“On Waking Angels”

“On Waking Angels.”

Matt S July 22nd 2017 Part 4 (False teachings/heresy series)

There is a code of sorts in the picture above, a clue is that you will find the code in the Emerald Tablets, and because I don’t necessarily want you reading the Emerald Tablets, you will find the code in the Message Translation of the Bible. (Matthew 6:5-13) Oops!! Did I give something away here? Why do we have something from an occult manuscript in a bible translation?

Did you work out the code from the picture?

I had originally planned to write “on waking angels” this week; however I heard something that spurred me into action to address this area even more keenly than before. In fact there have been several things that have occurred this week that have prompted me to address this subject.

I want to be very clear that that I do believe angels exist and I believe they are Biblical. I have had encounters with them; I will relay several of these encounters to you in this article. But I do believe that there is the potential for an element of deception to creep into the Church. People are giving angels a role that is not biblical; and I believe there is a danger that this may place people in contact with demonic entities, and fallen angelic entities.

Several months ago we had a visiting speaker at Church. He talked about waking angels using a shofar. This just did not sound right, I got a check in the spirit with this. I decided to investigate this matter a little more, as the man also presented with a collection of other RED FLAGS in other areas. Last Sunday there was a mention of a prophecy in the sermon, this prophecy recounts a future event of an angel being raised out of the ground in the area that I live in. This prophecy came from a lady with a well known local/national “prophetic” ministry. I got a couple of emails through my inbox this last week that also referred to angels, one was (from my perspective) “just bizarre”, the other seemed reasonable until I started digging in to it a little more and it linked into a discussion on falling feathers associated with angelic activity…….. (I have included the links to those email articles below under research also, so you can judge for yourselves).

So, what does the word “angel” mean? Both the Hebrew (mal’ach) and Greek (angelos) have the same meaning, and that meaning is “messenger”.

So what does the bible say about angels? (I’m not going to go into great detail here for brevities sake) but here are some of the main areas.

What does the Bible say about “waking angels”?

“I can find nothing”. However I did find a really interesting article that tells me that others have spotted this behaviour/ideology as well. And to quote a very good friend of mine, she says she “didn’t know angels took naps” Hmm…. So where IS…. THIS…. GOING….?

What does the Bible say about how we should interact with angels?

Hebrews 13:2 says that we should take care to show hospitality to strangers just in case they might be angels. Would ya really want to be responsible for turning God’s angels away!!??

There is one other area of interaction with angels that I believe we should have and that is testing them! Why should you do this? If an entity or spirit presents to us and says it’s from God, why should we not believe it?

We should be “Testing the spirits”!!

Angels are spirits. As we know 2 Corinthians 11:14 says that even satan will disguise himself as an angel of light. So how do you know that something that says it’s an angel of God is telling the truth? It may be demonic or potentially another fallen satanic angel, or even satan. 1 John 4:1-6 tells us to test the spirits to see if they are of God or not. It tells us in verse 2 that “every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God“. Why is this important? Because it acknowledges the very reason for why Jesus came back. Jesus came in the flesh in order that he would end up being the sacrifice, that would forever end Adam and Eve’s fall from grace in the Garden of Eden, Jesus would provide a way back to God. This sacrifice was what really “did satan in the eye”, because it is the means to shut satan down, and shut him out. We just have to make our choice for Jesus. Angels of God will know this; any other evil spirit/angel will never willingly acknowledge this.

“Matt’s angel encounters”

I will tell you of two encounters I have had, that I believe are fairly typical of most people’s common experiences of angels.

In the first encounter, I was at a Christian home-group that I attended at the time. We were collectively praying for a member of the group. During the course of the prayer time I was aware of several large “dudes” entering the room. They would have been as tall as the ceiling which would have been around eight feet high. I could not see them in the physical but sensed they were passing by me and towering over me. One other person in the room acknowledged they were there without me saying anything, and I took that as confirmation of their presence. They were I believe, there in the capacity of ministering spirits.

The second encounter was when I had an emergency admission to hospital some years ago, with 3 large DVT clots in my leg and a large Pulmonary Embolism in my lung. Having some medical training, I was aware that I was very much in a life threatening situation. While I was being treated in the emergency room, I was praying away (as you might well imagine), trying to keep calm. I became aware of a very large (unseen) man standing next to me, he was watching over me. I then had a flood of reassuring thoughts enter my head with that “peace that surpasses understanding”. I knew without question, I was being looked after by God. The nursing staff treating me commented that I was so calm for one in such dire circumstances. I was not walking well with God at that time and missed the opportunity to tell them why, to my shame. Once again, I believe that angel was there as a ministering spirit sent to protect me. I would have said he stood at least ten feet tall, he was a towering figure.

So Matt!! What’s your problem with people talking up angels?

There is some stuff that has come to my attention that I believe as I stated that can put the folk into contact with lying spirits. Forget about the “new age angel chasers”, it is easy to see from a Google search, that there are loads of non Christian websites that go into this stuff, and they are purely under deception. There are websites that have the romantic and sexy angels that look more like rock stars, many of them female and scantily clad might I add. Really!! However, some of the stuff coming from Christians is plain silly and disrespectful on God’s angels, if you want examples watch this 12 minute video.

If you have some time check out this article How To Command Your Angels. Think eisegesis, or putting/adding your own interpretation on scripture.

As mentioned in the section titled “what does the bible say about waking angels”, (the article hyperlinked here). The author of this article describes some young Christians telling of an event where they “wake angels in the desert”, with a shofar. How was it they knew there were angels in the desert, and what lead them to believing they (the angels) needed to be woken with a shofar? Were these entities actually angels, or were they other demonic/fallen angelic entities posing as “angels of light”. The big question is why were the young people even interacting with these entities in this way in the first place?

I mentioned a visiting speaker that came to our Church several months ago. This man has an amazing testimony and ministry to the poor and homeless, but some of the things he said just did not sound right. I re listened to the audio of his sermon to the Church to capture some of this. He talked about angels that have been assigned to us (and are asleep) will now awaken and listen to the word that comes out of the mouth. What does that even mean and which part of scripture speaks to this? I cannot find it.

Dare I say it, but this behaviour is in some ways is becoming like the account in Genesis 19, where the Sodomites were attempting to sexually assault the angels that had come to destroy Sodom. These “angel chasers” are not seeking sexual gratification, but like the Sodomites, they are taking an unnatural interest in these angels, and you would have to wonder why! Why were the Sodomites so interested in angels? Thinking speculatively, had these Sodomites had sexual encounters with fallen angels or spiritual entities? I don’t know if they had done so or not, but it does make me wonder. God pronounced an extreme and serious judgement on the inhabitants of this city (Sodom).

The pagan and New Age religions seek after spiritual encounters with spiritual entities and I am seeing this type of seeking of new and novel things, and it does not seem to matter if God is in this or not. These novel activities seem to have some token Christian thing about them, but that is where it ends.

I am very concerned when people start chasing angels in this way without scriptural authority to do so, they may encounter angels alright, but these will not necessarily be God’s holy loyal servants, they may be of the fallen evil variety, or demonic things masquerading as angels. So why this obsession with angels? Why as Christians do we follow the pagans and do what they do? It will only lead to trouble as satan will ensure it does. If the Christians you know are talking up angels, please investigate it further and ask of them why they are doing this, and what the bible says about such things.

Have a blessed week, stay alert and be safe.

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