Two Dreams Of End Times America


                                    By Joanie Stahl  ( March 2016)

Dream one:

I dreamed I was in the mountains. It was of course what you would expect. Big pine trees and thick forests. I was staying in a quaint hotel. You know the kind. Old, cabin-esque features and charming. It was a sort of resort place as I noticed the obvious. People with families getting in and out of cars. Like a typical  American vacation scenario.

I was in the room we had rented. I was sitting on the bed and I knew that it was getting to be that time where we had to go. I say we because though I did not see my husband, I assumed he was there somewhere. 

I got up and left the room to go to the front desk to check out. When I went into the office, the office was full of people. There was chaos, clamor, and no order. It was loud and unmanageable. The clerk was overwhelmed. So I wanted to step out of all that rioting in the office and wait to go back in when it calmed down.

As soon as I stepped out of the office, It was as if I stepped into horrible place. Instead of big pine trees and thick forests and greenery, it was instead a horrid, howling, desert wasteland There were no trees or any greenery. It looked like a ghost town, There were no families. No one at all. A horrible dry blast of wind swept through the little town and pieces of debri. I knew right away that there was more to this sudden change. I knew that there was no safety. Meaning, no government. I was on my own. Whoever was out there was on their own.

I felt a sudden fear overtake me with a sound panic. I knew I had to escape as fast as I could. Just then this man pulled up in a car and I got in. (Now in all my dreams my whole life, this man is always present. Though I am always withheld from seeing his face.)

We got out of there in a hurry. As soon as we left, immediately in my dream, we arrived at the ocean. As we approached, something did not feel or look right. In fact I had a bad, unsafe, impending doom feeling. When we arrived at water’s edge, I looked out and saw fishing vessels all moored together, out a ways in the harbor area right in front of us.

I told the man that was driving to wait and stop the car. I wanted a better look at these fishing vessels. I noticed there was something very wrong. A deep disturbing sense came over me as I looked at them. First of all, they were all very old. Very, very old and antiquated and abandoned.

They looked like something from a hundred years ago by the way they were built and designed. They were not commercial vessels, but simply made ones. Made out of wood slats overlaid upon one another. Each boat was so old, the wood so old that it was rotten from time and weather. You know how wood looks when left out in the elements for decades. The wood was whitish-grey and black. There was a haunting feeling I got from them. I understood that there was something very bad regarding the story behind those rotten vessels. I felt afraid. Again, a feeling of a deep doom entered in me.

We got out of the car and began to walk along the seashore. And per each step the ocean began to churn and toss and increase with intense violence. I looked up to see if perhaps a storm was approaching. But the sky looked normal, nothing significant. Which seemed strange and odd.

And when I looked back the ocean was so violent it looked exactly like the worst rapids you would see in a gorge. Which, even in my dream was odd. It was an ocean, but the look of it was not normal. The see lifted up so high. I can’t explain it better than that, but that instead of it just crashing and tossing, it became enormous in height. It didn’t make sense, but it was enlarging itself skyward with voracity and destruction. Swelling upwards. Something else not normal How can an ocean rise up so high like that.

I said to the man that was with me, This is too dangerous! I don’t know what to do! I said this because it was of an acceleration not anything common to nature. Even in the worst way. It was not a tsunami. This was something entirely different. It was horrifying and spelled absolute, catastrophic destruction of magnitude proportions.

Suddenly, the water swept me and the man in. I saw the man in the water, but he was unphased by it. He seemed to be just getting carried away in it with a peace in his countenance. I looked around as I was tossed about, and saw many people caught in this violent ocean uproar screaming for their lives. Up ahead, I saw a very tall watch tower on the seashore. I thought to myself. I need to get out of this water somehow, but how! I need to get into that watchtower! As soon as I said it, my feet were on the sand and I was climbing up the watchtower to safety.

When I finally got in, I saw the man I was with sitting in there already. Other people were in it, but just a few. The watch tower was very high. So I thought that we could wait it out inside until hopefully the ocean would die down. But it was not the case. In fact the sea rose up even higher with greater violence. And I stood up and looked out in the direction we had arrived in, which was south, and I saw a massive wave taller than the watchtower barreling towards us. I quickly turned to look out over the ocean to the west and saw another wave equal size barreling towards us, then I quickly turned to the north and saw what was a wave coming that outranked the size of the other enormous waves on the lifted up sea. And let me tell you, it was like something out of a science fiction movie. It was nothing this world has ever seen. No way. There is no describing it.

