Prophetic Dream – Israel’s New National Flag; The Sound of the Last Trump is Upon Us

Last Trumpet picture

By Joanie Stahl June 2016

On May 30, 2016, I had a dream that I feel through much thought and prayer, needs to be revealed. It is full of imagery and obvious signs that we have a very short time left. I will comment on the details of the dream after you have read it below


In my dream, I saw myself standing in the living room of my house. It was night. I was dressed and waiting for people that I knew were to come by and pick me up. I knew that we were going to dinner.

I am not a night person, so I was wondering why I had accepted this invitation. However, I did not feel too bad about it because at that time, it was still early evening, although the sun had already fully gone down.

As time marched on, I kept waiting for my friends to come and pick me up. Nevertheless, it kept getting later and later. In fact, at one point, it was so late, I was ready to give up on them and to not go at all; but I remember thinking that I did not want to miss out on that dinner even if it was late.

I looked at the clock one last time and it was now very late. Instead of sitting around waiting, I arose and went into a back room. As I walked in, I noticed a big cardboard box sitting on a table.

I walked up to it, opened the box, and looked inside. I started pulling out an assortment of Jewish decorations for the holidays. One item after another, I continued pulling more & more out of the box.  I then decided that I would start decorating the room to give me something to do while waiting.

After some time, I pulled out a flag. I held it in my hand and gave it a good look. I had never seen this flag before, but I knew beyond a shadow of all doubt that I was holding in my hand the new national flag of Israel. It was white with royal blue trim and thick gold fringe. I noticed that it had an image on the front and on the back. On one side was an image of a lion, while on the other side was an image of a cross with green trees or some kind of foliage around it. 

I thought I should go ahead and hang it up, but then declined because I knew that Israel’s national flag looked nothing like this one. Rather, their flag had been the same since Israel became an independent nation. I figured I should not put it up because Israel was still using their original one. I was about to put it back into the box, when suddenly I heard a voice say to me, “Go ahead and put the flag up.” Therefore, I found a stand for it and placed the flag on it.

Once the decorations were complete, I stopped and thought to myself, “What holiday am I decorating for?” Then I heard the same voice say, “You are decorating for Passover.” I began to feel an incredible joy enter into my being. I stood back to admire that room with all of its entire festive decor. However, I knew that it was not Passover. Passover had already taken place on April 22, 2016. Still, I was very excited.

I then left that room and went back into the living room, only to realize that it also needed decorating. Even though I thought I had used up all the decorations, I walked back to the room where the box was located. Reaching down into it, I found a golden Menorah. I walked back into the living room and placed it on a table against the wall; strangely enough, Jews do not use the Menorah for Passover. The Menorah is for a different High Holy day. I returned to look into the box, and found what seemed to be a string of lights. I hung them on the wall above the Menorah. They covered the wall in the shape of a rainbow, and all the colors were that of a rainbow.

While standing back to admire the display, the man that visits me in the majority of my dreams was suddenly standing next to me. He handed me a trumpet. I had never taken a trumpet out of the box, and neither had he. He had brought that trumpet and just handed it to me. I took it and studied it. It was white and simple, the kind known as a coronet used for coronations. I noticed that there was a space on the wall beneath the rainbow of lights and the Menorah, so that is where I hung it. As I looked at it, I knew that I was looking at the last trump.

The people that were supposed to come and pick me up never arrived, but it appeared I was still ready to go for when they did show up, regardless of the late hour.

Then I awoke.


In the beginning of my dream, it was early evening, even though it was already dark out. My invitation to dinner, as far as I knew, was going to be with good friends. It was a dinner I did not want to miss out on, even though I never like going out after dark.

The sitting around and waiting and waiting showed me that there was no set time that they were coming to get me. I just had to be ready. I struggled with canceling, but I kept on arriving at the decision continue to wait.

At one point, I looked at the clock and it was then very late. In fact, it was so late that it was at the mark of being too late to go out to a dinner. As I grew tired of waiting around, I got up and went into another room. This was because I did not want to sit around idly. I thought that I would perhaps try to do something while I waited.

