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    Terri Watson


      Here is a link to a good christian site

      This guy rates different songs and explains what we should look for in christian music , especially worship songs.
      They should point to the Lord and speak of him , not us. Have you ever been in church and the worship was going so well and then it totally stops and you just want to leave? Sometimes the direction of the music changes from God to us. It’s pretty deceptive.

      Check out his site he can explain it much better.

      God Bless

      Terri Watson

        Hi Tony,
        I replied to Dianna’s post on this subject as well. I found this christian site ( and Sandy Simpson does a good job of rating christian music and explaining what to look for. I thought you may want to check it out.

        God Bless,

        Dianna Bonner

          Wow, thank you Terri! Very interesting and informative site. I see so many of the songs I love hearing on the radio and singing in church with marginal status or worse. Some of the biggest contemporary Christian artists, too! I’m so glad that he provides descriptions of what is wrong with the lyrics since this helps me learn.
          Thank you so much!

          Dianna Bonner

            I love this one… I have to really like a song to purchase it on iTunes and this one was so worth it!

            Elevation Worship – O Come to the Altar (Live)

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              Yes that’s an awesome song Dianna

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              Averie P

                Thank you so much for this whole post and the links that were shared! I have had the same questions myself.

                Cynthia Call

                  Music is a huge part of our lives. I love praise and worship and I love singing!!! As a baby In Jesus 30 yrs. ago God began giving me discernment over all entertainment. I was a major rocker back in the day loved all music but really into heavy metal. I had info come to me one day through a born again ex-satanist about music and entertainment I began my own research and WOW!!! In the Old Testament….music soothed Saul so we know music definitely affects us spirit soul and body….also how the Praisers were on the frontline of the battles……and I also became aware of how the music I would listen to affected me….did it make me feel edgy, ect., or peaceful and focused on God!! God gives discernment when I am on youtube with Christian music playing on and on and there are ones I will stop – We are to avoid the very appearance of evil….no compromise……especially when it comes to the renewing of our mind…I am trying to get the garbage out so I don’t want to add more. Anyway I am veering away from your question. For me personally I will not listen to christian music when I have knowledge of their compromise(such as Hillsong) It is like one particular christian band(no names) that some of my brothers and sisters absolutely love and this group is very beautiful; they are very talented, but I had a warning in my spirit (just a nudge) so I googled their Bio….2 of the members are practicing homosexuals. For me, it is compromise to listen to a lot of the christian music out there. But there are definitely the ones who sing to our Lord with all their hearts!!! Let us sing to the Lord Forever!!

                  Terri Watson

                    So glad you liked it . I agree I never knew exactly what made a good worship song but I knew at times worship would be going great , the song would change and everything seemed to be dead.

                    Terri Watson

                      WOW I have always had problems with Hillsong Church and knew it had become apostate but I didn’t know that about the worship leaders.



                        I came across this teaching as I was looking for churches in my area. I check out their video teachings to get an idea of their teachings. This is a long teaching on illuminati symbolism in christian music; at least 8 teachings. She has also provided teachings on Project Blue Beam, the Mandela Effect, etc.

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                          Please be careful of Grace Beltram and the Three Hearts Church. According to one commenter on Youtube she preaches a works Gospel and promotes being under the law and tithing. I never watch her but the commenter says she never talks about Christ.
                          She is also good friends with a dangerous youtube ministry who promotes Hebrew Roots, legalism and bullies the women members as though it is a cult.
                          Here’s the comment.

                          Judith E
                          1 year ago
                          Regardless of whether the signs were intentional or not she has a false gospel of faith plus works that will send a person to hell. She never shares the true gospel of Christ and puts people under the law telling they have to tithe and all sorts.

                          The signs referred tp in the comment is referring to Grace making occultic and satanic hand gestures.


                            I was always an indie/ college rock music person so the power ballads of the mega churches do nothing for me..
                            It’s a taste thing.
                            I prefer the old fashioned churchy songs as it speaks to the Holy Spirit and because it is from an earlier time, maybe it hasn’t been as infiltreated or corrupted as much.

                            The Innocence Mission is a nice Catholic married couple who put out nice secular music but I like this one

                            Here’s some of their album “Christ Is My Hope”


                              I like listening to this station…


                              It’s old fashioned but I like it for that. The music is sweet and simple and gives me that belief and innocence of a child that Jesus said we will need to enter His Kingdom.

                              I don’t need fireworks or power ballads. Just reflect some of the light that I am looking forward to fully receiving when I come to the Father.

                              I like the radio’s mission statement..

                              Old Christian Radio Mission Statement
                              Thank you for visiting my website and listening to Old Christian Radio. .

                              I’ve created a unique kind of Christian radio station on the internet…. Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio is a station that plays great old fashioned Christian music with NO “Christian Rock”.
                              My station ID’s every song played as it’s played, along with the last two you heard (or missed).

                              My other website sells nearly all of the music that is played on Old Christian Radio.

                              This is an ALL MUSIC station.

                              The main mission for this station’s existence is to be a blessing to the Christian community by playing Godly Christian music that doesn’t sound like the devil’s music.

                              The musical emphasis on this station is of a Godly spiritual nature. (Music that appeals mainly to “the flesh” is NOT played here)

                              This station’s music format is: Sacred/Traditional Christian.


                                I want to thank Dianna for starting up a really wise and relevant thread that I think we’ve all contemplated.
                                Dianna, don’t feel foolish! You are asking the question that many never think on and this shows discernment not foolishness!

                                The Hillsong music would never be able to ensnare me as I’ve never liked that type of music.

                                Interestingly enough I have found some indie sounding Christian bands that are more my style after a few minutes of looking.

                                They describe it as “The Good Christian Music Blog” but I am wondering whether it is “Good” because it is well produced or is aesthetically pleasing to the “indie fan” OR (the most important part) is it Good because it really praises God and shows sound doctrine?

                                Great thread! Really makes you think.

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