A New Global Currency and Church Oblivious to Approaching Storm – Prophetic Dream

                                        By Joanie Stahl April 2018


In my dream, I saw myself at home.  It was an average day and nothing special was happening.  Just then the phone rang and it was a friend who lived nearby who invited me to come over and visit.  I wondered about that, seeing that I had no idea that she had moved there.  That was a surprise to me because I have known her for nearly all my life.

NOTE:  What I am about to describe about this friend is in no way negative.  I love her very much and she is a sister in the Lord.  I am only describing things about her. 

I can tell you that this friend is very well off and has everything most people will never have.  I am not saying her life is perfect, but nothing is held back from her.  Money is no object.  We were never best friends, or even close friends, but still friends at any rate.  Which makes sense why I would not know that she moved near to me.

Now back to the dream….

I marveled that she only lived half a block from me, so close that I could walk there.  I then walked over to her home.  As soon as I arrived I noticed that her house was near the ocean, and just steps away from the sand.  

I saw that her house was a very beautiful, elegant coastal cottage.  I went through a gate, and walked up to her door and knocked.  She then opened the door and invited me in, and then left the room.

I was not sure why at first because she is the one that invited me over.  As I waited for her to return for a visit, I looked around her living room and kitchen.  Her home was gorgeously decorated with very expensive furniture, lighting, art and costly decorations.  Very beautiful.

Then suddenly, she appeared back into the dining room area where I was standing and waiting to visit with her.  Instead, she had her purse on and was in a big hurry to leave.  She told me that she could not stay to visit, and that she was in a rush.  Then invited me to stay if I liked.

I replied to her that if she was leaving then so would I also, because I was not comfortable just being in a house of someone that invited me over, only for them to immediately leave.  She walked out of the house, got into her car and quickly drove away.  I then walked out of the house as well to start walking back to my home.

I walked out of the gate to the outside of the fence, then walked out onto the sand.  I wanted to take a look at the sea.  The beach was vast and deserted with no one there.  

Also a storm was coming and it was going to be a fierce one.  I knew this because it got very windy, the kind that starts up radically beforehand.  The sand started kicking up.  I saw the ocean getting very choppy.  I noticed to the right, and far off in the distance, were a group of people coming my way walking on the beach.

Being that no one else was on the beach, made their being out on the beach more notable.  

I thought that I would start walking home, but before I did, I looked down for a second at the ground, and saw something shiny and gold sticking out of the sand.

I squatted down and pulled it out of the sand, and it was a huge disc like gold coin.  It was so big and it was, in a sense, totally strange.  Strange because what coin in the world is this size?   In every way it was a real coin, and why it was so big, I did not understand.  

It had two circles within the outer circle.  I noticed that there was an image in the center of it.  It appeared to be some sort of animal with a rider on it.  It had to be at least 10 inches in diameter.  I wondered why it was so big?  What did this mean?

I looked back down again and saw more shiny gold scattered in the sand.

I placed the large gold coin under my arm.  I stuck my hand right in the sand like a sifter, and my hand was full of all kinds of different  gold coins.  I started pulling pieces of the coins out one by one to get a good look at them, and each one was diverse from another.  I did not understand.

Every coin was solid gold, and from a different country.  I looked down again and saw more gold in the sand. They were all different in appearance.  They were all round.  Some not perfectly round, just different and with different images.   Some were thin, and small, or even smaller.  While others were bigger, more polished and detailed.

 I stuck my other hand in the sand and again, and pulled out another handful of coins.  The more I kept sticking my hands in, the more gold coins there were.  I realized that there was no end, and that as long as I would have kept doing so, the coins would still appear.  

I looked back down one more time and I could see that the sand now was full of gold coins sticking out of the sand.  Also, that they were now more so sticking out of the sand, when before I had to stick my hand in to pull them out. 

I knew without a doubt, that these were all New World currencies of every foreign nation.  Yet I wondered why they were here in ourland? Why were they inoursand? And why from every nation on earth?  I started feeling nervous.  I looked up and now saw the people coming nearer to me.