And it was also at the same time barreling towards us at intense speed.

And I knew, there was no way out. That this destruction never seen in any earthly dimension was real and nothing was going stop it or could stop it. Just then, the man said to me, You have to jump now! And I looked down and out of the window and the ocean was raging through the under pilings of the watch tower, and the current was of a deadly force, and there was much debri in the water, not to mention that the watch tower was very high. So I looked up at the coming wave and down at the violent current a long way down.

The man jumped instantly and disappeared. I took one last look at the barreling wave and back down again. And realized if I stay I will die, If I jump I’ll probably die. So I jumped. And a soon as I jumped, I was immediately in knee deep water at the waters raging edge.

And that man appeared and embraced me with great joy and said, “You made it!” Then he disappeared. I found myself now wandering through this little section of land with ruined buildings that were in shambles. And as I went the little shambled buildings were notable in that they were of different national cultures all joined together. I saw as I walked through one, that it was the section of people of the Asiatic regions, families, and individuals that had made it out, all checking to see if each other were alright and embracing each other. Then I saw people from other nations from all over the world as well as I walked through their housing shambles. But there were only few, but safely made it out. Everyone, looked like they had just came out of a horrible disaster and their lives barely spared. So there was great joy, thankfulness and love.

As I walked on I entered into a room and saw a table of women my age and older. One chair was open as I approached and sat down. They were all so happy to see me. And showed it. The oldest woman at the table looked to be in her 80’s. She was beautiful looking and kind. She began to sing in the most beautiful voice, a song of praise. In fact I was so surprised at the strong beautiful sound of her voice I marveled. Then all the other women began to sing. I began to sing with them. The power of the Holy Spirit embodied that song powerfully. It was glorious. Then I awoke.


In the beginning I was in the beautiful mountains on what was a vacation. The scenery was of rich natural resources. The families and people I saw that appeared to be on vacation represented the classic American culture and tradition. Carefree. The hotel and room we were in that was classically old also made it clear as the age of them, as well as the style, spoke strongly the long time we as a people have enjoyed these carefree getaways.

The fact that I was in my room knowing it was that time to go and the anticipation of having to go was also a factor. I knew that we were out of time. We had to check out. When I went down stairs into the office and all the people that were at first happy and peaceful, were all now in chaos, and frantic. They seemed to all wanting to check out at the same time but couldn’t seeing the clerk was overwhelmed with the chaos.

When I stepped outside to wait, and the sudden dramatic change from a beautiful forested area that became a dead wasteland was startling. The emphasis was that it was sudden. The fact that also there were no people at all, when before it was a flourishing vacation area was ominous. The sense I got was that along with the sudden, horrific change in the land, that the sudden disappearance of people added to a deep, profound sense that whatever had just happened, had something to do with their disappearance. I believe that our way of life as we know it, is going to change suddenly and abruptly without any warning.

The land that was once beautiful teaming with rich, lush greenery and trees now looked like cursed land without inhabitant. Ugly, dry, and totally desert-like. Trash and debri blowing down the street made it all the more terrifying. What had happened? Trees were gone. No lush greenery. Just driest of dirt and blasting wind. I knew that something more had changed. I knew there was no longer safety in the land. It was now every man for himself. I knew as I stood there taking it all in, that there was no longer any more government. And I had to escape for safety.

Just then that man pulled up in a car. Now that man as I mentioned in my dream has always been in my dream. I  have never seen his face. I am withheld from seeing it, and it doesn’t seem to ever matter to me. Whenever the Lord gives me a vision, he is there. He is always walking with me and talking with me, explaining things. He takes me to see things on earth as well as in heavenly places. 

I do not say it is the Lord. I have seen the Lord and it is not Him. Who he is, my guess would be some representative from heaven. He is always soft spoken, and has a calming effect. He speaks plainly to me and shows me things I cannot see while I am awake.

So back to the interpretation.

