Prophetic Dream – Rising Above the Storm; A Glimpse of New Jerusalem


By Joanie Stahl

Foreword and Afterword by Brook Ardoin

(October 2016)


There are events within this dream that have changed from the time the Lord began giving Joanie dreams with the man [heavenly representative] who is normally present. You will note the change of his location in the dream, and how she was allowed to see part of his physical build for the first time. This it is a very short dream. However, I believe if you really soak in all that was given here, the Lord will give you much revelation and understanding of what it means – take it to Him and ask its meaning. Joanie did not write an interpretation to it since it is rather straightforward. However, she asked me to team up with her on this piece if the Lord willing. May this work bless you tremendously – Brook A.


I wanted to share a dream I had on October 5, 2016.  I think there is great significance of the time we are living in. Time is of the essence. Hide His Word within your heart that you may be able to call upon Him in your time of need.


In the dream, I once again was with the man that typically accompanies me.  He usually is right beside me, yet of out of sight and off to my right. Nevertheless, he is always partially visible in my peripheral vision if you can understand this. For the first time since this heavenly representative began visiting in my dreams, he was located in front of me while leading me into an old building.

His presence is usually quiet, but this time there was something very different about him.  He was very strong in his presence.  There was a mightiness to him as well as a command that exuded from him like never before.  I could see that he was wearing a simple white robe. 

I followed him into the old abandoned building.  There was an absence of light as we entered the building, but enough that I was able to clearly see every area as he led me through hallways and rooms.

I felt very sad as I walked through. I also felt there was somewhat an absence of peace being inside the building. I did not really want to be there, but I did not fight it and continued to follow the man.

It looked like a building that was perhaps an old factory from decades ago.  It was completely empty. He guided me to a doorway that lead out of the building and stopped there. It was a back door to the building.  I looked out and before my eyes was a horrible rain.  It was so heavy and thick.  It can be described best as a destructive rain, or a rain that brought destruction.

I looked up at the clouds and they were extremely low and very thick.  They were dark gray and black.  These clouds were not like any storm clouds I have ever seen before.  The fact that they were so low, black, and dark, brought a terrifying feeling with it. I was greatly troubled, as I had never before witnessed such a destructive type of rain or storm clouds.

At that moment, the man said to me, “It is now time to leave.”  I looked out at the horrible storm and thought, “It is raining so hard. Why do we need to go out there?” Yet, I knew when the man said it was time to leave that he was not asking my permission. It was not an invitation to go with him out that door.  It was a command filled with authority and strength, and I did not want to disobey him.  In addition, I did not have a peace about staying in that old, dark building.

I followed him outside into the heavy, beating rain.  We stood out in the middle of small field.  He then put his very strong arms around my body.  I looked at one of his arms and it had a very muscular and strong build.  The moment he out his arms around me, we began to ascend upwards into the air.

As we did, I began to speak in the gift of tongues.  The higher we went the stronger the tongues became.  It was different from any language I have ever heard. It was not the same prayer language I have heard resonate out of my mouth through the Spirt in all my years. As I listened with my ears to the beautiful language, it was different yet powerful.  The beauty that resonated with it took nothing away from the authority and power behind it.

We traveled through the thick, black storm clouds and arrived above them.  We hovered above the clouds and there was light.  At first, I thought I was experiencing the light of the sun.  I can best illustrate this as what you see when in an airplane in bad weather. The pilot ascends above the storm into beautiful clear blue skies with the sunlight beaming all around the plane.

However, I did not see the sun. I looked in all directions but could not find it. I marveled at the light because it was not like any light I had ever seen on earth.  The entire atmosphere was bathed in a thick golden light.  It was so golden, full, and rich. It was beautiful, unexplainable using words.

As I looked around, I was drawn to look up. This is what I saw:

I saw what looked like a vast city that lay within the clouds.  It was teeming with buildings. The clouds were not like earthly clouds.  They were different. They were more spectacular – pristine white and reflecting the golden hue of the light.  As I gazed upon the sight before me, I was in awe. It was nothing short of marvelous to the eye.  

Suddenly, slowly and gently we began the descent back to earth. The man set me softly upon my feet and departed from me.  Then I awoke.


I believe we are getting nearer than ever…earth is departing and heaven is approaching…

Shalom to all,

Joanie S.


