Prophetic Dream – Mark of the Beast Nears


By Sean H (June 2016)

On June 4, 2016, I received a dream from the Lord revealing events to come. There have been many dreams given since May 25th that tie into this article that gave me confirmation throughout the entire dream. Please know I am not important in any way throughout this dream, we as believers are the focus.


Throughout the entire dream, the setting was during the night and extremely dark with an ominous moonlight illuminating the sky. The contrast kept me on high alert.

I was at my home debating whether or not I should go into town for supplies after conversing with my friend, as other believers were surrounding us listening in. It was like my home was a place of refuge for believers. However, I felt this sense of wariness because our way of life was not the same. My good friend had a yellow jeep that was the only working vehicle. It was uncanny how the jeep was in pristine condition. My friend told me to take the jeep to town and grab the supplies we needed.

As soon as I got in the vehicle I was racing through time. The drive that normally took 20 minutes to get to town, only took a few seconds. Suddenly, I found myself at our local grocery store. This grocery store is in a more run down area of town where the buildings are battered and a lot of violence/drug use occurs. The store was the only building with running electricity compared to the hundreds of homes surrounding it.

I kept on praying because I did not think I could get into this store to get what our group needed. The Holy Spirit comforted me, and I felt the Lord telling me I would be okay. When I went to go into the grocery store, there was tight security at the revolving doors. Every entrant went into the store by permission to enter by guards and body identification scanners. There were a set of guard entrances. The first were these reinforced doors with guards who waved a scanner by my hand. Next was the separate room with the guards and scanners. While being scanned, I felt like I was going to be discovered and captured by the guards.

After scanning my eyes, fingertips and right hand, the guards granted me permission to enter the store. Inside, it looked entirely different than it has ever looked before. There were specific walkways to follow that led me to designated areas for supplies, where guards watched from the corners of the store. In each corner of the store there were guard towers with guards holding AR-15 type rifles.

When looking at the shelves of the grocery store, they were mostly barren or completely stripped down. The few people in the store were guided to handout lines where guards handed out supplies. The handouts were the basics – food, water, and medical supplies, but the medical supplies were only given to ‘elite’ or wealthy members based on the clothing they wore.

When I went to the checkout area, it resembled a normal checkout. I knew in the dream that I was only granted a limited amount of funds and items to use. I did not pull out my wallet because the checker already knew who I was and how much digital currency I had. I kept on wondering why I had funds or was allowed to purchase the items. There was a very detailed system in place from what I could see. Each person who entered the store had a list that organized what they could have and how much supplies were given. The list was on display via a handheld device that each guard had, and there was a list that appeared on the checking item screen. However, I knew the Lord was pointing out this device in the dream as symbolism. The lists were not truly visible to every person.

After receiving the items, I went to the checkout station. There was a man behind me who tried to cheat the system by putting more items in my pile and I kept on telling the checker that the supplies were not mine. I had to go through a long process of security checks to get the situation figured out and they still did not put back the stolen funds and items. In fact the guards gave me less items than what I walked up with. I walked out with only a few supplies in my bag, when I originally had a full hand carrier basket of them.As I was walking back to the Jeep, I noticed the streets were barren. The buildings looked worn and tattered like some sort of looting and fire had burned and ripped some of the exterior up. When I got to the jeep, the whole car looked like it had been ripped apart. The tires were mangled, the axels were bent and the body was dented. But, I felt the Lord telling me to get in the car, I was going to be okay. 

I got in the car and it started automatically. To my surprise it started moving. The whole ride in the car was like gliding in thin air. It was the smoothest car ride and I felt at peace. The town seemed deserted through the ride. The Lord revealed the masses were in lockdown and that many had been brought to concentration camps based on their threat level. He continued to reveal that the grocery store was a false security and no believer would be safe there.

The only reason I was granted access, was to see the inside and know how the system worked. The Lord never spoke as in other dreams. This time it was like He was speaking with this understanding that He placed in my mind. The Holy Spirit was pouring out over my body through the entirety of the car ride, and the symbolism that the Lord revealed to me was much clearer than in prior dreams.