We arrived at the coast driving straight towards it. As we approached and got closer I saw several fishing vessels. As I said, they were very, very old and antiquated. Like from a very long ago bygone era. The style and making of it were the old craftsman way. I knew they were abandoned. They were all moored together far off from the shore. They were so old they looked rotten.

The Lord showed me that this represented that the Fishers of Men were gone and had been gone for a long time. And that this happened a very long time ago. That the Gospel was no longer being preached or shared in a way that any vessels were needed. They have been left to rot. The Fishers of Men had abandoned their vessels.

The sudden raging of the water with speed, and the swelling up of the sea to extreme heights is this. The sea represents humanity. The swelling up is the immense pride as well as the fact that the world is now plunged into violence with intensifying speed  and with great power. And the increasing raging of the sea like the worst rapids is the Lord’s way of saying that the raging of wickedness, violence and pride is so great its bulging out of the earth towards heaven. The results of which are total destruction. 

Our getting caught in the raging sea means that because we are alive at this time and in the earth while all this is now happening. Seeing all the people caught in the raging sea and screaming for their lives in terror means that the judgment that is coming upon this land will sweep them away in it. “And none can keep alive his own soul.” 

While in the raging sea and seeing the man at peace and not afraid, while I was screaming and being tossed about was interesting. I kept looking at him as he was near me. It kept diverting my attention away from the wrath of the raging, deadly sea that no one had the power to escape  out of it.

Seeing the watch tower was like my final and last hope. As I thought, (remember it was just a thought) that I had to get to that watch tower, but did not know how, seemed to be enough. And the Lord showed me, as always, a way out. This is His way. And He knows how to do it when there is no earthly hope. My simple thought landed me on the sand. It was nothing short of a supernatural act of deliverance.

Listen, if it is God’s will that He wants any of us to survive the unsurvivable. He will see to it that we will survive. After all, does he not “command the winds and the waves and they obey Him?”

When I climbed to the top and saw the man already sitting in the watch tower at peace, I marveled. How did he get here? But he was there, and I knew he was there ahead of time waiting for me. The watch tower had a 360 degree view. There were a few other people in there that also escaped. I thought I would just wait it out. As I sat there, noticing the rising of the raging sea and the increasing force of it, made me look in all directions. For I was not in safety as I had thought.

The three waves all barreling towards the watch tower at the same time made being in that watch tower worse in a different way. I looked south, then west, then north. The two coming from the south and the west were of equal size, meaning equal catastrophic destruction. This tells me that there will soon be two events coming into our land out of the south, and coming from the west that will obliterate our land. While the biggest one of all that super out ranked the two coming out of the north indicates that whatever is coming out of the north makes the other waves of destruction pale in comparison. And the fact that these waves were still a ways off means that these destructions are already set in motion and nothing has the power now to stop them. It is determined.

The man telling me to jump scared me because I knew that if he indeed was intending to jump, that was a bad sign. And the safety of the watch tower was not intended for me to accept as the strength of my final safety. In fact those catastrophic death waves were coming straight for the watch tower. So the man who screamed to me to jump was not a suggestion. It was a command.

He jumped and when he did I looked down at the distance of the water below, which was now raging through the pilings and under the watch tower. There was no time left. as the waves were charging towards us, and rising upwards beneath the watch tower. I saw debris in the water and the waves coming. I realized that I had to do what the man told me to do, and do what he did.

So I jumped. And when I jumped and landed softly in in knee deep water, it showed me what real faith was and what it will require regarding what is coming. To just obey even in the impossible. Even if you have to shut your eyes and jump. Just jump. The man that jumped and seemed to disappear was right there to receive me. His embracing me, and with joy telling me I did well, I believe is the pleasure of God upon those that believe and obey in the impossible. This is the highest honor we can give to God and what really pleases him the most. To not only believe, but to obey and act out of our profession of belief.

The dilapidated shambles all joined together with many different nations, tribes and tongues was clear. You see, the Lord showed me in all of this dream, the end of “this present evil age.” He showed me that the judgment coming is not exclusive to America, but the whole world. But He will save those who are faithful to Him though they may have to go through some of the worst things.

