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This is  a complete list of all ‘A Minute To Midnite’ Shows, in chronological order, with the latest show at the top of the list. Clicking on any link will take you to the Youtube page where the associated video is found.

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111-Jake McCandless – Part 2 -You Are A Target ! -The Great Falling Away!

110- Jake McCandless- Pt1 – Spiritual Prepper – Tapping Into Overlooked Prophecies – Doomsday

109- Angel Edmonston- Freedom from the Occult, Freemasonry, Witchcraft, Generational Curses

108- Deputy Marty Breeden -Powerful Prophetic Warnings For 2017 -Wow!

107- Is A  Confrontation Between Nuclear Powers On The Horizon?

106- Stan Deyo – Super Volcanoes & Heavenly Signs

105-Nick Keehus – Unearthing Remains From Sodom & Evidence For The Resurrection

104-Carla Butaud-Stop The Enemy Robbing You Of Financial Blessing

103- Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson – Propaganda, Fake News & The Deep State – Shocking Truth!

102- Carla Butaud -The Role Of Angels In Answer To Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

101-Pastor Terry Bates- Breaking General Curses & Replacing With Blessing

100-The Weaponry Of Love – POWERFUL – Joanie Stahl – Brook Ardoin – Tony K

099-Norm Franz – Global Financial Babylon -Come Out Of Her My People

098- Russian Troops In The US & Freemasonry Exposed-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

097- Nathan Leal – Part II – Trump Tower, Baal Worship & Freemasonry – Astounding Info!

096- Nathan Leal – Part 1- NAR Deception & America’s False Reprieve

095- Stan Deyo -Strange Weather Patterns & Earth Events -Tesla’s Free Energy & More!

094- Norm Franz – Can Trump Really Save The US Economy?

093-America-Deception & Disaster or Peace & Prosperity?-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin,Tony K

092-Brooklynn Wojtowicz – Former LGBT Now Passionate For Jesus

091-Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson-  World Facing Unprecedented Crisis- Apocalypse or Awakening?

090- Deputy Marty Breeden – Amazing NDE & Vision – Jesus Urgent Warning – Time Is Short!

089-Hope In The Holy Land- Todd Morehead & Justin Kron

088-Division Among Christians Where There Should Be Love-Joanie Stahl,Brook Ardoin,Tony K, Brad Hay

087-Supernaturally Set Free From Chronic Alcoholism – Emma’s Inspiring Testimony

086-  A 16 year Boy’s Vision Of The Great Tribulation Recorded Live- Amazing Audio!

085- Lauren Atkinson – Flu Vaccines – Microchips & the 666 Agenda

084- Michael Snyder – Financial Market Chaos 2017 & The Dividing Of Israel

083- Caspar McCloud  Part II- Near Death Experience-Healing-Miracles-End Times

082- Caspar McCloud – Your Thought Life- The Music Industry- Avoiding Deceptions!

081-Amir Tsarfati – Israel – Syria – NWO – Russia – Bible Prophecy Update-Amazing Info!

080-Lisa Haven – Great Convergence Of End Time Signs – Globalists Vs The People

079- The Trump Presidency -Very Important Info – Must Hear! -Joanie Stahl-Brook A-Tony K

078- Michael Johnston – Biblical Feast Days & The Return Of Jesus

077-Nick Keehus – Christianity – Jewish Customs – Islam & The Antichrist

076- Pastor Steve Aiken – Huge False Flag Event Coming -Alert!

075-Benjamin Baruch – On the Threshold of World War iii – Economic Implosion & Reset

074- Pastor Terry Bates- Do Your Prayers Really Make A Difference?-Yes!

073- Prepare for Convergence of-War-Economic Collapse & Space Weather Events

072- Jeff Berwick – The Collapse Of All Fiat Currencies Is Coming!

071-Benjamin Baruch – Economic Collapse, An Apostate Church & The Day Of The Lord

070-Joanie Stahl-Brook Ardoin-Tony K -“AMTM In house”- Getting Real About The Times We Live In

069- John Phillips – Do Not Be Alarmed- These Things Must Come!

068- Carla Butaud – Power Prayers & Warfare That Works

067- L A Marzulli – Watchers X – Amazing Discoveries – Nephilim, Giants, Fairies

066- Pastor Benjamin Faircloth – National Heart Attack Within 60 Days! – Warning!

065- Brook Ardoin – Amazing Testimony – God’s Miracles & Mountain Moving Faith- Wow!

064-Joanie Stahl & Brook Ardoin- Trespassing Spirits & Exposing The Intruder

063- Doug Perry Part II – Red Dragon Vs The True Church – Powerful Message!

062- Doug Perry Pt1-Equipping People For End Time Survival

061- Jeff Hutcheon- Orphan Spirit vs Spirit Of Sonship

060- Joanie Stahl- Most Powerful  On Prayer, Miracles & Spiritual Warfare You Will Ever Hear

059-Derek Fullmer- Kingdom Teams & An Amazing End Time Assignment-Wow!

058- Pastor Benjamin Faircloth- Warning!  Chaos To Fall On The Divided States Of America!

