Four Aircraft Crash – Prophetic Dream

Four Aircraft Crash and the Last is the Biggest.

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                                                     Matt S, July 13th, 2016

A friend of mine had a dream the other night, she dreamt of four aircraft crashing. This dream was typical of a dream that God gives to people, vivid, clear, and very memorable. She says of this dream in her own words;

“I had a dream last night. I can’t remember it all since I didn’t write it down, but in it were 4 airplane crashes.  The last one was a jumbo jet and it crashed right as it was getting to the airport to land.  It just took a nose dive.  In fact, all 4 were when they were landing.  No bad weather, nothing out of the ordinary.”


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“It wasn’t like an explosion on the planes.  Everything looked normal and then probably 500 ft or so from the ground, they just nose-dived.”

As Christians we know that God gives us dreams to tell us things, to warn us, to encourage us, to teach us things. We also know that dreams can have several layers of meaning as well. They can have a good deal of symbolism and coding. So I put this dream out to some of the AMTM “dream team” to see what they would come up with, there was also one other contributor as well. Here are the responses; each colour represents a different response;

The crash is coming; it will be across 4 continents. It will be sudden and the last one will be the largest economy. There are experts at the helm but even they are not able to control what’s coming. Get ready if you already haven’t. Part of the dream is that all things are going according to the plan and there’s no blips ahead but the sudden drop occurs and then the crash!”

The number 4. There were 4 planes. 4 is the number of the earth. The fact that planes carry large numbers of people and that they were all nose diving is certain death and destruction.

The fact that there was nothing preceding those catastrophic events is a clear cut warning from God. Not that there will be literally 4 planes that crash. Perhaps as I mentioned the crashing has to do with sudden destruction by an EMP or something else.

That’s why God showed her that what is going to happen will be completely out of the blue. When it is beyond least expected. Whatever Satan has planned, God entrusted her with the plans of the enemy because He is choosing her, or rather chosen her to be that vessel He wants to use to cast that plan down to the pit. Tell her to rise up and demand in Jesus name that none of these things will ever come to pass!”

My first thought was things at high levels are about to be wrecked!! In my mind thinking leadership, influences. Things of that nature.

There will be 3 that happen before the major 4th crash which carries the most weight and the most influence, internationally. The 4th will be expected to make the destination but it will take a sudden blow to the head!

So you see here 3 very different responses to this dream and it is interesting in the light of “Brexit” and the troubled state of the EU, the current racial disharmony and violence surfacing in America, China posturing over its perceived right to expand militarily and a host of other things that we will see something give at some stage. However this plays out, my hope is that God will always be center stage for all of you in avoiding these troubles or allowing you to cope with them wherever you are in the world.

So on that note a piece if scripture comes to mind from Luke.

Luke 21:36But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man“.

May God bless you and keep you safe

Matt S