They Are Us!!

They Are Us!!

By Chris C March 25th 2020

 On March 25th2005 I awoke to news that the best friend and most respected person in my life had suffered a heart attack and died. On March 25th2020 I am wondering what my Father would be thinking if he were still alive. This day is the eve of a lock down created by the global network of leaders who have surely ushered in a totalitarian culture. This event which is a catalyst for a global economic collapse has been well planned and executed. As I have been watching this unfold over recent days I am astonished at how society has responded to the promotional arm of the globalists, and the leaders who prompt them. Our fellow man in a short time, has watched with eyes that do not see and listened with ears that do not hear to the globalists directives. I have witnessed people over these last days doing things that go against the grain, as they are hood winked by their government and their marketing tool.

A week prior I could go to a supermarket and have no hesitation talking to anybody. Now we are space invaders and unpolitely told to keep away, or given the look of death that they want you no part of their presence. This has grieved me inside, and unfortunately created anger and frustration that cannot be vented, as their numbers are many, and they would have you locked up by the local constabulary in a flash if you vented them. I have decided to not visit these places over the coming days, as I cannot tolerate the agony of being a sheep lead astray. A generation ago a certain group of peoples were given such directives, and ended up incinerated. I am concerned for what lies ahead as we are all locked up in our limited spaces. Domestic violence will increase, abuse of children will increase, and crime will increase. There will be mistrust amongst our neighbours creating hatred, anger, malice and the like.

Be aware of those around you, as their fear has given over to selfish ambitions.  I am waiting for the first death in New Zealand from this plague, which no doubt will be behind the gates of one of the many retirement establishments in our land. This will make sensational news, and we will be prompted to turn on our TV to watch our PM, who has been made up by a makeup artist and hairstylist, who must have invaded her space to dolly her up prior to her electioneering with her speech. This will be a rehearsed well-spoken speech, but will create panic and get everybody ever more paranoid.

The supermarkets will be invaded again, only this time with military presence as the sheep are herded one by one evenly spaced to do their shop with gloves and masks, and card only, as cash is disallowed. When this is over and not worth the billions of worthless dollars spent on it, we are going to have fewer businesses, unemployment, crime, inflation from food demand and the money introduced into the system to help promote this socialist outcome. The government will say that because of their handling of this that we have prevented more deaths, but the social unrest from this will be more detrimental to us as a society than a virus. Stay steadfast and vigilant, trust God and not man!!

Additional input from Tony K

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has quashed rumours that the Government is set to announce a total lockdown across the country to combat coronavirus. ( March 19th)

“She stressed for people to only trust official Government sources as misinformation only fuelled public panic.

“I cannot go round and dismiss every rumour I see on social media, as much as I’d like to,” she said

When you see those messages, remember that unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.”

“You can trust us as a source of that information,” she said.

“We will continue to be your single source of truth. Everything else you see, a grain of salt.”

She urged people to visit covid19.govt.nzfor that information.

The above statement was made by Jacinda Ardern New Zealand’s Prime Minister at a press conference last week. And now New Zealand is in a nationwide lockdown, less than  a week later.  Isn’t it a relief to know that we can always trust the government to tell us the truth, because politicians never lie, and they never have an agenda right? History tells us something different!