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 Tony Koretz – Racing For The Prize (Music Video)Racing For the Prize - Cover-small

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The Great Reset is not a Conspiracy Theory – it’s a Recipe for Tyranny!

338- Crazy Globalist Agendas. How should we Respond? – Joanie Stahl, Holly M, Tony K

337- Political Mayhem and an Alarming Future? – Jeremy, Holly, Tony

Davos, Gates and the Great Covid Deception. Shocking Agenda that You Need to Know About-Edited RE-UP

336- Jeremy Ex 32° Freemason – Update:The Chaos Followed by the Order. It’s about to Hit!

A Covert Agenda Behind Covid and the Elections

335- Navigating through Minefields of Info and Disinfo – John Haller, Tony and Mike@Onpoint Preparedness

334-Is Your Hope in US Politics? Two heads of Same Bird! – Lyn Leahz, Holly M & Tony K

333- John Haller – Elections, Supreme Court Nominations, Covid Chaos and More!

332 – Rapid Convergence of the Pieces for Global Control Grid now Happening – Holly and Tony

Pope Francis Pushing Global Government Again, Trump’s Covid, and More Alarming Developments! (HD Video)

Lockdowns, Hydrogel and Dubious Vaccines (Short HD video)

Times Are Tough – But Be Encouraged! ( Short HD video)

The 2020 Lockdown Strategy – It’s All About Control! ( Short HD video)

Holly’s New Bug Out Bag – What’s In it and Why You Need One!

331- Serious Warning of Planned Events About to Happen – Jeremy Ex 32° Mason

Davos, Gates and the Great Covid Deception – A Shocking Agenda that You Need to Know About!

Totalitarian Future for the World – We Are Witnessing it’s Unveiling Now!

330- Murdered for Harbouring a Dark Secret. A Shock Truth – John Phillips, Holly & Tony

UN Covid Propaganda reaches brazen new levels. Mandatory Vaccination, Troop Deployment

329- Forced Quarantines, Mandatory Vaccine, Martial Law in NZ, USA, World. Fact or False?- Holly & Tony

328-  More bombshell Information on What’s Coming This Year – Jeremy EX 32° Freemason

Great Reset, Mass Vaccination, Tracing, Tracking – Welcome to the Machine!

327- Marxist Agenda & Soros Funding, Failing Economy & the CV – Holly M & Tony K

326- Holly M & Tony – Covid, Riots, Crazy Politics, Hegelian Dialectic and God’s Plan for You

325- Jonathan & Joanie Stahl – Trusting God in the Covid Craziness

324- Bill Randles – In this Global Craziness, Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold

323- John Haller – Living in a World Where it’s like Playing “Apocalyptic Bingo”

322- Important but Sobering Warning for America and the World. From an Insider Source

321- Mike@Onpoint Preparedness – Great Awakening,’Q’ False Light and Delusion

320- John Haller – Planned Civil Unrest and Chaos. New Dystopian World Order Rising

319- Gold & Silver – Antichrist’s Currency or God’s True Money?

318- Ex 32° Freemason Jeremy – Biggest Bombshell Ever on What the Elitist Global Agenda In Play Now, Is!

317- Mark Sutherland – A British Perspective on Covid Lockdowns, Brexit, Civil Unrest and More

316- Dr Carol-In these Crazy Times, How to Navigate the New Normal Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually

315- Holly M – Satanic Plot to destroy You, while also Destroying the Nations

314- Lynette Zang- Global Turmoil & Global Reset. What You Need to Know Now

Covid 19, Protests, Riots and Economic Mayhem – Orchestrations for “Great Reset”? (Short HD video)

313- Doug Woodward – The Septuagint, Great Flood Noah & Ancient Babel – Discovering the True Timeline!

312- Joanie Stahl – Civil Unrest, Chaos and Control – Planned Events. Must Hear!

United Nations New World Order – Luciferian Happiness Ruse!

311- James Musker – Gain of Function. Covid, the Elite Cryptocracy & Global Control

310- John Haller – A World in Trouble. Pandemic Vs Old Normality

Beast System Advancing at Warp Speed Amid New Great Depression – This is Huge! (Short HD Video)

Tracking, Tracing, Vaxxing & Social Spacing – Big Brother’s Looking Out For You! (HD video)

Artificial Intelligence, ID2020 and the Rising of 060606. Alarming Developments! ( HD video)

309- BIll Randles  – Dangerous Heresies that have Powerful Leaders Pushing them Today

308- Lyn Leahz – Good News in the midst of all the bad news. A Great Hope!

