Will The Chinese Occupy America?


Chinese Invasion Of The US – Could Prophetic Dreams Become Reality?

                                                 Written By Joanie Stahl

Not long ago I had shared with Tony on a recent interview “The Gathering Global Storm & God’s Guidance” a dream I had just had on January 31st 2016. It was a short but jam packed dream of a Chinese take-over of our nation. In the interest of time, I will not write about it, but would encourage you to listen to it. After we taped the interview we received a letter from one of our listeners. 

I believe an honest open sharing of dreams is valuable. And the reason being is in the past, when I was a very young person, I began having dreams pertaining to either current world events or future world events that after a while played out, and eventually came to pass. I suffered quite a bit of mockery and name calling. But as years drew on, I became more and more confident in not only the reception of them, but the skill in being sensitive as when to share the dreams and with whom.

So when we received this letter I was very proud of Chris who is the  person who sent us his dream  that he had. I’ll step back for a moment while you read it. And afterwards, I’ll comment.


Hello, I was reading your dream vision of the fall of America and the occupation of Chinese soldiers. I had to write, because back in 2002 I had one of the most realistic dreams of my entire life. I’ve told several people about it over the years, but nobody thinks much of it. They either don’t believe it could happen or they brush it off as just a dream. For me it wasn’t just a dream and it was so real that it has literally effected my life. I dreamed that I was in the back of a large military vehicle with about 8 or 9 other people. We were all very quiet and scared, so scared we didn’t dare make a noise. We all were very dirty and haggard. The truck was being driven somewhere. As I began to look around I realized that we were prisoners in America, but I couldn’t understand what had happened or how we got to this point. I just new that everything had changed, or a better way to put it–the impossible had happened. The truck drove up to a wide open camp with dozens of soldiers standing around. They were Chinese soldiers! And in my dream I began to wonder deeply what was going on and panic set it. How could there be Chinese soldiers everywhere and why were Americans prisoners? What had happened!? The truck came to a stop and we were ordered to get off. I was nearest the back end and stood up first, slowly and with near paralyzing fear and began to do what I was told. Before I could jump down, a soldier brought his AK-47 up and pointed it at me. I said, ” don’t shoot me!”, but he shot me anyway, straight into my heart. I actually felt the pain of the bullet and then I woke up from my dream weeping. 

So ever since I’ve had this dream ( and many others), I have been effected by it so much that I am watching and waiting for things to transpire into this reality. I’ve always been very troubled by it. Anyway, thanks for reading. Contact me if you would like.


I have been in the prophecy arena for a good solid 30 years. I have heard through the decades dreams of coming world events that also coincided with mine. This is what the Lord does. Listen to this word spoken by Joseph in Genesis 41:32, “And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because  the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.”

So when people who are dreaming the same thing, though there may be different elements, the “dream is one in the same,” and meant to come to pass in the timing it is allowed  to by the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is the Good Teacher. He will do things repetitively on purpose to drive home the matter determined. When God deems to give a dream or dreams to people, it is of utmost importance and must not be waved away. He does this not to scare us, but to give fair and advanced warning, meant to be taken seriously and to Him in prayer. Many of these dreams like Chris’s give people the same penetrating feelings that they can’t shake for the rest of their lives. And this is something that the Lord has to do in order that it will separate random dreams from real visions of God.

Now to the point. Many people these days are dreaming about the Chinese on our soil, not as allies, but as an encroaching army.

As we speak, we are in debt to the Chinese government so deeply, they could have called in our debt two or more years ago. And over the last five years, they have been purchasing large scale amounts of real estate all over the United States. They have acquired vast housing swaths. And the most prestigious hotels and investment buildings wholesale.

We are systematically selling our land to them just to put off the eventual inevitable. Not long ago, I was having a conversation with a Secret Service Agent. He revealed many things to me that are coming upon this nation. Hair raising things. One of the things he shared with me is that he said just somewhat recently, he was on the phone to a colleague who happened to be stationed at the Texas/Mexico border. He told the Agent that I was talking to that he had just witnessed a large number of Chinese military marching over the border into the U.S. That was at the end of 2015.

No one stopping them. There are and have been reports from people all over the U.S of seeing  large numbers of Chinese military personnel practicing combat skills with our troops. Yes, I know,many might be saying right now that we have always trained foreign troops on our soil. But there is more. 

Just last summer, Camp Pendleton was preparing for future war. Militarys from seven countries descended on Camp Pendleton for war games. This is the first time the U.S. Military has hosted seven nations all at once.They practiced for civilian control and terrorism tactics. Why? What does the government know? As of last summer of 2015 for the first time in U.S. history, has all the military bases nation wide, been set on Bravo 1  Alert status. Which is the highest security status available.

Our national sovereignty has been diminishing catastrophically at accelerating speed because we fiscally backed ourselves in a corner. And China has bailed us out many times but at a future detrimental cost. It is not a far off reality and possibility that Chris’s dream will come true. Mine was a Chinese sale of our national pride and rich history. While his was the final end game of our going into a martial law scenario. 

Only time will tell. But the way things are looking. The Chinese mean business. And the fact that so many hundreds of people are dreaming of these same terrifying events, it demands our notice, as well as prayer to  our God who gave us these dreams and visions in the first place. We are not on our own.. He will only warn us so long. And in closing I want to say, that if the Lord is indeed showing what is to come. It is because He is meaning to not only warn, us, but give us advancement in time to seek Him. Ask Him what His will is for us, for our families, for our nation. 

God loves people. He loves us. Never forget that. He has our best interest at heart. And this is the window of time to start looking to Him and listening to Him. He has not brought any of us this far for His people to go into destruction. You can rely on it.