057- Joanie Stahl & Brook A – Spiritual Warfare, Principalities & Attacks On The Mind

056- Pastor Terry L. Bates  – Great Power & No Bowing To Baal – The Fire Of Elijah

055- Troy Anderson- BREXIT-Anti-Globalization Movement-&-Economic Woes

054- Mena Lee Grebin – Chaos Is Coming To America- Imminent Warning!

053-Joanie Stahl- Brook A.- God’s  & Awesome Final Great Harvest To Begin!

052-David A Rivera – New World Order Global Dictatorship – A Final Warning! 

051-Prepping & The Bible- Doing Nothing May Cost Your Life! 

050-John Little (Part II) – The End Times Epicenter Is Jerusalem

049 – John Little (Part 1) – Last Days Are Now & Jerusalem Is The Key!

048-Freemasonry – Being Set Free From It’s Curse – A Minute To Midnite

047-Pastor El Masih (Part 2) – If This Occurs You Will Have 72 Hours To Get To Safety!

046-Pastor El Masih Part 1 -Islamic Deception, Suitcase Nukes, Banking System Collapse

045-Stan Deyo – Atlantis Discovered & The UFO Connection

044- L.A. Marzulli -Economic Collapse-Nephilim, Giants, Aliens, 666 DNA Altering

043-Moral Demise Of America & The West – Joanie Stahl-Brook A-Matt S-Tony K

042- Disaster Preparedness Warning & Banking Collapse-A Minute To Midnite

041-Stan Deyo – Ring Of Fire – Super Volcanoes & A Potential Antichrist

040- Josh Peck & Christina Peck – UFO’s, Aliens & The Great Deception

039-Powerful Prayer & End Day Prepping- Joanie Stahl, Brook, Chris & Tony

038- Michael Snyder – Economic Collapse Looms – Are You Prepared?

037- John Little – Ezekiel’s Fire – Solar Flare- EMP-Warning

036- Joanie Stahl – Mayhem, Trojan Horse & A Chain Link Fence

035- Gill Broussard (Pt3)- Planet X & Great Tribulation Near

034- Joanie Stahl – Giant Wall of Water & Impending Destruction – Prophetic Dream

033-Gill Broussard (pt2) – Planet X Historical Records & Potential Close Return

032-Gill Broussard- Part-1- Planet X In The Bible & Ancient History

031-Laura Maxwell – Pentecostal Spiritualism & New Age Deceptions

030-Carolyn Hamlett – JFK Last Truly Elected POTUS -NASA & Illuminists

029 -Troy Anderson – 21st Century Church – Asleep At The Wheel

028-Joanie Stahl – Exposing The Darkness. Demons & Deliverance

027-Joanie Stahl – The Gathering Global Storm & God’s Guidance

026-Joanie Stahl – Carolyn Hamlett – Matt S PtII Chaos & False Messiah, Antichrist 

025-Laura Maxwell – Spiritualism, Spirit Guides & One World Order Exposed

024-Justice Dies – Antichrist Rise – Carolyn Hamlett – J. Stahl – Matt.S

023-Troy Anderson – The Babylon Code – Unlocking An Ancient Mystery

022-Carolyn Hamlett – The Third Eye & A New Age Lie

021- Joanie Stahl Part3 The Antichrist & Rapture Theology

020-Michael Snyder – Worse Economic Troubles Are Ahead Through 2016

019- Joanie Stahl Part2 – Survive Economic Collapse 2016 – End Time Prophecy

018-Joanie Stahl – Part1- Economic Collapse, Martial Law – Shocking Info 2016

017-Carolyn Hamlett – How She Defected From The Illuminati

016-Carolyn Hamlett – D.U.M.B.S – Aliens – UFO’s & Astral Travelling Popes

015-Carolyn Hamlett – How The Illuminati Infiltrates Churches To Destroy them

EP14-Carolyn Hamlett – Illuminati Plan A Fake Antichrist Before The False Messiah

A Minute To Midnite EP13 – Carolyn Hamlett – Illuminati Plan to Kill Christians!!

A Minute To Midnite Ep12 – Deception And The Babylonian System

A Minute To Midnite EP-11 – World Government Rising…Now!

A Minute To Midnite EP 10 – The Calm Before The Economic Storm

A minute To Midnite EP 09 – llluminati Codes – CERN – Agenda 2030

A Minute To Midnite – EP-08 – Financial collapse – Blue Beam Project

A Minute To Midnite – Episode-07 – Shemitah Urgency: Preparations and Prophecy

A Minute To Midnite EP 06 – Global Economic Collapse – Cashless Society -NWO

A Minute To Midnite – Episode 05 – Stand Strong Amidst Rising Tide Of Evil

A Minute To Midnite – Episode 04 – Economic Mayhem – New World Order Rising

A Minute To Midnite – Episode-03 – How To Survive The Economic collapse

A Minute To Midnite – Episode 02 – Prepare For Global Financial Meltdown

A Minute To Midnite – Episode 01 – Economic Collapse