Could Aliens Play A Role in End Times Deception?- Prophetic Dream

Prophetic Dream – Could Aliens Play A Role in End Times Deception?

By Joanie Stahl (April, 2018)

Dream – April 8, 2018

In my dream, I saw myself walking into a very big house.  It was one story and spread out ranch style.  I wondered at first why I was there.  Every room I looked at was enormous. The living room was huge as well as the kitchen.  I did not see anyone in the house except a few people sitting together in the living room on the couch. They appeared to be guests rather than the homeowners.  

They were dressed in very expensive, beautiful clothing.  I saw a few others that were milling around near them and it struck me that I was there for a wedding.  Then some kind of knowledge came to me that I was the bride.  This was very strange and perplexing as I wondered what this was all about. I thought, “I am already married to Jon”.  

I was wearing my normal, everyday clothing. I was not in a wedding dress and had no recollection of getting married “again”, or of who was the groom.  I had entered into the house alone. My husband Jon was not even part of this dream.

I took note that the entire wedding party were in the back yard, and the reception was being held there.  I walked outside into a very huge, vast back yard.  It had a giant wall all the way around the property line, and it was so tall that no one could see over or through it.  It was a privacy fence. The back yard held what looked like to be about a couple of hundred people.  Everyone was dressed beautifully and all laughing and talking.  I noticed that the people themselves were all well to do.  I could tell just by looking at them.

As I emerged outside, two women approached me joyfully to welcome me.  These women were clearly not guests of the wedding, but the wedding coordinators, or planners.  Then, the strangest thing came into my thoughts… “I do not understand this.I am here at a reception that is for a wedding, which already took place priorto my arrival that happens to be mine, and yet, why am I alone?Where is the bridegroom?”  

In addition, when I went outside not one single person acknowledged me – no one even looked at me!  It was obvious they did notrecognize me. Nor did I recognize any of them. They were allcompletestrangers.  No one even paid attention to the fact that I was standing there, as I was the bride.  They just went right on talking, laughing, and partying.  It was so strangely confusing.  

I thought, “I do not understand this? I am the bride, yet I am alone. I have no groom. No one recognizes me. I do not recognize anyone.  It is like I am invisible.”

Then I had this immediate sense of urgency.  That there was not enough time to have all of this going on and frankly, it was disturbing, weird, and bizarre.  I just wanted out of there.  

I felt intensely indifferent about this reception and now panic was setting in. I said to the two women, “Let’s wrap this up. I have to get going right away. I cannot stay!”  One of them said, “You cannot go yet!  You haven’t even opened any of the gifts!” 

Another strange thing I thought was, “Who opens their gifts atthe wedding?”  The more I tried convincing the women that I urgently had to leave, it was as if they were going out of their way to keep me there.

Then as fast as they could, they quickly ran to grab two gifts.  One of the women put a gift-wrapped box in my hands.  I looked at it thinking, “This is the worst, cheapest, ugliest wrapping paper I have ever seen!  It is embarrassing!  Not to mention I do not even want it.  It is not mine and I want nothing to do with it!”  Therefore, I cast it aside from me to the ground. 

As soon as the gift hit the ground, I heard a very loud noise overhead.  It was an enormous helicopter flying right over us but extremely low. This was frightening to me as well as the fact it was military.  There is no reason for a military helicopter to do so unless it was about to land.  I felt afraid, thinking, “What is happening?”  There were smaller choppers accompanying it and flying all around above it. Then it flew out of sight.

I want to make note about this military helicopter.  It was clearly something like a Chinook.  The troop transport choppers.  I can say that these were very sophisticated.  I cannot begin to explain except to say that technologically they were some new state-of-the-art choppers.  

Then I looked at alI of the people and saw that I was the only one who was alarmed.  Everyone at the reception did not even so much as payanyattention to it, as though nothing was happening.  Not one of them even looked up. They just kept on talking, laughing, and partying on. 

After that, another helicopter the same size and type, flew right overhead. Again, it was so low it seemed it was going to land nearby. I felt even more scared, knowing that something very frightening was about to happen.  Granted, the people still went on as though nothing was happening … Completely careless.

At this point, I went from feeling an immediate urgency to a panic, and quickly into a complete terror.