Will You Be Corona Vaxxed? – Trump and Gates Say Yes! ( Short HD video)

307- Celeste Solum – Blueprint for the AI 666 Beast System Now “Live”. Important Info!

306- Ex32° Freemason – Inside Info on How the World Will Never Be the Same Again. Must Hear!

Mike@Onpoint Preparedness & Tony K – Crisis and Division is Being Driven Purposely 

305- Dr Carol – A Doctor’s View on Health during the Pandemic – Excellent Practical Advice!

304- John Haller – Important Discussion on Economic Collapse and Coronavirus

Did Dr Fauci just give the Lion’s Paw Hidden Hand Sign of the Babylonian Mystery Schools? ( Short HD video)

Will the Great Depression look like a Picnic compared to what’s coming? (Short HD video)

Coronavirus will Infect Your Privacy and Liberty Forever! (Short HD video)

303- Joanie Stahl – Coronavirus, Economic Crash – World Ripe for Antichrist. But Do Not Fear!

302- Carla Butaud – Breaking Generational Curses-A Powerful Truth!

301- Absolutely Unprecedented Times are Here – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness, Chris C & Tony K

300- Michael Snyder – Stock Market Crash, Economic Collapse, Lockdowns – It’s Here!

299- John Haller – Stock Market Crash, Coronavirus Panic, World Enveloped in Chaos!

298- Holly M – Dangerous New Age Indoctrination and Occult Items to Stay Away From

297- Bill Randles – We have Entered the Time of the Strong Delusion!

296- James Musker – Agenda 21, Depopulation & Climate Change – Truth vs Convenient Lies!

295- Eye Witness to Coronavirus in HK – Stunning Footage & Important Lessons – Jason Bramble

294-Lynette Zang – Stocks Crashing amid Panic, Coronavirus Fears  – Extremely Important Info!

Coast, Campfire, Cooking, Commonsense, and Prepping! (Short HD video)

293- Hidden Agenda of the Sly Evangelical Deep State Exposed – Thomas Littleton

292- Mark Sutherland – Coronavirus, Brexit, 5G & other Important News Events

Wuhan Coronavirus – The Truth. Shocking and Concealed!

291- Bill Randles – Trump’s Deal of the Century, Israel and the Unfolding Bible Prophecy

290- Wuhan Coronavirus – the Facts, the Hype, Protections & Prognosis – Kara P & Fred S

289- Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Unveiled – Hard Truths Revealed!

Campfire, Coffee, Contemplation, and Corona (Short HD video)

288- Stan Deyo – Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Solar Storm and Climate the Change Scam – News

287- Carla Butaud – Doctrines of Devils, Discernment and Distractions!

286- L.A.Marzulli – Dire Warning! -The Coming Great Deception

Albert Pike “Predicted” Three World Wars – Fact or Fake? (short HD video)

285- Mike@Onpoint Preparedness – Spotlight on Very Important Signs at start of 2020

284- Amazing True Story – N.D.E and freed from addictions by Jesus! – Holly M

283- John Haller – 2020 will be a Tumultuous Year – Big Things to Look Out For!

282-Trump Impeachment, Climate Alarmism and Big Global Government Push – Fred E.T Prepper & Gary Huffman

281- Mark Sutherland – Globalism, Nationalism and the Hidden Hand of the Power Elite

280- Bill Randles – Very Important End Time Truths You Need to Know – Now Unfolding!

279- It’s Time to Wake Up! – A Look at Important Developments and News from Around the World

Renewable Energy, 5G, and the Climate Alarmism of the UN – Sustainable Nightmare! (HD video)

278- John Haller – Global Chaos and Prophetic Signs in the Spotlight

277- Lynette Zang – Planning for the Crash Amidst the Grand Financial Illusion

World Peace and Population Reduction Called for by Pope Francis & Mickey Mouse Scientists! (Short HD video)

276- Dr Michael Lake – Developments in the Beast Technology &  End Goals of the Illuminist luciferians

Moloch at the Colosseum – The Illuminati Connection (Short HD video)

275- What should we make of Kanye, other Music Artists & Strange Doctrines? – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness

274- James Musker – Everything you Need to Know about BREXIT and the Hidden Hand of the NWO

273 – Global Craziness and Engineered Chaos – World On the Edge? – Gary Combs & Gary Huffman

272- Powerful True Story & Compelling Warning –  Avoid All Forms of the Occult – Brook A  & Tony K

Artificial Intelligence – Big Brother’s Dystopian Brave New World – Closer than You Think! (HD video)

271- Bill Randles – Important things to Know – Trump, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Apostasy and More!