I stood up holding the palms of my hands together to accommodate the gold I was holding.  The people were now walking past me, but not even looking at me at all.  Rather, not even noticing that I was standing there holding two handful’s of solid gold coins.  

I again, marveled at that because I thought, “How can anyone walk by someone holding handful’s of gold and not notice?”  Plus I was the only one on the beach, and they had to walk past me.

It was as if they did not even see me at all, and I might as well have been invisible.  I saw that all those people were going to the house I just came from.  I then heard my friend’s car pull up and she got out of her car in a hurry, holding bags of groceries and from what I could see, things for a party. 

She placed the bags down on a table outside in the patio, and started pulling out party decorations, and started placing them all around the patio, and hanging things from the patio cover.  

All those people that walked past me were going to her party.  All of which had expressions on their faces gleeful focus only on the party, seeing nothing else.  Which seemed in contrast to my holding two handful’s of coins.  I mean who ever has hands full of solid gold coins standing around?  They were much too excited to go to her party and nothingelse mattered.

Another thing I wondered about was the strangeness of people going to party at a time when a fierce storm was about to slam down at any moment.  I thought, “Who plans a party outdoors when a bad storm is coming, and still follows through with it when its clearly already blasting?”  

Not knowing what to do now with all the coins, I walked over to her into the patio and said, “Look at what I found!  All of these coins were right in the sand in front of your house!”  She paid no attention to me, and did not even bother to stop decorating to look at all the gold I was holding in my hands.  I suppose I felt that perhaps they are hers and I wanted to tell her.

She was too busy however, and it did not matter to her one bit, only getting her party started.  Why she was in a hurry I could not figure out.  She completely ignored me, so I left.

I walked away, and went back out of the gate and I thought, “Even though I have found these gold coins, and seeing that she does not want them, neither do I.”  I did not feel that I wanted to keep them so I cast them back down to the ground and left.   I wanted nothing to do with them at all!

Before I started walking back home, I looked and saw all those people now filling up her patio laughing and talking, and the storm was intensifying.  Then I thought, “How strange that she invited me over to her home, and never once stayed to talk, then left me there.  

Yet now, here she is having a party and I was never invited.”  Yet, at the same time I thought that I really did not want to go to that party with those people, and just wanted to get a way and go home.

Not to mention, the storm was now gaining great force and power, the wind now whipping and the clouds darkening and rolling.

Then I turned away and started walking back to my home.

End of Dream


The beginning of my dream sets up the time we are all living in right now in the present.  It is basically life as usual.  “It was an ordinary day.”  The friend I mentioned represents those of the church during this last part of the Church Age.

Notice, though I have known this person most of my life, it was as if we were mostly only acquaintances all along.  Her home being gorgeous, and elaborately decorated with the finest of every thing, and my knowing she was well off, reveals the Laodicean last days church era we are now in.

I am not saying having nice things, and living in expensive homes is bad, nor am I discrediting anyone who does, or who is well off.  I happen to know many loving, powerful Christian’s that are very wealthy, and they do very much for the Lord and they are precious.

I feel that I need to make that clear, as many people that are well off might take it the wrong way.  This is not directed to you if you are reading this.  This is what the Lord used for allegory.  I do not question what He wants to use.  

Now, back to the interpretation.

My going to her home for a visit, only for her to leave as soon as I got there shows that there is no love in the body of Christ.  Her home represented the present church system.  There was no talking, no visiting, no fellowship. Nothing.  

My being offered to stay knowing she was leaving was a very cold, and empty inhospitable feeling.  I felt weird, it was awkward, awful and totally uncomfortable.  Like I was intruding and I felt sad.

When I went out of her house and saw the group of people in the distance walking towards me, did not make sense.  It was not normal because the storm was rapidly increasing, and no one in their right mind would be on a beach at that time like that.  No one.

