Donald Trump & The Double-Headed Phoenix


                        By Tony K. Nov 2016

Excerpt From The Article

But what about Donald Trump? Many Christians are expecting that a Donald Trump Presidency will reverse the damage done by Barak Obama during the term of his Presidency, and that Trump would make a much more acceptable POTUS than Clinton ( or Obama). Some evangelicals have even prophesied that God has placed a “Cyrus mantle” upon him, and claim that he is God’s chosen man to make America great again, and either reverse the damage done, or slow down the rise of the New World Order. One supposed prophet claimed that he was told in a supernatural visitation that Trump would make the American dollar the strongest it has ever been.

But are those prophetic words and expectations really from God, or is it a deception? Are people so desperate to see change for good and an escape from the spiraling down of America, that they will jump at anything that seems better than the current corruption or the further plummeting of the standard of living in the USA?

What if things don’t turn out so rosy if Donald Trump is chosen to be President?

My purpose here is not to try an dissuade people from voting for Trump, but rather it is to try and alert the readers to the possibility that all is not as it seems.


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