I was the only one freaked out and very terrified.  It was so beyond disturbing to me that none of those people ever once looked up, but went on partying.  Next, a huge fleet of military fighter jets in formation flew right over us, also extremely so low, it clearly was nothing normal.  Seeing this added to my great terror.  I have never seen anything like that before.

Finally, a couple of the men looked up and smiledas if they were at some kind of Blue Angels air show for entertainment purposes.  The women still did not look up. All of a sudden, the entire sky wasfilled thick with every kind of military craft coming from every direction.  I noticed some that looked familiar. .  There were manyothers I did not recognize as being American.  This was clearly a multi-national invasion.  

Then I saw something very strange.

In the midst of the all the aircraft, I saw an alien aircraft (mothership) that hovered perfectly stationary while all of the planes flew around it.  There was such a dense volume of aircraft that I could barely see the sky.  It looked like a thick swarm of bees.

While staring up at the swarm of aircraft and “mothership”, something further caught my eye. Something in the center of that mothership was not moving at all.  It was an odd shape, being round, yet oval is best I can describe.   

This was what looked like a platform sticking out of the alien craft on one end of it and there were two aliens standing on that platform.  Both had what looked like some kind of armor on them.  It was white and shiny.  It covered them from head to toe.  There was black parts to the armor in a few places. In their hands, they each held a big, round, white disc. In the center of the discs looked something similar to the barrel of a rifle protruding outward. They were aiming them at the earth below.

Note: They were not Storm Troopers such as in the Star Wars movies! I have not watched Star Wars for this to be in my subconscious at any time prior to this dream! Brook is actually the one who thought some might consider this due to the explanation of their armor; therefore, it is imperative I make clear that they did NOT look like Storm Troopers!

That is when I became terrified for my life as well as and the lives around me.  I began screaming at all the people at the top of my lungs, yelling, “RUN!”“RUUUN!”  However, no one listened or even looked my way. They only continued laughing, talking, and partying.  So I ran for my life, bolting into the house.  

As soon as I got inside the house, I slammed the door.  Then I heard a horrific sound.  A sound so hellish, it was like nothing I have ever heard before.  I ran to a nearby window and peered out to where I had just ran from. I saw all the people outside beingslaughtered wholesale from the air.  There were already dozens of bodies and blood everywhere by the time I even made it to that window. This is how quickly their weapons were able to destroy. I watched as the last remaining people were killed and their blood covered everything in sight.  I knew that the deaths of all the people at the reception were from those wicked alien creatures.  

Then I woke up.


I want to begin by saying that what is dream is what I dream.  This is my third dream of an alien invasion.  I have yet to share the first two that I have had in the last several months.  I want to add that this interpretation is what I believe I have received by inspiration of God.  You are welcome to agree or disagree, but all I ask is you take it to the Lord in prayer and let HIM answer if this was indeed a warning for something to come in the future.

Now, the house that I entered represents the postmodern church.  The vastness of it represents the fact that the church at this time is indeed very vast and populous more than ever in America – Boasting of numerous mega churches, success, pomp, wealth and prestige, with thousands of other sizes of churches filled with Christians of this Laodicean period.  See Revelation 3:14-19, which represents today’s body of Believers, which Jesus describes in accurate depiction.

The knowledge that I was the bride that was revealed instantly to me was from the Lord.  Everything from that point on happened in rapid succession.

My not having an earthly wedding dress on, seeing no groom, or remembering participating in a marriage ceremony, means that the church at large has taken for granted that they are already married to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are only betrothed unto Christ.

“For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.” ~ 2 Corinthians 11:2, KJV.

Again, my not wearing a wedding dress means that there is another wedding garment, but not from this world.  

SeeRevelation 19:8-9:

“And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.  And He saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.  And He saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.”

There being no groom is because Jesus is no longer the Groom awaited for.  They are no longer looking for Him.  He is not among them.  My being there as “the Bride” was in my understanding to see, as one of the members of the true Bride of Christ, the immediate condition of the church at this End Time.  I do not say that with pride or boastful, but only to say it how I experienced it.

The whole purpose was for me to see it.

The entire property being very vast represented the landscape of the growth of the postmodern church in America as mentioned above regarding the house.  All the people that filled the enormous back yard dressed in expensive, beautiful clothing, who were talking, laughing, and partying, represent the false bride.  They are the members of the Laodicean church.

