Important but Sobering Warning for America and the World. From an Insider Source (Transcript)


                                                    July 2020 By Tony K

I received a couple of emails from Jeremy the Ex 32° Scottish Rite Freemason today. I asked for his permission to share an edited version of the emails, where I have removed any personal information that could reveal his identity or the identities of his sources. He agreed.

I would like to add this. Remember that his main source is someone he has known for many years. He has been a family friend, and is a politician and a 33° freemason. The other sources mentioned are also high level freemasons. So knowing that, it is possible that Jeremy has been fed deliberate disinformation by them. Because he has been out of the masonic cult for several years now, he himself is not “in the loop” so to speak. Though he’s from a line of multi-generational freemasons, he’s not in the circle. However, many of his family still are. I feel that is unlikely that this is disinformation being shared here. But it’s not impossible that it is. The Illuminists now feel that their luciferian Plan is unstoppable. I think that may be why they are not hiding it any longer. However, as Christians we know that nothing can occur unless it is in God’s timing. If the Lord so wishes, he can thwart these plans. But bear in mind also, that the Bible warns us of perilous times in the days leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus. If this is that prophesied time, then we will witness increasing wickedness and disasters before Our lord’s return. But those of us who know the Lord should not fear this.


The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

Psalm 121:7-8

Email from Jeremy:

First off, my source rang me yesterday to meet him early.  He met me for a second time in town. He has only ever met me once in town. Is this information true? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, in my spirit I believe it is. I see it happening now. And he said it would be bad.

I have tried so hard to prepare. Maybe I could have done better, but I’ve done pretty good I think. “Things are about to really start happening here in the States,” he (his source) said. “Canada, Europe, and the west will follow. Then the rest of the world.”

I am only telling you this information, as he told me NOT to share this. Meaning not online. You know. And when he was telling me this, it was REALLY on my mind. He asked me how prepared I was. I told him, “I am ok for a while, I believe.” He said, “ Its started already you know?” I said, “Yes.” But he added, “You do not want to be in town before the elections. But you should not be in town after mid July. But it could be sooner. Its out of our hands now.” I asked why.

He said, “Before and after the elections is the time you will really begin to see America fall, and with it the world. As Europe is barely hanging on financially. And when America goes, our military goes, and so goes the west.” He said the world depends on US more than I know.

And the power will go by the end of this year. He gave me that date. For a fact he said it will happen. But he said. “It wont be cut off. The riots coming will tear grids down and destroy it. Along with cities and large towns. Most will be starving,” He said. He is already staying at his farm. And he said, “I would not go back to DC or Raleigh if my life depended on it.” He said “Ive been kind to you telling you this info despite what you’ve done” (Meaning me leaving the Masonic cult – and telling secrets). And he said “You’re not safe in your home now”. Meaning US citizens…not jut me. He said A MILITARY, not THE military, but a military will enter homes when they are here.

He said the militias will stand up against these rioters when they really are let to tear things up, and go into homes, and this is what they want…He said it. Out right! He has never once been as detailed to me as he was yesterday. He did tell me he may not be able to meet with me again. Or not for a while. He said that Americans will give up every right they have to protect themselves when we fall. And so will the world. He said, “You know America is gone? I told you.” I said “Yes”. He said, “its all a charade. They are all acting on the final stage, before the big play. And its all orchestrated”. And he said, “You know Trump knows this?” I said, “Of course I know.”

He said, “You know I grew up in this community also, and it does hurt me inside to know it will fall, along with this nation, and the West. But he said it has got to be done. So that makes it worth it. The garbage conditioning in him was coming out. He did say that those they feel they can “re-educate”, they will do. And those that have skills will be used.

But he said, “You know if you stand strong for your faith you will die eventually? If you do not starve to death”. And he also said, “You know they know where you are? Hell like a fool you’ve announced it!” I said, “Yes I know. I am ready to die for Christ if I have to.” He shook his head, and said “I wish I had that kind of faith in anything.” I said, “You do….you’re not doing anything to stop this satanic agenda!” He replied, “You know he is not satan! So I know always there is no used to mention anything about the gospel around him…I know better.

He shook my hand and said, “I may not see you again. And you know I appreciate everything you have done, and you have a good family. I wish you’d stand with them”.I said, “No thank you. I wish you would stand with me”. He said, “Be sure to buy everything you need, while you can still get it. It will only be a few more months that you’ll be able to do that. And have power.” 

Now you tell me that don’t affect you……I’ve been sick on my stomach all day and last night.

Tony I believe we are here……at the end these things will come, and things could be ok for a while for us to communicate, but I don’t know how long. BAD things are on the way. We know. But now I have no doubt. I know Ill be ok for a while, and am prepared to die if I have to for Christ. But I can see the end starting for this unveiling of the antichrist to come and “fix ” everything. You know they have to have chaos first, and thus the complete old system has to fall, before the new one can come fully out. And its fall has already started. 

I feel I have to say this. In the event though right now unlikely. But in the event we cannot communicate again online You know it has been a pleasure knowing you and we will meet again. And you and Holly are always in my prayers. I have tried hard, like you to warn others this was coming, before it ever did. And I believe many have heard that call, and got their life right. I hope so. But again if something does happen sooner, and this nation or world is disrupted completely you’ll always be in my thoughts my friend. I feel honored that I can call you my friend, and have met you. Such a good man in the Lord. I think we will be ok for a few more weeks, or a month and so maybe. But again in the event we aren’t, I needed to say that. 

He is not the only one who told me this, by the way. I did ring, and run this info by the other source, and my cousin. The other source agreed fully. And my cousin said, “Do you really need told that? Look around you. If you cant see things falling, then something is wrong!”

I feel it in the air. I can feel it in my heart. Dark clouds are over us. Demonic clouds, and they are preparing for their time here. Their short time. But what a time they intend on making of it. Every second! My cousin also confirmed September and November. Coin change is short here in stores, Even here where I live. They are out of change, and saying “plastic only or we keep the change”.And all over the news today is that stores and businesses cannot get currency, let along change. Its started already. Food will be next my cousin said. He said the same thing, that the grid will go down. And then he said to me a warning. He said, “You know they know where you are? They’ll come for you!” I said, “Well, I’ll protect myself all I can, but I am not afraid to die if I have to.” They could do anything. But so can Christ. I am giving it all to him. My life is in his hands, as yours. We will do what he means for us to do. 

One more thing I did ask my cousin about the money. And he said inflation may occur. But he said, “You cannot inflate what has no value at all.” Cash will only be good to start a fire with.” And you do remember I told you that they took all their cash out of the bank. Everyone I knew or asked after I’d discovered my family had. 

Just wanted to add that.