Dream Of Huge Blast In Texas


                                                         By Joanie Stahl

I received this dream in 2012.

In a dream I saw myself suspended over the earth. I was so high up that I could see the entire curve of our planet. It was view something only astronauts can see.  The man that was with me at my right side, as he is in mostly all my dreams. I looked and saw the position we were in was right over the United States. I could see the entire nation from shore to shore perfectly.

Just then I saw an enormous explosion. It was so great it reached up into the heavens. I said to the man that was with me as I pointed to the location of the great explosion, “That is Texas!”

The blast was in the south west side of Texas. It was so great a blast that it took out three quarters of Texas and half of Arizona and some lower parts of New Mexico. I watched as the fire from the blast blew up into the high altitudes of the atmosphere.

And I understood that I was meant to see it from that distance in order to comprehend the gravity of the destruction. I then woke up.

I do not think this takes too much interpretation. What ever that blast was, it was so great that I understood even in the dream why I had to see it from high above the earth to really get a full scope of the enormity of it.

And of late, we are being warned of possible cosmic bodies coming into our atmosphere and slamming into the earth. There is even scriptures that show massive cosmic bodies such as Wormwood or what John the Revelator mentioning something that looked to him to like mountain slamming into the earth. See Revelation chapter 8.

As well as threats of enemy ICBM’s. Whatever it was that I saw had a force that was was so intense that it was able to level a huge land mass of the United States.

These things are not shown to us to scare us. But to impress upon us to seek the Lord in this time. He always gives dreams and visions for one thing. Prayer. Answer is for prayer. And remember what the Lord Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, “For He will show you things to come.”

But we are commanded by the Lord not to fear. When this will happen I do not know. The timing of it is in His hands. And we are in His hands. I also know that I am not alone in seeing these things. Of late, many are seeing these exact same things. That is what He does on purpose, for a purpose. And that is to get all of us looking to Him in these last days, and to take seriously the things that are building up around us. To impress upon us the fact that we are entering into the final phases of the end of the Church Age,

He is coming again. That is is plan. And we are part of His great plan as His people and for His Kingdom that is to come.