Out Of The Abyss

Obama coming out of the Abyss.

The seed of the serpent.

  Notes for Ep-024 Justice Dies -Antichrist Rise- Carolyn Hamlett- Matt.S – J.Stahl

By Matt.S

Carolyn Hamlett had a dream where she saw a very evil Obama coming out of a pit in the earth. This dream disturbed her a great deal. So what is happening with all the dreams and visions/prophecies people are receiving about Obama being the antichrist or at the very least a significant and evil leader in the last days.

If you were to compare Obama with the qualifications of the antichrist/beast he may fulfill some of those things but he would certainly come up short in other areas.

There at least 10 attributes that the Antichrist will have here are some of them.

So now “reaching for our tin foil hats” what are some of the possibilities that could see someone like Obama fulfill the role of antichrist/the beast and how could this be linked to scripture.

(Please folks, you need to do your own research on this material being presented here and come to your own conclusions as a lot of it is speculative)

So we know that a “beast” is going to come out of the earth as described in Revelation 13:11 (this sounds a bit like Carolyn’s dream)

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

There are some scriptures that indicate that satan has his own seed line in the same way that there is the “seed of the woman” mentioned in Genesis 3 that is the bloodline that leads to Jesus.

When the word “seed” is mentioned in Genesis 3 but what exactly does this word mean? Put simply I believe that this has some genetic implications, in other words it is possible that satan has his own seed or bloodline. It would seem that satan attempted to pollute the bloodline from Adam to Mary (Jesus mother) at every opportunity and almost succeeded in destroying God’s way for mankind to have redemption. God destroyed all living creatures in a flood except for Noah his family and a select group of animals. Genesis 6:9 refers to Noah as “perfect in his generations” My belief is that God found Noah genetically uncorrupted. Genesis 6:11-12 uses the word “corrupt” three times to describe how God viewed what was happening on Earth. I think He may be giving us a large triple hint.

Something interesting to note here is that God did not offer at any stage time for redemption for the rest of mankind, there was no warning to repent, God simply told Noah to build an Ark. What would be so corrupt that God just needed to destroy it all? Genesis 6:4 may give us a clue as to what could have happened. This verse describes the “sons of God” coming to the “daughters of men” and having “offspring” or mighty men/men of renown. The passage also describes there being giants (King James translation) or nephilim (Genesis 6:4 NASB)

I do not subscribe to the “Sethite theory” and I believe these “sons of God” were fallen angels. (a discussion for another time)

So back to the “seed”. It would appear that satan was doing at least several things here. He was attempting to “corrupt” the “seed of the woman” (Adamic bloodline through to Mary mother of Jesus) and to corrupt “ALL” of God’s creation and make it in his own image. It would appear that satan had his own agenda to create his own bloodline and version of creation.

It would appear that satan was at it again after the flood also and had polluted the promised land of Israel with his offspring in an attempt to thwart God’s plan. How do we know this? There are some biblical clues for this also. Nimrod son of Cush became a “mighty one” or gibbor in the Hebrew, the same use of the word “mighty” as in Genesis 6:4 . He was also a might hunter before the Lord or also translated as against the Lord (Genesis 10:9). Had Nimrod in some way become nephilim? His offspring and lineage (the Canaanites) certainly gave the children of Israel a lot of trouble. He was also credited with founding Babel and the Babylonian system. He was regarded as the first type of an antichrist figure.

Another odd thing occurs when God commands Moses to send spies into what is called the land of Canaan and they bring back this fascinating report as recorded in Numbers 13:30-33. The spies reported men of gigantic stature and strength who were also cannibals. God commands Joshua to wipe out these tribes to the last. How could this be, was there no redemption for them? Was there some genetic abomination that God wanted removed so that there would be no chance of contamination. Of interest is that some of these people escaped extermination and gave Israel grief years later, it is thought that their descendants may well be doing the same today.