The part where I saw a big gold coin in the sand was puzzling to me.  After all that is obviously nothing normal.  I want to stop again and make a note of something here.

In all my dreams and visions, whenever God over emphasizes something, it is for one purpose.  It is to get my focused attention on it.  I mean, not just to glance at it, but to really look intently on it, and take it in.

The size of the first huge disc like gold coin was to set precedence for the rest of the coins to follow.  The image on it was some sort of animal with a rider on it, and was in our (America) sand.  I believe that is the Lord’s way of showing me to pay attention to the start of new currencies with a sense of warning.

I am not sure who it was on the animal, but it strikes me easily as “The Woman Who Rides the Beast,” in Revelation 17:1-18.  When I continued to dig my hands in the sand, only to find more and more gold coins, all in different sizes, and some oddly shaped, with different images is evident.  It looks like there is going to be a total global currency exchange.

I knew that  each one was from a different country or nation right away.  The fact that they began to multiply greatly no matter how many times I kept digging them out shows the rapid increase and success of these coming new global multi-national currencies .  Nothing will stop it.

The fact that I was experiencing this on American soil, literally in the sand, means that we are going to be the big players in the beginning.  I think that the image establishes that this is a One World currency, because it was seen first on the huge coin, and the littler coins followed after.  

I do remember now as I am writing this, that the different size of the coins represented the size and wealth of each nations they represented.

The smaller, thinner, and rougher looking the coins meant the poorer the nations,  The bigger, thicker, more polished coins meant the wealthier the nations.  I knew that in my dream right away.

There was a sense of fear because I knew that something in a sense, scary was happening.

The group of people that came near me, and had to pass by me, that did not even so much as look at me represent the Laodicean Church.  They were completely oblivious to my holding two handful’s of gold coins.  They walked just inches away from me with only their eyes fixed with glee on the house I had come from.

They were oblivious to the wind now whipping, and the storm getting worse.  Nothing made sense in terms of normal.  Because they are not aware, nor want to be aware of the time that we are now living in.  Neither are they interested in anything else, though they are literally in the very beginnings of the fiercest storm to hit our world.

My friend who came home in hurry who had purchased food and party supplies and was decorating her patio, represents again, the Church and what is only important to them. The contrast of a fierce storm rapidly approaching, and decorating for an outdoor party sharply reveals how dead they are to what is coming.   

The people filling up her patio were her “invited guests.”  On the other hand, I was invited for some strange visit in the beginning only to be abandoned, and still not invited to the party at the end.  Because we have NOTHING in common, and we do not know each other. 

The friend and “her house” represent the False Bride Church full of wealth, pomp and prestige.  I on the other hand represented the True Bride Church.  I do not say that to make myself anything at all.  It is just how I saw it.  Notice, I and my friend, knew each other, but there was no love, no communion, or fellowship though we had known each other practically a life time.  

I was not invited to “her” party but ignored.  

The group of people did not even look at me, nor recognize me at all.  Their hearts and eyes were fixed on having a party.  I did not recognize them either.  Nor did I want to be with them.  They were complete strangers to me and I to them.

My showing my friend the gold coins I found right out front of her house, and not even looking, again shows they want nothing to do with anything outside their social, country club-like church life style.  They do not want anything that is what they call ‘negative’ to disrupt them.

The casting away of the coins to the ground and my not wanting them, shows that the True Bride Church does not find her value in the gold of this earth, but only in the riches of Christ Jesus. the things that are eternal.

My wanting to go “my home,” represents the Church of the True Bride, where I felt most comfortable, and happy to go to.  


Additional Note

I believe that what Joanie has described in this dream is a new global digital currency. It will eventually assimilate all other currencies into it. It will probably be based on Block Chain technology. Additional thoughts and interpretations of some aspects of her dream, are given by Mike of Onpoint Preparedness, and myself in the following video. I believe this to be a very significant prophetic dream. The discussion on this topic begins at approximately 39:40 in the video. I suggest that readers of this article should take the time to listen to this.

Tony K