As the car was moving, I looked at the bank, hospital, and police/fire station located on the main road to get to my place. Each one looked abandoned. No cars, personnel, or electricity was powering these buildings. The Lord revealed that our way of life will be over and we will face much trouble before these places are abandoned. There will be looting, stealing, killing and military intervention before the events that I was being shown occur. 

After seeing the three locations, I was back at my house. I saw my good friend there, and I was scared to tell him about what happened to the car. Nevertheless, when he went to look at the car, it was completely fine. In the dream I was surprised, but knew the Lord revealed that Believers will be in safe havens, or safe places He has designated. The car represented Him guiding us to safety as long as we trust Him. He was the one guiding and protecting me the entire time. If we Believers stay in the cities, we will be ripped apart just as the car was.


The dark sky and ominous moonlight signified that the dark times are about to be illuminated. We will not be talking about what is to come, but living it. The Lord pointed out that our group needed supplies because there were far more people here than I even imagined. There were at least 50 people in the refugee camp. Having a yellow pristine jeep represented that the Lord will shine bright in the darkness, and He will keep Believers in pristine condition to travel during the harvest time. How can we harvest if we are in constant survival mode?

The local grocery store is significant because it represents that even our rural cities/towns will not be safe. This setting was important; I knew this because the Lord could have brought me to our Walmart on the opposite side of town but chose this store. During this present time, this local grocery store is under construction. I remembered the construction in my dream so I knew the Lord was symbolizing a reconstruction phase of our way of life.

Having to have my right hand, eyes, and fingertips scanned symbolized the mark of the beast system. What was interesting is that the system was normal for the others going through the store. The Lord only allowed me to go inside the store so we could see how they will seem normal, but we will have to give up our way of life to follow the Beast system.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:” Revelation 13:16

The shelves being barren or torn down, is a means to show that these stores will not have all the supplies we have today. The shelves were much shorter than normal grocery store shelves. In many ways each shelf was arranged to guide the entrant with walkways so you can be constantly monitored.

Seeing the supply lines is as straight forward as the Lord could make it. The organized list on the guard’s device represented that everything we received is selected. We could not choose the supplies, rather, we were given them. From what I could see on the list, the guards only gave out the bare minimum of supplies. The lists even displayed if you had a certain infection of bacteria on your body. It was by far the most advanced biometrics, identity recognition program I have ever seen.

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.” Psalms 91:2-5

The car ride revealed events to come. Each building symbolized a normal safety for us and the Lord was demonstrating that we Believers will only have safety in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The car is the Lord, and we Believers need to understand our places of authority in the physical and spiritual. We cannot be reckless and must rely on the Lord’s guidance through the times ahead. Every sense of security we have will be taken away; the Lord will be our only true and safe refuge.

The background message is that we must be prepared now with the supplies we need. The Lord will provide for us in the times ahead, and we cannot rely on our own selves to get through the persecution coming. If we need supplies, we must rely on the Lord to guide us where we need to go, not on our own power and thoughts.

The way I knew that many people had been escorted to concentration camps, is due to me having a separate dream a few nights before this one.

In the dream I was with the same friend who fixed up the jeep. We were driving in a get-away car trying to avoid all these people who were trying to take our car out as if they were rioting. People were in gangs – looting, stealing and doing whatever they pleased. Suddenly, the dream took a turn because a cop saw us driving and pulled us over. The cop called for backup and we were surrounded. The cop that pulled us over entered my backseat and told us to head to the train station. As soon as my friend and I got to the station, we saw the train cars with people being loaded into them. Both of us knew right away what was occurring. We felt fearful because we knew the rail cars were transporting people to concentration (FEMA) camps. 


Believers are about to face a hard time as never seen before. Be aware that right now is a time of transition. Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering as we speak, and soon we will have to face persecution on a level we have never experienced before. Ask the Lord what you must do to be ready for what is ahead. Only He can guide us, and guide us to the truth we seek. We must always grow with Him in faith and wisdom.