110- Jake McCandless- Pt1 – Spiritual Prepper – Tapping Into Overlooked Prophecies – Doomsday

Episode 110. Jake McCandless joins Tony. In the past week we have seen Russian bombers “tease” the US with flights close to Alaska, Russia claiming it can take out the US navy and aircraft with electronic weaponry, tensions mounting between the US and North Korea, the M.O.A.B bomb being dropped in Afghanistan and ongoing war in Syria. These are just a few examples of the perilous times we are facing. Are we approaching doomsday?

With the ever increasing threat of nuclear war there has never been a better time to be a prepper. While physical preparing is important, Jake believes that being spiritually prepared for what lays ahead is even more important.
When the end of the age comes and we are face to face to Jesus our faithfulness will matter. Currently 42 million professed Christians in America admit to not being faithful. Often overlooked prophecies warn of this turning away. These prophecies also warn that we easily can turn from our faithful walk with Christ due to a disaster of faith.

110- Jake McCandless- Pt1 – Spiritual Prepper – Tapping Into Overlooked Prophecies – Doomsday

About Tony Koretz

A dedicated musician and audio engineer with a passion for all things related to sound and music, with a desire to see these things used for the Kingdom Of God. I have given years to this pursuit and to improving my skills in these areas. Having worked as a tech in the audio side of television, music, voice over, sound effects, sound for video, and all manner of other audio recording, mixing and mastering projects; I began to apply my knowledge of these to the creating of the A Minute To Midnite show in 2015.

All the music used in every AMTM Show has been written, played and recorded by me. I love being able to combine my gifts as a composer, musician and sound engineer, with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, along with a message of warning people to prepare for the End Time Events that are unfolding before us.

The A Minute To Midnite show and running the website has pretty much become my full time occupation now. You can find my royalty-free instrumental music and sound effects packs at www.rocksuresoundz.com and my music with vocals at www.koretzmusic.com

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