California Fires & Power Shutdowns, Carbon Taxes Destroying Food Production – Agenda 21 on Steroids! ( Short HD video)

Is the Climate Change Emergency a Giant Scam Endorsed by Pope Francis and the UN? (HD Video)

270- John Haller – Bible Prophecy and Current Global Events – Chaos and Craziness!

269- Extreme Warning! Laodicean Church, Climate Alarmism, Economic Woes, Political Turmoil – Wake Up!

Fix Your Eyes On the Prize, Then in Christ your Life will Rise! (Short HD video)

Pope Francis Heralds the Beast, as Robots Market its Advancement ( Short HD video)

268- More Explosive and Important Information from an Ex 32° Freemason – Don’t Miss This!

267- Mike@Onpoint Preparedness – Beware of Deceptions and Wolves. Here’s How!

Old Skills for Modern Times – Axes, Saw, Knife, Fire Steel, and a Billy (Short HD Video)

266-Doug Woodward & Joanie Stahl-KJV Bible, Septuagint v Masoretic, Book of Enoch-What’s the Real Deal?

265- Finding God’s Plan to get You through the End Times, and How to Recognize the Strong Delusion

264- John Haller – Comparing Some of the Recent Crazy Events with Bible Prophecy

263- DeAnne Loper & Joanie Stahl – Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know-Dangerous Mysticism Exposed!

262- Lyn Leahz – Big Deception! Seven Mountains Dominionist Heresy and the Beast System

261- Stan Deyo – Quakes, Volcanoes, Strange Weather, Cosmic Events – What On Earth’s Going On

260- Joanie Stahl – Christian Reincarnationalism – New Movement but Age Old Lie

259- Jan@XtremeRealityCheck – Understanding How the Global Cabal plays us and betrays us all!

Dark Days and Mass Killings ( Short HD Video)

5G – Great new technology or a tool for the destruction of humanity? ( Short HD Video)

258- Hillsong or Hellsong – Can You See the Subliminal Messages?-Exposed!

257- Ralph Strean – The Evolutionary Fairytale Sold to the Masses as Fact

Globalists and the Precipice of Global Pandemonium (Short HD video)

256- Dr Michael Lake – Terrifying Truth about Singularity and Mark of the Beast Technology

255- Lynette Zang – What you need to know about the Market Implosion that has begun

254- Joanie Stahl – Earthquakes, Crazy World Events, Religious Deceptions and More!

253- Get Prepared Now! The Why’s and How’s – Gary C & Fred S

252- Grand Solar Minimum overview with Scott Chapman (Charles Scott)

251- John Haller – Examining Important World Events in Light of Bible Prophecy

World Gone Crazy! – End Time Signs? ( Short HD video)

250-  Ex 32° Freemason Blows more Lids off the Organisation!

249- George Farkas – Living Extraordinary Lives through God’s Power

248- Doug Riggs-Satanic Ritual Abuse – The Perpetrators, the Motivations, & the Fight Against It

High Level Freemason Greg Mannarino Just Sent Out a Coded Warning! (HD Video)

Perfect Storm Brewing? Stocks Down, Natural Disasters Up – Batten the Hatches! ( Short HD Video)

Alarming and Terrifying Convergence for Future of Humanity – AI, Killer Robots, Transhumanism  ( HD Video)

247- James Musker – Huge Revelations on the Nature of New World Order and Global Religion

Socialist Agenda – Is Brutal New Censorship on the Way? ( Short HD video)

246- Stunningly Big Moves Toward Global Government & Global Religion – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness & Joanie Stahl

245-Rena Groot – A Life Set Free – Healing, Hope, God’s Amazing Protection and Faithfulness!

244- Mind Blowing Information from an Ex 32° Freemason – Must Hear!

243- Blind Ex-Occultist & Poet Shares his Powerful Story – Paul Curwen

242- Illuminist Terror Targets, Days of Darkness, Mystic Madness – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness & Joanie Stahl

241- Media, Money, Political Sedition and the Orwellian State – Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman

240- Looking at Current Events and the Noahide Laws – Joanie Stahl

239- John Haller – A Look at Current Events and Prophecy – World Gone Crazy!