Notice the shanty houses that were all joined together, though of distant lands, meant that we are all joined together as the “household of faith,” where love abounds. He will save to the uttermost.

My arriving at a table of women my age, (I am in my 50’s), with one woman being the oldest and the fact that there was one opening for me with them, as well as the fact they they all knew me, and were happy to see me. Tells me this. That is was a picture of my after life. When I have “fought the good fight and have finished my course and have kept the faith,” will sit down in the Kingdom as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have. And I will join with all the other women who stood the test of time, and entered into glory. With the same class of the women who also fought bravely and believed God in the impossible. 

The oldest woman who began to sing in the utmost beautiful voice that caused the other women to sing was potent with the presence of the Lord. In this dream, as they sang, I did not know how to sing the words to this song, but yet, some how I know I have heard it before. So I thought I would just start singing, And as I did, the words came out of my mouth as I sang along with the beautiful, mighty, and brave women of God. I sang a new song. “The Song of the Redeemed.”

Dream 2:

In my dream I saw in a short distance away from me, a very large construction yard with big structures. Like commercial structures. Only framed up with metal and wires. I walked over to take a look. I am not sure why, but I wanted to see it. As I approached, it was the typical construction setting. Planks of wood men walked on, dirt, construction equipment etc.

I saw something that caught my attention. I saw a number of men standing around a big hole in the ground. They were all shoveling dirt into this big massive hole.  I drew nearer to look into the hole. It was part of a foundation that had cave in. No matter how many shovels of dirt the men were dumping in there, the hole would not fill up. So  I looked in and noticed that the dirt of the foundation was not good. It was nothing but billions of tiny rocks. Like sand but only bigger pieces, pure gravel without soil.  Then men that were shoveling in the dirt, though professionals, seemed oblivious to the poor quality of it. They just kept shoveling dirt into it. But it never filled up.

I noticed that the dirt the men were shoveling was ugly, dead, worthless soil, good for nothing.

In my unexpertise, even I knew that all this big kind of rocky sand could not be compacted together to form any kind of a foundation suitable to any building great or small. The more they kept trying to shovel in the  dead dirt, the more it just fell through the rockish-sand. It just would not fill up.

Just then a huge dump truck backed up and unloaded several tons of red dirt. It was not dirt common to the dirt the men were shoveling, or any dirt around the construction site. It was red, thick, rich soil. 

Then the dump truck, when done dumping the red dirt out, backed up and some how pushed all that red dirt into the hole and it filled it up completely and perfectly. I wondered that with all the superior machinery and state of the art equipment now available to modern construction, why the men were using shovels to fill a massive hole, while the big truck came and did it all quick and professionally.

As soon as that happened, I heard a voice say to me, “China is now married to the land.”

Then I awoke.


The construction site represents the land of the United States of America. The ongoing building of commercial structures on weak foundations is representative of our economics and growth. The massive sink hole that was filled with worthless gravel, rock-like sand is representative of the economic foundations. Nothing is supporting commerce any longer. Because it can’t. The rich soil of American economy is gone and cannot support trade or any commerce. 

The men using shovels rather than state of the art equipment to try to fill the hole means that this nation is still stuck using the same methods that worked before a long time ago, but now to no avail. The fact that the hole could not be filled up means that no amount of labor, means or methods will work. Nothing will work. The foundations that support growth is gone and cannot hold up anything anymore.  

The red dirt represents China. The dump truck dumping out the red, thick, rich soil is indicative of their wealth. The wealth of the Chinese nation. The dead, dry and good for nothing soil the men were shoveling in, represents that there is no life any longer to produce growth in our economy. It is dead. The dump truck that backed up and pushed all the red, thick, rich soil into the massive hole, immediately filling it up and compacting it, is China now creating a new foundation. 

As I observed these things, I heard a voice say to me, “China is now married to the land.”

Then I awoke.

China has been purchasing major commercial and banking real estate as well as hundreds and thousands of residential properties and enormous farm lands en masse. They have purchased our enormous debt and now are buying our nation out from underneath us to satisfy a debt that is impossible to ever pay back. So by purchasing as much real estate as possible is their way getting something out of us. 

Their soil has now become our soil. Our Their soil covered our old, dead soil. The soils are now combined. I think of that verse, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”