(Just as an aside and a little rabbit trail deviation, the Canaanites were cannibals and worshipped Baal, CanaaniBaal maybe? I don’t know however it is an interesting play on words though)

So biblically speaking giants were not uncommon, Goliath (1 Samuel 17:4-7) Goliath was over 9 feet tall (and he had brothers), Og of Bashan (Deuteronomy 3:1-11) was possibly around 13 feet tall. These were big guys, how many 9 to 13 foot men do you see today? The world’s tallest man stands at 8 feet 3 inches and has a condition called pituitary gigantism that has caused his great height.

So where are all these giants? There have been many reports of giant skeletons being unearthed all over the world however there is no evidence of these remains in any public museums. Where have they gone and why have they been taken from the Public domain? Is there something genetically that might be obtained from them? Has this been done deliberately to hide the biblical truth?

So what does this all have to do with Obama, the seed, the Antichrist, satanic bloodlines, nephilim and end of the age (last days)

“We shall now secure our tin foil hats a little more firmly on our heads.”

What is it going to take for Obama to be “the” Antichrist and not just an antichrist? (Of which there will be many of the little “a” antichrists 1 John2:18)

He certainly has some of the qualifications, he is arrogant and he has little or no regard for the law and makes up his own laws as he goes along, he is a world leader, he seems to be very much a stranger to the truth at times but he has a long way to go to really fulfill the role of “the” Antichrist.

So how could this be possible for him to become the Antichrist?

“Buckle up tight folks”

There is a part of the verse Daniel 2:43 which is fascinating and mysterious in what it means. It says;

As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.”

What!!!!!……. Well the seed of men seems to be reasonably straightforward, but who or what is “they”. “They” will “mingle”. If “they” are not the seed of men then they must be something different. I am not going to reinvent the wheel other than to say that Doug Hamp does an excellent breakdown of this and his explanation of “they” is that “they” are likely fallen angels and this is also my belief. (URL provided)


Okay so if you have fallen angelic beings mixing themselves with men to produce hybrids, what will you get? Angelic beings appear to have much greater abilities than we mere mortals in our fallen state. The bible speaks clearly and often about angelic abilities. The fallen angels of Genesis 6 produced giants and mighty men and if you read non canonical (but referred to in the bible) books such as the book of Enoch give very detailed accounts of the fallen angels and their offspring.

It appears that satan has been doing some serious meddling in the affairs of men for quite some time and some of that meddling has been of a genetic nature. We know from Revelation that he is going to install his own man the beast or Antichrist and have a false satanic trinity (satan, the beast and the false prophet).

In recent years there has been a massive upsurge in the science around genetics, artificial intelligence, machine/human interface and the quest for immortality. There also has been a drive to consider improving the fallen human condition, freeing ourselves from disease, making ourselves stronger, faster, more intelligent, more attractive and so on. In a nutshell it’s called transhumanism.

Cloning has also been a topic of discussion for some decades now.

So let’s just launch into a few speculative possibilities here. What if Obama is satan’s man? What are we going to need to do get him to be the Antichrist? He is going to need a satanic makeover.

Ever heard of CRISPR Cas9? This a gene editing tool that you can purchase now for a few hundred dollars. So you may be able to alter your own DNA in the comfort of your own home!

Just say (thinking very fancifully here) that post his presidency Obama becomes head of the UN and someone decides to assassinate him with a mortal gunshot wound to the head. The fallen cherub may decide to miraculously heal Obama, maybe he has a clone waiting or maybe he will apply some of the CRISPR Cas9 technology. Maybe he will transfer Obama’s consciousness to a machine to await transfer to a new body. The ancient Egyptians used to mummify there Pharaohs in order to preserve them (for what) it is speculated that they knew that it may be possible at some stage to regenerate preserved tissue. Obama has been likened to some of the images of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Is it possible that a new spirit being will possess and inhabit Obama’s body? Is this what Carolyn saw coming up out of the earth/pit?

Whatever the scenario I hope you are beginning to see that satan and his minions are finite and limited. They may have vastly superior knowledge and technological knowhow but they need physical resources to conduct their activity and play out their nefarious plan.

Another thing to consider is that anyone who takes the mark of the beast will no longer be able to be redeemed, is it possible that this is a genetic alteration that may make people nephilim?