The box in the back room was filled up with Jewish decorations for two of the High Holy days. This was completely unexpected. I opened the box not knowing what I would find. I opened it out of pure curiosity. As I took out the decorations, I felt that they were placed there for me to set them out. The more I began doing it, the more excitement and thrill filled my heart and mind. There was such an enthusiasm about it.

I began wondering what I was actually decorating for, and the voice that said, “It’s for Passover”, and being that Passover had already taken place is that it represents the first great deliverance for the Israelites out of bondage to slavery out of Egypt. Which is also a type and shadow of the deliverance of the Church out of the earth which is still future.

The multi-colored string of lights in the shape of a rainbow and colors of the rainbow means one thing – His glory! It could mean His angelic hosts, or perhaps the Noahic Covenant. However, I really think it pertains to His glory. “As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.” Ezekiel 1:28.

The golden Menorah found next and placed on a table against a wall, represents two things. First, it represents the Lord Jesus Christ in Old Testament imagery. The Golden Lamp Stand was set upon a table to give light within the temple night and day. The Golden Lamp Stand now represents Jesus Christ in His priestly office at this time. (Hebrews 4:14-16).  Also, the fact that I was told to decorate for Passover, and now having a Menorah set out which is for Chanukah (Hanukkah), speaks loud and clear as each are two separate and different High Holy days. 

Interestingly, both High Holy days represent a great deliverance. Passover is indicative of great deliverance from bondage with great celebration. In the same manner, Chanukah is a celebration of God’s faithfulness and deliverance in that the holy Temple and the priesthood were restored back to Israel following the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C. These both speak of great liberation. To have not only the decorations displayed for Passover (which already occurred April 22), but also the Menorah set up (a winter celebration that has not happened yet this year), makes it all the more provocative. This year Chanukah is December 24 – January 1, 2017. I am not setting any dates and neither should anyone. Be that as it may, these two holidays are significant in that both signify great deliverances that have been commanded by God to be observed forever.

The man that handed me the trumpet is normally in the majority of my dreams. In my opinion, he is some form of heavenly representative. The fact that the trumpet did not come out of the box, but straight from his hand, means it is heavenly. It appeared with the man out of nowhere.  Its white color signifies purity. Moreover, as I held it in my hand, I looked up at the wall and noticed a space below the arc of lights and the Menorah. I hung them up in this space. In my dream, I realized that this trump was indeed the last trump. Upon thinking of why the man handed me the trumpet to be the very last item hung up, it became obvious to me that all was in place – the time is now. In addition, recalling how I stood staring and marveling at it, eludes a sense of responsibility. Because it was the last and final item handed to me, I know there can be no excuses in paying attention to the final, closing minutes of this Church Age.

There is undoubtedly great significance of this dream. We are all aware of the wrath of the Lamb and His judgments that are coming quickly upon this earth due to thousands of significant dreams so many are having all over the world. Yet, what really stood out to me was the fact that the extreme lateness of the hour did not bring me distress, but rather a heavenly call from God to now begin to rejoice; to now begin to prepare for great celebration of the deliverance of the Church, and the onset of the One Thousand Year Millennial Reign. This is to erect His glorious Kingdom, and to establish Jerusalem as the epi-center of His Throne of Righteousness. It is to promote the Jews as “the Chief of Nations.” (Jeremiah 30:7).

The new national flag I saw, and instructed not to put away, (even though the original flag is still being used), means that is how very near we are. It was to be displayed “now.” In other words, it is as good as done. The double-sided flag had the face of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the other side was a cross with greenery of some type of tree. This represented the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has conquered upon the Cross, and the greenery speaks of life – new land, Immanuel’s land!

In not being given any specific time I was to be picked up for dinner, along with it being a dinner I could not miss, even due to the lateness of the hour, symbolized something of great importance. In my opinion, this represented that the time of the sound of the Last Trump was very near, and the departure to heaven is for the Great Supper of the Lamb. This is most certainly an engagement we do not want to miss.


It is difficult to put into words the exceedingly great joy I was filled with inside this dream. We do not know the day nor the hour, but we are commanded to know the seasons.

Shalom to all, and to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.