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I notice alot of Christians once they get serious tend to hate sports. I am fairly serious in my walk but I still like sports. Mainly Soccer. However I do notice that when I go to sports people treat it like an idol lately. I dont' sing the inappropriate songs/chants etc etc. I lately started thinking of the home field(BMO Field here in Toronto) as a kind of temple and the team Toronto FC is thought to be a religion the way I see people acting in the stands. I don't act that way and I still want to cheer for the team since i've invested 11 years going on 12. And thousands of dollars in season ticket since the team emerged. Is it possible to be a Christian and still seriously like sports? I mean we won the championship last year first time in the club history, and while i was really happy. I kinda just cheered at the stadium met up with some friends for some wings and went home before 10PM. While all my old supporter buddies were partying till dawn. How about you guys n gals? anyone still have a sport they like? have you found yourself less passionate about it since taking Christ more seriously?
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