As Joanie explained this dream to me, one word came to mind…CHANGE. This word has been dancing in my mind as I sit and ponder upon what I have just read. We are in a season of change. Can you feel the change in your spirit as I can? Things are happening at a rapid pace. I have been very unsettled this week with all the talk of WW3.

Those who keep their eyes upon the Lord can rest assure that He will guide us through the darkness, just as Joanie was guided through the old abandoned building. We may soon find ourselves alone and without much light. I mean that in the literal sense. Though the building was abandoned, she was not alone. The Lord promises to never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:16). She had just enough light to make her way through the building. As her guide, the man helped lead her through the unknown.

In the same way, God will lead and guide His own.

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake LEAD me, and GUIDE me.” (Psalm 31:3, KJV)

For this is God, Our God forever and ever; He will be our GUIDE even unto death.” (Psalm 48:14, KJV)

Recall how the Lord allowed her to see the physical build of the man for the first time. He is described as muscular and strong. Compare this to the arms of Jesus. When you find yourself in a situation where it seems to be “raining destruction” all around you, or where there is little to no light, imagine the arms of Jesus around you. Remember, He IS the light and IN Him is no darkness. The living Word inside you is the light that shines through in the darkest hours.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1, NKJV)

Even King David said he would have lost heart without his belief in the Lord’s goodness. When his enemies came against him and false witnesses rose to bring destruction to his life, it was only his beliefs that sustained him. How can we be sustained when the storm comes to bring destruction against us? We turn to what we believe – our everlasting hope in times of trouble.

I would have lost heart; unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13, NKJV)

When we believe, we shall ascend above the storm. In the dream, the thick, black clouds were lying extremely low. I feel the storm is close…closer than ever before. Yet, we have a sure hope that whatever storm comes our way, there is a place of refuge and tranquility when we rise above it. As you consider the approaching storm, set your hearts and minds on things above. You are sure to find peace beyond your own understanding.

When Joanie explained the city she saw, I immediately said, “That was the New Jerusalem you got a glimpse of.” The New Jerusalem is the heavenly city that the Bible says will exist on the new earth at the end of time – at least time as we know it. You can read the detailed description of it in Revelation 21:9-27.

As she looked all around to find the sun, she could not find it. This is because Jesus, the Son, will be the source of all light. God’s glory will also radiate from His throne out through the entire city and beyond.

And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it; and the Lamb is the light thereof.” (Revelation 21:23, KJV)

Wow! Can you fathom the sheer glory that radiates from our Father and our King? When you read about Jesus being the light, take it literally. You and I are said to be the light of the earth. There is no darkness in us when we have the Lord Jesus living through us. Light always overpowers darkness.

Why would the Lord give Joanie a glimpse into the city that will exist at the end of time as we know it? Seemingly because we are headed closer and closer to this final destination – yes, perilous times are drawing near; times as never before seen, not even in the days of Noah. Nevertheless, our great hope rests in knowing that there will come a day that the Father restores this earth back to what He intended it to be; back to a time when God walked with man. Are you with me here? Can you imagine the great God Jehovah walking and talking among us again? A time we will be able to see his face and live. Do you comprehend how long He has waited for this glorious day to arrive! Just to give you an idea, it has been over 6,500 years since the fall of man.

As destruction begins to make its way into our land and lives, take solace in knowing that this is all part of His plan. As much as you desire to be with Him and see what He has in store for us who believe, all the more does HE long to make things new and reside with all His children again…walking and talking with His creation! If this does not excite you, I am not sure what will!

The Lord revealed to Joanie that greatest of storms are close at hand – storms we have never seen or experienced. Even the rain itself was destructive. However, He did NOT leave it at that. I also feel He allowed her to see the city to show us how He brought her above and beyond what can be seen and felt in the natural. It is a foreshadowing of what lies ahead for us. This is our hope. This is our future.

Whatever comes our way in the days and years ahead, whatever suffering we may have to endure, whatever news we hear that may appear to dismay us, take comfort that our Father will justify us. When all is said and done, it will be so glorious, so filled with awe, so beautiful and marvelous, that nothing we will endure here will matter. It will be just as if it never happened.

For the Lord loves justice, and does not forsake His saints; They are preserved forever…” (Psalm 37:28)

God bless…look up for thy redemption draweth nigh!

Brook A.