The reason they did not recognize me, nor I them, means that there are two clear-cut camps in view now.  In the past, I used to think that there were hundreds of camps.  

I no longer think this way. I now see that there are only two. Scripture makes that clear in such allegories as:

The Ten Virgins”– Matthew 25:1-8

The Wheat and the Tares”– Matthew 13:24-30

The Narrow Road” and“Broad Road Travelers”– Matthew 7:13-14

The Good Tree and Bad Tree Believers”(who bear good or bad fruit) – Matthew 7:18-23; Luke 6:43-45

The Sheep and the Goats”– Matthew 25:31-46

I think I have made my point with the above examples.

The wall that surrounded all the people represents false security.  Furthermore, that they are exclusive now and only keep to themselves, no longer open to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  

“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power in given unto Me in heaven and in earth.  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:  and, lo, I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world.” ~ Matthew 28:18-20.  See also Mark 16:15, Luke 24:46-47, KJV.

The two women, who recognized me to be the Bride, were not part of the wedding party. They were workers.  I believe this means that in the false bride church, there are a very few that recognize the true Bride Believers, but choose to stay in the false bride church. 

I had a feeling of urgency to get out of there as soon as I went outside. That escalating into panic, then terror, rapidly means that time is short.  That the things that I saw and other things associated with it are going to escalate in rapid trip-hammer like successions.

The whole feeling of not belonging there, not knowing one person, and everyone being nothing but strangers was stark.  The whole thing being nothing but bizarre confusion created within me a feeling of wanting to get out as fast as I could is obvious that there is no communion or fellowship.  They were total strangers.

My telling the women that I needed to leave right away, causing them to try to keep me there by giving me ugly gift wrapped presents to open immediately was nothing more than a distraction.  The reason why is that they are clueless as to anything happening around them.  They have zero discernment and do not understand anything.  They are more consumed with the wealth, riches, and materialism of this “present evil age.”

The cheap, ugly gift-wrapped box made me sick to my stomach.  The appearance of it was worse than embarrassing. This means that the gifts they give are worthless, while they lavish upon themselves the riches of this world.

I threw them down like a piece of garbage because I wanted nothing to do with “their gifts.”  The next scene where suddenly there was a very sophisticated Chinook style Helicopter that flew extremely low over the civilian population was clearly no military exercise.  The second round of another of the same chopper, and all the other different choppers in the air, supported the fact that there was something happening upon the land militarily.

Again, I was the only one looking up in total heart palpitating fear, knowing what was happening was going to get worse and very bad exponentially.  The other people that acted like nothing at all was happening is the obvious deadness of the present Body of Christ at large.  The extremes being in view here.

The fleet of super sophisticated fighter jets flying in battle formation that flew extremely low overhead, being ten times more frightening, and the people still not even looking up tells the same thing but with increased emphasis.

The two men I saw that stopped and looked up and only smiled, as if it were entertaining, represent the hireling leadership of the Church Age.  The women, still talking and laughing show the same … none of them knowing, nor wanting to know, what is outside of the walls they placed around themselves. This creates a false sense of spiritual security and of nothing being able to affect them.  

From what I saw and heard in the sky, it is nonsensical that any living human being would not automatically look up and take notice. The noise itself was tremendous.  Think how many times we look up at any airplane or chopper flying overhead at a NORMAL altitude. This is just another view of how dead they are.  There is no other way to say it … Perhaps reprobate?

When the whole sky filled up with every kind of military aircraft from out of every direction, this was nothing else but a multi-national air invasion of our land.  Recall many were not American craft. The thickness of the aircraft shows the intensity and initiative of the destruction was imminent.  

Now, this next part regarding the alien aircraft, I will do my best to interpret and God correct me if I am wrong.  At this point, I was so terrified of everything and ready to run having seen something strange, that being an alien aircraft.  I could not believe what I was seeing, so at first I did not run.  It was like for a moment I was frozen in fear looking at it.

I was focused on what I was seeing because I have neverseen anything like it before.  As described above in the dream, the parts I want to emphasize are this.  It hovered in perfectly still motion in the very center, in the very midst of all the planes.  I did not make sense because the aircraft that I saw were all flying in every direction.  Still, the alien craft was motionless.

