feel free to let me know.


Joanie S.


The Lord many times will reveal extra interpretation or messages to give to you when Joanie explains her dreams to me. This was no exception. What the Lord made clear is that the people within the dream are His people… Believers. This is why Joanie was included as one who was also distracted and did not take the man’s warnings seriously. She represents us as a whole.

Though the heavenly representative was next to Joanie, he was silent in this dream. The representative’s presence alone confirms not only its importance, but also from where the warning originated and by whom. This way, there is no mistaking it as a warning from the Throne Room.

The man represents a “Watchman” here on earth to spread the warning and sound the alarm of what is to come; and like many of the Watchmen of today, their warnings are short-lived, overlooked, and not taken seriously or quickly forgotten. Christians have turned away from listening to many Watchmen because some have given the same warnings repeatedly – for years in some cases. The church Body begins mumbling and saying, “He has been saying this same thing for years and nothing has happened”. We have all heard this or have even contributed to it.

However, JUST as the Watchmen will continue to repeat the warnings because they know it is urgent and this is their obligation, the man in the dream did not succumb to all who rejected his cries. He also specifically called it “the sign”, rather than “a sign”.

We are now seeing what many viewed as “crying wolf” from Watchmen come to pass. What my response has been to those who have stopped listening to the cries of certain Watchmen is simple. Look within the Bible to see how many years the great Prophets of old warned that the Messiah would enter this world!

CENTURIES passed before it came to fruition in some cases; yet, just as they repeatedly warned, the Messiah did arrived! God stepped out of eternity and into time in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. Suddenly, the Word was made flesh to dwell among us. God is not on the same timetable as us. He calculates time completely different. A day is like one-thousand years, and one-thousand years like a day with God, but we become impatient and stop seeking out His plan.

We also see in the New Testament, the cries from His disciples, and Jesus Himself warning of His “soon” return. This warning began over 2000 years ago; therefore, are we to ignore it and turn our backs saying, “Oh, they have been saying this forever and it still has not arrived?” Remember, when they cry peace and safety…suddenly!

The blatant disregard for the warning to His Body indicates that WHEN this sign is announced, or made known from the Vatican, if we do NOT take this seriously and go to the Lord every day to ask Him to give us discernment and revelation of it when it arrives, we as Believers will MISS IT.

If we ignore the warning in this dream and do not take it to the Lord, He showed me something else that will happen. We will see and hear it as something important, but we will view it as “typical news” for a very brief time. We will then quickly forget about it, and continue on our way until the next news event arises – just as we consistently do now. Please heed the warning, and do not allow the many distractions or your busy lives keep you from praying about this.

As mentioned, the number 3 means “Divinity”. In some cases, it can also mean “completion or finality” (As in the sign of the final end). It took the man three times to finally get Joanie’s full attention and take him seriously, and he had to force her to do so. This is a strong message my friends because when the time comes, God will not be here to physically demand our attention.

We see that confirmation on a matter from the Lord will come in two or three witnesses:

This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established”. ~ 2 Corinthians 13:1

This is crucial because the Lord revealed to me when He gave us the first witness of this coming sign. On December 17, 2016, we published a show where a 16-year-old unsaved boy had an open vision of the Great Tribulation to come. This is one of the most detailed open vision’s we have heard to date. [David does accept Christ as his Savior at end of the vision as heard in the show].

Please understand that this boy spoke of subject matter, which he had never heard of previously. This is a raw, detailed account of events to come and some subject matter may be disturbing to the listener. I do not recommend for children under 13, unless in the company of and adult and they have an in depth knowledge of the events as found in the book of Revelation.

Within the vision, David spoke of a great War to come… a world war and what he saw occur in that war. Below is an excerpt from the typed transcription that can be found in full at David is speaking to his Uncle Jose in the excerpt.

Here is the first confirmation of “the sign” that will come from the Catholics; the second we just received through this dream. Please note that when we published this, we left a disclaimer that David was not referring to the first word coming from those who practice Catholicism, but rather from their leader, the Pope/Vatican. I also left a link below to hear the show in full from our You Tube channel.

David: There is going to be something worse after the war. There is not going to be anyone that is going to win. People will claim victory, but it is not going to be victory. It is not going to be for fighting for good or bad. It is just going to be killing. Just to kill. People are just going to start killing to kill. Not even to survive. They are just going to kill for the satisfaction of killing. Like a sport.

David: Beware of the Catholics.

Jose: Beware of the Catholics? Why?

David: The first word will come from them.

Jose: Oh, wow! What do you mean by that, Papi?

David: The first word of war will come from them. They will claim its peace, but it is just corruption.

Jose: I know. You are fine. Oh my, Papi.

David: Ahh! It is all corruption.

Notice that David states that they will claim it is PEACE, yet it is only corruption. I have no doubt that the dream given to Joanie directly correlates with what David saw so clearly and vividly, and also warned us about. This dream, along with this open vision, was given for us to take seriously and as a great warning. As always, take this directly to the Lord in prayer and not just by our words.

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened” that you may clearly recognize the sign of the final end ~ Ephesians 1:17-18a

Brook A.

Source: A Minute to Midnite

A 16 year Boy’s Vision Of The Great Tribulation Recorded Live – Amazing Audio! (Episode 086):