No Flat Earth – It can’t be flat!

Earth. Flat or a sphere?


I used to live by the ocean at Otaki Beach. If I was on the beach, on most days if I looked westward or north west, all I could see was the ocean as far as the eye can see. Just Ocean > horizon > sky. However on handful of particularly clear days each year, if I looked out to sea right out on the horizon, I could see what could appears to be two islands. They are 170 miles ( 275 km) apart from each other, sticking out above the ocean. One of them out at sea in the west (further away), and a larger one on the northwest, appearing to arise from the ocean. Except that they are actually not islands at all. They are in fact mountains ( one is over 8,000 ft tall, and the other is over 9,000 ft tall) and are they are on the same North Island of NZ on which I was standing on the beach. One is Mount Egmont (Taranaki) ( the more west one), and the other is Mount Ruapehu ( more to the North West), and they are well over a hundred miles  ( over 200 km) away from the beach where I was standing. But they appear to be across the sea, because the land curves. Only the higher parts of the mountains are visible over the ocean. Ok granted they are often covered in snow, which can make them stand out more. But on one of them in particular ( Ruapehu), in the summer when the snow level is higher, you can still see parts of the mountain below the snow level. Both of these mountains are actually quite well inland, and are not actually near the sea at all. On no days ever, can I see any of the land that is closer to me, and that is between me and the two mountains, though the North Island curves around so there actually is land there. All I could see between me and the mountains is ocean. If the earth was flat,  I should be able to see the land that lies closer to me than these two inland mountains? But I can’t…ever. And these mountains are a long way apart from each other( 170 miles or 275 km). If the earth is globe it makes perfect sense not to be able to see land between the two mountains, or between me and the mountains, because the lower level land would lie below the horizon due to the earth’s curvature. That is why it is only the higher level mountains that stick out above the curve, that can be seen, and look like islands across the sea. To me right there it debunks the flat earth theory! Look at a map of the North island of NZ that  I have included which shows you what I am saying.

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