238- Christ Consciousness – New Age Jesus vs Real Jesus – Marcia Montenegro

Could New Zealand Gun Laws be a Testing Ground for the United Nations? (Short HD video)

237- James Musker – Exposing what the Beliefs of the Elite Truly Are!

Is an Extreme Socialist Agenda Taking Over New Zealand Following Christchurch Attack? (short HD video)

236- Ex 32° Scottish Rite Freemason Blows Whistle On Luciferian Masonry

235- World News and Ancient Bible Texts – Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman

Christchurch Terrorist Attack – Looking at it from a New Zealander’s Perspective ( Short HD video)

234-  Carla Butaud – Prodigal Sons and Daughters. Hope in Dark Days

233- Joanie Stahl & Sean Harper – Analysing Current End Time Events & Looking at What’s Coming

232- John Haller – Interesting End Time Developments. A Prophetic Spotlight

Pope Francis – Heralding World Government and Spearheading One World Religion ( Short HD video)

231- Marcia Montenegro – Dangerous New Age practices that are becoming Mainstream

230- Stan Deyo- Fantastic Info – Must hear! NDE, Antichrist, UFO’s and More!

229- Joanie Stahl – Dangerous Noahide Laws, Antichrist and Baal Sacrifices

228 – Lynette Zang – What you Need to Know About The Coming Global Financial Crash!

Biblical Beast System Rapidly Rising – How Much More Proof Do You Need?(HD Video)

227- Stan Deyo – Cosmic Conspiracies and the Garden of Eden

226-Conspiracies, False Doctrines & Grand Deceptions – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness

Global Crash Coming – Bursting of the “Everything” Bubble (HD Video)

Are You Focused on the stuff That Really Matters? Inspiration from the Ocean (short HD video)

225- Ex-New Ager exposes Two Big Deceptions Creeping into Churches – Marcia Montenegro

Trump and the Wall  – National Emergency – Latest Info! (short HD video)

224- John Haller – Chaos Coming! QAnon & the Indictments, the Wall, Syria and More!

Strong Delusion, QAnon, Disclosure, and False Religion. Deception in 2019 (HD Video)

223- Carla Butaud – A Word of Encouragement and Exhortation

222- Dana Ashlie – Wireless Warfare and the Global Beast

221- Carla Butaud  – To be Effective You must Know Who You are in Christ!

220- James Musker – Exposing the Truth – A Luciferian Plot for a Global Religion

219- Danger! 5G technology – Why you Should be Concerned – John Heasman

218- Luciferian Secret Societies and Their Long War Against Us – Joy and John Heasman

217- Luciferian Secret Societies and Bible Prophecy Fulfilment – Joy & John Heasman

216- Lynette Zang – Could This be It? All Indicators point to Financial Crash – Very Important Message!

214- Bob McCoskrie –  When Does Humanity Begin? Abortion and the Red Line

Armistice Day, Masonic World Government and the Global Religion (HD Video)

213- Warning on the New Apostolic Reformation, Dominionism and the Emergent Church

212- John Haller  -Examining End Time Events in Current World News

211- How and Why We Should be Prepping Now – Fred@ETPrepper & Gary C

210-Doug Riggs – Hitler, Mengele, Antichrist & the Transhumanist Agenda

Stock Market Crash, Global Reset, Masonic 33, and November 2018 – Important! (HD video)

209- Amazing True Story of warfaring prayer answered & the Monster Beast – Brook Ardoin

208- John Haller – Important Updates in the World Of Bible Prophecy Fulfilment

207- Prepping-Is it Biblical? – What, How, Why – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness & Fred@ETPrepper

206- Doug Riggs – Day of the Lord, Day of Visitation – The Great End Time Divider

205- New Zealand’s Christian Heritage Under Attack    Pastor Ross Smith

204- What you Need to know about the Elites and the Luciferian World Religion – James Musker

The Poisoning of New Zealand – Facts and the Agenda! (HD video)

203- Who has bewitched you? End Time legalism & the Beast – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness

Christian or Occult? – Mega Churches in Mega Error? (HD Video)

202-  Lynette Zang – Get Ready for a Rough Ride – Pre- crash signs, prepare Now!

