124- Nathan leal – Mercenaries, Corporations and NWO Control of America’s Future

Episode 124 of the A mInute To Midnite Show. Nathan Leal returns to discuss with Tony some very  important developments that are occurring under the Trump administration.  Rather than lessening the grip that the New World Order globalists have on America and the world, we see Trump’s policies actually giving them more power.  Who are these globalists and why are they calling the shots?

Nathan emphasises that we are not beating the globalists as some claim. Hear in this interview why not. Learn about the Bilderberg meeting in Saudi Arabia. Hear how Saudi money will be used to build toll roads in America. Find out who the corporate giants are that are gaining power in America. See how pulling the US out of the Paris Climate deal is a ruse and a distraction. Note how global surveillance and spying is getting put on steroids under Trump. These and more issues are exposed by Nathan Leal in this interview.

124-Nathan leal – Mercenaries, Corporations and NWO Control of America’s Future

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