Prayer, Not Fear – Our Greatest Weapon In The End Times


Recently at A Minute to Midnite, as God has been growing us, we are completely aware of the very real fact that what we do here is to not only bring to light the ongoing prophetic news that makes it very clear that we are in the last days. The guests that are interviewed share compelling evidences of these facts, We are definitely seeing and witnessing events at an all time increase like never before in human history. The internet is replete with continual breaking news regarding natural catastrophes that we have never seen in weather and earthquakes, pestilences, droughts, mass die offs of birds, fish and animals with no scientific clue as to why.

The rise of radical Islamic rampaging across the Middle East and Europe. The mass genocide of Christians and the very real threat of invasion right here in America. As well as the build up of what looks like an impending world war three. The collapse of global economies and the removal of cash into a biometric system. Everyday, we are bombarded with these things and so much more. And we agree that it is necessary to look at these things and to know the times and seasons that we are living in. Our interviews are always tied into prophecy and the challenge to everyone is to open their eyes and begin to consider these events as not random. 

We are experiencing prophecy unfolding at break neck speed and we see that the entire world at large is plunging downward in every dimension that is overwhelming and unstoppable. Our efforts are directly connected with these times. Lately, we felt that it was a good time to have an in-house interview with the members of A Minute to Midnite. Unfortunately Matt could not be with us in this interview as he is out of town. But we had the blessing of Chris being able to join us. 

The purpose of this interview is to stop for a moment and redirect our thoughts and hearts to God and His love for us. We are all alive right now for a reason. We were chosen before the world began to be the one’s who will be alive right now. God does nothing random And in light of all the increasing judgments that are unraveling this world, there must be an awareness that we have a God that is full of mercy for us. Our discussion is partly of the necessity of preparing for the darker days ahead, yet at the same time, not to fear what is coming to pass upon the face of the whole earth. And we know it is easy to get caught up in fearfulness.

The other part of this interview is on the power of God through prayer to Him. Our faith connects us to God, and in these frightening times this is when God shows Himself mighty to protect us, feed us, lead us, and to demonstrate His hand being stretched out still through us to a perishing world all around us.

The challenge is to stretch ourselves beyond the prayer norm into miracles of God. There are some powerful examples shared by Joanie and Brook that should more than encourage everyone to believe God for the impossible, and to listen to Him and obey, even though at the time you may not know why. And the encouragement of Chris to prepare through prayer.the things in the natural. 

God means to answer everyone. He has no favorites. He gave us prayer to stay connected to Him. We believe that God wants you to know that your everyday prayers are going to be transformed into mighty executions of spiritual authority that He has given to us. And this is for everyone. We invite you to listen and take in what we discussed to heart, and remember it in the days to come. “For the eyes of the Lord look to and fro over all the earth to see who’s heart is perfect in Him that He may show Himself strong through.” And the perfection He is speaking about is that you simply believe Him. And when you stand believing, you will see the goodness of the Lord in your impossible situations. Our hope is that you keep connected to A Minute to Midnite as Tony continues his interviews with many different guests that bring both provocative insights as well as keeping a proper balance in faith and the love of Jesus Christ.