201- Faith and Hope in Perilous Times – Now’s the Time! -Indran Mylvaganam 

200- Doug Riggs- As in the Days of Noah – Nephilim, Ritual Abuse, and Freedom In Christ

199- John Haller – Socialist Dystopia, Censorship and Control –  Prophecy Unfolding

198- Prophetic word of Warning – Practical advice & S.R.A. Testimony – Kim Weir & Joanie Stahl

197- The Sinister Plot for a New World Religion – Luciferian Beliefs of the Elite  – James Musker

Free Speech is Under Attack By Liberals and Socialists – Major Warning Bells are now Ringing! (HD Video)

196- Goats and Wolves – The Laodicean Church, Important Warning – with Kim Weir & Joanie Stahl

195 – John Fenn – Prophetic Warning – What’s Coming to the US will affect the World!

194- Is America The Final Babylon Slated for Destruction? – Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman

Arise – What Sleepers are you Awakening? (HD Video)

193 – John Haller  – Laodicean churches and Ungodly Agendas – End Time Prophecy Being Fulfilled

When a Church Conference Arises to Appear like the Illuminati! (HD Video)

Did the Rothschild’s really Purchase Jerusalem in 1829 – Fact or False? (HD Video)

Why Christians Must Not Be Drawn into Aligning with the Vatican! (HD Video)

192- Doug Hamp – Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and DNA altering Mark of the Beast

191 -The Truth about Palestine, Israel in History and in Prophecy – Indran Mylvaganam

190 – Global Religion Inter-faith Movement and the End Time Beast – Mike @Onpoint Preparedness

One World Religious Unity – Truths You Need to Know! (HD video)

189 – Tim Cohen – North Korean & Iranian Nukes  – Prince Charles King of the World? – Stunning Info!

188- Doug Hamp – Third Temple, DNA changing chips and trans-humanism

187- Rusty Thomas – The Painful Gift – Very Powerful Message! – Jeremiah Thomas

186- Pastor Steve Aiken – Illegal Immigration & Child sex Trafficking -A Heads Up!

185- Alexander Lawrence- Identifying the End Time Beasts and Kingdoms

How Occult Theology is Snaking it’s way into Christianity (HD video)

New World Order and Trump – More Startling Info! ( HD video)

Proof that Trump is NOT fighting the New World Order – Undeniable Rothschild Connections!  (HD Video)

184- Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K – Time to be overcomer’s instead of being overcome!

183- Global Beast, Acchain, UFO’s & Alien Deception – Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman

182- Zionism Vs Anti-Zionism – Let’s Get to The Biblical Truth! – Kevin Shrum & Tony K

Babylon, New World Order, End Time Beast – Massive Eye-Opening Development! (HD Video)

181-Trump is NOT King Cyrus – John Haller, Joanie Stahl, Tony K

180- Lynette Zang –  Very Important Info On Controlled Demolition Of Global Financial System and Reset

179- Could an Alien Disclosure be the End Time Strong Delusion? – Joanie Stahl, Fred Scritsmier, Tony K

178- Alexander Lawrence – End Time Beast that rules the World – Important-Discussion

Middle East “May” hem – What’s truly going On? ( Short HD video)

177-John Haller – Accelerating Towards Fulfillment of Prophetic Events on World’s Stage

176- The Beast, the Matrix & the Church – Mike@Onpoint Preparedness, Joanie Stahl, Tony K

175- Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman – Exposing the Truth Behind Middle East War Drums!

174- Marty Breeden – Important Warnings and Preparations – Prophetic & Practical

Geoengineering-Contrails or something more Sinister

173- Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman – Revealing & Unlocking Hidden Truths

172- Carla Butaud – How to deal with tormenting spirits

Chemtrails in California – Why do People accept this as Normal?

171 – The Great Deception- Strong Delusion – Are you ready for it? ( Matt S. and Tony K)

170- Bondage, or Liberty at the command of Christ ? – Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

New World Order – 2018 – NAR Dominionists and the Luciferian New Age (HD video)

169- Very Important Message for rest of 2018 – Joanie Stahl, Mike@Onpoint Preparedness, Tony K

168- Is The Emergent Church Part of the Great Falling Away? – David Rivera

167-Ralph Epperson- Forget what you’ve been told – Real Jesse James Lived to be 103!