None of them were trying to shoot down that alien “ship”.  Neither was there any attempt of the alien aircraft to destroy any aircraft that was around them.  I saw two humanoid like creatures.  Pardon my using that word “humanoid”, but I cannot think of another thing to call them except “aliens”.  They were human-like but clearly not.

The platform that they stood on made it even more fearfully impressive because the two alien’s stood on it wearing some sort of metallic white and black armor.  Clearly, the armor was evident that they were geared for war.  The weapons they were holding, I of course have never seen anything like it before, and they held them pointing them downward toward the earth.  

The terror that I was now experiencing, there is no way to even describe.  I was in a full panic as I watched at all the people still talking, laughing, partying, and not even looking up. Again, this shows the extent of their [spiritual] deadness.  My screaming at them at the top of my lungs to run, and not even acknowledging it, or even looking at me, shows they are allcompletely dead.  As the dead cannot hear, or see.  [As you read, their spiritual deadness lead to their physical deaths].

The swiftness of my running into the house, shutting the door, then hearing sounds and horrific noises, reveals to me once again the necessary understanding of time and the prompt action of discernment.  

This scripture came right away into mind as I thought about what I had just seen after I woke up:

“Come, My people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.  For behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” ~  Isaiah 26:20-21, KJV.

The wholesale slaughter of the people and the profusion of blood everywhere also added to my mind those verses.  Now I want to make it clear regarding who the aliens were.  I am a firm believer that they are the fallen angels of Genesis chapter 6, the Nephilim.  I am not going to go into a study on this and will leave that for all of you who enjoy researching.  

When the Lord executes His judgment upon the land, He will employ ways, means, and measures beyond what is mentioned in the books of the prophets, as well as in the book of Revelation.  I fully believe that not everything is written regarding the consummation of the end of the Church Age and beyond.  

This is not meant to scare anyone, but to show that the Lord reveals things to many, just like myself the things about to take place.  This is His mercy towards us.

Shalom to you all.


I just want to add that it is not a commonality for Joanie to receive dreams on the subject matter of “aliens”. She began getting prophetic dreams around the age of 13, even before she was saved – dreams that included events that would come to pass a short time later, which she has spoken scared her immensely. Of course, later she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and as she matured in the Lord was able to understand, and no longer fear, the many dreams that would come over her lifetime thus far. I only state this because I find it interesting that it is only now that she has recently awoken to having three dreams centered on aliens.

Both Joanie and I have no knowledge if these things will occur or come to pass in our lifetimes. However, it is important we release this because if anything such as “alien disclosure” were to take place, understand that we live in an age of great deceptionwhere seeing or hearing is no longer believing. What will be seen at some point in time, will come with magnificent signs and wonder. I cannot stress reading the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 concerning these signs and wonders, as well as the extent of deception that will take place on this earth.

Why would we release this dream on our site? Well, if you have been with us, you know we deal with speaking of the works of demonic spirits – the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this world spoken of in Ephesians 6:12. In the recent years, there has been an undeniable increase of what I will just term as “supernatural” sightings, and recently, mainstream media has been abuzz with the alien topic.

ET Prepper” over at You Tube has just released a very interesting compilation video concerning the alien agenda and UFO disclosure. He compiles some of the leading people who have spoken out over the years, and even lost their lives, in sharing what they claim is this agenda. You can find this link at the end of the article.

Please understand that we absolutely have no evidenceto prove what is spoken in this video is fact, nor are we implying it is fact! The onlyreason why we are sharing this information is for two reasons – due to the statements made concerning alien agenda and the annihilation of humans as Joanie saw in her dream, and because you can hear for yourself how massive a deception this could be if any of it comes to fruition. You judge for yourselves.

Our main goal here is to stress that Satan is at war with the living true God, and he is the leading, sole Deceiver of mankind. He is a liar and the “father of lies”, and yes, he remains the “prince of the powers of the air” of this world. Do not ever close your mind into believing he cannot use his army in the End Times to cause such a great deception, that even the strongest servants of God may fall away from their faith. Keep Matthew 24 burned into your hearts thatno matter what you might see or hear, never believe anything other than the truth of God’s Word.

Brook A.

You Tube Link, compliments of “ET Prepper”: