A Dream of a Demonic Alien Invasion.


Lana’s dream presented by Matt S – Dec 2016

Lana had a dream back in October 2015 this is the account of her dream. Lana had a good deal of difficulty in accepting this dream as it seemed too farfetched to be true. However in the last year or so we have heard an increasing number of discussions in the alternative Christian media, from folk who are doing more research around CERN, alien/extra terrestrial disclosure, and the acceleration of events that may indicate that we are now entering,(if not actually well into) the period described by Jesus in Matthew Chapter 24 as the “birth pangs”. I will let you read Lana’s account of her dream, and the words the Lord gave her following this. I will then present some of the ideas in Lana’s dream in the light of recent themes from both Christian and non Christian sources (research links will be provided). Lana’s dream is in blue font with a warning in red font.

October 2015

I was at work and I went outside and looked up to the sky. I saw a black hole or vortex. 

I knew I had to get home to the children. In my dream I thought, “I only have one child at home, who’s the other child?” I was walking home when a relative appeared with me all of a sudden. We were talking about “aliens” coming out of the vortex. We were almost home then suddenly two of my other relatives were with us. Someone pointed up and said look something is coming out of the vortex. I looked up and saw a black figure coming out. In my spirit I was told to stop and be still. I stopped. Right when I was about to tell them to stop, the “Alien demon” swooped down right in front of my three relatives. He faced and spoke to one, while the other two were standing beside the “alien demon”.

Its arms were made of swords that curved. The sword arms stood out to me in the dream, they look like Saracen Swords. His body was grayish black but looked human with no clothes on (but it did not have any gender). His height had to be at least 9 to 10+ foot because while he was hunched down, his shoulders came just below my family members head. His face looked human too. He had two eyes. His left eye was very small, it looked damaged. I knew he could not use it. His right eye was very large it spanned from the bridge of his nose to the side of his head. The large eye was puffy with sparkly greenish bluish color on it. It had many symbols around his eye. One symbol I recognized was a satanic star. It was just under the right corner of the big eye. The other symbols were the symbols used in astrology. Those symbols circled around his entire right eye. In my dream I did not know what the other symbols were until I seen them at the hair salon a week later.

The Alien demon said something to the relative of mine that he faced. I could not hear. My relative replied to the “alien demon, “then stab me in the stomach.” I’m guessing that the demon gave him some type of ultimatum. At that very moment the “alien demons” attention was pulled from him. In my spirit I knew he was searching/looking for me. I was about 3 feet away from my relatives and the “alien demon”; I was next to a flimsy tree that was fully visible. The demon could not find me, he could not see me. I then woke up.


There are three groups of people here. I represent one group. There is one relative that the demon spoke to that represents another group. And there are the two relatives that the demon did not even look at, this represents the last group.

You notice that the demon only confronted one group, this represents most believers. They were not taught of the times we are in, or they didn’t listen to the times we are in. They are also those who were taught false doctrine and believed it. Although this one person is a Christian they did not hear the warning from God to stop and be still. This is because they have not given time to God to develop the relationship with him. They need to pray, read Gods word, repent, wait on the lord, and respond when God does speak, this is how you develop your spiritual ears. This group will stand up against the evil or alien demons but they will not be hidden or covered.

The other groups of two are not believers in Christ Jesus. That is why there was no threat to them. The Alien Demon didn’t even bother them or look at them. This group will go to Hell. They will receive the mark of the beast.

This dream is a literal thing that will happen. Illuminati or New world order/aka eye of Horus-or all seeing eye/false Gods, Alien demons, Satanism, spiritualism. These are all separate but of one spirit. Antichrist…

I just got done studying this. I had no prior knowledge before this dream. Honestly I didn’t believe in aliens. Come to find out from this dream “aliens” are really demons. It was a very interesting study. They all intertwined. For those who do not have knowledge of the eye of Horus or the all Seeing Eye, or the ancient Gods of Egypt. I would encourage you to study. It will lead you on many twists and turns. It opened my eyes. I would also like to caution you if you do start the study. If you do not cover yourself and family daily and seek God in all things, it may lead you down a very dark path that the Lord does not want his people to cross. Keep your ears open to God and ask for discernment in all things. I must admit, I feel silly about sharing this dream, because it just seems so farfetched in my own mind even after Gods revelation. I can’t imagine what others may think.

Word from God to these 3 different groups of people:

Unbelievers:  Repent, Repent turn from your ways, turn to me the everlasting to everlasting.  Stop running to and fro.  Stop pursuing the world, come to me, come to me and rest.  I will take away your worldly desires, your worldly lusts.  I will restore, I will heal, and I will give you everlasting to everlasting waters.  Drink and be filled.  Repent, turn from yourselves, turn from the world.  Come to me, come to me and be filled. 

Christians that do not have a personal relationship with God:  Seek me today, seek my word today, and open your ears today.  Pray to me today.   Search for me and you will find me.  Come to me my child.  Hear and see what times we are in.  Search my truth, search my word and your eyes will be opened.  Search me and my word and you will hear me, you will be guided by me, you will be covered by me.

God’s people:  I will protect you; the enemy will not see you. You are covered by my grace.  We are in a time of great deception.  We are in the time of the falling away.  Remember, even my Elect may be deceived.  Seek me and my truth in all things.  Keep searching me daily, keep praying without ceasing, keep reading my word and I will continue to reveal my truth, my word.  Do not be deceived.  I will come down like a flaming fire to devour the enemy, I will come, I will have mercy on my people.  Do not be afraid during these times; do not be deceived during these times.  Search my word, seek me said the Lord.

When I read Lana’s dream there was so much that came to mind. What impressed me was that it was clear in its symbolism. This may be hard for some folk to understand but I believe that there is so much that is revealed in this dream. As mentioned, Lana herself struggled with the images that this dream presented, however I am going to lay out for you some ideas from Christians and non Christian researchers, from the Word of God, that may support Lana’s dream.

The dream starts with Lana describing a black hole or vortex in the sky, it is alleged that people have captured images of what could be described as vortexes appearing over the location of CERN. The name CERN means in French “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire” or in English the European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN is basically a huge underground particle accelerator designed to explore the fabric of the universe. Scientists at CERN have made no secret that they are attempting break through to or make contact with another universe or dimension and disturbingly they have an image or statue of the Hindu god Shiva known as the “destroyer of the world” at the CERN facility.


So what would CERN have to do with Lana’s dream? My world view is biblical, so I tend to view this through the lens of the Word of God. The bible makes reference to a 3rd Heaven in 2 Corinthians 12:2. I am unaware of any biblical references to the 2nd Heaven, some say that it is outer space, but I don’t find anything to support this idea. Other biblical researchers indicate that this may be the domain of satan and his fallen angelic followers, as Ephesians 6:12 speaks of the “spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places”. Is it possible that this may be the 2nd Heaven that is there by inference?

The bible and the extra biblical book of Enoch also speak of other places such as the gates of Hell, Hades and the Abyss. Are these other possible dimensional locations or physical locations that we do not have access to? The book of Revelation refers to angels using keys to open the Abyss or a key being given to open the Abyss, Revelation 20:1-3 and Revelation 9:1-6. Revelation 9 also speaks of some pretty nasty entities that come up out of the Abyss when it is opened. Jesus speaks of the gates of hell in Matthew 16:18.

All these descriptions of keys and gates would build a picture of an entranceway, from one area/realm/dimension to another, requiring a key or permission of some kind to access this gate. Speculatively the idea of a vortex or gateway between dimensions is becoming reality with the CERN scientists actively working to explore this possibility also taking in to account what the bible describes with keys and gates. And here is a truly interesting piece of scripture in Genesis which I believe seals the deal so to speak, Genesis 28:10-17. I will let you read this for yourself.

Lana describes an “Alien demon” that comes out of the vortex, it has specific physical attributes. It is gray/black in colour, it has sword like arms similar to a Saracen scimitar, it is human in appearance, it has no discernible gender, it is very tall at around 9 to 10 feet in height. It has a human like face with one small deformed eye and one large eye that goes from the bridge of the nose to the side of the head, it has symbols around it described as satanic/astrological symbols. This aspect of the dream is quite different as it deals (as mentioned) with more symbolic ideas.

The “Alien demon” could represent a “false flag” alien invasion, or “Project Bluebeam” a false second coming scenario, these ideas could be considered for bringing in demonic entities disguised as extraterrestrials or a false Christ. Joe Jordan of the CE4 research group has some interesting accounts of “alien abductions”, where the aliens responded to and were repelled by potential abductees using the name of the “Lord Jesus”. This tends to reinforce the idea that aliens are not our benevolent space brothers, a line that is being increasingly promoted by the Vatican. The other consideration is that it may in some way represent something that may come from the Abyss or through a portal from perhaps a 2nd Heaven location.

Lana indicated that the “Alien demon” had Saracen scimitar-like sword arms. Lana believed this was important is some way. When I looked at the description of the sword she provided, and also the word Saracen, it brought some interesting ideas out. The Saracens were fierce Arab Muslim soldiers known for their conquests of the Holy Land and their brutal encounters with the Christian Crusaders; they used a hallmark curved blade scimitar.


The symbolism here lies in the thoughts around a hostile invading army that is anti Christian and intent on attacking Gods people and territory, coming through a vortex or portal in a sudden attack.

Lana described its colour as grayish black, this is often the colour that “abducting aliens” can be described as. You know! Alien Grays!! These Grays are also often referred to as humanoid, with human-like features and no apparent gender. What is striking about this particular entity is its size. Lana describes it as hunched over but maybe 9 to 10 feet in height if it was to stand erect. This brings to mind the nephilim/rephaim of the bible that were described as giants of varying sizes. Another possibility comes to mind and that is the passage referred to as “Joel’s Army” Joel 2:1-11. This is a most unusual passage in the bible in that it describes a terrible army of “mighty men”. The term “mighty men” is used in Genesis 6:4 to describe the giant nephilim offspring produced from the mating of human women and fallen angels. That giants are often seen in the context of satanic fallen angel offspring warrants some consideration here.


Lana adds;

His eye is represented by the god of Horus and his many forms. He was an ancient Egyptian god that was represented as half human and half animal. Later, Egyptians believed that Horus would manifest himself in the ruling pharaoh. It’s believed that Seth and Horus fought and Seth damaged Horus’s left eye, this being healed at a later time. Strangely this “Eye” is seen in many religions and cultures. For instance, the god Shiva has an eye in the centre of the forehead, The American dollar has an eye on the one dollar bill, and the Vatican also has this Eye on some of their headgear and their synagogues.

Lana indicates that the shrivelled useless eye may be related to the battle that took place between Seth and Horus, but Lana’s description of the good eye sounds like the eyes described in some Gray Aliens, large, spanning from bridge of the nose to the side of the face. Lana also describes a satanic star or pentagram; this would be symbolic of the nature of this entity and its occult demonic origins. The astrology symbols or “signs of the zodiac” are interesting as they may indicate the involvement of the New Age movement. The signs of the Zodiac are a perversion of the Hebrew Mazzaroth. The Hebrew Mazzaroth (constellations) are signs that God placed in the sky. This short article “Mazzaroth the Hebrew Zodiac” is well worth the read to describe God’s true meanings of the story written in the constellations.


Lana goes on to describe 3 groups of people being involved in this dream. The “Alien demon” only interacts with one group. Lana describes a group of mostly Christians who have fallen asleep, have failed to read, hear or listen to God’s Word, who have been deceived. It would appear that the “Alien demon” issues some type of ultimatum to this group with a threat of violence if they do not comply. Although Lana did not hear the ultimatum from the “Alien demon”, she heard the reply from her male relative to the demon. “Then stab me in the stomach”. Perhaps confronted with the reality of such a horrible entity, the relative decided to side with Jesus and accept the risk of violence or death even.

Lana was present in the situation, very close to the “Alien demon”, around 3 feet away, but the “Alien demon” could not see her. It seems that she was being supernaturally protected. Lana indicates that the “Alien demon” could possibly sense her but did not know where she was. This brings to mind a favourite scripture of mine. Luke 21:36 says “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye maybe accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

Luke 21 is the parallel of Matthew 24. These chapters are devoted to describing the events leading up to and including the end of this age, prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus speaks of two conditions that see one worthy of escaping the horrific things coming upon the Earth, being on the alert or being watchful and praying always, or in essence keeping in touch with him and Father God at all times.

One further thing that I would like to mention is the bizarre occult themed ceremony that was enacted in the official opening of the Gotthard Tunnel earlier this year. What happened to a good old “ribbon cutting” with a cup of tea afterwards? This You Tube program is around an hour long (and not for children) but it is well worth the watch in relation to Lana’s dream.

Finally Lana describes what she believes the dream represents and received a Word from God about the three groups of people in her dream. These are clear and I do not need to go into any explanation here except that there is a third group of people that the “Alien demon” ignores. It’s as though they are marked “For Hell” and the demon knows it, so why bother wasting any energy on them. But God has a message even for them because “God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked“. Ezekiel 33:11

“This is a truly amazing dream and I pray that people read it will heed its warning”

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