New World Order 2018 — Global Religion – Luciferians at the United Nations! (HD video)

Discussing The Approaching End Days – Tony & Mike (HD video on the Onpoint preparedness Youtube channel)

New World Order – The Rise Of The Global Religion – 2018 (HD video)

166- Joel Richardson and Bill Salus – The Identity of Mystery Babylon!

165- John Haller – Davos, singularity, & the end-time trans-human nightmare!

How Did Northern California Become Like This? – Unbelievable! (HD video)

164-Ralph Epperson – New World Order, Masonry and the US Constitution-The Truth!

New World Order Illuminist Agenda Rises to Plain Sight – 2018 ( HD video)

163- Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson – The Illuminati’s Secret Plan & Mass Deception

162- Sex with Ghosts and Aliens – “The Truth” – insights from former Spiritualist – Laura Maxwell

161- Homeless Man has life changing Visitation of Jesus – Given a message to share

New World Order Programming – Zenith 2018  (HD video)

160- Powers of Hell Unleashed Like Never Before – Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

159- Stan Deyo – Important info regarding Global Surveillance Beast, EMP Shields & Nuke Threat

New World Order coming to a town near you !! – 2018  (HD video)

158- Doug Perry – Christianity, End Time Preparedness and Sharing God’s Love

157- John Haller- Israel & the amazing convergence of End Time Prophetic Signs

156- Gary Wayne- Knights Templar, Gnosticism, Spirit of Antichrist & attacks on the Apostle Paul

155- Artificial Intelligence Nightmare & the Global Beast System – Mike from Onpoint Preparedness

154- Tim Alberino – Ancient History and Future Apocalypse – Truth Exposed!

Introducing the *new* A Minute to Midnite Community Forum – with helpful tips

Is Saudi Arabia vying to be the Center of a Babylonian New World Order? (HD Video)

153- Gary Wayne – How secret societies and descendants of giants plan to enslave you!

Texas Church Shooting –  Is this a False Flag? ( HD Video)

152-Tim Thompson – Freedom from the Invasive Spirit of Antichrist

151 – Ex Satanist and Drug Addict now Serves Jesus – Pastor Brian Cole’s Incredible Story!

150- Epic Battle Today, Heavenly Power Vs Soul Power – Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

149- Alexander Lawrence – Leviathan’s Ruse – The Immortals and History’s Greatest Conspiracy

A Minute To Midnite – Two Minute Introductory Trailer 2017

148 – Tim Thompson – Ex Satanist exposes Halloween – Christians need to know the shocking truth!

Vegas Shooting – Follow the Money Trail ! – Censorship and Secret Societies ( HD Video)

147- Ex Professional Astrologer now warns against Astrology – Marcia Montenegro

146- L A Marzulli – Vegas Shooting – Fatima Apparition- the Great Deception

Las Vegas Shooting – An Illuminati Master minded Agenda -No Doubt about it! (HD vid)

145- John Fenn – Dominionism,  and the Spirit of Antichrist at work. Beware!

144- Gauntlet is Down, Signs & False Signs – Time To Choose – Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

143- Former Iranian Muslim Now Preaches Jesus Christ ! – Ramin Parsa’s Powerful Story-Wow!

Are the Banksters Planning a war between the US and North Korea? ( short video) 

142- Global Religion, One World Order, Even Christians Are Being Deceived! – Mike from onpointpreparedness 

141- Kevin Shrum – Proof the Mandela Effect Is Not Changing The Bible!

140- Hurricanes, Nuclear Threats, Wildfires- What in The World Is happening? – Joanie S, Brook A, Tony K

139- Woman Drowns, Dead an Hour – Meets Jesus, Returns with Powerful Message – Amazing NDE!

138- Bill Salus – End Time Babylonian Church – On The Road To Apocalypse

137-Tom Doyle -Standing In The Fire – Inspiring Stories Of Faith and Bravery!

136- Doc Marquis – Amazing Evidence That Giants Once Roamed The Earth In Large Numbers

135- John Fenn – Supernatural Discipleship – Powerful Truths Revealed

134- L.A. Marzulli – UFO’s, Fatima and Harbingers of Deception

133- Joanie Stahl – Deception In The Church – Ancient Pagan Roots Exposed!

132- Bill Salus – Big Middle East Wars Ahead – What Does The Bible Say About Them?

131- Act In Line With The Truth Of The Gospel – Bron Tait

130- Doc Marquis – Protocols Of Zion, Illuminati and the Final Rapture – Startling!

129- No Longer available

128- Joanie Stahl – Brook Ardoin -Tony K – Hour Of Realness & Hearing From God When The Chips Are Down

127- Elizabeth Nebenfuhr – Most Incredible Near Death Encounter With Jesus – 2nd One – Must Hear-Wow!

126 – Elizabeth Nebenfuhr – Supernatural Visitation of Jesus & Given Powerful Word Of Warning!

125 -Liberal Agenda Engulfs The Globe – The Madness Exposed! – Brook Ardoin, Brad Hay, Tony K

124-Nathan leal – Mercenaries, Corporations and NWO Control of America’s Future

123- Nathan Leal – Trump, the NWO and the Glowing Orb Exposed!

122-John Little Part II- Let’s Cut Straight to the Truth On End Time Israel & Christianity

121-John Little – How Current World Events Are Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

120- Ian McCormack Pt2 – Incredible Near Death Experience-Amazing Testimony!

119- Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati Plan & Christianity’s Systematic Destruction – WWIII – NWO

118-Ian McCormack – Heaven & Hell – Reality Or Myth?-Amazing True Story!

117- Nathan Leal – Part II – Delusion Entered America – Deep State or Deep Sleep? – Vital Warning!

116- Nathan Leal Part 1 – It’s Time To Stop Blaming Deep State!

115- ( No Longer available)

114- David A Rivera – Can We Trust The Bible Or Is It Being Deliberately Changed By The NWO?

113- Alarming World Events & Prophetic Word – Our Countenance Is  Witness – Joanie Stahl – Brook Ardoin -Tony K

112- Michael Snyder – Imperative Warnings – War – Government Shutdown – Debt Defaults – Judgement To Fall!

111-Jake McCandless – Part 2 -You Are A Target ! -The Great Falling Away!

110- Jake McCandless- Pt1 – Spiritual Prepper – Tapping Into Overlooked Prophecies – Doomsday

109- Angel Edmonston- Freedom from the Occult, Freemasonry, Witchcraft, Generational Curses

108- Deputy Marty Breeden -Powerful Prophetic Warnings For 2017 -Wow!

107- Is A  Confrontation Between Nuclear Powers On The Horizon?

106- Stan Deyo – Super Volcanoes & Heavenly Signs

105-Nick Keehus – Unearthing Remains From Sodom & Evidence For The Resurrection

104-Carla Butaud-Stop The Enemy Robbing You Of Financial Blessing

103- Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson – Propaganda, Fake News & The Deep State – Shocking Truth!

102- Carla Butaud -The Role Of Angels In Answer To Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

101-Pastor Terry Bates- Breaking General Curses & Replacing With Blessing

100-The Weaponry Of Love – POWERFUL – Joanie Stahl – Brook Ardoin – Tony K

099-Norm Franz – Global Financial Babylon -Come Out Of Her My People

098- Russian Troops In The US & Freemasonry Exposed-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

097- Nathan Leal – Part II – Trump Tower, Baal Worship & Freemasonry – Astounding Info!

096- Nathan Leal – Part 1- NAR Deception & America’s False Reprieve

095- Stan Deyo -Strange Weather Patterns & Earth Events -Tesla’s Free Energy & More!

094- Norm Franz – Can Trump Really Save The US Economy?

093-America-Deception & Disaster or Peace & Prosperity?-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin,Tony K

092-Brooklynn Wojtowicz – Former LGBT Now Passionate For Jesus

091-Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson-  World Facing Unprecedented Crisis- Apocalypse or Awakening?

090- Deputy Marty Breeden – Amazing NDE & Vision – Jesus Urgent Warning – Time Is Short!

089-Hope In The Holy Land- Todd Morehead & Justin Kron

088-Division Among Christians Where There Should Be Love-Joanie Stahl,Brook Ardoin,Tony K, Brad Hay

087-Supernaturally Set Free From Chronic Alcoholism – Emma’s Inspiring Testimony

086-  A 16 year Boy’s Vision Of The Great Tribulation Recorded Live- Amazing Audio!

085- Lauren Atkinson – Flu Vaccines – Microchips & the 666 Agenda

084- Michael Snyder – Financial Market Chaos 2017 & The Dividing Of Israel

083- Caspar McCloud  Part II- Near Death Experience-Healing-Miracles-End Times

082- Caspar McCloud – Your Thought Life- The Music Industry- Avoiding Deceptions!

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047-No Longer Available

046 -No Longer available

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